Read First

Requirements for online play

1. Minimum age 18
2. Steel Beasts Pro installed with current license
3. TeamSpeak 3
4. Proper Headset + mic
5. Have adequate internet connection (TBA)
6. Be respectful in forums and online all times as you represent us
7. Working Knowledge of English
8. You must read and agree to our S.O.P. Here
9. You must read and agree/abide by our Code of Conduct Here

T.A.N.K.S. missions (Sunday) are open to anyone. You do NOT have to be a registered member of the VU to play

You have to be a member of Dogs of War (by completing the application form) to be able to play the Dogs of War online missions.

There are 2 sections within Dogs of War, which have significant differences. They are Dogs of war (D.O.W.) and Havoc. What follows is a description of both units.

Dogs of War (D.O.W.)

DOW new small
D.O.W. is the “standard” unit. Entry into this unit is not restricted and anyone can apply to join. While you are a member of D.O.W. you can still play with other Vu’s . You can also be a member of another Steel Beasts Vu while you are a member of D.O.W. This unit requires less commitment than Havoc.
• Read and accept Parts 1 – 9 above
• You must register for the Dogs of War Forum: Here
• Complete the Join DOW VU application form: Here
• Proper microphone and headphones.
• Regular participation with the group.
• Proper use of D.O.W. Comms procedure.
• Completion of at least 1 full set of tutorials in SB (M1A2sep, LEO2A5-DK or M2A2).
• Familiarity with the SB user interface.
• Whisper list setup. Knowledge of correctly setting up a WL.
• Internet connection. You must have a stable and reliable connection.
• Mission brief.
• AAR participation
• Mission chatter.



Membership of Dogs of War Vu.
You can become a member by joining the forum:

Microphone and Headphones (a decent set).
A good background environment for you to play. It can be annoying and distracting when everyone hears your dogs barking, wife screaming at you, kids going crazy or if you are playing music. Be sensible. Your voice must be clearly audible without large variations in sound level.

Regular participation/interaction with the group.
This promotes a healthier group environment as well as showing commitment. You can fulfil this requirement by the regularly doing the following:
TeamSpeak interaction. Including helping the group and others in our channel.
Forums. Posting and replying regularly on the Dogs of War Vu forum. There are often polls that need your vote.
Sessions. Regularly take part in D.O.W. organised sessions.
Mission testing. Helping to playtest missions and providing feedback is an essential part.

Proper use of D.O.W. Comms procedure.
We have a basic comms procedure. It is simple to learn. It can be found here:

13. Communications Voice

Completed Dogs of War Application Form for online play
You must complete this form in advance and receive a reply before you are accepted for D.O.W. online play. This requires registration on the main website.

Completion of at least 1 full set of tutorials in SB (M1A2sep, LEO2A5-DK or M2A2).
You must have successfully completed one of the tutorials. This will give you a better all-round experience as well as improving the immersion/experience of others in the session.

Familiarity with the SB user interface.
You must be familiar with the SB user interface. This can be easily achieved by doing in game tutorials as well as reading the manual/wiki. For example. How to give a vehicle to another player.

Whisper list setup. Knowledge of correctly setting up a WL.
This is very important as it allows better use of the comms within SB. TeamSpeak is limited so proper use is essential. Here is a link to the setup of whisper lists:,144.0.html

Internet connection. You must have a stable and reliable connection.
This is important as a bad connection can cause problems for others and render the session unplayable. A wireless connection is less than ideal. We suggest a wired connection. The host is notified of bad connections during and after the session. No one likes lag. You can run a test on your connection here:,196.msg700.html#msg700
Mission brief.
You must have read the mission brief before you enter the mission. You will find all information on the current mission here:,10.0.html

AAR participation
The AAR tool is very useful. It is an excellent aid to the debrief at the end of a mission. This works best when all participants of the mission take part. You can give and receive valuable feedback.

Mission chatter.
This is important for immersion and use of the limited TeamSpeak feature. Please do not discuss topics which are not directly related to the mission over the company net (main channel) while in the session.