7. AAR / Debrief (verbal)

a. Follow AAR guidelines/outline

b. Participate in the AAR

c. Give and accept constructive criticism.

d. The member must stay for the entire period of the AAR.

Guidelines – AAR is led by the mission commander. If it is not your turn to talk, please keep quiet. You will get a chance to talk. This is a means to improve all of our game and team play. Respect each other, and keep your comments, and discussion constructive to or for the entire group.

1. Commander
a. What was supposed to happen?
b. What actually happened?

2. Platoon or critical unit
c. What was supposed to happen?
d. What actually happened?

3. By crew member starting at highest level unit going down.
e. What went well?
f. What could did not go well?
g. What could be approved upon?

Is there anything, anyone wants to add, or discuss?