4. Forums

a. Members will refrain from making any forum posts that are:
i. not in good taste
ii. Do not meet that specific forums rules and guidelines
iii. Disrespectful to others.

All communication to E-Sims employees (beta testers, moderators and anyone in an official Esims capacity) will follow the conditions of section 4a (above). The contact must not be made on behalf of the Dogs of War unless authorised.

c. Bug fixes, glitches, and anything that seems to be wrong with the game should be brought to the attention of the technical officer of the group (you will be notified who this is), who will compile the needed information, and forward what is deemed needed to E-Sims if anything.

d. All posts will be in a way as not to cause community problems, drama, and problems for the VU, show the VU in a bad light, cause group or personal problems, or any disruptions.

e. VU leadership will manage all AAR, events, communications, and issues unless another member is authorized to do so.