1. Membership requirements for online play:

a. Minimum age 18 years old.

b. Minimum of 4 hours of online play per month (see section 6 below: Absent, Vacation, and Leave)

c. Work well with other members

d. Proficiency in at least 1 of the following (M1 series, Leo series, Bradley, CV90). This can be attained through the Tutorials within Steel Beasts.

e. Unit communication SOP must be adhered to at all times (mission dependent). (see section13)

f. AAR input is required by all attendees of the mission until completion of session. All attendees must provide input. (see section 7)

g. Communication within the mission (see section13)

h. Valid Contact information must be provided through registration on the DOW website

i. Frequently attend VU events and channel

j. Abide by our code of conduct at all times (see section14)