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Re: Medieval Kingdom Wars
« Reply #60 on: October 24, 2018, 01:35:23 PM »
Update 61 - New Game Engine - Live Release
Medieval Kingdom Wars - Dev Konstantin

Hey Everyone,

It`s time to release our biggest update ever! And it only got bigger and better over the last week during the beta testing period. And so it`s official - new game engine is here. And from here on we have amazing options to improve other areas of the game.

And finally our team is back to working on current bugs and new content - at full strength. During the past few months - tutorial and this engine update really took up a lot of time, and we are glad to put this behind us.

Let us know what you think. But please keep in mind - there are still a few known issues that we`ll iron out later this week. Also there are almost no performance benefits right now vs the old engine - we will work on this next week, and results will follow.

Big Changes
-New Main Menu with Skirmish, Tutorial and Main scenes
-Game now starts at maximum possible resolution, and not in windows resolution
-Each nation now has a roaster of unique units - not yet implemented on the world map
-Unique units have different name and stats, but same art for now
-Major combat re-balance - fights last at least 50% longer
-Unit to Unit collision with enemy units is now on full strength
-Added selecting nation to Skirmish menu
-Fixed major issue with cavalry not going through some gatehouses
-Fixed various problems with AI attacking large towns

Performance Improvements
-Camera Fov reduced by 5 points, wins several FPS on low end PCs
-Rain is a lot less performance draining
-Updated options menu to disable Fog, Weather Effects and Normal Maps on lower quality settings
-Rebalanced Medium and High options settings for better performance
-Removed Unused Bloom control from the options
-Significantly improved performance during ranged combat

Updated Game Engine
-DirectX 11 feature: Improved Visuals
-DirectX 11 feature: Changing resolution in the Options menu
-DirectX 11 feature: Windowed Mode in the Options menu
-DirectX 11 feature: Small Performance boost - more to come
-DirectX 11 feature: fixed large number of startup issues
-DirectX 11 feature: fixed bad performance on good video cards

Fixes and Improvements
-Changing resolution now fully works
-Reduced world map brittleness
-Reduced battle map brightness in summer, spring and fall
-Reworked rain sequences
-Removed bad looking lighting flashes
-Updated texture on crossbowman and billman helmet
-Several battalions will get stuck at tight spaces a lot less
-All bowman a bit more arrow armor
-Arrow trail looks much better
-AI will only build single palisade wall in it`s siege camp
-AI will not build blockading palisade in town sieges
-Fixed building names not shown fully and moved to the next string
-Better formatting for text when buildings are selected
-Brighter player color on the worldmap minimap
-Some GUI sounds are now quitter
-Corrected some hamlets having both wall control points inside the walls
-Improved trampling units with horses. More damage, but also take more damage and slowdown faster
-Hard AI will no longer produce useless Stables and cavalry units during sieges
-Fixed gaps in siege palisade for attackers on all levels including Paris
-Tutorial Intro and outro cinematic, and main menu load faster
-Tutorial cinematics greatly improved

Diplomacy Changes
-Attacking your own nation towns and armies - has a much greater effect on reducing your standing with the King
-Attacking other nations that your king is not at war with - reduces your standing with the King
-Attaching nations that your King is at war with - will increase your relations with the King
-If you are in rebellion - destroying your Kings armies will increase your standing
-if you are attacking your Kings enemy - destroying their armies will increase diplomatic relations between your nations
-Raised the cost of diplomatic relations gift or insult
-Fixed Pax Europa tech not working

And last but not least - we are aware of a few known issues that we hope to resolve in the next 48 hours.
-if you are getting a crash at the game start - disable PnkBuster - in your Task Manager (Cntrl + Alt + Del) list of Processes.
-On the world map unis show old default names - should be fixed in 24 hours
-Damaged buildings look weird - to be fixed in 24 hours
-On some nvidia cards when changing resolution, the game will automatically go into windowed mode (to fix, turn windowed mode on and off)
-You cant minimize the game - to be fixed later this week
-Town Houses in cinematics will show glitchy art, with walls trembling

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Re: Medieval Kingdom Wars
« Reply #61 on: October 25, 2018, 01:06:08 AM »
Update 62 - Unique Faction Units
Medieval Kingdom Wars - Dev Konstantin

Hey Everyone, seems like we just had a major update yesterday... did we?. Well - always happy to bring you another good one. We have finally completed another big project that we have been working on for quite a while - unique faction units. Each faction now have a roaster of 12-14 unique units with historical names and stats. And this goes beyond just artificial changes - as new units and their cost will greatly impact the play style from nation to nation - both on the worldmap and in battle.

And addition there are couple of dozen fixes to some critical and overdue bugs. Please continue to post on the forums if you notice something else that`s going wrong with the game, and now that we are free from working on the engine update, we`ll be able to fix dozens of bugs each week.

In a few days we`ll follow up with another update bringing you a massive new feature - looting and raising towns. Very excited about this one, as it`s truly changing campaign gameplay - from letting you or an angry AI to burn entire world to the ground - as raised towns can`t be rebuilt, or to let you go on a pirate/viking trip - looting and burning towns (looted towns are out of the game for a few months).

Big Changes
-Unique Faction units fully implemented in battle
-Unique Faction units fully implemented on the world map
-Unique Faction units fully implemented in Skirmish
-Hospital Building now heals nearby units

Fixes and Improvements
-Units again show description tooltip
-Fixed the bug with attack window getting stuck on screen in the main menu
-Fixed issue with one of the adviser menus being stuck on screen in main menu
-Improved the look of Tutorial text windows
-AI melee units will not properly assault climb the walls with belfry and ladders
-Fixed siege weapons and carts not using bridges or gates
-Fog is less visible during the day
-Fixed issue with very strong patchy fog during the night
-Rain is a lot less visible, does not get in a way during the night
-World Map is a lot brighter during winter
-Nighttime light visuals improved for summer and winter nights
-Fixed rare bug breaking Stewards window
-Fixed various bugs with new national units
-Fixed new nations units asking for odd resources like stone or 3 resources
-Fixed text getting cut off at the bottom at various menus and tutorial
-Dover castle expanded the inner gate landing so towers can better attach
-Fixed the bug with melee units attacking closed iron stone wall gate. suppose to only attack the palisade one
-ESC key now properly closes any adviser menu on the world map and opens options
-Fixed issue with one of the adviser menus being stuck on screen in main menu

Balance Changes
-Destroying a building on the world map returns small part of the cost, increases by level
-Destroying a building now returns a bit more silver, but not enough to be exploitable
-Gates are much slower to repair, fixing a known exploit of rebuilding or repairing gates during attack
-Decreased the chances of rain - was effected fire arrows too much

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Re: Medieval Kingdom Wars
« Reply #62 on: November 03, 2018, 02:45:32 PM »
Update 63 - Beta Milestone
Medieval Kingdom Wars - Dev Konstantin

Hey Everyone,

The past month was a total roller-coaster with one large update after another. The new campaign, new game engine... and we continue just as strong with today`s update - with nearly 100 features, fixes, and changes. It`s fitting for our first beta build to be that epic...

And after eight long months in Alpha phase, we are happy to say that we are officially in the beta stage of production now. There`s still a lot of work ahead, but we managed to hit all the goals that we set out - from the new game engine to the tutorial campaign and a lot of campaign features.

None of this would be possible without your support so please accept our never-ending gratitude for believing in MKW! A special thank you to so many of you who`ve been here with us from Day 1! Next week will be our 500th day of Early Access...

We hope you enjoy the new update, and the massive update 64 is on its way next week.

Big Changes
-New major feature - looting towns - good income, town is out of the game for half a year
-New major feature - raizing towns - best income, town is destroyed, and politically a bad move
-Major visual improvement with corrected blurring and smoothing
-Fixed a wide range of startup crash issues affecting a small number of players
-Updated all the in-game music - some of it now uses real recorded instruments
-Added 6 new music tracks, mostly for the world map gameplay - majority using real recorded instruments
-Redesign starting conditions for each nation with more historical and logical enemies and friends
-Redesigned post-siege sequence - awards and next step is now allocated on the world map
-All tutorial chapters are unlocked with no need to complete to unlock
-Increased performance when building walls and sieges in all large towns
-Text notification and scribe record of where AI armies are attacking now also list province instead of a town
-Fixed big graphical glitches on townhouses in cinematic
-Fixed graphical glitches on various small objects
-Removed walkable towers from the game
-Updated all levels replacing walkable towers with automated towers
-Updated all town siege camps leaving only 2 gates per layer
-Update all hamlet siege camps leaving only 1 entrance per layer
-All large town maps have improved attackers palisade camp
-All large towns removed a good number of towers
-Gatehouse now has voice lines for selecting opening and closing
-Gatehouse displays gate status on screen if it`s opened
-Tooltips that show unit cost now display easy to see resource icons
-No longer need to build army tents to increase population, everyone starts with 30

Fixes and Improvements
-Polished up Skirmish main menu scene
-Reworked battle income - reward now depends on the size of the town
-Hunters can no longer target livestock
-Regular and Fire arrows now don't look as invasive
-Archers will shoot straight at a longer distance
-Archers will now shoot as smaller vertical angle
-Fixed problems with crossbowman and other ranged units shooting short of their targets
-Horse Cart and Fire Cart is much easier to click select among other units
-Citizens now die from arrows or fires during town sieges
-Corpses no longer selectable
-When attacking Hamlets, the siege camp gets only one small inner walls, not two as before
-Yeomen unit better display player colors - can easily tell which player he belongs to
-Updated description for all the animals in English to describe their different roles
-World Map view boundary expanded in the east, allowing to better manage Bohemia and other eastern provinces
-Increased chances of rain
-Greatly increased performance when shooting a lot of fire arrows
-Fire arrows are not as visible now
-World Map clouds are less visible and obstruct the map view a lot less
-Water on Medium graphical settings now shows reflections for ships - especially visible in Skirmish menu
-Fixed bug with the naval map giving a free Voulgier battalion
-Improved the look of the Tutorial tooltip
-Fixed building destruction visual glitch on higher game settings with Normal Maps
-Expanded landing by Nantes final Keep for better siege opportunities
-Fixed all situation where palisade tower doesn`t have wall segment under it
-Removed chickens that were everywhere in large cities
-Updated Mines description, to indicate the benefit of upgrading, and removed tasking serfs feature
-Attack Town button now works properly, with the same range as clicking on the enemy town
-Skirmish menu now properly titled Available Games for multiplayer games
-Updated a lot of text lines about offline mode, banning e.t.c
-Removed outdated? section in Stewards menu
-Fixed floating fire and smoke in the air after walls and buildings are destroyed at night
-Larger torch fire FX
-Now showing full unit and building description in world map garrisons and armies
-Now showing unit description in buildings in combat mode
-Fixed volume issue with voice-overs in campaign intro cinematic
-Removed peasant Task to Plant Gathering button
-Fewer trees in army and siege camps - looks much cleaner

Balancing Changes
-Crossbowman now has much smaller range but is a lot stronger in all stats
-Bowman, Yeomen, and Longbowman do a lot more damage at large range
-Greatly increased silver reward for winning battles
-In large towns, it`s now a lot cheaper to build the sets of towers in the inner town
-Cows now bring a lot more food when slaughtered or milked, but also come with a greater price
-Sheep have almost no food on them, but this is made up by higher world map silver income
-Peasants gather food from slaughtering animals 40% slower
-It now takes significantly longer to repair or rebuild damaged gates
-Palisade walls now take twice as long to build but consume 30% less wood
-Stone walls now take 30% longer to build
-Maceman is 20% better vs high armored troops, but 30% less efficient vs other types of enemies
-Greatly increased the cost of diplomacy gift and gossip options
-Hospital building now heals in a smaller range, but slightly faster
-The cost to level up buildings on the world map is significantly lower
-AI will never send two armies to attack at once during the first year of gameplay on the easy and medium difficulty
-Besieged status on gatehouses reduced from 5 to 3 minutes

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Re: Medieval Kingdom Wars
« Reply #63 on: November 09, 2018, 12:12:04 AM »
Update 64 - The Game Changer
8 November - Dev Konstantin   

Hey Everyone,

And we continue with massive weekly update - allow me to present our biggest gameplay update so far. The changes go beyond a simple patch, instead you can call this a total gameplay conversion - or as we like to say - The Game Changer.

Our main goal was to simplify controls - with fewer but much larger battalions, and to create more realistic combat. Almost every game stats has been changed for this update - and just in case there are some issues - we will iron it our by next week.

In addition we made a big step in improving the game`s graphics, as well as stability. We also started to work on updated unit pathfinding - you can expect a lot more improvements in this area next week.

As you discover the new approach to gameplay we recommend starting a new campaign. If you want to continue an old campaign, you might need to remove 2/3rds of yours military units to work with the new gameplay format.

And so presenting Update 64, it`s a long list:

-Major visual update - might be a bit too bright though...
-Fixed the last startup issues
-Total Rebalance of the game, including all gameplay modes
-Gameplay changed to controlling fewer units, but of bigger size
-Battalion size increased with twice as many soldiers in each group
-Unit scale greatly increased - easy to tell units apart
-Battalions now fight as one unit - not separating nearly as much
-Battles last twice as long with units surviving much longer
-All units stats are doubled or tripled - cost, strength
-Reworked starting player garrison, starting payer army, and AI garrison for each city
-Ranged units reworked - new animation takes much longer to reload, but deadly
-Siege ranged weapons reworked - cinematic kills with knocking units down
-Starting Diplomatic relations for each nation redesigned - more historical, and better gameplay
-There is a lot more difference in stats between units of different nations
-Greatly slowed down movement speeds of all units for slower more realistic gameplay
-Completely reworked Serf resources gathering - big battalions, efficient, doesn`t get stuck
-A lot of improvements to the Tutorial with over 40 changes and fixes

-Combat AI - major improvements to AI laying sieges faster and more efficient
-Combat AI - AI will not use multiple Rams to attack the same gate
-Combat AI - disabled AI advantage where it would deal more damage to the player
-Combat AI - AI creates units a lot slower now to work with the new balancing
-Unit AI - there`s now an actual AI script controlling their individual behavior
-Unit AI - units now attack building that they feel threatened by - like Barracks
-Unit AI - units now advance to attack archers shooting at them
-Unit AI - units will often stand ground, or advance based on the situation
-Unit AI - units a lot smarter when it comes to choosing opponents
-World Map AI now replenishes dead units in Hamlets and Towns
-World Map AI now upgrades Hamlet garrison as the time goes on - for large garrisons
-World Map AI now gives player more peacetime at the start of the campaign

-World map clouds less shiny and interfere less with the line of sight
-Polished up a lot of building and unit descriptions in English
-Peasants will no longer automatically slaughter not fully grown sheep
-Fixed boats having texture issues
-Fixed naval combat level not working
-Tutorial now uses national troops and not defaults
-Fixed issue with bad looking extra large or small GUI icons
-Fixed national unit names not showing in RTS mode
-New idle animations for Knights and Ranged units
-Removed some ridiculous idle animations from billman and voulgier units
-Reduced volume of music track on winning or losing a battle
-World map clouds less shiny and interfere less with the line of sight
-World Map army larger
-World Map army less brightly lit
-Unlocking sheep moved further down in the economy tree
-Arrows look a lot better and more noticeable
-Crossbowman now properly holds crossbow with both hands
-New Crossbow shooting animations
-Defending the town no longer gives huge amounts of silver on the world map
-When AI captures player towns it no longer gets an odd garrison of mixed units
-On capturing AI town in auto-resolve players get a basic garrison, not a strong one as before

-All unit battalions double in size - including livestock, serfs, and military units
-All unit cost, training time and upkeep increased 200%-300%
-All unit and building cost and build time increased 150%-200%
-Increased the strength of all units 200%-250%
-Increase starting resources in skirmish and in campaign battles and enter town mode
-Wall construction time, especially towers is greatly increased by up to 250%
-Increased resources cap to 4000 on default
-Income from building and livestock greatly increased up to 300%
-Income from mines, Serfs, and livestock increased 200%-300%
-Level up cost for buildings greatly increased - up to 400%, not effected on the world map
-Cow and sheep less passive food income 25 per minute chicken, 50 per minute cow
-Rams take significantly longer to known down the gate
-Each tree, especially small one has 30%-50% more wood
-Townhouses hold 400% more wood
-Fog of war reveal distance expanded for all units
-Cost of building blockading palisade decreased
-Livestock starts with more resources and bigger in size
-Archers can take a lot more arrow damage with higher piercing armor
-Piked units made to have a big bonus vs archers, now that archers have high piercing armor
-Archers now shoot 2x-3x slower and are but deal 2x-3x more damage
-Archers shooting straight at a shorter distance, preferring to shoot high flying arrows
-Peasants no longer generate silver income on the world map
-AI will use 3x fewer units everywhere
-Increased the price of hamlet upgrade by 40%
-The reward for looting and raizing low-level hamlets is increased by 300-600 silver
-Building give 25-30% more silver income on the world map
-Moved the Cow unlocking research to 1 position later in the Economy tree
-New Sheep unlock in the Economy tech tree, on the 7th position instead of second

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Re: Medieval Kingdom Wars
« Reply #64 on: November 10, 2018, 12:11:37 AM »
Update 65 - The Follow Up
Medieval Kingdom Wars - Dev Konstantin

Hey Everyone,

As a follow up to yesterday`s update, we have another game changing patch for you today. We have reworked all the price tags in game, from livestock to research, both in RTS and World Map mode. You`ll find that all the income and expenses have went down greatly - up to 12 times lower. For example if before a unit could cost 1200, now it`s just 120.

These changes go far beyond simple math though, as relation between world map silver prices and RTS prices has been completely reworked as well. In addition this update is complete with the usual lengthy list of changes and fixes. We are breaking for the weekend, but you can expect another massive update next week.

And so presenting Update 65:
-All RTS mode prices reduced by 8x to 12x
-All World Map prices reduced from 2x to 4x
-Adjusted every single income or expense in-game to work with the new numbers
-Fixed the last startup crash issue, when clicking on Options window
-Fixed various issues with too much blurring in-game
-Adjusted in-game brightness and overwhelming bloom values
-New portrait for Serf, holding a pitch fork
-It is not significantly easier and more affordable to play on the world map
-Rebalanced income from Mines and Serfs to be significantly higher
-Reworked how AI trains units on the world map
-AI will no longer send overwhelming armies in the first couple of years
-AI progress through the first 10 years of campaign is significantly slower
-Reworked tutorial level 2 and 8 - AI assault force s a significantly larger now
-Reworked all tutorial levels with new light values and new unit cost
-All cavalry unit stats have significantly increased
-Archer attack significantly reduced - no longer op
-All the prices in-game are now even multiples of 5
-AI hamlet garrisons for level 4 and 5 are much weaker now

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