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Re: Rise Of Liberty
« Reply #15 on: December 11, 2018, 12:17:58 AM »
UPDATE! new units! Flag bearer, fifer drummer!
Rise of Liberty - jack

Hello! There are now flag bearers, fifers and drummer units added to Rise of Liberty. They give moral to nearby units (decrease reload speed / increase accuracy).

--The new units will be mixed in with line infantry, if you have 200 bots on the map you can expect to see 3-4 of each of the new units--

Hope you like this update, next update I plan to add optional rag dolls, Impact effects and blood when bots shoot each other and possibly historical flags?

Update notes:

Added fifer unit.

Added drummer unit.

Added flag bearer Unit.

Overall performance improvements.

Bug Fixes.

Make suggestions in the comments below, I read all of them.

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Re: Rise Of Liberty
« Reply #16 on: Today at 12:28:10 AM »
Rise of Liberty - jack

Hey, I decided to make a road map for Rise of Liberty.

I will keep an updated version in the discord server, and there is also a feature where yall can make suggestions for the game and vote on it!


Next Update plans: (should be out in a few days)

1. Ragdolls (optionable)

2. improved explosions and impact effects

3. blood splatters and impact effects from AI weapons

Short term goals (4 months)

1. Redo all the weapon animations with the new rig.

2. Add a fort map

3. Campaign mode

4. New menus

5. 5 new weapons (I'm open to suggestions)

6. Historically accurate flags

7. Improved sound effects (gun sounds, bullets impact sounds, etc.

8. AI improvements

9. lots more stuff will be added, I just need to look through community suggestions and write them down

Possible short term goals (4 months):

(lots more small additions)

1. New faction (France)

2. New Unit (Sharp Shooter)

3. Workshop support (custom weapons only)

4. Revamped movement system

Once everything on the roadmap is completed I plan to bring RoL out of EA!


1. Will you continue updating RoL after leaving EA?

Yes, I will continue updating RoL regularly for as long as people are there to play the update.

2. Will you be adding more to the roadmap?

Yes, I plan to add more community suggestions to it.

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Re: Rise Of Liberty
« Reply #17 on: Today at 12:29:13 AM »
UPDATE! improved explosions and impact effects!
Rise of Liberty - jack

Heyo, this update focused mostly on improving immersion through better impact effects sound effects.

If you are wondering where rag-dolls are, they will be finished and updated by the end of the week.


- improved impact and blood effects
- improved explosions
- AI bullets now kick up dirt when hitting objects
- bullets have sound effects when passing the player
- a few bug fixes
- performance improvements

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