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Re: Medieval Kingdom Wars
« Reply #30 on: January 07, 2018, 08:48:03 PM »
Update 42 - Another Day in the Office
Medieval Kingdom Wars - Dev Konstantin

Hey Everyone,

The past few days have been an amazing experience for our team. We started MKW as a small indie title, never expected to compete with top strategy games. But now - thanks to all your overwhelming support, and amazing feedback, we know that we are working on something special here. Sure - we still have months and months of work ahead of us, and this is just an early pre-alpha build, but we are encouraged like never before. These long days at the office are that much easier now. Thank You!!!

With our forth update this week, it was time to work on some major additions. So we picked the three most player requested features. From a full events log, and social list in the campaign, to the regional non-English chat channels. In addition we hope we finally fixed the last crash in-game, that annoying CTD on the loading screen.

We have big plans for the week ahead, as we continue work to address most of your requests and suggestions. Here`s to another great week ahead.

And so - presenting Update # 42:

New Features
-New Messenger adviser added to the campaign
-Social List added to the campaign in Messenger menu
-Events log added to the campaign in the Messenger menu
-Added new chat channels - Campaign and Off-Topic
-Added a localized non-English chat channel
-Added French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian chat channels
-Added new dialogue lines for Chancellor for War and Peace being declared

Fixes and Improvements
-Possible fix for crash during the loading screen
-No longer playing town cinematic when managing the town
-Saving value for the Enemy Withdrawal Timer in for Skirmish Saved Game
-Corrected inner palisade walls in Orleans having a hole

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Re: Medieval Kingdom Wars
« Reply #31 on: January 10, 2018, 07:07:11 PM »
Update 43 - Tactical Pause Heraldry
Medieval Kingdom Wars - Dev Konstantin

Hey Everyone,

We are starting this week with another major update. Over the past several days we have read and answered over a hundred posts on our forums, and had countless hours of conversations with our players in-game. And I must say, your feedback was really an eye-opener. As a result - we are greatly changing our production plan for the next couple of months, to concentrate elusively on our player suggestions and feedback.

Today`s update is the first of many more to come until we implement majority of your suggestions and requests. Update 43 added a Tactical Pause, speed controls in combat and town management, new world map Heraldry and so much more. We will follow up tomorrow with a smaller update to improve and expand some of the new features added today. And please note - there`s a small issue with Tactical Pause, you must select a unit before pressing the Pause Button for it to work, but we will be correcting this in 24 hours.

We are very grateful for your feedback, and the support!

And so - presenting Update # 43:

Major New Features
-Added Tactical pause feature - pause and issue commands - to the battles and Town Management
-PLEASE NOTE: Tactical Pause will only work if you select a unit before pressing the Pause button. This will be fixed in 24 hours.
-Game Speed Control added to the Battles and Town Management
-New Day and Night wheel for the towns and battles, art to be updated
-World Map now shows heraldry instead of flags on all towns and hamlets
-Added Heraldry on top of all Lord and King portraits

Fixes and Improvements
-Added Battle chat back to the multiplayer
-Fixed major issue with large town sieges with AI constantly repairing and rebuilding
-Improved how the game responds when issuing orders and accidentally right click dragging the screen
-Dover, fixed incorrectly rotated palisade gatehouse
-Your units will no longer attack enemy citizens
-Saved Skirmish games not properly remember which gate was closed and which opened
-Fixed main menu getting stuck and appearing in campaign
-Scribe news log now sorts events by the month and year
-Added a warning when joining a multiplayer game, and you or the host have old game version

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Re: Medieval Kingdom Wars
« Reply #32 on: January 10, 2018, 07:14:25 PM »
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Re: Medieval Kingdom Wars
« Reply #33 on: January 16, 2018, 09:36:19 PM »
Update 44 - Cloud, Tooltips, Name

Hey Everyone,

Hope everyone had a great weekend, and glad to see so many of you chose to spend your well deserved time off with Medieval Kingdom Wars.

We are starting this week with another big update. As we continue to work our way through you requests and suggestions we worked on finally adding Steam Cloud saves, that now work both for campaign and skirmish. Another long overdue feature added are the loading-screen tips. We also worked changed how the player heraldry works on the world map, fixed issues with tactical pause and added an option to change your username. In addition several highly requested fixes, and a lot of work was done on preparing Chinese and Portuguese localization - it should be ready sometime next week.

Later this week we will concentrate on more player reported issues, such as hamlet walls problems, as well as performance. We should have another update towards Thursday afternoon.

Thanks for all your support, feedback and reviews!

And so - presenting Update # 44:

Major New Features
-Steam Cloud save for the campaign
-Added 32 new loading screen tips, English only for now
-Change Name option now available in Skirmish menu version of Social
-New way to display player Heraldry on the world map
-New Player Heraldry separate from the Kingdom Heraldry

Fixes and Improvements
-Fixed issue with Tactical Pause not always working
-Campaign map will center on the last used army or town when returning to it
-Fixed issues with Scribe social window getting stuck on screen
-Localization translation added for everything by the tool-tips and few more lines
-Corrected major problem in Spanish localization
-Lots of ground work for Portuguese and Chinese localization - eta 1 week

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Re: Medieval Kingdom Wars
« Reply #34 on: January 18, 2018, 06:34:22 PM »
Update 45 - Portuguese Language & Improvements

Hey Everyone,

As we end this week we have another great update for you. Finally after so many requests we are glad to say that Portuguese translation is here! Keep in mind that there are probably some minor issues with this first draft of localization, and we are looking for a native Portuguese BR speaker to help us proof-read and improve the translation.

This updates also brings over a dozen of very important fixes and improvements. For starters we have 100% fixed all of the crash to desktop issue during loading screen. Visual performance has also been improved. In addition we`ve included few more fixes and changes requested by our players.

In our next update we`ll finally fix the last of the combat crashes, making MKW crash free, yay. Same time we are continuing work on Chinese translation, and should be ready to go live in the next update - scheduled for Friday next week.

And so - presenting Update # 45:

Major New Features
-Add Portuguese translation of the game
-Fixed ALL crash bugs during loading screens
-Updated texture of all the king characters
-Greatly decreased the load time of Chancellor window
-Reduced visual memory use by over 150 mbs
-AI army strength will now get reduced when it wins auto-resolve battles
-If AI army is a lot stronger than player army in auto-resolve, it will eliminate player army
-Greatly improved visual performance on the world map on all game settings

Fixes and Improvements
-Updated how buying resources at the Steward window works - much easier and quicker
-Greatly improved how world map looks on the Lowest settings
-World Map on lowest settings now has trees and houses
-Fixed problem with high or slow game speed continuing onto the world map
-Fixed issues with hamlet walls if upgrading inner walls first
-Fixed issues with hamlet walls when capturing AI hamlet with built walls
-Fixed exploit with selling buildings on the world map
-Fixed auto-resolve exploit with AI constantly attacking player army to generate resources
-Fixed town of Nordingen on the world map
-Lowered World Map zoom by around 20%
-On re-connection, switch to Online mode and re-open chat
-Chat will no longer ever open in offline mode
-Fixed major issue with last level of Tutorial not opening
-A lot of work on the game fonts in preparation for Chinese localization
-Translated all the text in all languages including tooltips and other new text
-Greatly improved the Spanish translation, courtesy of Javi Garrido

Balance Changes
-Easy Difficulty much easier: more taxes and starting silver, AI attacks a lot less
-Different starting Silver values depending on Campaign Difficulty
-Deleting building on the world map only returns 25% of the cost now

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Re: Medieval Kingdom Wars
« Reply #35 on: January 25, 2018, 09:26:39 PM »
Update 46 - Chinese Langauge Improvements
Medieval Kingdom Wars - Dev Konstantin

Hey Everyone,

I`m back after a short trip and we are right back into it, with a monumental update, that`s extremely overdue. With Chinese players representing over 60% of the Steam players, and huge share of MKW players as well, it`s about time that we add a proper Chinese translation. Due to various tech issues - mainly having our own game engine - the workload to enable Chinese characters took us a very long time to complete. But finally - we are here. In addition we are considering translating all voice overs into Chinese as well to have a 100% localization.

This update also finally fixes the foreign player chat issues, as well as addresses a few more problems - including the infamous Hamlet Wall bug.

You will also notice a cap on how much resources your town can hold in RTS mode. For now it`s set at 4999, but we will adjust it based on your feedback. Also in the next update we`ll make certain buildings like Storehouse increase this resources cap.

And so presenting Update 46:

-Full Chinese Translation
-Added resource cap to RTS mode. Capped at 4999 per resource
-Regional foreign chat will now properly work
-Fixed displaying non-English characters in the chat
-Fixed problems with Serfs not saving their location in RTS mode
-Final fix for All the Hamlet Wall issues
-A lot of changes under the hood - major code revision
-AI will progress in game much faster on hard difficulty
-AI will progress in campaign much slower on easy difficulty
-Fixed issues in Portuguese translation
-Reduced volume of the company logo splash screen

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Re: Medieval Kingdom Wars
« Reply #36 on: February 03, 2018, 03:59:47 PM »
Update 47 - Wall Defences and Hamlet Skirmish
Medieval Kingdom Wars - Dev Konstantin

Hey Everyone,

We are wrapping this week with another big update, and as become the norm in the past few weeks - we are again working on the top player requested features. Over the past few weeks we tried to incorporate as much player feedback as possible into the game, but it`s time to get back to working on the big features - so next week we are returning to more diplomacy features, polishing up Techs, and opening way to work on CoOp features towards early March.

Today`s update finally adds saving of the wall mounted defenses built during battles. In addition auto-resolve will level up units. We also took some time to address the town storage capacity based on player feedback. And last but not least, you`ll notice the first of the several upcoming pathfinding and combat improvements. In addition a brand new Skirmish mode - defending or besieging a Hamlet.

Best wishes for the weekend! And so, presenting Update 47:

New Features
-Combat and Pathfinding update - reworked how units get stuck or slow-downed when moving through tight passages
-All wall mounted defenses and siege weapons now permanently save
-All wall mounted defenses and siege weapons can now be constructed in town view mode
-Constructing a storehouse now adds 3000 to the town storage
-Auto-resolving battles levels up units
-Final round of a updating and cleaning up the engine code
-New Skirmish game mode - Army vs Hamlet

Fixes and Improvements
-Updated town view mode description, no longer any temps there
-Updated Storehouse description
-Fixed common arrow with AI fire and flaming siege not working
-Fixed props (weapons, hats) on a couple of units showing up as white or missing
-Larger font for the next on screen
-Resources bar now shows town storage limit
-Temporary Disabled Wall Hoarding upgrade

Balance Changes
-Town Storage increased to 6000
-Nerfed Swordsman unit, nearly 20% reduction in stats

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Re: Medieval Kingdom Wars
« Reply #37 on: February 13, 2018, 10:45:23 PM »
Update 48 - Campaign Battle Saves and Rebellions
Medieval Kingdom Wars - Dev Konstantin

Hey Everyone,

We are getting back on track with our production plans and continuing work on major new features. Today`s update bring two major additions to the game - Kingdom Rebellions and Campaign Battle Saving.

New battle save features will automatically and manually save campaign battles and automatically resume them when you reload load your campaign. As we are still working on solution to the occasional crash in battles, the save feature should help minimize the lost progress. And overall it makes things are lot friendly when it comes to these long major town sieges.

Rebellions game mechanic will no longer let you attack your own Kingdom without penalties. If your standing with your King falls bellow 0, you will be declared an outlaw and a rebel and find yourself hunter by your own kind. But corruption is your friend here, and for a good bribe your King will turn a blind eye to you carving out his Kingdom for yourself.

A lot more awesome diplomatic options are coming soon, including being able to depose your King and crown yourself or the other Lord in your Kingdom. In addition we are working on a complete rewrite of the world map campaign AI, it`s making it a lot smarter and changes things from Kingdoms attacking each other, to individual lords waging their wars on their own or by their King`s command. You can expect all of these awesome features later on in February.

Best Wishes to everyone celebrating Lunar New Year! And so - presenting Update 48:

New Features
-Resuming campaign battles, if player quit or crashed during the battle
-Campaign Menu shows Resume Battle crossed swords symbols if save is available
-Added auto-saving every few minutes to campaign battles
-Added manual saving to the campaign battles - in the Pause Menu
-Player Rebellion & outlaw feature implements if standing with your King falls bellow 0
-Player can send Gifts and Insults within their own Kingdom to raise or lower standing
-Your own nation will actively attack you if your declared an outlaw

Fixes and Improvements
-Player Nation shows Standing with the King instead of a Diplomatic Relations value
-Diplomacy window shows Peace icons for each nation
-Fixed issue with resources lost despite sufficient resource cap at start of scenarios
-Changed the look of the Diplomacy window - all the Kingdoms in the certain spot in the list

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Re: Medieval Kingdom Wars
« Reply #38 on: February 28, 2018, 10:37:45 PM »
Update 49 - Game Changer...
Medieval Kingdom Wars - Dev Konstantin

Hey Everyone,

After nearly two weeks of grueling work we are happy to present you update 49, that we, with a good reason, are calling the "game changer"

From total rework of the world map AI rules and behavior, to finalizing the core diplomacy and completely reworking how it integrates into the game... We are also introducing taking over Kingdoms and eliminating other lords and countries... And so much more, for example the long requested feature where we have pre-made unit groups in battles, sorted by unit type

Everything you do will require careful planning and diplomacy now, having one enemy at the time will become critical to your success. This will make the game a lot more fun for our veteran players as well.

And last but not least - this update finally includes saving unit hitpoints and member count after the battles. There`s no such thing as a perfect lossless battle now - so get ready to see your empires crumble.

Please keep in mind that with update of this size, we might come across a couple of new bugs over the next 24 hours. If you encounter some weirdness please let us know.

And yes - this update - as always - is save game compatible.

And so, presenting Update 49:

New Features
-Player and AI Units remember their Hit Points after the battle
-Auto-resolve can now damage unit instead of destroying it
-Each lord, rather than nation, launches their own attacks
-Banners show War and Peace icons for non-player nation controlled towns
-AI will be able to raise a lot more armies - 1.5x on medium, and 2x on hard
-RTS GUI now includes unit type group buttons added (WIP)
-Defeated Lords are removed from the Chancellor window
-Major event log changes
-When a nation is destroyed, and it`s King falls, it`s removed from diplomacy list

Fixes and Improvements
-Chancellor menu shows if player is an Outlaw (at war with his own Kingdom)
-Event log will no longer show lines about AI army movement vs other AI towns
-Event log will show relative messages a lot longer
-Notification when AI lord, and AI Kind dying in battle
-Fixed major problem with Hamlet garrisons not increasing properly as the game progresses
-Fixed bug with Hamlet garrisons resetting to default on reload of the world map
-SPACE pauses/unpauses world map or battle map

Balance Changes
-Players initial standing within their Kingdom is now 25 instead of 0.
-Town garrisons - Restore 10%/20%/30% health based on Campaign Difficult per month (reversed for AI)

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Re: Medieval Kingdom Wars
« Reply #39 on: March 13, 2018, 12:57:59 PM »
Our 50th Update - Alpha Milestone is here!
Medieval Kingdom Wars - Dev Konstantin

Hey Everyone,

We never shy away from admitting that we have really ambitious plans with Medieval Kingdom Wars, and we still have months and months of work ahead of us, and well - at the moment - MKW is as far from perfection as ....well, it`s just far.

But, with that said - I think we can allow ourselves a little 'pat on the back', and maybe a month long vacation (fine, fine - just the back pat thing) - and celebrate the 50th update, and finally reaching the Alpha milestone of production, yay!

None of this would be possible without our player support - so please accept our never ending gratitude for believing in MKW! Special thank you to so many of you who`ve been here with us from Day 1:)

Alpha to Beta plan
Now that at least the majority of the core features are in, we are very excited to see what the next few months will bring as we work towards the Beta milestone, with ETA - later this summer.

First of we plan to wrap up last five core features this spring
-Final Diplomacy features,
-Merchant Trade Menu
-Chaplain Religion Menu
-Multiple Armies in battle
-CoOp and PvP campaign battles.

And last but not least - we are finally wrapping up a total upgrade of our game engine, switching to DirectX 11/12 tech - expected later this spring as well. Not only will it get MKW to look much better, but should also resolve the majority, if not all, performance issues.

With all of this done we`ll start working on polishing and adding to the content - unique units for all nations, more towns, new tutorial, a lot of polish to the combat and so much more.

But all of this is still to come, for now lets look at today`s Update # 50:

New Features
-Trade Goods production added to various buildings that players can construct in towns, production stacks up with more buildings of the same type
-Auto Trade Goods production added to various town and hamlet locations
-Added ability to sell Trade Goods with right click on the goods in the Steward window
-Added auto-healing to armies near friendly towns
-Added manual healing option to army units near friendly towns - click on a unit

Fixes and Improvements
-Fixed various bugs with units spawning with damaged battalions
-Changed the font used by the Chinese translation
-Updated the smallest game fonts to appear much larger
-Fixed various issues with Chinese translation fonts
-Solution for rare crash issue effecting very small number of players - requires game reinstall
-Winning battles reward greatly increased
-Removed trade goods reward for loosing battles

Balance Changes
-Re-Balanced prices for each technology, prices are greatly increased towards 400% boost
-AI will heal units significantly faster depending on difficulty
-Auto-healing player units is now depended on difficulty
-Ranged units gain significant boost, up to 30% higher attacks values
-Nerfed low tier infantry including Maceman and Billman - less protection vs archers, or high tier melee

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Re: Medieval Kingdom Wars
« Reply #40 on: March 16, 2018, 04:40:46 PM »
Update 50 - Part II is here!

Hey Everyone,

We have a follow up to our big 50th update today. To celebrate the Alpha milestone we are starting a big promo event for MKW, with sale, marketing and much more, and hope to see a lot of players. And just in time to get the game ready for a large audience, we rushed this update 50B.

-Fixed rare startup crash effecting small number of players
-Fixed terrible lag when attacking large towns
-Fixed all game crashes when attacking large towns
-AI defending large town is not as good as before now
-Trade Good requirements to unlock Steward Techs reduced by 40%
-Fixed major bug with Tutorial pausing and not unpausing
-Enabled Auto-Saving campaign battles on default, saving every 10 minutes
-Removed Norwich from the map list, the level is not ready yet

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Re: Medieval Kingdom Wars
« Reply #41 on: March 19, 2018, 04:07:09 PM »
Update 50 - Part III is here!

Hey Everyone,

Another follow up to the 50th update today, just in time for the big promo to celebrate the Alpha milestone. This update is mostly about balancing and working out couple of last minute player suggestions

-No refund for replacing/removing unit/building on the world map
-Auto Restoring Health greatly increased to 50%,40%,30% per month/difficulty
-Reward for victory in battle or auto-resolve, lower by ~30%
-Trade Good Buying price for all - lower ~30%
-Healing troops in town should be 40% cheaper
-Return from selling Items based on Campaign Difficulty: 35%/28%/20% for Easy/Normal/Hard

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Re: Medieval Kingdom Wars
« Reply #42 on: March 22, 2018, 07:20:42 PM »
Update 51 - Attack Window and Weeklong Sale
Medieval Kingdom Wars - Dev Konstantin

Hey Everyone,

It`s amazing to see that so many of you are enjoying MKW, especially now that we have hundreds of players online at once. We want to take a moment to thank All of You for all the support and encouragement. Your feedback, reviews and suggestions mean a world to us, and really do inspire us to pull more and more overtime as we work on new features.

This and next week we have really great updates for you...

This week - introducing the long overdue attack window, which was sorely missed and really adds to the game. We also added a good way to capture these large strong AI towns - without 2 hour long battles - by using multiple attack auto-resolve, as garrisons now take damage. Same time we included several highly requested bug fixes and improvements.

Also next week - is a monumental step forward, as we plan to increase the number of playable factions to ~50. Instead of selecting a Kingdom - player will be able to choose to play as any of the Lords on the world map. Each Lord comes with very different starting conditions - from 1 hamlet to several hamlets, some even start with couple of large towns. Aside from different starting position, we are working to add as much difference as possible to these play-through, through starting resources, ranking with the king, and relations with other nations. Personally can`t wait to try it our next week:)

Best wishes for the weekend! And for now, presenting Update 51:

-New attack window layout
-Lords, army and other details added for the attack window
-Auto-resolve attacks on AI towns will result in AI garrison taking damage
-A way to capture large town through auto-resolve with several armies
-Fixed major issue with hamlets sometimes appearing empty
-Fixed major out of sync problem in multiplayer games with pressing Space
-Fixed bug with healing units in armies resulting in red health
-Re-balanced how much damage AI garrison takes in auto-resolve
-Fixed issue with renamed armies/towns not showing in Transfer units dialogue
-Fixed common error with Steward crafting window

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Re: Medieval Kingdom Wars
« Reply #43 on: April 05, 2018, 08:47:07 PM »
Update 52 - Massive Update Price Change
Medieval Kingdom Wars - Dev Konstantin

Hey Everyone,

After two busy weeks its time to present another massive update # 52... and for the lack of any better ideas we called it just that - a Massive Update. With over a dozen major new features and additions it`s one of the biggest updates we had so far: Over 50 new starting Lords (increased from 14), population happiness with lots of gameplay effects, first round of interface updates, renown implemented, cheats enabled and so much more.

And seeing how far MKW has come since Early Access launch earlier in 2017, we feel that the time is right for a price increase, to represent all the additional value. This is also fair to our early adopters and these who supported the game during the Pre-Alpha period. So... after careful consideration, we have decided to set the new price of the game to 30 USD (or your regional equivalent). If you have any questions or concerns about this - please let us know.

And as the Spring continues, we have several truly exciting updates on the way. In the next update 53 we`ll be presenting the long awaited multiple armies feature. Next up in 54 we`ll be wrapping up Diplomacy and reworking campaign AI. And finally in 55 we`ll implement first of campaign CoOp features. Around this time we should also see the first installment of the long-awaited DirectX 11 update, as well as four new major towns, and new terrain sets (desert, forests e.t.c)

Best wishes for the weekend ahead, and for now, presenting Update #52:

New Starting Lords
-Campaign Creation screen now has entirely new layout
-Over 50 different starting scenarios now for each Lord on the world map
-Each Lord comes with its own starting settlements, renown, standing and so on
-Player will get to play as that particular Lord, and not a generic minor Lord

Other Major Changes
-Towns and Hamlets should gain +6 combat strength for each level
-Constructing each layer of palisade wall will add +4 combat strength to hamlet/town, +8 for each stone wall
-New way to limit RTS city management - as it decreases population happiness on entering the city, and on continuously staying there
-Hamlets and cities produces a lot less trade goods every month (only effects new campaigns)
-Kingdom that has been defeated is now properly disabled, but for now remains in the Chancellor list

Population Happiness
-Enabled population Happiness
-Adjusted relation between happiness and taxes - system now properly works
-Happiness value changed to % instead of descriptive words
-Added a positive/negative indicators for Citizen Mood and which way it`s progressing
-Very Happy cities (+75) produce 2x trade goods
-Unhappy cities (-25) don't produce trade items
-Very Unhappy citizens (-50) deny entry to town (view/manage)
-Rebellious cities (-75) stop producing taxes the month after they become rebellious
-Constructing Church, Academy, Market, Hospital improve Happiness
-Constructing Barn, Storehouse, Blacksmith, Stone Mine, Iron Mine, Armorer decreases happiness
-Military Units add to the happiness in the city

GUI Updates
-GUI Updates - changed how much windows fade out the screen when opened - easier to see the screen behind them
-GUI Updates - completely redesigned black transparent window for all GUI windows

Renown Enabled
-Enabled Renown system
-Starting renown for players Lord
-Renown is gained or lost through battles: +/-1 for Army vs Army
-Renown is gained or lost through controlling or loosing town assets +/-City Strength/Level of the town/hamlet gained or lost

Cheats Enabled
-Added Cheat Commands, can be used in the campaign or skirmish in chat:
/merchant - gives 10 of each trade item (only on the world map)
/silver - gives 5000 silver (only on the world map)
/food - gives 1000 food (only in RTS mode)
/wood - gives 1000 wood (only in RTS mode)
/stone - gives 1000 stone (only in RTS mode)
/iron - gives 1000 iron (only in RTS mode)
-Campaign menu will permanently display a white♥♥♥♥♥by the campaign where cheats were used
-Campaigns that have been cheated in can't gain Achievements

Other Fixes and Changes
-Greatly increased the cost of some buildings: market, blacksmith, armory, church, hospital, academy
-Pre-made unit groups show better - increased transparency for unused groups, overlay only shown on active groups
-Significantly reduced healing cost, about 40% less now and healing makes a lot more sense
-Fixed major bug constantly disconnecting some players from the game
-On server lost connection offline mode activated without kicking the player out
-Fixed bug with units walking through walls in Calais and some other hamlets
-City name shows in View/Battle over Day/Night clock     

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Re: Medieval Kingdom Wars
« Reply #44 on: April 25, 2018, 07:15:11 PM »
Update 53 - Menu, Banners, Balancing
Medieval Kingdom Wars - Dev Konstantin

Hey Everyone,

Another solid update today addressing more of our player requests. Together with an overdue update of the main menu, we have included a long requested feature of adding banners to buildings. In the near future we also plan something similar for the units. In addition to work on various game pause issues, and world map army creation fixes we spent a bit of time improving the balancing on Happiness and Storage.

Meanwhile we are still working on the multiple armies in battle and auto-resolve feature... Yes it`s taking us quite a bit, as complexity of the whole feature, and how it then ties into upcoming CoOp is not to be underestimated. We are confident about getting the multiple army attack feature ready for you next week though.

We are aiming to have our next update 54 early next week.

And so, presenting Update # 53:

-Updated main menu scene and music
-Added name tag banner to all buildings
-Added banner to construction plots
-Citizen mood icon now changes color based on happiness level
-Cities now properly create armies on the world map if game is paused
-Fixed various issues with getting attacked on the world map while game is paused
-Creating a new campaign shows world map in background, centered on current nation's capital
-Barn and Storehouse Buildings no longer reduce happiness
-Academy, Church and University buildings improve happiness a lot more
-Default Town Storage limit reduced to 4,000
-Storehouse adds 2,000 to storage
-Starting standing with the respective King reduced for all starting lords
-Fixed last instances of speed controls not showing in battle

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