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LIF:MMO (Dev News #184) Welcome to 2020

LIF:MMO (Dev News #184) Welcome to 2020
Fri, 17 January 2020

Hello, Feudalists!

Last week we have welcomed you all in the new year with re-enabled Judgment Hour. This short time of peace during the holidays has ended and war is raging in Abella once again.

Small update released yesterday has ended the Christmas event and returned the looks of the trader carts to normal. In addition, weve provided some optimizations for launcher work. Were hoping that P2P-connection will work more stable for you after this.
The dev team continues to gather and analyze all the feedback received in order to improve and further balance the game mechanics. More tweaks, bugfixes and gameplay balancing patches will follow in due time.

And more on the news about cheaters. Yes, we are aware that some people are still trying to play dirty. In response to that we regularly issue wave of bans on all these accounts to make sure that everyone can enjoy a fair...

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SITREP #00237

SITREP #00237
FROM: High Command
TO: Arma 3 Users
INFO: Live Ops, Old Man, Global Mobilization

We'll be discussing everything from new bonus content released for our Arma 3 Contact expansion, the new Old Man (Beta) scenario, and major updates for Creator DLC: Global Mobilization.


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Moving Forward. TFDI announcement

Moving Forward
Posted on December 31, 2019 by Collin Biedenkapp


As we bring another year to a close, its time to review what 2019 was for us and our community.

In 2019, we made changes to our infrastructure, policies, development standards, and organization that made us stronger, more efficient, and more capable. We started growing a team of great people who are proud to be with us and excited to pave the ground forward with us.

We released PACX and have worked with the community to refine it. We helped JetStream Radio get their new website and streaming system up and running. We proudly attended Flight Sim Expo in June and participated in the first two-day Flight Sim Show event in Cosford in October.

Weve made breakthroughs in some important areas. We finally have a light at the end of the tunnel for the infamous view-switch crash. We are closer to overcoming technical limitations that...

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