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Creator SPOTREP: Global Mobilization #001

Creator SPOTREP: Global Mobilization #001
18 JUN @ 2:33PM   - ROB "HOMESICK"

FROM: Vertexmacht
TO: Arma 3 Creator DLC Users
UNIT: Global Mobilization - Cold War Germany
ACTIVITY: Update 1.0.3153
SIZE: ~21 GB

More information in the full changelog:

Global Mobilization v1.0.3153
Content Fixes
   Added: 100m grid to 2D map of Weferlingen.
   Added: Adding animation for doors on 2t medical truck
   Added: Door step animation for door on 2t medical truck
   Added: East German Medic unit.
   Added: Empty License Plate preset
   Added: Zeus Game Mode East and West, summer and winter.
   Added: Civilian variants of 2t truck
   Added: Version number now visible in main menu (GM icon tooltip)
   Changed: Adding tracer ammunition to PKT on all east german vehicles
   Changed: Penetration values of all hand weapon ammunition adjusted
   Changed: Removing top 2 stretchers on the Medical Ural...

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SimWorks Studios partnership with Flight Manuals Online!

SimWorks Studios partnership with Flight Manuals Online!

From SWS

"We are happy to announce our partnership with Flight Manuals Online!

With our focus being mainly on the Cold War planes, Flight Manuals Online is the perfect partner to supplement our creations with high-quality, authentic flight manuals from

FMO's manuals will be included as part of our future products, such as the A-37 and SLUF for P3Dv4."

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Why Chernobyl Exploded - The Real Physics Behind The Reactor

Why Chernobyl Exploded - The Real Physics Behind The Reactor

Scott Manley
Published on 8 Jun 2019
With the TV show doing a great job at delivering its explanation in a manner that most people can easily understand, I felt I wanted to do a more detailed description. So I cover basic reactor physics, explain how the RBMK reactor works, how Xenon 135 works, Why the control rods included graphite tips, and why the reactor became unstable and ran away.

Many of the diagrams here are from and they have Lots more information on Nuclear Physics

And of course I highly recommend the TV show:

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