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Re: Naval Action: Patches/Updates
« Reply #75 on: April 19, 2018, 01:29:46 PM »
Patch 23: Updated Tutorial, Special ship and new UI teaser.
Naval Action - Gamelabs


Patch 23 is being deployed today

Here is what you can expect
•   Combat Tutorial
  o   Updated combat tutorial has been deployed.
  o   All tutorials have been improved and updated based on feedback
  o   Final Exam added
  o   Important. Final exam grants 2 rare items on completion: Hercules Frigate (ship note) and Naval Clock permanent upgrade. Use them wisely.
Hercules frigate. (also known as Fragata Hercules or Fragata Negra)

•   Patrols
  o   Frigate ONLY patrols added to the rotation
•   Clan logs added
  o   Money log – showing money and pvp/combat/victory mark deposits and withdrawals
  o   Resource log – showing everything else
•   Reinforcement update
  o   Reinforcement zones support is updated. Local waters will now provide support appropriate to the strength of the attacker (instead of 2 1strates per attacker).
•   Chain update.
  o   Chain shot are now limited by 2 shots per gun. This will not require a perk or acquisition of ammo.
  o   Chain damage greatly increased.
  o   Chain damage drop from distance increased.

•   OW enemy indications updated.
  o   Ship rank indication removed, players will have to rely on the visual recognition.
    o   Fleet composition now only shows size of the ship (S – small, M – medium, L – Large), as you can only see top sails from 20-30miles
•   PvE missions cancellations are now limited by 3 per day
•   Towns set Free for All by clans now provide teleport option for all nations
•   Standard hull and sail repair time has increased to 2 minutes
•   Resource production bonuses in clan owned cities slightly increased
•   Sinking ship will have less cargo damaged by salt water intake.
•   Minimal OW speed against the wind has slightly increased. It will still depend on ship but will be generally 1kn higher.
•   Сrew on sails numbers updated and generally reduced (based on final sail area recalculations)
•   Сrew per ranks updated on higher ranks (rear admiral rank can now support 1400 crew)
•   PVE missions enemy composition improved (especially on lower level missions which sometimes sent too many strong opponents)
•   Boarding upgrades informational panel slightly improved (it will be more obvious what bonuses do)
•   Contract cancellation texts slightly improved.
•   Max stack for bow figures has increased
•   Ports can now buy more books without dropping the price
•   Ship capsizing bug will now happen less.
•   Fixed the bug that caused slower loading of port stores
•   Improved the visualization of heavy packetloss causing loss of ship control.
  o   Player will now see the special message on the client if this happens;
  o   After showing this message for some time client will automatically drop the player to login screen if game cannot reconnect to the server to speed up the reconnect chance.
•   Fix bug that did not show the repairs after reconnect to the battle
•   Fixed bug that some resources did not show in contract interface
  o   Contraband goods
  o   Madagascar Jewels
  o   Spanish gold coins
  o   French Gold Livres
  o   Stolen goods
•   Fixed bug that Trading NPCs cannot exit the battle after battle over message
•   Fixed bug caused incorrect item tooltips if antialiasing is on.
•   Fixed bug causing incorrect name of the ship in boarding interface
•   Fixed bug that still shown the instance entry button if the limit has already been reached
•   Fixed the bug that did not show the Sail to outpost button in some cases
•   Fixed the bug that sometimes gave you a message that «you can become a pirate» in rare cases

Teaser from the new UI.
This is work in progress and visuals might change during implementation

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Re: Naval Action: Patches/Updates
« Reply #76 on: April 26, 2018, 02:09:03 PM »
Patch 24: Properly depowering your staysails.
Naval Action - Gamelabs


Patch is being deployed today 26th of April

•   Mast hits are only shown for successful penetrations
•   Depower (T) command has been reworked: It is now partially separated from the main sail control.
   o   If depower (T) is ON then your W / S command will only work with square sails
   o   If depower (T) is OFF then your W / S command will work as before. (raising all sails including staysails)
   o   This means you will have more precise speed management controls without the need for too many annoying clicks.
•   Visuals of sail damage for some tutorial ships has been fixed
•   Reset of Pursuit and Capture tutorial now also resets chain shots stock
•   Fixed the bug with negative speed affecting the boarding ability
•   Fixed indications on marks and battle stats after tutorial battles
•   Reduced the minimal sail damage threshold back to the old level (we increased it to 40% last patch and it allowed too many escape options due to limited chain shot). Sail still cannot be destroyed fully (as even fully torn cloths still possess some driving power). The limit is now 28%.
•   Fixed the bug that was allowing to receive rewards in the enemy port when passing the tutorial (getting you stuck in that port). From now on you can only receive tutorial reward if you have the warehouse in the port.

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Re: Naval Action: Patches/Updates
« Reply #77 on: May 16, 2018, 01:34:44 PM »
Update May 10th

•   Assist threshold for mark distribution has been lowered to provide all participants of combat a fair share of reward
•   Mast hits indication has been reverted to the old system, where you did not know if you penetrated the mast or not.

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Re: Naval Action: Patches/Updates
« Reply #78 on: June 21, 2018, 01:21:40 PM »
Patch 25: Open world user interface (UI) update
Naval Action - Gamelabs

Patch is being deployed today 21st June 2018.

Contents of the patch

•   MAIN Feature : Open world UI updated to a new version.
    o   Open world UI will update to a more traditional MMO window based system.
    o   Port UI remains on the old version. We decided to deploy OW UI first to help to uncover missed bugs and problems faster. Also your initial feedback on the visuals will allow us to deliver better port UI based on your comments. Apologies for the inconvinience that might be caused by the 2 versions of UI
    o   Expect bugs and glitches.
•   Name change added to Prolific Forger DLC
    o   Separate item will appear in your redeemables
    o   You will be able to change name once in every 30 days
•   Admiralty connection added as DLC
    o   Will permanently increase dock space, warehouse slots and economy buildings.
•   Two imported ships will be added as DLC (time of appearance subject to Valve's approval)
    o   Le Requin
    o   Hercules
•   Ability to trade in the open world added to game.
    o   Trade is possible with your nation
    o   Trade is possible in the radius of attack
    o   If one of the parties to a trade exits this radius trade will stop
    o   Trade is only possible from hold of the ship
•   Patrol battle exit (escape) option added (to remove trolling and griefing)
    o   After a certain time exit will be possible if there are no enemy players in your radius
    o   Damage stops the ability to exit (just like the normal exit timer)
    o   Being outside of the circle stops ability to exit
•   Experimental feature: Open world attack button now has a coold down (60 seconds).
    o   This was done to remove constant re-click to get better positioning
    o   You have to be careful how and when you attack.
•   Exams now show the following information in pop ups for motivational purposes
    o   Best time and name of the player
    o   Your time
    o   Average time for all players
•   Rules of Engagement (ROE) changes
    o   For reinforcement zones
       o   Battle is always open for the nation of the reinforcement zone
       o   Battle closes in 10 minutes for all other nations (not owners of the reinforcement zones)
    o   For Capital waters
       o   Nation of the capital water cannot be attacked as before
       o   All other nations can be attacked (removing unnecessary protection for enemies). This means that other nations will not be protected by your capital waters.
       o   Battles of other nations in capital waters will be open to all
•   Smuggler flag removed
    o   Trader ships now have automatic smuggler flag and will be able to enter any port in the Caribbean
    o   Player in the combat ship wont be able to enter enemy ports
    o   You will now be able to switch ships in enemy ports if you have an outposts and docked ships there (to remove weird lockouts caused by legacy rules
    o   Military ships can now sail out of enemy ports to remove lockouts if your port was captured or changed state from open to all.
    o   Exit from enemy and contested ports gives you a 30 min port battle lockdown
    o   Free for all ports do not give the port battle timer.
•   Battle sails now give bonuses to
    o   Ship turning
    o   Yard turning
    o   Sail resistance
•   Fire changes
    o   Fire now affects structure and planking differently. Planking will burn faster than structure. This is done to bring back more epic explosions as fast fires burn the structure too fast (ship sinks faster than it can explode).
•   Structural leaks and penetrating leaks water intake speed dependence increased. Changes are as follows
    o   50% speed – standard leaks (current)
    o   100% speed – leakage is increased 2x
    o   0 speed – leakage is reduced 2x
•   Control perk changes
    o   Perk control can be switched off in the beginning of the battle, if you do not want to use it.
    o   There will be a button for the first 5 mins that will let you decide if you want to control on or not.
•   Tuning
    o   All blueprints were removed from the admiralty and added to player shipyards for simplification (some of them of course will require permits to build)
    o   NPC can rarely sail a 4/5 or 5/5 vessel
    o   Capturable ports now give better chance to build a exceptional vessel.
•   Fixed bugs:
    o   Multiple bugs fixed thanks to player reports
    o   Several tutorial bugs fixed
    o   Fixed bug not allowing you to destroy an item in the hold if your computer time was set in the future.
    o   Fixed the bug that did not let you take back Hercules if NPC was assigned to it.

Update 21st June
•   Le Requin
    o   HP lowered slightly
    o   Battle sail mode added
    o   Speed of raising lowering sails decreased
    o   Ship declassed as 6th rate
•   Hercules
    o   Broadside time tweaked
    o   HP increased according to size
    o   Ship re-classed as 5th rate
•   2 group statuses removed
    o   Group status automatically converts to battle group once it exceeds 5 players
•   Mission cancellation limit increased to 50
•   Reinforcement zones ports and capitals (uncapturable ports including free towns) ability to build better vessels reduced, capturable ports ability to build better ships greatly increased

Open world UI has undergone significant changes in systems and code, please expect bugs and problems and do not forget to report them in this topic:

UI Teaser

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Re: Naval Action: Patches/Updates
« Reply #79 on: June 23, 2018, 10:19:58 PM »
Update 22nd June

•   Fixed the bug blocking the trade of ships in port
•   Fixed bug that blocked UI for some time after sending the bug report
•   Fixed bug causing incorrect display of national ranks
•   Fixed bug that sometimes did not display the type of combat on combat selection screen
•   You can now redeem the imported premium ships only if you do not have the same ships in docks
•   Use rum now properly works if you drink rum on the Basic Cutter
•   Replaced the icon for Carpenters to something more appropriate (remember that icons are not final)
•   Reduced the fire damage to structure even more (as ships were still sinking before exploding).

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Re: Naval Action: Patches/Updates
« Reply #80 on: June 26, 2018, 07:33:19 PM »
Update 26th June 2018

•   Additional tunings for the leaks/speed curve
•   Recently killed status visualization is added
•   Fixed spelling on the Open World Map (thanks to players feedback)

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Re: Naval Action: Patches/Updates
« Reply #81 on: July 05, 2018, 09:32:22 PM »
Update 5th July 2018

Epic chest (dropping from epic events) content slightly improved
Fixed bug that sent one of the OW chat windows into battle instances completely hiding the compass (thanks to Cpt Reverse)

Internet Connection instability fixes:

•   Fixed bug that sometimes locked out the player from using ports after random teleports caused by connection drops during the change of state (thanks to z4ys)
•   Fixed bug that sometimes locked the player from using ports if he is sent to two battles due to connection drops (thanks to Vile Executioner)

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Re: Naval Action: Patches/Updates
« Reply #82 on: August 09, 2018, 03:35:07 PM »
Update 9th July 2018

•   Fixed the fonts in ship auction, store interface and contract interface that hid zeroes from the price (they were present in confirmation screens but people still made mistakes)

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Re: Naval Action: Patches/Updates
« Reply #83 on: August 09, 2018, 03:36:38 PM »
Update 9th August 2018

•   Hercules armor thickness and HP slightly reduced to 50 and 3300
•   Le Requin speed at 180 degrees (wind from the stern) slightly reduced to approximately 6.5 knots from 8 knots
•   Massive buffs to hp and slight buffs to thickness across all 6th rates and 7th rates
•   Slight buff to 4lb and 6lb damage
In addition to tunes

•   Overloaded OW speed debuff deployed early. The rest of the fix (giving no option to overload the ship through trade might appear in the port UI patch).

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Re: Naval Action: Patches/Updates
« Reply #84 on: August 29, 2018, 01:22:03 PM »
Patch 26. Spanish frigate Diana, BR rebalance and ship tuning.
Naval Action - Gamelabs

Hello Captains

Patch has been deployed today to live servers. 29th August 2018

•   Diana wil be given out for testing to all captains in the Caribbean.
  o   It will be a timed reward - you will have to login and claim it within 15 days.
  o   Spanish frigate Diana
    •   Spanish heavy frigate filling the gap between heavy and medium frigates
    •   Gundeck - 24lb guns 42lb carronades
    •   Upper deck - 9lb guns 32 lb carronades.
•   Major BR rebalance
  o   We are gradually moving away from the static BR based on HP and DPS characteristics and will also consider several other factors including battle performance data.
  o   How it will work
    •   Ships with much lower performance statistics will have lower BR even if they are a higher class vessel. For example 2nd rate pavel having a much worse battle performance than 3rd rate Bellona will have a lower BR than Bellona.
  o   The changes will be applied gradually as full performance based BR is currently impossible as it will break old mission system. Once new mission system is added in September we will let battle performance influence the ship BR slightly more.
  o   This will mostly affect the port battles and will require captains to recalculate their battle plans for future conquests.
•   Speed changes
  o   Wind curves slightly tweaked for
    •   Hercules
    •   Privateer
  o   Speeds slightly increased for
    •   Mercury
    •   Niagara
    •   Lynx
    •   Privateer
    •   Prince
  o   Elite and Spanish/Pirate rig refit bonuses lowered from 30/15 to 20/10
  o   Keep in mind that this speed change is a temporary fix to provide more options in the 6th rate category - all ships speeds, turning, and heel performance will be updated after port ui patch based on battle performance with the goal to increase gameplay depth. Current historical wind curves (fully based on sail plans) have been found to reduce gameplay depth instead of improving it, and will be adapted this autumn.

Diana Screenshot

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Re: Naval Action: Patches/Updates
« Reply #85 on: September 12, 2018, 01:29:49 PM »
Hotfix for patch 26. Constitution Classic
12 September - Gamelabs

Hotfix was deployed today 12th September
•   Fixed the bug locking you in port if you wanted to claim tutorial rewards without the outpost
•   Fixed basic cutter BR issues
•   Fixed Diana bugs with decals and colliders
•   Constitution Classic timed redeemable added to all captains for testing. Please login within 14 days to claim the ship

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Re: Naval Action: Patches/Updates
« Reply #86 on: September 19, 2018, 01:34:07 PM »
Naval Action - Gamelabs

Hotfix 19th September

To solve the hugging issues with small ships safely staying very close to large ships we would like to test this experimental change - increasing the allowed boarding speed limit, but reducing the relative speed difference

Full list of changes.
•   All upgrades increasing crew rebalanced (data below)
•   XP and Money for kills and assists rebalanced based on BR of vessels (slight increase for 1-2nd rates)
•   Yacht can now enter port battles and can be added to fleets
•   Determined defender bonus lowered from 30% to 0.001%
•   Boarding max speed increased to 8 knots (previously around 4 knots). Speed difference between your ship and enemy ship cannot exceed 5 knots to board (lowered from the previous 8). Both vessels must sail below 8 knots.
•   Barricades defensive bonus increased by 0.1 and attack penalty increased by 0.1 as well.

Crew bonuses reductions
  o   Shipbuilding:
    •   Very cramped: 5% - previous 10%
    •   Cramped: 2.5% - previous 5%
    •   Extra crew trim: 7.5% - previous 10%
  o   Modules and books:
    •   Light ship hammocks refit: 5% - previous 15%
    •   Hammocks book: 7.5%-7.5%-2.5% - previous 20%-10%-5%

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Re: Naval Action: Patches/Updates
« Reply #87 on: October 31, 2018, 01:07:08 PM »
Patch 27 - Port Interface, New missions, Streamlined economy, Insurance, New currencies.

The day of days has come - and we are getting close and closer to release.
Patch will be deployed today on 31st of October.

This is the biggest patch we delivered to date so expect problems and issues - they will be fixed one by one.


It is impossible to describe the multitude of changes in this patch so the list will be short and will just cover areas of changes
•   New bugs and loopholes - please report issues in designated topics or in this topic
•   Updated port user interface. Everything has changed. Just like with all interface updates it will feel weird and sometimes wrong. But it is a much better UI and most importantly it is better for localization
•   Economy has moved to historical currencies
  o   reals - silver dollars
  o   doubloons - double escudos - gold goins
  o   pvp marks and combat marks have been abandoned. Combat marks will be converted to reals - pvp marks turn into doubloons
  o   denomination has been applied to all prices (approximately 25 to 1)
       please report if we missed something in this area
  o   2000 doubloons will be issued to all captains as a timed redeemable for 14 days.
•   Holds contents have been updated for
  o   combat ships
  o   traders
  o   sealed bottles
  o   chests
  o   all vessels can sometimes carry crew pay (military ships) or results of trading in doubloons (traders) and in good amounts
•   New missions
  o   Hunt and search and destroy - to find and destroy ships in the open world
  o   Weekly challenges
  o   kill missions (former combat orders) now have difficulty levels and increased rewards
  o   bot distribution changed. certain regions now have lineships (like hispaniola) some regions have 5th rates only.
•   Mission class and difficulty now depend on ports
  o   Starting ports have lower level missions and easier missions
•   Insurance has been added to all crafted ships
  o   you must fight bravely and do not give up the ship (sink) to receive insurance
•   Economy has been streamlined
  o   redundant materials removed (conversion tables were provided before)
  o   resources weights and prices changed
  o   building production limits have been greatly increased for lvl 3 buildings
       e.g lvl 3 building now allow production approximately similar to 5 level 3 buildings before the patch.
       as a result euro traders permits were removed from the caribbean for testing
  o   prices for buildings were adjusted based on complexity of production
  o   current buildings were closed and wiped for all players (costs to reopen was added to redeemables)
  o   new buildings introduced
  o   outposts now charge for passenger transportation
•   Admiralty prices updated
  o   book prices for high level ships generally increased (because of ample supply of doubloons from activities)
  o   ship notes prices now correspond to the alternative of crafting that ship (a lot higher)

Known issues
•   Economy and prices are new and might require several iterations to stabilize and tune
•   Clan leaderboard table does not work as intended and will be updated later - it only shows port battle oriented clans
•   Very rare issue of corrupted items locking the exit from ports can still happen - but we have added the automatic deletion of such items and added additional logs to find more cases of such issue. If you cannot exit from port or sell a ship it is because one item in hold has become corrupted - please let us know when this happen in support section or by f11.

Please provide feedback in this section (3 topics are pinned on top and focus on interface, economy and missions)

Next steps

We plan to stabilize the patch in several iterations and continue work on localization in parallel
Next big patch will focus on localization.
Official promised languages will be localized by GL, but we will provide the tool to change the language to another if it will be localized by the community (access to language file will be provided and players will be able to replace it with their own).

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Re: Naval Action: Patches/Updates
« Reply #88 on: December 17, 2018, 03:04:04 PM »
Patch 29. Sextant perk, UI Improvements, Shallow water experiments and various other fixes.
17 December - Gamelabs

Patch was deployed today 17th of December 2018

New content and experimental changes.
•   Sextant perk
  o   2 points (price might change) perk will allow to determine your position at sea
•   Shallow water based on draught of ships (experimental change)
  o   All ships below 4m draught will be allowed into shallow waters and shallow water battles
  o   This includes
    •   Cerberus
    •   Renommee
    •   Pandora
    •   Surprise (L Unite)
  o   Hercules and LRQ will be allowed into shallow port battles.
  o   Please make necessary preparations if needed.
•   The game code has been almost completely prepared for localization. Localization/Tranlsation has started into main promised languages. Custom language file added for those who want to translate the game into any language for themselves or community or those who are not satisfied with our main english version
  o   To use the custom file for your version of the translation:
    •   Open folder Languages (currently Langs)
    •   Copy the file named _English.csv
    •   Paste and rename it to another name
    •   Translate or edit that file to the language you want
    •   Save it in the standard CSV format if you open it in the Excel (file uses UTF-8)
    •   Name of that file will be available in the general section of options in the drop down menu
    •   File will be working properly after game has been restarted.

•   Important: Fixed the annoying redraw of all icons when dragging items between holds and warehouse. This will significantly increase the speed of item management if you have a lot of items in holds and warehouses.
•   Fixed annoying blinking of expand button
•   Clan leaderboards should now work properly and show statistics for the last 7 days (without weekly reset)
•   Fixed the bug that does not allow to build buildings if doubloons are in money chest
•   Fixed the bug that did not reset the exit timer when using grape against crew
•   Fixed rare crash of client during teleports
•   Fixed bug that closed port trade chat after sinking in the open world
•   Fixed visual bugs of DLC flags on Essex
•   Fixed bug that allowed the NPC fleet to reappear on the open world at the place of previous attack (if you sank any ship besides the flagship)
•   Fixed the bug that hotkey did not work if you had tooltip active (when mouseover)
•   Fixed the bug that did not let players pick rewards for previous challenge on the day new challenge starts

•   Multiple minor fixes on the Port UI.
•   Added new shallow patrol zone Deadman's Cay (+1 shallow patrol)
•   New icons added to most trading goods
•   New warning symbol D (damaged) under LEAVE PORT button to show that your or your fleet ship needs to be repaired.
•   Added indication to Hunt and S&D missions to show 3 nearest regions where your targets can be found
•   Improved performance of port UI
•   Reduced FPS drops when opening windows.
•   Improved the performance of drag and drop - holds and warehouses no longer hide behind other windows if drag and drop is in progress
•   Barter resources are now spawned during the day (not immediately after maintenance)
•   Loot from sealed bottles has been generally improved.
•   Added 5th rate S&D missions in common non capital ports

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Re: Naval Action: Patches/Updates
« Reply #89 on: February 28, 2019, 07:08:12 PM »
Patch 30: Ships of the line - Rulers of the Sea

Captains. MEGA Patch was deployed today on 28th February!

Contents of the patch.

Localization has been officially added.
•   You can change the language of the game in the options menu.
•   Localization is not complete!– as new content has been added in the last 1.5 months – this will be translated soon
•   Custom files for all languages has been added. They can be used by community translators or yourself to improve things you do not like to completely change language
•   There are issues in some translations due to the fact that outside firm was - but they will eventually be fixed, with help of community.

Battle UI
•   Battle UI has been freshened up.
•   All Battle UI has been moved to one technology set (slightly increasing FPS in battles)
•   Boarding is no longer showing enemy commands.
o   Boarding UI might need another pass of improvements based on your general feedback.
•   You can now use buttons [ ] during boarding that will allow your ship to fire point blank broadsides.
•   All buttons have received informational tooltips, which you can read by putting your mouse over the buttons

Combat model
•   Ships of the line will now rule the seas. No longer ships of the line will fear light corvettes.
•   Damage model has been adjusted.
•   Inverse DPS problems has been fixed (previously 4lb guns had higher DPS than 42lb guns)
•   Reload shocks issues were fixed. You will get them regularly if you maximize damage in short periods of time.
•   Lower rank NPCs turning has been adjusted (previously they turned like experienced rear admirals when they should not have).
o   Additional tunings to NPC combat will be applied soon.
•   Turn rates were lowered across the board for most vessels, to support the precise deliberate combat model (low level ships turned like they were on drugs)
•   Additional improvements to speeds and turning will be deployed next week.

PVP and ROE changes (rules of engagement)
•   To increase number of PVP opportunities the following change has been made.
•   Open world battles for the weaker side (based on BR) are open for 20 minutes. You can reinforce the weaker side if you are sailing by. The mission will close and swords disappear once BR evens out (with certain % threshold)
o   if you want to get help stay closer to friendly entry points.
o   If you are ganked, call for help in chat, people can help you. Of course just like tracers in ww2 this feature works both ways. If you attack in force your target might get reinforcements, changing the course of the battle.
•   Overall goal is to give more pvp opportunities to captains
•   Combat Medals were introduced. Combat medals will be granted for PVP activities, and will give access to pvp rewards.

Port importance for clans and rare resource spawns
•   Changes to rare woods spawns and access
o   Rare woods resources now only have limited trading spawns in the Carribean.
o   Rare woods forests can now randomly spawn somewhere in the Caribbean in limited quantities. (can be fully exhausted)
o   These rare woods now can be received by clans using delivery missions
o   Сlans and clans on their allies list have access to these missions
o   Getting rare woods by using missions reduces their supply. One supply is fully cut down the forest will spawn elsewhere in another port.
o   Rare woods are: Live oak, white oak, bermuda cedar, teak, mahogany, caguarian, sabicu.

Protected areas
•   Redundant protections removed from secondary protected areas (like Louisiana or Vera Cruz and Belize)
•   Additional improvements of the protected areas will be done next patch

•   Trading will be more available
•   Resources spawn distribution is now better and ability to place contracts on trading goods removed.
•   Additional regional goods added
•   Selling goods far from the purchase place will make more money (buying something in Trinidad and selling it in the gulf will make a lot of money
o   This of course means that short distance routes will no longer make too much money
•   Barter added (but not yet tuned properly – will be fixed in the next hotfix). It will increase supply of trading goods

•   PVP hunt missions added
•   Solo PVP patrol zone added
o   In the solo patrol zone you can only be attacked by the ship of the same class and battle will close immediately.
•   Passenger delivery missions added
•   Letter delivery missions added
•   Clan delivery missions added
•   Mission rewards increased

Better PVE – More accessible PVE
•   NPC fleet placements slightly adjusted (gulf suffered, but all other regions will generally see more NPCs – we will fix the gulf problem later)
•   Missions are now based on regions (less on port type)
o   For example Hispaniola is a 1-3rdrate region. It will only give missions for 1-3rdrate.
•   Missions are now unlimited – if you finish your initial set of missions you can take new ones. No longer we will force you waste time on sailing to another to find additional supply of missions.
•   Missions spawns are significantly improved – time is precious - you will no longer spend 20-30 mins reaching the mission. Missions will no longer spawn on other sides of large land masses.
•   Group missions added (enemy types and rewards are not yet fully balanced- some missions might be very hard)
Other changes
•   Sextant perk is now provided automatically by default to all new accounts
•   Fleet perk for 1 ship is now added to all accounts by default (so new players can go straight to capping and looting)
•   Small amount of low level NPC enemies were added around Capitals to provide additional opportunities for new players
•   UI scaling options added to the game
•   Additional flags added to DLC for some nations
•   1 flag was added to admiralty store for some nations, in the next couple of patches all nations will have 1 flag in the admiralty available for doubloons.
•   Prices for basic resources were adjusted, blueprints for ships were adjusted to support the new damage model. Some balance issues with blueprints were fixed.
•   Labor hours will be adjusted too in the next hot fix (did not get in this patch).
o   NEXT HOTFIX Labor hours spent on crafting frigates and below will be significantly reduced. Labor hours generation WILL be increased 2.5times.

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