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Kingdom Wars 2: Definitive Edition
« on: August 11, 2019, 03:46:16 PM »

An intense real-time strategy game set in a dark fantasy world of Orcs, Elves and Dragons. Kingdom Wars 2 combines the best of Zombie survival and crafting with complex fast-paced city building. Fight massive siege battles that turn beautiful landscapes into gory blood-soaked battlefields.

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Kingdom Wars 2: Definitive Edition is an intense real-time strategy game set in a dark fantasy world of Orcs, Elves and Dragons. It combines the best of Zombie survival and long term crafting with complex fast-paced city building. Engage in skirmish siege combat that turns beautiful landscapes into gory blood-soaked battlefields.

Completely Redesigned
The original Kingdom Wars 2 has been reworked and redesigned from the ground up. With new engine, sweet new graphics, and a total update of presentation, and interface. This is not just a high definition version, but a new gameplay experience.

The Great Races
The game is focused on the dominant races of Humans, Elves and Orcs with each able to recruit from other races depending on the alliances, techs and buildings they have available. Among the other races you will find scurrying Goblins, lumbering Ogres, mighty Minotaurs, ancient Treants, magical Dragons, crafty Dwarves, and fearsome Skeletal Warriors.

Heroes and Wizards
Each of the great races can recruit a variety of Heroes each with their own abilities to bolster their allies or decimate their foes. The three Orders of Wizards have also each aligned themselves with one of the great races, and use their vast magical power to shift the course of battle with terrifying Lightning Storms and devastating Blizzards.

Story-driven Campaign
Play an epic story-driven singleplayer campaign combining engaging cinematic narrative and original gameplay to determine the fate of the three great races as they try to survive in a world engulfed by total war after they fall out of favour with the gods.

Skirmish Battle
Engage in the complex city building and economy of a fast paced skirmish environment as you gather resources, construct buildings, reinforce walls and train troops before being swept up in field and siege battles with up to four players or AI. Craft the right Techs and Cards, and perfect your strategy and play style to ensure that victory is yours.

Survival Mode
The dead have risen and are marching towards your settlement with blood-thirsty determination. How long can you survive when your own dead bolster the ranks of the enemy if you don't burn the bodies quickly enough? Go it alone to prove your mettle as you play in solo mode or share in the struggle by inviting a friend to co-op mode.

Siege Combat Mechanics
Attackers can demolish gates with Battering Rams, scale walls with Ladders and Siege Towers, bombard the defenders and breach walls with Trebuchets and Dwarven Cannons. Meanwhile the defenders can hold the gates with boiling Oil Pots, skewer the advancing hordes with hidden Spike Traps, crush their enemies with Stone Tippers, and more. Set the battlefield ablaze with flame throwing Dragon's Breath machine, cower the moving shield that is the Mantlet, and mow down your enemies with the spinning blades of the Grinder.

Complex Crafting System
Every battle gives a chance to collect crafting items ranging from the common Tools and Blueprints to the rare Legendary Weapons and Tomes of Magic. Crafting is tied into every aspect of the game, from crafting new deadly siege weapons and units buildings, to creating new game cards, or researching new industrial technologies.

Tech Tree
Each of the great races has their own Tech Tree to unlock and research using various combinations of crafting items, providing opportunities for management and long-term strategic thinking as you unlock your ideal set of buildings, units and abilities to ensure victory in battle.

Strategic Card Game
You can build various combinations of playable card decks that you acquire through crafting that you use during battle to give extra resources, provide re-inforcements or call upon magical effects. You will need to think strategically about which cards to take into battle and tactically about when to use them, as playing the right card at the right time can shift the tide of battle.

Online Community
Use the chat channels to make friends, get help and arrange battles. Join guilds and alliances to show your allegiance and gain extra rewards. Invite your friends to co-op battle together and challenge your enemies to battle.

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Re: Kingdom Wars 2: Definitive Edition
« Reply #1 on: August 30, 2019, 11:45:15 PM »
Update 6 - Ground View Camera
30 Aug @ 11:06pm - Dev Konstantin

Hey Everyone,

We are happy to present another major update, addressing one of the top player requests - a ground view camera. Now you can view the action in all it`s low-poly glory up-close and personal, with the sky, mountains and so on.

Also, we spent some time reworking the sound system for better combat sounds, as well as worked on Unit AI. And of-course we looked into addressing one of the bigger flaws of KW2DE - performance in later game survival, it should be significantly better. This update comes with another couple of dozen features and improvements.

Regarding KW2DEs Future
While we have your attention we wanted to address some sad news. Lately, KW2DE has been slammed with many negative reviews - and the common theme is misunderstanding why KW2DE was released as a new game, or why this free update wasn`t bigger and better...

These negative reviews have completely destroyed the game`s chances and undermined our ability to continue work on improving KW2DE. We hope the situation will improve as time passes, but right now it doesn`t look good.

Misunderstanding or negativity from a couple of dozen individuals left the game crippled and deprives thousands of players from seeing more good updates in the future. What started for us as breathing new life into an old game, with a major free update has somehow completely backfired. This is also making us reconsider doing free Definitive Edition for Kingdom Wars 1 - as it just might backfire again.

So let's address this - KW2DE was always meant as a free update to the original game, and it is. Due to technical reasons - save game incompatibility and DX 11 engine (that some players of the original KW2B could not play KW2DE) we had to release it as a stand-alone, free to all the players of the original. And of-course we were hoping interest will pick up to help us do more with the game, like the currently half-complete free Undead Race expansion.

We are not giving up on the game and really hope things will pick up somehow, as we continue our work. And sorry for venting - not complaining, or asking for reviews here - just stating the situation.

Thanks for listening.:)

Ok with that out of the way - introducing Update # 6:

Major New Features
•   Added Ground View camera available on Max Camera Settings
•   Added distance fog visible with the ground view camera
•   Completely reworked sound system for much better combat sounds
•   Added over 180 new combat sound FX

Major Additions & Improvements
•   Major performance increase in Survival, especially in late game survival
•   Major visual update to how the game looks in ground view
•   Various improvements to how enemy unit AI reacts to nearby units and buildings.
•   AI now scans for targets near them
•   AI now will now prioritize which buildings to attack

Fixes and Balancing
•   Stances now work correctly for units
•   Survival has been rebalanced to be easier at earlier waves
•   Survival game performance should be better at later waves-Minor adjustments to how peasants gather wood
•   Disabled a non-functioning formation for cavalry that breaks changing formation
•   Fixed bug that caused some abilities to work for non existent map objects
•   Autosave for skirmish/survival modes is now enabled by default on first run
•   Draw distances has been normalized for all settings
•   Changed default skirmish colors for players (can be changed in skirmish menu)
•   Potentially fixed a rare multiplayer issues with players going out of sync

P.S. There`s an issue in ground view with camera jumping when view is around mountains, we expect to have a solution for this ready this weekend, it`ll be a hot-fix.

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Re: Kingdom Wars 2: Definitive Edition
« Reply #2 on: October 02, 2019, 12:17:40 AM »
Future Updates and Improvements
Tue, 1 October 2019

It`s time share our plans for the future and what`s coming next to KW2DE this Fall and Winter

Hey Everyone,

It`s time to share our plans for continuing updating KW2DE and what the future holds.

To start things off - some bad news - KW2DE release really didn`t go as we planned. There was too much confusion about releasing KW2DE as a new release due to compatibility issues; and lets face it - this type of strategy gameplay is not what majority of our Kingdom War players are looking for - open ended world map gameplay.

However - we did have a large number of players who did enjoy KW2DE, so we don`t plan to abandon KW2DE and discontinue updates. But we are pulling the plug on the Undead expansion... as lets face it, there`s just not enough interest in the title to warrant months of work on this free expansion pack.

Upcoming Updates
Our focus for the rest of 2019 and early 2020 will be Medieval Kingdom Wars, but that`s actually good news for KW2DE. Both games now use basically the same game engine and share majority of code - so whatever we do to MKW to improve combat, performance e.t.c. will all be copied to KW2DE and released same time as MKW updates. And we still have big plans for improving MKW - and thus KW2DE.

To start things of - big performance and ground camera improvements are on the horizon. We also hope to continue on improving visual aspects of our game engine.

Stars End
However - as some of you might know, we do have another project going into Early Access now - Stars End, so there will be a bit of a delay before the next update for KW2DE is out - looking for early November.

And to preempt possible complaints about working on another game - Stars End is designed by separate two developers, using completely different engine and completely independent from the two other Kingdom Wars developers. But since Stars End is launching soon, it would take all of our team couple of extra weeks to help out there - thus the delay.

Thanks again for your support, and looking forward to bringing your Update 7 in a few weeks.

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Re: Kingdom Wars 2: Definitive Edition
« Reply #3 on: February 12, 2020, 11:48:15 PM »
Upcoming Update # 7
Wed, 12 February 2020

Hey Everyone,

Some good news - after quite a long break we are back to work on KW2DE, and have two solid updates planned for you in February and March. We apologize for the delay with this update, but we are back now - and there`s quite a bit more we plan to do with KW2DE.

The goal of the upcoming updates will be balancing, performance and graphics. The 7th update is almost ready and will be launched this or next week. Here`s a look at some of the updates:

-Big stability updates, fixing a number of rare (yet common) crash issues
-Main menu reworked with new distance fog and other graphical improvements
-Major improvements to the ground view graphics and camera
-Major rework to performance in Survival mode - expect much better results
-Balancing changes to Survival mode - less zombies, but they are a lot tougher, especially in later waves
-Mutliplayer stability issues - fixing all of these annoying can`t connect issues
-A lot of minor polish and fixes

And while we are on a topic - we plan to start promoting KW2DE in the near future, and hoping to attract some new players later this February and March. So if you are one of the older players and been waiting for some fresh blood - stay tuned.

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Re: Kingdom Wars 2: Definitive Edition
« Reply #4 on: February 15, 2020, 12:32:56 AM »
Update 7 - Major Updates Incoming
Fri, 14 February 2020

Hey Everyone,

We are very excited to continue work on Kingdom Wars 2, with several major updates incoming.

We don`t plan to stop until we get the game into a perfect shape. Hopefully that will also bring some new players and help improve the game reviews – and then who knows – perhaps the Undead Expansion could happen after all…

The main goal of the first 2 upcoming updates will be balancing, performance and graphics. We also plan to rework how the game is played – with more focus on singlepayer, that will include redesign of the main menu.

We also plan to start promoting KW2DE from next week, and hoping to attract some new players later this February and March. So if you are one of the older players and been waiting for some fresh blood - stay tuned.

We`ll continue with the 8th update later this month, with focus on greatly increasing performance in Survival and Skirmish.

And as always thanks for your support - with your help KW2DE will have a future.

And so introducing Update # 7:

Major Additions & Improvements

•   Completely reworked in-game camera
•   Much better visual performance, on average 10-15 FPS
•   Stability improvements with several rare crashes fixed
•   Major improvements to main menu backgrounds
•   Full Ground view camera is now only available in cinematic view
•   More flexible minumal and medium camera settings
•   Complete rebalance of the Gem system - it`s much easier to progress now

Fixes and Balancing

•   Rotating minimap is now on by default
•   Fixed healing ability for heroes and units
•   Fixed various misc abilities for heroes not working
•   Reduced lag during ranged combat
•   Reduced lag when Marauders fire arrows
•   Redesigned main menu background camera
•   Fixed bad bug with skirmish rewards always giving 1 or 2 gems
•   Reward for Skirmish greatly increased with 20,40, 60 for beating easy, medium, hard AI
•   Reward for Zombie survival greatly increased with around 20 every 3 waves (that was in the previous commit)
•   Starting Gems raised to 250 from 150

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