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« on: January 23, 2019, 02:12:31 PM »

Nib is a real-time strategy game set in an alternate history ancient near east. Build, expand and fortify yourself in different scenarios to fight the oncoming armies of the allied hordes.

Steam: Here
Official forum: Here
Youtube: Here


Nib - Official Launch Trailer


Nib is a real-time strategy game set in the ancient near east.
Choose between 3 different allied factions, build your base and hold on to the oncoming hordes of the enemies. Be challenged by different 3 different scenarios.

War has brought ruin upon the world of the Ashur Union. The allied "Horde" has destroyed a large part of their standing army and is winning decisively.
The few battles that decide their fate are in your hands!


   RTS Style unit control and construction
   Fight enemies on an epic scale with hordes of enemies attacking your base
   Unique nemesis' that challenge specific skills and management
   Fortify your base and lay out traps
   Full control over your economy, assign units to farms, agriculture, forests and mines
   Build large cities, sustain your economy
   Recruit large armies to dominate your foes
   Protect your Captiol
   Defend yourself from armies and hordes that grow continuously stronger and require more tactical maneuvers to beat

Mature Content Description
The developers describe the content like this:
This Game may contain content not appropriate for all ages, or may not be appropriate for viewing at work: Frequent Violence or Gore, General Mature Content

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Re: Nib
« Reply #1 on: January 23, 2019, 02:13:59 PM »
Nib: 7 Minutes of Official Gameplay (2019)

Published on 10 Jan 2019
NIB is a wave-based Real-Time-Strategy game with elements of Survival and City-Building.
Defend your civilization from the barbaric hordes which try to obliterate the few remaining cultures of Ancient Mesopotamia.

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Re: Nib
« Reply #2 on: January 23, 2019, 02:15:29 PM »
Upcoming Update!
22 Jan @ 4:08pm - Enk


The next update will feature some very important changes to the game settings, the AI, the HUD and save games.

We will temporarily disable the save/load feature until it is fully functional/viable for use.

The update will introduce new settings to change the game's difficulty in a more specific way.
For instance, the time until you lose your protection and the first hordes arrive will be a selectable option in the starting menu.

The enemies combat strength will be another.

The interface will soon feature multiple displays that inform the player about the status of their economy.

New Game mode: Peaceful

Peaceful Mode: this will allow you to play a game without any worries about the oncoming hordes, mostly for testing different strategies.

AI Improvement

The villagers have been rehauled, their pathfinding has improved significantly and they don't get stuck in smaller sticky situations.

Additionally, citizens won't bother anyone with their idle activity anymore, they'll just chill and do whatever they do best (mostly boxing and lying on the ground)

New Editor: Training Fields

We are also working on a new specific "editor-like" scenario. You'll be able to spawn enemies in an open terrain of your choice to test units and simulate battles. More info on this will follow soon.

Interface: Updates for info displays

The most urgent and required messages are the ones to notify the player that they are doing something wrong. For instance: Most players don't realize that the districts are straining their economy, or that certain buildings can only be unlocked by constructing another building. Therefore, we'll update the notifications, to display more important information.

We hope you enjoy playing the game, and as always feel free to ask us anything!

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Re: Nib
« Reply #3 on: January 27, 2019, 11:35:20 AM »
Update 1.1
27 Jan @ 3:02am - Enk

The update is finally here. Tons of changes to gameplay mechanics, balancing and especially game flow and playability.

-------------Important Notes-------------
   As stated in the previous announcement, save game feature has been temporarily disabled until it is fully viable for use.

-------------Rehauled AI-------------

The villagers have been significantly improved. A lot of players noticed that the AI would get stuck behind resources or not be able to reach a certain depot. In 1.1, most problems regarding the villager AI have been fixed.

And to wrap up general changes in AI, a short summary:
o   Citizens don't collide with AI Characters anymore, neither units nor villagers are affected by the activities of the idle citizens that spawn outside your district
o   Villagers pathfinding to tasks has been improved, now the only time villagers will reroute to areas is when the target seems to be unreachable or occupied by other AI
o   Save, AI behavior is now being saved more effectively, saving their present states (will be noticeable when save games are enabled)
o   Enemies don't bug in front of your walls anymore, they move pass them if they are not reachable
o   Better horde movement, enemies move out of spawn much more coherently, trying to avoid existing paths

-------------Updated UI-------------

The old interface for the resource tab looked outdated and was spread too widely on the top bar. So a fresh, much better-arranged resource panel.

The display on the bottom left had some issues and the buggy-looking bordered UI. The left one is also updated with the identical design to the bottom right panel.
Moreover, a lot of font sizes that were not really fitting were changed.

The waves arrived UI, as requested is now slightly smaller and doesn't interfere as much as it previously did.

The menu is now accessed via a golden coin on the top right, so another design update, to match the overall aesthetic of the game.
o   Encyclopedia added into the in-game menu, now accessible whenever you need it
o   Encyclopedia bug fix, not displayed information if you double-click the tab
o   Trade menu optimized, now the display which resources are being traded and the amount that is gained
o   Total population is now permanently displayed on the bottom right corner, as a UI element.

o   Updated Start-game menu, faction information is now displayed in the box next to it (hover or select)
o   Parameters added (read more in the segment below)


A lot of players had trouble getting started with the game, as guidance, there will now be a small infobox displayed on the top left, advising you to take certain actions.

Some people also criticized that the game is too slow in the beginning and that it needs more tempo to get to the fun part of the game as quickly as possible.
Therefore, you can now select the preparation time in the start menu.

Available options are 15,10,7 and 5 minutes.
Additionally, an option has been added to modify the game speed.
You can now choose between slow, normal and rapid.
You also start with 5 villagers now.

And that leads to another new feature, the score multiplier, which is visible at the bottom right panel.
More difficult options lead to a higher multiplier, easier ones to a lower multiplier. Feel free to combine as you choose.
Max is 400%
o   Magi now generate favor every 4 seconds. Rate halved
o   Taxcollector will now tax citizens more frequently

Some unit stats have changed, this might affect existing strategies, more about this below in "Balance".

-------------Hostile Camps-------------

An expected change, and a much-needed one. Nib now features hostile camps.
You can attack, raid and earn resources from the beginning of the game.

4 different camps are available, each one of them features a specific set of units.
Barbarian Camps, Chief Camps, Abandoned Forts and the Mines of Sparta.
Raiding and destroying a camp leaves resource drops, the camps will predominantly provide food and weapons, the forts will grant favor and the mines will mostly yield ore and gold.

All the hostile structures are guarded, as soon as you enter their realm with your troops they proceed to come out of their hideout and attack.


Have been modified once again, the terrain textures have been updated, the overall look of the game has changed:
o   Higher resolution ground textures
o   Improved metallic shader, units weapons & armor affected
o   Global lighting improved and optimized.
o   Individual skin shader of all human units has been optimized


Far too many changes to mention them in this thread, but some of the important ones summarized:
o   Better AI Task success rate, lower resource cost
o   Structures now use more inexpensive shader operations
o   Buggy grass has been removed
o   AI movement performance improvement
o   Average late-game performance improved by 6-7 FPS.
o   Unpassable sections of terrain reworked


The Eternal Templar has been nerfed. -1 speed, -1 attack
Shadow Templar has been buffed. +20 HP
Stat buff of shield-mode reduced.
Babylonian knights nerfed. -2 pierce
Slicer buffed. +1 attack
Supreme Slicer buffed. +10 HP
Contester nerfed. -500 HP, -2 armor & shield

The feedback this time was great, always feel free to comment on the forums regarding problems, suggestions or general discussions.

Hope you enjoy the game!

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Re: Nib
« Reply #4 on: January 28, 2019, 12:18:36 PM »
Update 1.11
posted by Enk on January 28, 2019


Due to some problems that you experienced with the 1.10 update, we decided to push the next large update chunk into this update and fix a lot of the problems that were reported. Here is a short list of the issues that are affected.

AI Movements
   Occasionally, (seems to be random) when you start the game, the AI would sometimes just be unreactive, simply not register your commands, despite giving responses. This problem has partially been fixed, in that it is a lot less frequent. If this happens to you, just exit the game and restart. Fixes the issue for most players.

AI Stuck in Resources
   AI won't get stuck in resources now, there is a major update in the way resources are registered by the AI characters. Units can now partially walk through them whereas villagers need to reroute, especially since they can interact with them.

No space, the border of the map
   This was not actually a bug but rather an implementation of new math to calculate whether or not nearby territory is valid. This seemed to be a good idea at first, but this cuts of a lot of buildable space especially on the first map, so this change will temporarily be undone.

Unit states, selection
   This was actually a problem since the beginning which we now tackled, specifically the issue with your units aggressing into enemy positions while overriding your commands.
   You can now choose between 2 states: Aggressive and Protective (aggressive is default). The aggressive mode will mobilize your unit whenever an enemy is nearby. The protective mode will mobilize your unit only if it is directly attacked. Therefore this mode is ideal to command your units around safely without the risk of losing your selection because they are busy fighting

New Structure: Watch Tower

A new structure has been added, the watchtower. This was planned to be included with the larger 1.2 update but with the change in recent events, it is now part of 1.11.

The watchtower is a weaker version of the turret, available much earlier in the tech tree.
Watchtowers deal slightly less damage and are significantly less durable.

Minor changes
   Enemy units stuck in the lower wall: fixed
   Friendly units not passing a mountain on the right side of the first map
   UI updates
   Blacksmith 3D UI error: fixed
   Generator structures not displaying the number of workers correctly
   Enemies at camps attacking you instantly: fixed
   Early enemies overpowered: balaced

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Re: Nib
« Reply #5 on: January 30, 2019, 11:02:16 AM »
Version 1.12
Nib 1.12 has been released!

Some of the important changes:

   Villager bug finally fixed, no more idle villagers after starting the game, quitting and starting again
   Towers now have their own information boxes, armor and attack stat displayed (bottom left)
   Cliff bugs: most of the height related problems have been fixed. The top-left was really problematic especially when enemies from the camp attacked.
   Double click bug: The annoying double click bug that would trigger if your input is too fast is now fixed.
   Enemy strength reduced: This was a very large problem, the enemies would be significantly stronger on the new difficulty settings.
   Pathfinding: Pathfinding to camps improved, the center fort is still a bit problematic but we're on it as well.
   New selection mode: Select a unit stance for your troops: Passive (Guard) and aggressive stances have now been added to the game.
   Some of the resources would still cause bugs: fixed
   Resource pathfinding bug: Resources not being calculated into the pathfinding system - fixed
   Too many enemies on screen: Occasionally, the enemy forces would exceed the enemy screen limit - fixed.
   Rider walking sideways: fixed

Hope you enjoy the game!

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Re: Nib
« Reply #6 on: January 31, 2019, 12:49:53 PM »
Update 1.13
31 JAN - ENK


Update 1.13 is live now!

Some of the important changes:

   HUGE updates in regards of graphical quality
   Better performance + new shader for the buildings
   Ground texture quality on the map borders improved
   Higher quality foliage
   Realtime Global Illumination
   22% Performance improvement (7-11 fps)
   Correct values for various metals used, better looking metallic objects
   Bugfix: Archers can now attack camps with no problem
   Difficulty fix: Demigod difficulty had a glitch where the last wave would not be last wave but a random one.
   Tyrant Guards: nerfed
   Hoplites: nerfed
   Skirmishers attack faster now
   Siege Towers don't shoot buggy stones anymore -> fixed
   Catapults shoot on sight, previously you had to manage this sometimes in case they miss their enemy
   Notification UI improved
   Fort in the middle is fixed
   Weapon drops from the hostile camps are fixed
   Loading Screen was black bug -> fixed

Have Fun!

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Re: Nib
« Reply #7 on: February 01, 2019, 01:52:02 PM »
Update 1.14

Some of the major changes:

   Reworked point system, the modifiers work in a more logical way.
   Ratios affect score correctly now: The higher the amount of population you have to recruit to defeat enemies, the lower this specific modifier
   No more buggy spawns, ALL SPAWNS from all structures work in 100 percent of the cases.
   Lion Rider bug fixed.
   Mounted units bug fixed
   Update for the ranking system
   Enemies targeting priorities improved
   The functional radius of catapults and siege towers have been reworked
   New cursors for all the interactions available in the game!
   Faction bonuses have been slightly modified

And as always, have fun with the game!

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Re: Nib
« Reply #8 on: February 06, 2019, 11:47:59 AM »
Eucyd Studios. Important.

Hello, my name is Enki and I'm the lead developer of Nib.
Eucyd Studios has suffered huge financial losses after the launch of Nib.
The earnings could not even out the budget for the game, nor pay for the work of the devs.

Eucyd Studios has officially been dissolved.
As a solo-dev, I will continue the development of Nib and furthermore work on future projects for you!

I'll keep you guys updated! Stay tuned for more!

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Re: Nib
« Reply #9 on: February 15, 2019, 12:12:49 PM »
Update 1.15
15 FEB - ENK


Update 1.15 has just been released.

Some of the major changes:
   New build orders, the retail center, palazza and all the buildings that derive from these don't require the marketplace anymore
   Tavern is now unlocked by districts
   Enemy attack behavior slightly modified, they don't get irritated by previously destroyed buildings
   Some of the core buildings that are required during the major phases of the game are now outlined in the build section.
   Global Rank displayed in the main menu
   Multiplier system reworked, they should now correctly display the actual values they will multiply by during the end score calculations.
   Deselection bug fixed. (Buildings tab would sporadically deselect
   Vegetation grass visibility bug fixed
   Balance changes: Spearmen cost reduced, Archers cost reduced, Nobles cost reduced

Enjoy the game!

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Re: Nib
« Reply #10 on: February 19, 2019, 12:46:43 PM »
Update 1.16
18 FEB - ENK


Update 1.16 should be live any second, here are some of the major changes:

   New Introduction level (smaller scope, 10 waves, basic game mechanics explained etc.) It will move the player through the major steps, building orders and some of the mechanics that most people seemed to have missed.
   Another building order change: Barracks is available by default
   Tourist difficulty is now slightly easier
   Fixed drag selection bug when selecting buildings and units at the same time
   End game performance improved
   Some of the very intensive unit physics impacts have been fixed

Another Announcement: Nib will be on sale for this week beginning from 18.2 - 25.2

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Re: Nib
« Reply #11 on: February 24, 2019, 02:00:47 PM »
Update 1.2
24 Feb @ 3:13am - Enk

Update 1.2 is live now.

Here is a short rundown on all the changes in 1.2!
   Idle villager selection is now available as a key-shortcut, accessible with [Y], this has proven to be very useful to find idle villagers on the map.
   New unit type: The Militia, relatively weak support unit that is available for recruitment in the city center.

   All selection difficulties and various deselection bugs have been fixed.
   No enemies colliding with walls anymore
   Enemy AI is more rational, as the troops now prioritize smaller more vunerable targets.
   Slow default navigation without tweeking the settings: Fixed
   Units stuck in a tavern bug: Fixed
   Villagers not constructing structures for certain faction specific buildings: Fixed
   Enemy HP bar is now visible by default and can be toggled off with the key [H]
   Multi-selection should now be a lot more consistent
   Enemies won't reroute from the top on the first map if there is a viable route from the center of your base
   Score calculation reworked, it should now reflect your actual development rather than just being a number that gets sporadic boosts for certain game parameters. This has been attempted multiple times, this one should be a significant improvement.
   Encyclopedia articles reworked, some of them were not set by default

   Lots of balance changes, here is a short overview:
o   Warlords buffed, higher attack, cost reduced
o   Archer buffed, cost reduced
o   Skirmisher buffed, higher attack, cost reduced
o   All enemy elite types: nerfed
o   Enemy wave strenghth development modified
o   Palavins: buffed
o   Anubite: nerfed

Enjoy the game!

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Re: Nib
« Reply #12 on: February 25, 2019, 11:42:42 AM »
Nib Dev Gameplay (RTS)- Casual God Plays

Published on Feb 24, 2019

From the dev:

"Sorry guys, I didn't have a microphone to record audio. I ordered one recently but they told me delivery time to Abz is over 200 years. lol.

Anyways, my aim was to get a feel for the game after Patch 1.20 to see how far I can get.

I plan to do videos covering gameplay, updates etc. frequently in the future."

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Re: Nib
« Reply #13 on: March 05, 2019, 01:39:04 PM »
Upcoming Update! Codename: Juicy!


As some of you probably know, there is a very large update on its way, probably at the end of this week. Also known as the juicy update.

There is a huge amount of changes to a lot of existing gameplay functions and a dozen new ones.

Here is a rundown of the changes:
   New Gamemode: The Skirmish game mode is on its way: Challenge the Maggot, Crow, Tyrant, Pharao and The Talesteller in multiple Skirmish scenarios.
All the factions have their unique characteristics and tactics.
   Endless Survival Mode: Another new game mode suited for those who love to see how far they can get with their skill in Nib. Be challenged by hundreds of waves and try your best to survive as long as you can.
This mode will feature it's own Leaderboards!
   Better villager AI: Finally after some updates on the villager AI, this version will target the pathfinding around very narrow places, especially close to resource buildings
   Lots of new units, enemy buildings, and other exiting content.
   Map parameters: More customization in the normal game mode, as well as in all the other game modes.
   Improved graphics: Nib continues to evolve, even in that field. Some of the maps have been reworked, and the new ones feature lots of special
   Game balance: Lots of changes in game balance, costs have been reworked, waves changed. The game dynamic has definitely changed for the better. This included changes in population costs as well.
   Resource systems are getting an update.
   Game difficulty range will adapt to appeal players from all backgrounds: Casuals, RTS veterans, City building fans will be able to enjoy Nib.

There are many more changes that I'll cover on the update log.

Feel feel to share your thoughts!
Enjoy the game and stay tuned for the juicy update!

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Re: Nib
« Reply #14 on: March 10, 2019, 01:22:29 PM »
Update 2.0
9 Mar - Enk

Juicy Update: Announcement!

It's finally here, Update 2.0 has arrived and is going to be live any minute.

This update is fundamental on many different levels as it adds 2 game modes, fixes a lot of the game's problems and brings back some of the weaker units to be useful again.


   A New game mode is available now!
Fight against one of the five main factions in skirmish battles. Try to defeat your enemies in a different matchup.

   2 different maps will be available to play. Both of them feature a well-rounded balanced 4-plateau base.
Each one of the playing sides will get one of the corners of the map.
Map slots are dynamic and can be changed in the menu by clicking on the "team" number button.

   All Skirmish enemies have unique abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. Find out what to use against whom and who to dominate all of your foes.
You can select 3 difficulties for your AI as well as the usual map "multiplier" difficulty in the bar on the right side of the skirmish selection menu.

   Unique buildings for special units include:
The Heraklion Cave, the Breeding Pool, Science Tower (Crow), the Slave Tradepost, the Supreme Cavity, the Greek Barracks, the Tyrant bar and the Bandit camp.

   Skirmishes can only be won by destroying all enemy capitols on the map.

   All the Factions have unique buildings which will have unique functionalities.

   All Factions have special ways of playing the game: The Tyrant has 4 different sets of tactics that he is willing to use: Helot rush, Mass spam military buildings and expanding with turrets, Decoy attacking with small amounts of troops to follow up with his actual army shortly after.

   Different areas of focus for AI Factions: The Crow tries to upgrade his units as much as possible and focuses on techonolgy, the Talesteller tries to expand as much as he can and fortifies himself, the Pharao builds the largest empire and is focused on creating a balanced and sustained economy, the Maggot tries to harass you as much as possible and focuses on creating proxy bases. And finally, the Tyrant who just likes to build torture devices everywhere lol.

   2 Brand new Unit Types:

   Two new enemy units will join the hordes forces: The Icarus, a flying elite unit with rapid attacks. The Brawler, a strong pike-wielding melee unit with immense attacking speed!

Endless Survival Mode

   You'll now be able to challenge yourself in one of the 4 available classic maps in the endless survival mode.
   The endless survival mode offers new customization options for wave frequency, enemy strength scaling and fast technology. Also a new resource option for those who want to get a headstart in the game. (Colossal)
   All classic maps have been unlocked! Now everyone can try to beat the difficult multi-directional attacks on map 2 & 3.
   The difficulties have been reworked again. The tourist difficulty should be doable for almost everyone now, it's much more newbie friendly.

Gameplay Updates

   Huge changes for selection, interface and gameplay
   Units don't have the overly aggressive stance anymore. Your command has the highest priority, this took a lot of work but it finally changes as a lot of people requested this.

I didn't expect that function to have bothered many since it was intentionally designed in a way that you wouldn't have to micro your units in combat.

Now with the update 2.0, this won't be the case anymore. You can now directly control units without temporarily losing control over them.
   Unit HP bars, Enemy HP bars and building HP bars have been adjusted and most of them ended up being smaller and less annoying.
   Villager rally has improved, the last time this was done, villagers would still end up circling around their resource depot. This has been improved but not entirely fixed yet.
   Villagers stop working after losing their original resource, this only happens sometimes but with this update, it should happen even less frequently
   AI Units pathfinding in dense areas has improved, especially for large units like lion tamers and cavalry.
   Multi-selection has been improved, I found out that the issues connected to this particular problem are mostly linked to FPS and mouse navigation speed.

If this issue persists, try increasing your mouse sensitivity.
   The Structure upgrade has been misinterpreted by many as just a means to improve productivity. But it is the main and only way to repair a building. It restores the buildings HP and increases it slightly.

   Structure placement has been radically improved. The many cases of "not being able to place the building on free terrain" are now history. This has been completely resolved, and you'll be able to build freely on open terrain.


   The tavern now has a unique feature to hire one of the base units for a reduced prize. These will rotate over time.
   Unit HP bugs have been fixed. Some minor bugs with the display of HP were fixed.

The faction boni were not displayed correctly, that was fixed as well.

Balance changes

   Lots of balance changes with this update:
   Cost of barracks reduced
   Sight tower range increased by 350
   Collossos: Pop 8 -> 7, Gold 400 -> 350, Weapons 50 -> 45
   Goliath: Food 400 -> 325, Stone 100 -> 50
   Heavy Shielder: Gold 45 -> 35, Ore 60 -> 55
   Elite Shielder: Gold 70 -> 50, Ore 65 -> 40
   Guardian: Gold 275 -> 250, Ore 175 -> 150
   Eternal Templar: Gold 250 -> 150, Favor cost increased
   Shadow Templar: Gold 350 -> 250, Favor cost increased
   Myrmidons: Gold 350 -> 325
   Militia stats: Attack 7- > 10, new HP 75

I tried to keep the update info as short as possible.
I literally had to go beyond my limits full ultra instinct with this update, hope you enjoy.

Have fun!

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