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Version Change logs
« on: June 04, 2015, 05:18:23 AM »

VBS3 3.4 To 3.4.5 Changelog

VBS3 3.6.2 To 3.6.3 Changelog

VBS3 3.6 to 3.6.2 Changelog

VBS3 3.3 To 3.4 Changelog

VBS3 3.4 To 3.5 Changelog

VBS3 3.00 B99 To 3.0.4 Changelog

VBS3 3.00 P2 To 3.2 Changelog

VBS3 3.2 To 3.3 Changelog
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Re: Version Change logs
« Reply #1 on: December 23, 2015, 05:48:14 AM »
Major Changes in 3.7.1, from version 3.7.0:

VBSIII-369   ADDED:   M1130 Stryker CV vehicle has been updated with an improved model.
VBSIII-369   ADDED:   M1133 Stryker MEV vehicle has been updated with an improved model.
VBSIII-369   ADDED:   M1134 Stryker ATGM - TOW vehicle has been updated with an improved model.
VBSIII-369   ADDED:   M1131 Stryker FSV vehicle has been updated with an improved model.
VBSIII-369   ADDED:   M1126 Stryker ICV vehicle has been updated with an improved model.
VBSIII-369   ADDED:   M1132 Stryker ESV vehicle has been updated with an improved model.
VBSIII-369   ADDED:   M1129 Stryker MCB vehicle has been updated with an improved model.
VBSIII-369   ADDED:   M1127 Stryker RV vehicle has been updated with an improved model.
VBSIII-369   ADDED:   M1128 Stryker MGS vehicle has been updated with an improved model.
VBSIII-929   ADDED:   Support for Realistic Vehicle Entry has been added. This feature forces the user to use proper access points to board vehicle’s positions.
VBSIII-304   ADDED:   Traverse Zone functionality is now simulated as a part of new Stryker vehicle improvements.
VBSIII-302   ADDED:   New display warnings to player similar to Weapon Safety warning message have been added. Those include: turn in/out to toggle safety, reload magazine, turn out to reload, turn in/out to fire, traverse inhibit, mount weapon, weapon safety, refill ammo.
VBSIII-685   ADDED:   New and improved IWV interface has been introduced to limited number of vehicles (such as improved Stryker platforms).
VBSIII-1350   ADDED:   New and improved periscope technology used by improved Stryker models has been introduced.
VBSIII-901   ADDED:   Vehicle Ramp Loading feature has been implemented for US military vehicles, IWV buttons to enter/exit a vehicle are now only be usable when Ramp is open, or when the unit is standing near a hatch.
VBSIII-313   ADDED:   Interruptible magazine reloading for RWS has been introduced.
VBSIII-2228   ADDED:   Reloading of both static and mounted weapon systems can now be interrupted.
VBSIII-2811   ADDED:   "Very High" Shadow Detail setting has been introduced.
VBSIII-374   ADDED:   CROWS FCS simulation has been added to the newly improved Stryker vehicle platforms.
VBSIII-2709   ADDED:   New Stryker vehicles now offer realistic compartment accessibility system.
VBSIII-310   ADDED:   New "turretLead" script command has been introduced.
VBSIII-916   ADDED:   New "interactWithVehicle" and "interactWithVehicleMode" script commands have been introduced.
VBSIII-1903   ADDED:   New config top-level class "CfgSoundEffects" has been added, new config parameter "AttenuationsEffects" has been introduced.
VBSIII-312   ADDED:   New config parameter for turret type config class has been added it can now contain TraverseZones with commands minTurnZoneLimit, maxTurnZoneLimit, minElevZoneLimit, maxElevZoneLimit.
VBSIII-1211   ADDED:   New config parameter "detachLOS" has been added. Traverse zone disables offset from gun limits of FCS optic class when true.
VBSIII-312   ADDED:   New config parameter for "Traverse Zones" class, the "Restrictions" class which defines various restrictions imposed by a traverse zone forceElev, forceTrav, lockElev, lockTrav, noFire, override, detachLOS has been added.
VBS-25404   ADDED:   "-noObjAgg" parameter has been added to VBS Launcher.
VBS-37354   ADDED:   "recordVON" parameter has been added to VBS Launcher.
VBSIII-2730   CHNGD:   Sarin gas now affects the crew of a Stryker vehicle when the vehicle ramp is open.
VBSIII-936   CHNGD:   Both static and vehicle mounted machine guns can now be reloaded manually at any point by the player.
VBSIII-2324   CHNGD:   "lasingStatus" script command now accepts turret path as a second argument.
VBSIII-3022   CHNGD:   Improved muffling technology, sound occlusion and obstruction done for new Stryker vehicles.
VBSIII-259   CHNGD:   Visuals of RTT periscopes within vehicles have been improved.
VBSIII-2479   CHNGD:   "viewOutOptics" config class now accepts multiple optic config classes.
VBSIII-2684   CHNGD:   Launching smoke screen from a Stryker vehicle can now be only done through the counter measures menu.
VBS-37289   CHNGD:   ScriptDebugger now allows for error logging.
VBSIII-2968   CHNGD:   FS3/LRAS3 systems are now using ASL altitudes for LRF elevation.
VBSIII-1365   CHNGD:   Stryker weapon magazines have been updated with corrected ammo counts.
VBSIII-1881   CHNGD:   "call" command now executes sqf scripts directly.
VBSIII-2519   CHNGD:   "Get Out" and "Eject" actions have been updated to use the nearest available getting out point.
VBSIII-572   CHNGD:   Vehicle Access Points have been updated, they now account for range and angle of the unit from the Access Point.
VBSIII-2389   CHNGD:   Players can now walk on opened Stryker ramps.
VBSIII-264   CHNGD:   Pressing 2xR in new Stryker vehicle platforms will force the player to lean closer to the view periscopes.
VBSIII-2758   CHNGD:   Ramps behavior has been improved.
VBSIII-315   CHNGD:   Safety Override can be used in conjunction with new Traverse Zones.
VBS-36822   CHNGD:   M1 ABV driver position now features a proper interior view and also no longer has control over MICLIC rockets or charges.
VBSIII-2489   CHNGD:   Revive commands now work both in training scenarios / on OME preview as well as in the network environment.
VBSIII-1308   CHNGD:   SurfaceTypeCompare can now use wildcards and startup biotope name doesn’t have to be named "B".
VBSIII-2322   CHNGD:   Correct freelook for configurable lean has been implemented.
VBSIII-1561   CHNGD:   Shadows on transparent objects have been improved.
VBSIII-289   CHNGD:   Visual quality of shadows inside vehicles has been improved.
VBS-37235   FIXED:   A rare crash to desktop after disconnecting from a networking session has been resolved.
VBS-37198   FIXED:   VBS3 no longer crashes to desktop after starting a networking session with all plugins unloaded.
VBS-37232   FIXED:   A crash to desktop when a player unit is killed right after being created has been resolved.
VBSIII-1528   FIXED:   A crash to desktop when firing a weapon taken from a different unit, after player fired his previous weapon has been resolved.
VBSIII-2988   FIXED:   Exporting AAR is no longer causing a crash to desktop in some rare cases.
VBSIII-3014   FIXED:   APOBS launch dialog now correctly states 15s as a Time to detonation after launch.
VBSIII-1887   FIXED:   "forceRender" script command now correctly renders objects to be at least 1px in size regardless of the distance from camera.
VBSIII-3003   FIXED:   RWS can be loaded properly when the crew is changing seats.
VBSIII-1845   FIXED:   Turret servo sounds are no longer being played when the turret is stationary.
VBSIII-1619   FIXED:   "opticInfoType" now works with extended optics.
VBS-37274   FIXED:   M320 grenade launcher no longer shoots way over or under when zeroed in correctly (small variation still applies).
VBSIII-1340   FIXED:   M1 Assault Breacher Vehicle can now plow through craters created by detonated mines.
VBSIII-2962   FIXED:   Vehicles no longer appear white when observed through the Aimpoint optics.
VBS-37052   FIXED:   Join in progress is no longer causing camera position of other players to reset.
VBSIII-1897   FIXED:   Centering issue of advanced minimap to a unit has been resolved.
VBS-37236   FIXED:   Unwanted "Disembark" radio message flood occurring in some networking scenarios has been resolved.
VBSIII-3155   FIXED:   Distance is now being updated properly in all parts of the UI when using a laser range finder.
VBSIII-1896   FIXED:   "opticsState" values are now being returned correctly for the LRAS and FS3 optics.
VBS-36750   FIXED:   Shooting a vehicle mounted machinegun is no longer causing XBOX controller to be vibrating endlessly.
VBSIII-3179   FIXED:   Correct number of seats is now displayed in IWV for all vehicles.
VBS-37342   FIXED:   Two players can now look through the same UAV camera without any jitter.
VBS-37028   FIXED:   Switching seats during a network game no longer causes the IWV menu to be opened on remote machines in rare cases.
VBS-36999   FIXED:   Objects are no longer randomly missing from the map when biotopes are being used.
VBS-37338   FIXED:   Operate Machinery action menu entry can be accessed only when sitting inside of the M9 ACE vehicle and not from the outside.
VBS-37070   FIXED:   Respawned AI controlled OPFOR units now properly engage BLUFOR units.
VBSIII-2979   FIXED:   Opening both inventory and IWV screens at the same time is no longer possible.
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Re: Version Change logs
« Reply #2 on: December 23, 2015, 05:50:35 AM »
Major Changes in 3.8.0, from version 3.7.0:

VBSIII-152   ADDED:   New ADF HMEE vehicle variant has been added.
VBSIII-1001   ADDED:   Bushmaster IMV - SMR2 vehicle has been added.   
VBSIII-2358   ADDED:   Bushmaster RWS (M2) - SMR vehicle has been added.   
VBSIII-155   ADDED:   Bushmaster vehicle with a SPARK Mine Roller 2 has been added.
VBS-36560   ADDED:   NZDF MCU units have been added.   
VBSIII-127   ADDED:   Mobile Support Detachment and Log Pack APRCC groups have been added.   
VBSIII-192   ADDED:   Buried command wire models have been added.   
VBS-15781   ADDED:   New desert variant of an M872 Flatbed trailer has been added.   
VBSIII-1418   ADDED:   Ability to speed up or slow down an AAR playback has been added.
VBSIII-121   ADDED:   Underground craters created after IED explosions have been added.   
VBSIII-959   ADDED:   Bindable HMEE controls have been added.   
VBSIII-2357   ADDED:   Bindable Husky IA controls have been added.   
VBSIII-2356   ADDED:   Bindable Husky GPR and mine detector controls have been added.   
VBSIII-188   ADDED:   User controlled Husky GPR markings under each of the 4 panels have been added.   
VBSIII-136   ADDED:   Bushmasters with SMR2 now have the ability to deploy a Talon UGV.
VBSIII-104   ADDED:   Land Rover Pulse vehicle now has a working litter system.   
VBSIII-87   ADDED:   Samaritan vehicle now has a working litter system.   
VBS-36002   ADDED:   New automatic turret lock dialog for UAV's has been added.   
VBS-33273   ADDED:   Support for surfaces producing different amounts of dust particles when driven on has been implemented.   
VBS-14474   ADDED:   Hunter-Killer system for the CV9035NL has been added.   
VBSIII-1134   ADDED:   Option to disable controller vibration has been introduced.   
VBS-37362   ADDED:   "-nodamage" startup parameter has been introduced.
VBS-36205   ADDED:   Approximate wheel animations are now shown when replaying a Vehicle Path Recording.   
VBS-36109   ADDED:   New script command "getAnimations" has been introduced.   
VBSIII-1443   ADDED:   New config parameter "itemFilter" which specifies script that should be ran during initialization of config listbox element has been added.   
VBS-37288   ADDED:   New config parameter "groundClutterOffset" has been added.   
VBSIII-561   ADDED:   2 new config options "customTrackFade" and "customTrackMaxCount" have been added, lasting duration of HMEE trails can now be customized.   
VBS-32208   CHNGD:   Visual representation of small explosions (such as grenades) has been improved during the night time.   
VBS-37289   CHNGD:   ScriptDebugger is now showing script errors in the debug log.   
VBS-37018   CHNGD:   AAR no longer stops responding during loading and the loading time has been improved.   
VBS-35259   CHNGD:   Building destruction chunk separation has been improved.    
VBS-36230   CHNGD:   Unit Path Recording can now replay death of a dismount.   
VBS-36632   CHNGD:   Object aggregation has been optimized to allow drawing of dense biotopes.    
VBS-34134   CHNGD:   Call command now executes sqf scripts directly.   
VBS-35618   CHNGD:   Speed of interop entities is now set only from remote state update.   
VBS-36890   CHNGD:   Artillery smoke now has the same heat signature as vehicle smoke screen.   
VBS-37274   CHNGD:   Leaf sight aiming through the M320 grenade launcher is now more precise.   
VBS-33478   CHNGD:   Vehicle smoke dispensers are now simulated for all Boxer vehicles with exceptions of medical versions.   (PTR #98)
VBS-36961   CHNGD:   Module editor object can now be linked to more than one entity.   
VBS-37338   CHNGD:   M9 ACE "Operate Machinery" action is available only from inside of the vehicle or through the IWV menu.   (PTR #293)
VBSIII-1248   CHNGD:   EA-6B Prowler can now fold its wings.   
VBSIII-1065   CHNGD:   Rotorwash particles are now being created around objects based on objects geometry.   
VBS-36109   CHNGD:   "GetAnimInfo" script command now also returns if animation is controlled by the engine.   
VBSIII-1561   CHNGD:   Shadows on transparent objects have been improved.   
VBS-21957   CHNGD:   Mouse responsiveness has been improved.   
VBS-36254   CHNGD:   All types of wire can now be cleared using the APOBS system.   
VBSIII-289   CHNGD:   Visual quality of shadows inside vehicles has been improved.   
VBS-33435   CHNGD:   FN Mag has been added to PZH2000 vehicles.   (PTR #66)
VBS-37080   CHNGD:   Function "fn_vbs_validateCoords" now allows to validate empty MGRS input.   
VBS-37044   CHNGD:   Rotor is now moved every frame for Interop planes or helicopters even when dead-reckoning is disabled.   (PTR #18-176)
VBS-33379   CHNGD:   "ExecuteCommand" now has dynamic buffer.   
VBS-37087   CHNGD:   AAR Event Log loading time has been improved.   
VBS-35813   CHNGD:   All destructible Korean buildings are now more gradually destructible and feature collapsible roof.   
VBS-36177   CHNGD:   Building destruction chunk creation has been improved.    
VBS-32422   CHNGD:   Selecting and deselecting all packages in VBS Launcher is now possible with a single click of a button.   
VBS-36690   CHNGD:   PhysX deck has been added to the Navy Wasp LHD ship.   
VBS-31868   CHNGD:   UAV TI camera manual mode no longer automatically adjusts brightness.   
VBS-36484   CHNGD:   "InvalidateArea" script command no longer changes the position of objects on slopes.    
VBSIII-125   CHNGD:   Bomb detection dogs can now sit in ADF ASLAV, ADF Bushmaster and ADF MC3 vehicles.   
VBS-33617   CHNGD:   Ships are now generating bow wakes when sailing.   
VBS-34601   CHNGD:   Driving through deep snow no longer has such significant impact on performance.    
VBS-34073   CHNGD:   Interop entities are no longer saved as a part of the branch point saving.   
VBS-36293   CHNGD:   Aircraft manned by AI will no longer take off on their own without having a valid waypoint assigned or without being given an order.   (PTR #496)
VBS-37128   CHNGD:   2D RTE performance when in a mission with many active units and engagements has been improved.   
VBS-36103   CHNGD:   Ship bow wakes now feature a new texture on top.   
VBS-36135   CHNGD:   Helicopter particle creation is no longer as performance heavy as in the past.   
VBS-34344   CHNGD:   External entities are now sent over network only when created on the server.   
VBSIII-1570   CHNGD:   HMEE can now effectively flatten large and bigger craters.   
VBS-35765   CHNGD:   Air vehicles now have raycast wheels.   
VBS-36704   CHNGD:   Swedish AT4 squads are now properly equipped with AT4s.   
VBSIII-1123   CHNGD:   CREW device and antenna is displayed on the ADF HMEE correctly.   
VBS-36642   CHNGD:   Intel Editor object can no longer be rotated.   
VBSIII-1011   CHNGD:   Husky GPR is now detecting explosives with all 4 panels making it more accurate.   
VBS-29670   CHNGD:   Shading of aggregated trees has been improved.   
VBSIII-1599   CHNGD:   Craters are now deleted when completely flattened by an HMEE.   
VBS-36677   CHNGD:   GP25 and GP30 underbarrel grenade launchers now have a dedicated reload animation and are being loaded from the front.   
VBSIII-1124   CHNGD:   CREW device and antenna is displayed on the ADF Bushmaster correctly.   
VBS-36431   CHNGD:   CROWS HUD color has been changed to dark blue (more visible in most environments) and camera is now zooming steadily.   
VBSIII-1125   CHNGD:   CREW device and antenna is displayed on the ADF Husky GPR and the ADF Husky IA correctly.   
VBS-24557   CHNGD:   AI pathplanning of tracked vehicles in a convoy has been improved.   
VBS-37055   FIXED:   Crash of a dedicated server after mission is loaded via the #missions command has been resolved.   
VBS-37230   FIXED:   Using the respawn script command no longer causes a crash to desktop.   
VBS-37012   FIXED:   Issue with Scenario tool causing a crash to desktop has been resolved.   
VBS-37066   FIXED:   Crash of a simulation client when multiple instances of VBS3 are trying to access it at the same time has been resolved.   
VBS-37019   FIXED:   Crash to desktop at the end of AAR playback has been resolved.   
VBS-34019   FIXED:   A crash to desktop caused by rewinding an After Action Review has been resolved.   
VBS-37235   FIXED:   A rare crash to desktop when a client disconnected from a dedicated server has been resolved.   
VBS-37071   FIXED:   A crash to desktop after Unicode characters from Czech or Russian keyboard were used in profile name has been resolved.   
VBS-37170   FIXED:   A rare crash to desktop when AI engages right after respawn has been resolved.   
VBS-37160   FIXED:   Crash to desktop when executing "forceTurretSpeed" script command with invalid parameters has been resolved.   
VBS-36966   FIXED:   Render To Texture MFDs together with Advanced Sea States no longer cause a crash to desktop and are being rendered properly.   
VBS-36183   FIXED:   Invalid terrain designs are now rejected instead of causing VBS3 to crash.   
VBS-36332   FIXED:   Rare GPU related crash to desktop caused by a specific HW configuration has been resolved.   
VBS-36532   FIXED:   Exporting a map is no longer causing a crash to desktop in rare situations.   
VBS-36883   FIXED:   Use of event handler "mouseMoving" is no longer causing a crash to desktop upon exit.   
VBS-36391   FIXED:   Crash to desktop is no longer present when a destructible building is hit while damage charring is enabled.   
VBS-36727   FIXED:   VBS3 no longer crashes to desktop when a weapon or artillery is fired while Traffic Ambience is in use.   
VBSIII-3554   FIXED:   Crash to desktop when Talon was disarming an IED in the AAR has been resolved.   
VBS-37232   FIXED:   Crash to desktop when a player unit is killed right after being created has been resolved.   
VBS-36303   FIXED:   Passing "preview" as a parameter to the "setEditorMode" is no longer causing a crash to desktop.   
VBS-36388   FIXED:   Passing empty array to the "opticsOffset" script command is no longer causing a crash to desktop.    
VBSIII-1598   FIXED:   Issue where dirt patches were not visible has been resolved.   
VBSIII-3349   FIXED:   A player unit is no longer required for every layer when using multiple layers.   
VBS-34841   FIXED:   NL NH-90 no longer floats on water.   
VBS-32076   FIXED:   Map objects on borders of the map in 2D view are now being rendered correctly.   
VBSIII-3300   FIXED:   Issue where multiple bullet holes under a vehicle would cause that vehicle to fall through the ground has been fixed.   
VBSIII-1225   FIXED:   Issue with muzzle flash of Bushmaster IMV being permanently visible during night time has been resolved.   
VBSIII-278   FIXED:   Issue where HMEE would drive forward on its own without user input has been resolved.   
VBSIII-3698   FIXED:   Locality changes now also affect AI driven vehicles correctly.   
VBSIII-1229   FIXED:   Trails created by HMEEE vehicle are now displayed properly in the AAR.   
VBS-37214   FIXED:   Terrain deformation caused by artillery strikes is no longer causing crash to desktop in some rare cases.   
VBS-37158   FIXED:   Flicker when switching into the gunner seat of a UH-60L helicopter has been resolved.   
VBS-37090   FIXED:   Files are no longer being created in the root folder of VBS3 after sending a form.   
VBSIII-3548   FIXED:   Script error when placing a Bushmaster with SMR2 on a dedicated server has been resolved.   
VBS-37003   FIXED:   Automatic turret lock no longer returns incorrect height value.   
VBS-33546   FIXED:   Marker lights on an LVCP can now be switched on and off via the "J" key by default.   (PTR #138)
VBSIII-1852   FIXED:   Optics state values are now returned correctly for the LRAS and FS3 optics.    
VBS-37110   FIXED:   Network flood caused by incorrect float computing has been resolved.   
VBS-27102   FIXED:   Damage model for the Iveco LMV vehicle has been improved.   
VBS-37028   FIXED:   Issue with IWV opening on another client when switching position in a vehicle has been resolved.   
VBS-37165   FIXED:   RTE name tag no longer shakes if the unit is moving very fast.   
VBS-37171   FIXED:   Restarting a mission after a Branch Point Save no longer makes dead units unplayable.   
VBS-36921   FIXED:   Dampers of non-physX vehicles are now properly simulated.   
VBS-37342   FIXED:   Sharing the same UAV optics among multiple players is no longer causing jittering.    
VBS-37234   FIXED:   Javelin optics overlay no longer persist after respawn.   
VBS-37065   FIXED:   Join in progress no longer resets view of other players   
VBS-36996   FIXED:   Join in progress issue when two units were merged into one has been resolved.   
VBS-37067   FIXED:   Issue with desynchronization of clients in a multiplayer scenario has been resolved.   
VBS-19719   FIXED:   Air temperature set in range outside of -30 to 65 degrees Celsius no longer causes the screen to turn black or white.    
VBS-37038   FIXED:   Saving parts of an AAR recording now works correctly.   
VBS-37384   FIXED:   Non-local Px vehicles can be controlled properly.    
VBS-37236   FIXED:   Respawn of AI subordinates is no longer causing endless loop of radio messages to appear.   
VBS-37254   FIXED:   Custom names of entities are now displayed correctly during AAR replay.   
VBS-29570   FIXED:   Incorrect icon of an LCAC has been fixed.   
VBS-36414   FIXED:   External entities are now visible even after branch point save.   
VBS-36594   FIXED:   Behaviour of empty ships used with advanced sea states has been improved.   
VBS-36732   FIXED:   Less dust is now generated when driving on the grass compared to driving on dirt roads or even sand.   
VBS-36379   FIXED:   Issue with some units in vehicles dying upon mission start on a dedicated server has been resolved.   
VBS-36697   FIXED:   UAV optics state is now correctly captured during AAR recording on a dedicated server.   
VBS-36675   FIXED:   Crew update no longer erases the previously set LVC URN.   
VBS-36479   FIXED:   Issue with complex animations not working correctly in a networking session has been resolved.   
VBS-36745   FIXED:   Restarting mission in a pause state will no longer cause a black screen or jittering.   
VBS-36750   FIXED:   The X360 controller no longer keeps vibrating after firing a mounted machine gun.   
VBS-36654   FIXED:   Optics of vehicles are now being displayed correctly on viewClients.   
VBS-36873   FIXED:   Live external entities no longer disappear after a Branch Point Save load.   
VBS-36903   FIXED:   NZ Army soldiers are no longer able to stand and walk with wounded legs.   
VBS-36907   FIXED:   Crash to desktop caused by PostPhysxUpdater has been resolved.   
VBS-36879   FIXED:   Issue with non-physX vehicles starting engagements with themselves and causing massive floods leading to significant performance decrease has been resolved.   
VBS-36903   FIXED:   NZ Army soldiers are no longer missing preview name and icon in the editor.   
VBS-36834   FIXED:   Issue with the black screen informing players about their death not disappearing if the unit has been immediately revived has been resolved.    
VBS-36581   FIXED:   Resume button is no longer absent from the training scenario lobby and multiplayer mission lobby.   
VBS-36860   FIXED:   Snow layer on ice is no longer disappearing on its own for no reason.    
VBS-36763   FIXED:   Direct communication through voice over network can now be heard properly when players are standing next to each other.   
VBS-36458   FIXED:   CREW and Boomerang attachments are now correctly displayed on HEMTT vehicles.    (PTR #70)
VBS-36264   FIXED:   M923 variant with an M2 weapon system no longer has the damage model of tires swapped.    
VBS-36362   FIXED:   Armor of windows on M978A4 vehicles has been re-adjusted.   
VBS-36383   FIXED:   VBS3 is no longer freezing when opening doors on certain maps.   
VBS-36385   FIXED:   Empty ARH helicopters will no longer point their weapon systems north all the time.   
VBS-36382   FIXED:   Switching between vehicles and turning out repeatedly is no longer causing a script error.   
VBS-35893   FIXED:   Vision out of the Leopard 2 ARV backseats has been adjusted. Crew no longer sees the head of a soldier sitting in front of them.   

Continued in next post:

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Re: Version Change logs
« Reply #3 on: December 23, 2015, 05:51:27 AM »
Major Changes in 3.8.0, from version 3.7.0: Continued

VBS-35847   FIXED:   Thermal signature of severed limbs is no longer incorrect.   
VBS-33344   FIXED:   Swedish tracked vehicles no longer have white wheels on the editor preview screen.   
VBS-36535   FIXED:   Units in BMD-2 cargo positions now have correct animations.   
VBS-36715   FIXED:   M1083 vehicle no longer has indestructible glass.   
VBS-36610   FIXED:   "You are dead" screen now disappears correctly when "Revive unit in vehicle" action is used.   
VBS-36233   FIXEd:   Civilian faces are now randomized correctly.   
VBS-36433   FIXED:   Creating many instances of the same vehicle via interop is no longer causes excessive load times.   
VBS-35549   FIXED:   Stryker gunner is now rotating correctly with the turret when turned out.   
VBS-36573   FIXED:   Grid topographical representation is no longer broken on exported maps.    
VBS-36381   FIXED:   Processing pathplanning requests is no longer causing significant freeze during mission start.   
VBS-36607   FIXED:   Script error when operating Buffalo telescope / scoop using "User defined action keys" has been resolved.   
VBS-36062   FIXED:   Correct biotope is now present once loaded using the appropriate script command.   
VBS-35866   FIXED:   NL Boxer ramp issues have been resolved. Ramp now has a proper user action for opening and closing.    
VBS-37062   FIXED:   Flickering of gunner optics when other players entered second gunner position of a UH-60L helicopter has been fixed.   
VBS-37079   FIXED:   Player can now move in the cargo space of a flying KC130.   
VBS-36556   FIXED:   Shadow of the CH-47 helicopter is now displayed correctly even if the rotor has been destroyed.    
VBS-37037   FIXED:   Issue with mission names being illegible in the notepad has been resolved.   
VBS-20986   FIXED:   KC-130J Hercules II passengers are no longer being killed after getting up and walking on the top of the closed ramp.   
VBS-5923   FIXED:   Machine gun ammo belt now animates correctly on LAV25A2, LAV25A2 LD, M1128 Stryker MGS, M1A1, M1A2, M113A3, GMV - M134, GMV - Mk19, Technical – DSHKM, T-90S, Boghammer, Jackal MWMIK - L2A1, and the Coyote vehicles.   
VBS-36928   FIXED:   Coordinate systems now accept “.” as a valid character.   
VBS-36965   FIXED:   Saving a mission while player is in IWV screen no longer leaves him unable to do anything upon load.   
VBS-37009   FIXED:   Minimap is now being correctly centered on a player.   
VBS-37011   FIXED:   Turrets are no longer locking on their own after switching to optics when vehicle is moving.   
VBS-36952   FIXED:   25K Halvorsen vehicle glass is now destructible.   
VBS-27860   FIXED:   US Army group 'Infantry squad' now correctly consists of 9 members.    
VBS-37202   FIXED:   Connecting a Simulation Client to a Dedicated Server no longer crashes the Simulation Client in some cases.   
VBSIII-202   FIXED:   Ship bow/stern wakes are now generated for all ships in a scenario (even when not in the field of view).   
VBS-37159   FIXED:   Asian women no longer have broken textures when observed from a distance.   
VBS-37113   FIXED:   Soldiers in the cargo area of a C130 no longer display a wrong level of detail.   
VBS-37081   FIXED:   The distance where open/close ramp user action in action menu is available has been increased.   
VBS-37161   FIXED:   Issue with automatic locality change to a unit that doesn't yet exist on the server has been resolved.   
VBS-36962   FIXED:   Being turned out from the vehicle is no longer causing a total camera loss after branch point save and branch point load.   
VBS-36116   FIXED:   HKP15 landing gear is no longer being displayed in a wrong position when viewed from a distance.   
VBS-36859   FIXED:   M1150 plow shadow flickering has been resolved and its color is now consistent with the rest of the vehicle.   
VBS-36662   FIXED:   Boomerang control device is now attached correctly in the US HEMTT vehicle cabin.   
VBSIII-1069   FIXED:   Sea flattening for sea states 4 to 7 has been improved.   
VBS-36327   FIXED:   Script error upon switching on the siren of a Boxer ambulance has been resolved.   (PTR #96)
VBS-26830   FIXED:   M1975 HEMTT DSB vehicle shadow has been improved.   
VBS-36809   FIXED:   Loading a Branch Point Save created in a paused state no longer causes black screen and visual issues.   
VBS-36895   FIXED:   CREW device is now connected to a vehicle properly in the AAR   
VBS-36820   FIXED:   Remote turret systems are no longer twiching/moving on their own.   
VBS-36887   FIXED:   Pausing and aborting a training mission no longer causes another training mission to start paused.   
VBS-36936   FIXED:   Issue where moving a vehicle with a trailer will cause the trailer to end up in the ground has been resolved.   
VBS-35339   FIXED:   Bv410 logistic front car is now leveled when swimming.   
VBS-20708   FIXED:   Missing "Player as gunner" and "Playable as gunner" options of the M142 HIMARS vehicle have been added.   
VBS-36997   FIXED:   Shape files are correctly exported and can later be loaded in global mapper.   
VBS-37001   FIXED:   AU trailers no longer erratically fly into the air upon mission startup.    
VBS-36901   FIXED:   Wheeled vehicles no longer retain speed of 18km/h when shifted to neutral gear.   
VBS-36371   FIXED:   Gunner animations are no longer played 2 times faster in some rare cases.   
VBS-36802   FIXED:   Tigershark UAV's nose is no longer buried in the ground.    
VBS-36803   FIXED:   Watchkeeper UAV is now able to take off properly.   
VBS-36755   FIXED:   AI controlled units mount vehicles correctly even if their occupants were killed via editor.   
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Re: Version Change logs
« Reply #4 on: December 23, 2015, 05:53:03 AM »
Major Changes in 3.8.1, from version 3.8.0:

VBSIII-5175   ADDED:   VBS Radio has been introduced
VBSIII-1481   ADDED:   Unicode characters are now fully supported
VBSIII-1614   ADDED:   VBS3 can now bookmark locations and times during simulation run-time as Geo-Located Bookmarks
VBSIII-3183   ADDED:   Bookmark editor object has been added
VBSIII-2766   ADDED:   It is now possible to use indirect high angle of fire when ordering fire support
VBSIII-4049   ADDED:   Basic support for linking a web browser through to VBS3 has been implemented
VBSIII-1510   ADDED:   Support for sub-surface engagement has been implemented
VBSIII-2329   ADDED:   Time of day can now be adjusted in the AAR via Scenario Settings
VBSIII-1036   ADDED:   "Reset Formation" context menu option has been added
VBSIII-3822   ADDED:   New video option has been added - Earth curvature
VBSIII-2811   ADDED:   Very high shadow quality option has been added
VBSIII-2815   ADDED:   Restrict Access option has been added to RTE contextual menu for vehicles
VBSIII-2776   ADDED:   Retreat behaviour and waypoint have been added
VBSIII-2426   ADDED:   Flooded area water feature has been added
VBSIII-4823   ADDED:   A language dropdown menu has been added to the VBS Launcher
VBSIII-3070   ADDED:   Server FPS is now displayed every 30 seconds in the dedicated server log
VBSIII-3925   ADDED:   Reload option has been added to the Right Mouse Button contextual menu in Script Debugger that updates the content of the folder of the loaded mission
VBSIII-1390   ADDED:   Multiple variants of a new object have been added - Sea Ice
VBSIII-3513   ADDED:   New AH-64A Apache helicopter has been added
VBSIII-3510   ADDED:   Three variants of an A-10C Warthog airplane have been added
VBSIII-912   ADDED:   New US Navy A/S32A-31 vehicle has been added
VBSIII-679   ADDED:   New US Navy Deck Crew units have been added
VBSIII-1248   ADDED:   Static folded version of an EA-6B Prowler has been added
VBSIII-1247   ADDED:   Static folded version of an MH-60S has been added
VBSIII-4818   ADDED:   New NZ Army Rifleman units have been added
VBSIII-753   ADDED:   CBRNE Casualty Bag and Casualty Bag - Collapsed objects have been added
VBSIII-554   ADDED:   Three variants of a Sea Mines (Bottom, Floating and Tethered - Contact, Magnetic and Seismic) have been added
VBSIII-4834   ADDED:   Multiple color variants of Oostorp Trench Segment - Covered/Ladder have been added
VBSIII-4732   ADDED:   Bridge laying capability has been introduced for the Leopard 1 AVLB vehicle
VBSIII-4662   ADDED:   Destructible buildings now generate generic looking chunks when they are broken up along with the regular chunks.
VBSIII-2408   ADDED:   Scenario settings option to increase / decrease amount of fish / birds in scenario has been added
VBSIII-3755   ADDED:   Close button has been added to the mission description window of networking lobby
VBSIII-5165   ADDED:   Passable piles of wood objects have been added
VBSIII-2408   ADDED:   The amount of birds and fish present in the scenario can now be adjusted by a slider in the Scenario Settings.
VBSIII-6080   ADDED:   Support for unit rank localization has been implemented
VBSIII-562   ADDED:   New fuse types - "Timer" and "Timer Player Activated" have been implemented
VBSIII-3559   ADDED:   New event handler has been added - "revived"
VBSIII-3295   ADDED:   "getLightMode" command has been introduced, allowing to see whether a light source is visible in normal and / or NV mode
VBSIII-5858   CHNGD:   Stability of AAR simulation client has been improved
VBSIII-4908   CHNGD:   Admins in RTE no longer get blinded by explosions occurring near their units
VBSIII-3752   CHNGD:   Craters created by explosions are now seen as hot in thermal imaging and they cool down over time
VBSIII-5840   CHNGD:   Collision behavior of units in underground structures while prone has been improved
VBSIII-4148   CHNGD:   Plane raycast wheels are now simulated only if the gear is down
VBSIII-5305   CHNGD:   Right-click menu in RTE has been reorganized to allow for easier access to most commonly used features
VBSIII-23   CHNGD:   Water splash particles are now being generated also on the bow of a moving Canterbury class ship
VBSIII-5488   CHNGD:   loadBiotope "" command can now be used to clear the existing biotope
VBSIII-3750   CHNGD:   Bushmaster RWS front seat gunner position has been adjusted
VBSIII-3541   CHNGD:   New parameter has been added to the "loadMagazine" command that allows to switch magazines even if current ammo has "hotReload" set to false
VBSIII-3295   CHNGD:   "setLightMode" command has been modified  to work with light sources
VBSIII-3553   CHNGD:   Lights no longer have too sharp borders, they fade out more realistically
VBSIII-6452   CHNGD:   Performance on maps with underground structures has been improved
VBSIII-3289   CHNGD:   "setDate" script command can now pause mission time
VBSIII-3698   CHNGD:   Locality changes now also affects the AI driver of a vehicle
VBSIII-5969   CHNGD:   Jumping in underground structures has been disabled
VBSIII-3591   CHNGD:   Sky is no longer too bright in thermal imaging
VBSIII-4200   CHNGD:   Explosion damage model has been optimized to not damage buildings shielded by other buildings or objects
VBSIII-4731   CHNGD:   URN markings of NL vehicles have been resized
VBSIII-4733   CHNGD:   It is now possible to use the winch to pull vehicles with a Leopard 1 ARV
VBSIII-4737   CHNGD:   NL Titan HPR 8x8 now has a working siren and signal lights
VBSIII-4720   CHNGD:   Brandt MO-60-V 60mm mortar model has been updated
VBSIII-4721   CHNGD:   MAG 58 machinegun has been added to the loader position of PzH 2000
VBSIII-4730   CHNGD:   Towbar towing now works on the Leopard 1 ARV
VBSIII-4870   CHNGD:   Collisions between units and objects have been improved
VBSIII-4890   CHNGD:   Going prone from a sprint now has the same unit bounding box as going prone from a still stance
VBSIII-4902   CHNGD:   Revive & Repair contextual menu functionality has been updated
VBSIII-4738   CHNGD:   Behavior of weapons deployed in sniper holes has been improved
VBSIII-5063   CHNGD:   Visuals of the Skoda 1203 vehicle have been updated
VBSIII-5047   CHNGD:   Default laser beam length has now been set to 40,000km
VBSIII-4667   CHNGD:   "setLightType", "setLightBrightness" and "setLightColor" script commands have been updated with new functionality required by a new standalone laser object
VBSIII-4701   CHNGD:   LCVP get out points have been adjusted to land the unit on the ship instead of in the water
VBSIII-5459   CHNGD:   Selecting the "Climb through window" action for the OD08 house is now much easier
VBSIII-4388   CHNGD:   Volume shadows have been improved
VBSIII-4437   CHNGD:   Sound effects are now influenced by attenuation over distance and there is realistic delay accounting for the speed of sound
VBSIII-5244   CHNGD:   Interop interface now supports "logInterop=” startup parameter to allow for error reporting
VBSIII-4716   CHNGD:   MAG 58 RWS has been added to the XA-188 GVV - Command vehicle
VBSIII-4718   CHNGD:   MAG 58 RWS has been added to the Leopard 2 ARV vehicle
VBSIII-5149   CHNGD:   Overall interop performance has been improved
VBSIII-4703   CHNGD:   All NL Boxer vehicles except the ambulance now have their smoke launchers modeled
VBSIII-4713   CHNGD:   Behavior of amphibious vehicles on board of an LCVP Vehicle Carrier has been improved
VBSIII-5192   CHNGD:   Vehicle specific animation have been added for the “Vehicle Turn Out” feature
VBSIII-289   CHNGD:   Visual quality of shadows inside vehicles has been improved
VBSIII-2613   CHNGD:   Geometry of the destructible building chunks has been improved and is now more realistic
VBSIII-1907   CHNGD:   Viewclients no longer keep the mouse cursor within their borders. Also mouse cursor is not shown when a viewclient window is in focus
VBSIII-1585   CHNGD:   Units hidden behind large enough objects are now protected from explosion damage.
VBSIII-2768   CHNGD:   Properties for selecting turrets, weapons and magazines have been added to the fire support dialog
VBSIII-940   CHNGD:   Delay in changing screen resolution has been reduced
VBSIII-1836   CHNGD:   Hellfire missiles are now properly configured to be used with the Destructible Buildings technology
VBSIII-1643   CHNGD:   Firing weapon when crouched and in weapon lowered stance now raises the weapon first
VBSIII-530   CHNGD:   Resizing the window in which VBS3 runs is now much faster
VBSIII-1493   CHNGD:   Formation is now set upon group placement
VBSIII-1179   CHNGD:   Applying explosion force to destructible buildings is now improved
VBSIII-891   CHNGD:   Chunks separated from destructible buildings now have explosion force physics applied to them
VBSIII-2525   CHNGD:   Stryker vehicle lights visuals have been improved
VBSIII-1244   CHNGD:   Destructible building chunks can now hurt or kill units standing in their way
VBSIII-125   CHNGD:   Bomb detection dog can now board ADF vehicles
VBSIII-666   CHNGD:   Soldiers now fall inside a trench when attempting to crawl over it
VBSIII-138   CHNGD:   Shadows of the Bushmaster SMR2 vehicle have been improved
VBSIII-1025   CHNGD:   "setFormation" command now works for vehicles as well
VBSIII-1065   CHNGD:   Rotorwash particles are now being created around objects based on objects geometry
VBSIII-136   CHNGD:   Deployable Talon EOD UGV has been added to the Bushmaster - IMV, SMR2 vehicle
VBSIII-24   CHNGD:   Amount of particles generated by the propeller of the Canterbury class ship now depends on the engine speed
VBSIII-5077   FIXED:   A crash to desktop caused by Join In Progress has been resolved
VBSIII-2988   FIXED:   Exporting an AAR is no longer causing VBS3 to crash to desktop
VBSIII-3001   FIXED:   "SetTerrainHeightsArea" command is no longer causing a crash to desktop when used in the main menu
VBSIII-3796   FIXED:   Destructible building break up can no longer cause a crash to desktop
VBSIII-1327   FIXED:   Performance of destructible buildings has been improved
VBSIII-3228   FIXED:   Advanced building destruction has been optimized for use in multiplayer scenarios
VBSIII-5857   FIXED:   Switching to a unit with a Javelin weapon system no longer causes the Dedicated Server to crash to desktop
VBSIII-4623   FIXED:   Threshold distance for animating trees is now taking into account the resolution and FOV
VBSIII-5266   FIXED:   Passing an empty array to the "setCamRadar" command is no longer causing crash to desktop
VBSIII-4455   FIXED:   A rare crash of simulation clients connected to a dedicated server after calling a "#missions" admin command has been resolved
VBSIII-4273   FIXED:   Simulation clients no longer crash to desktop when a user joins a mission already in progress into a different unit
VBSIII-6415   FIXED:   Performance of night time scenarios featuring lights and underground structures has been improved
VBSIII-6356   FIXED:   Loading a Branch Point Save with chemlights in the scenario no longer causes a crash to desktop
VBSIII-4608   FIXED:   A rare crash to desktop when locking onto targets has been resolved
VBSIII-4864   FIXED:   A crash to desktop when closing VBS3 in a Gateway session featuring a remote Viking vehicle present in the scenario has been resolved
VBSIII-5195   FIXED:   Turret rotation speed no longer impacts adjusted stabilized turrets
VBSIII-5248   FIXED:   Visual artifacts (stripes) are no longer present on various terrains
VBSIII-667   FIXED:   Units are no longer being moved to the surface when going prone inside a trench
VBSIII-5502   FIXED:   Turret synchronization of vehicles with forced speed now works correctly regardless of the number of players in the scenario
VBSIII-5246   FIXED:   Buoyancy is no longer calculated inside underground LOD
VBSIII-5537   FIXED:   MGRS coordinates are no longer cut off when viewed in the SOFLAM HUD
VBSIII-668   FIXED:   AI on top of a trench no longer ignores units inside it
VBSIII-5462   FIXED:   Loading previously saved game is no longer displaying wrong number of player slots
VBSIII-682   FIXED:   All versions of the Hercules plane can now close their ramps correctly
VBSIII-4919   FIXED:   Divers no longer get all out at the same time from one position when performing diver water entry       
VBSIII-4909   FIXED:   Join In Progress issues causing catastrophic performance loss have been resolved
VBSIII-4925   FIXED:   Water surface opacity is now saved during a Branch point Save
VBSIII-4920   FIXED:   Time paused state invoked with "setDate" command is now saved properly during Branch Point Save
VBSIII-941   FIXED:   "UnderlyingSurface" command has been fixed to properly show water surfaces
VBSIII-4900   FIXED:   An error message when opening C2 during a Dedicated Server session when running an outdated scenario has been resolved
VBSIII-4899   FIXED:   Player's heading is no longer altered after Join In Progress
VBSIII-1024   FIXED:   "setFormation" command does not ignore leader heading in OME
VBSIII-4901   FIXED:   Issue where Javelin optics overlay persisted after respawn of a unit has been resolved
VBSIII-4994   FIXED:   The "setCamRadar" command no longer draws the background color completely black
VBSIII-801   FIXED:   Issue with water being present in the cargo space of an LCVP has been resolved
VBSIII-911   FIXED:   User action for ramp opening / closing now updates correctly based on the state of the object
VBSIII-5187   FIXED:   UPR units are now moving smoothly when used on a dedicated server
VBSIII-5186   FIXED:   Track marks created by tracked vehicles are no longer visible in thermal imaging
VBSIII-5090   FIXED:   Jittering movement of a remote vehicle trailer in the Gateway environment has been resolved
VBSIII-5053   FIXED:   Smoke trails of external entities no longer appear offset when moving on hills
VBSIII-4999   FIXED:   Turret stabilization now works reliably if a player is controlling the turret
VBSIII-928   FIXED:   AKS-74U firing sound is audible again
VBSIII-5054   FIXED:   External entities on slopes now fire in the direction of their turrets
VBSIII-6072   FIXED:   Window breaching is no longer causing unwanted flood of network messages
VBSIII-6063   FIXED:   Pop-up error caused by placing a non-selected Weapon/Ammo editor object has been resolved
VBSIII-6083   FIXED:   Network flood caused by LoginUpdate has been resolved
VBSIII-6122   FIXED:   Issue where static objects moved in RTE had no physics geometry has been resolved
VBSIII-6121   FIXED:   A crash to desktop on Sahrani terrain has been resolved
VBSIII-6060   FIXED:   Network flood caused by using personal items has been resolved
VBSIII-6047   FIXED:   Larger number of clients no longer cause the session to get stuck upon mission load
VBSIII-6036   FIXED:   Network flood caused by order of multicast messages has been resolved
VBSIII-6048   FIXED:   Network flood caused by attaching the object has been resolved
VBSIII-6050   FIXED:   Network flood caused by locality changes of the vehicle has been resolved
VBSIII-6049   FIXED:   Network flood caused by camera changes has been resolved
VBSIII-6168   FIXED:   Splash particles are no longer being generated in the passenger compartment of an LCVP
VBSIII-6476   FIXED:   Respawning vehicles no longer get multiplicated when destroyed in water
VBSIII-230   FIXED:   Issue with some pixels of the sea surface flickering when viewed at grazing angle when advanced Seastates are being used has been resolved
VBSIII-6484   FIXED:   Street lights no longer light up insides of closed trenches
VBSIII-4102   FIXED:   Animation speed is no longer reset in simulation during Unit Path Recording replay
VBSIII-6664   FIXED:   "roadDrawOrder" config parameter can now be used to determine the order in which intersecting roads are being rendered on the terrain
VBSIII-6449   FIXED:   It is now possible to board an LVCP Vehicle Carrier with a Viking vehicle
VBSIII-6223   FIXED:   Interop_SetCreateDesignatorCallback and Interop_SetUpdateDesignatorCallback callbacks are now called fusion interop and they can be used for creating / updating laser targets
VBSIII-6209   FIXED:   hostAddress script command now also works on a server with multicast disabled
VBSIII-6274   FIXED:   Network flood caused by AAR engagements has been resolved
VBSIII-6413   FIXED:   Particles such as fire and smoke are now being synchronized correctly in multichannel environment
VBSIII-6355   FIXED:   Callbacks added to the creation / deletion / destruction of static map objects in intrerop environment
VBSIII-664   FIXED:   Throwing grenades is now possible even from inside of underground structures
VBSIII-5572   FIXED:   Chunks created by buildings destruction are no longer duplicated
VBSIII-5265   FIXED:   Mission featuring Module EO can now be loaded in OME repeatedly without content disappearing 
VBSIII-5682   FIXED:   Light from flashlights is no longer absorbed by surfaces in underground structures
VBSIII-5368   FIXED:   Manual adjustment of TI modes is now possible even once vision mode are switched
VBSIII-5577   FIXED:   Biotope object placement is now consistent across various versions of VBS3
VBSIII-5342   FIXED:   Units no longer get hurt when disembarking from LCVP vehicle
VBSIII-5268   FIXED:   Group markers are now displayed correctly in the briefing screen

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Re: Version Change logs
« Reply #5 on: December 23, 2015, 05:53:34 AM »
Major Changes in 3.8.1, from version 3.8.0: Continued

VBSIII-5503   FIXED:   "vehComplexityScale" value can now be set using "setVideoSetting" script command. It can be also retrieved with the use of "getVideoSetting" command
VBSIII-5582   FIXED:   Raycasted wheels now work correctly in underground environment
VBSIII-5647   FIXED:   Using a Boomerang EO without field operation radius specified is no longer causing a script error
VBSIII-5442   FIXED:   Interop weapons fire event no longer fails to resolve weapon/turret IDs from the munition name
VBSIII-660   FIXED:   ScriptDebugger window title is now shown in the tray icon's tooltip
VBSIII-5848   FIXED:   Show/hide red cross user action now works correctly on the Patgb 360 - Ambulance
VBSIII-5963   FIXED:   Laser designator PDU is now sending linear acceleration correctly
VBSIII-5988   FIXED:   "-autoAssignSide" command line argument now works even when not used as the last parameter
VBSIII-5978   FIXED:   Units in sewers viewed over larger distances are no longer lit by external light sources
VBSIII-663   FIXED:   Trenches are now enterable by PhysX vehicles
VBSIII-5766   FIXED:   Track animation issue of Yetipro V800 vehicle has been resolved
VBSIII-5760   FIXED:   Network flood caused by "-autostart" parameter has been resolved
VBSIII-5771   FIXED:   Compass and watch are no longer illegible in the underground structures
VBSIII-5794   FIXED:   Visual issue when placing two or more of the Oostdorp water trench object has been resolved
VBSIII-5790   FIXED:   Advanced Sea State wave direction setting now shows correct value
VBSIII-2495   FIXED:   M1128 Stryker MGS vehicle is no longer missing advanced health bars
VBSIII-3729   FIXED:   "setCamRadar" script command now works correctly
VBSIII-2485   FIXED:   M1132 vehicle left front wheel now touches the ground and moves correctly
VBSIII-3618   FIXED:   Player position now gets updated correctly when running against closed doors in a networking scenario
VBSIII-3780   FIXED:   Grenades now cause correct amount of damage
VBSIII-3727   FIXED:   Coordinates are now displayed correctly on all 4 edges of map during AAR playback
VBSIII-3627   FIXED:   Underground PhysX geometry is no longer interrupted by landgrid edges
VBSIII-3711   FIXED:   Issue with missing resume button for Training and Network missions has been resolved
VBSIII-3707   FIXED:   Copy-pasting a subordinate unit no longer switches command to the newly created unit
VBSIII-3797   FIXED:   Copy-pasted units and objects are no longer disappearing from 2D OME and 2D RTE
VBSIII-3708   FIXED:   Sprinting animation playback done through Unit Path Recording no longer appears to be slowed down
VBSIII-3896   FIXED:   Sniper AI that spots an enemy at the beginning of a Unit Path Recording replay no longer gets stuck
VBSIII-3882   FIXED:   Gunner of a static launcher no longer disappears after firing the first shot
VBSIII-3903   FIXED:   NVidia 3D vision view is no longer shifted has been resolved
VBSIII-3930   FIXED:   Issue with incorrect optics behavior when two player share the same optics has been resolved
VBSIII-3920   FIXED:   Borders of craters on the seabed are no longer white when observed from the water surface
VBSIII-3876   FIXED:   Machinegun fire support ordered on vehicles now stays on target
VBSIII-2481   FIXED:   M1132/1130 cargo seats hatch now opens correctly
VBSIII-3819   FIXED:   Issue with unwanted hands trembling when in weapon optics has been resolved
VBSIII-3824   FIXED:   No floating chunks remain in the air after a destructible building collapses in AAR
VBSIII-3873   FIXED:   Mines now explode correctly under a mine roller
VBSIII-3845   FIXED:   Trails in 2D OME or AAR no longer disappear when a unit exits a vehicle
VBSIII-3349   FIXED:   Player unit is no longer created multiple times when using multiple layers
VBSIII-2983   FIXED:   HMEE vehicle no longer get's stuck when reducing craters, the driver position is aligned correctly, the driver can see backhoe from the 1st person view and rearview mirrors are functional
VBSIII-3350   FIXED:   Vehicle crew members are no longer simulated on non-local clients
VBSIII-3352   FIXED:   An issue where PhysX geometry wasn't moved correctly with an object has been resolved
VBSIII-3351   FIXED:   "weaponAimingAt" command now returns correct values for rocket launchers
VBSIII-3292   FIXED:   Moon phases are now working correctly
VBSIII-3030   FIXED:   Visual issue related to the incorrect plow texture on an M1150 ABV has been resolved
VBSIII-3158   FIXED:   Passing an incorrect parameter to the "cameraEffect" command is no longer causes a crash to desktop
VBSIII-3024   FIXED:   Objects viewed through the door of M1078 vehicle are now displayed correctly
VBSIII-3210   FIXED:   Erratic Behaviour of "setWeaponDirection" command has been resolved
VBSIII-3204   FIXED:   Incorrect bullet impact particle effect on Stryker wheels has been resolved
VBSIII-2806   FIXED:   Various issues with displaying Forms in the AAR were fixed, such as appearance in "List Forms" dialog or presence of close button in top right corner of Form
VBSIII-3544   FIXED:   When an SMR2 is destroyed / detached and a new Bushmaster w / SMR2 is spawned, it's SMR2 wheels still turn
VBSIII-3588   FIXED:   "setFuseParams" message no longer causes network traffic flood
VBSIII-3615   FIXED:   Units no longer get damaged from non-explosion sources of damage when "-nodamage" is set
VBSIII-2641   FIXED:   Destroyed vehicles no longer burn longer on ViewClients
VBSIII-2876   FIXED:   Performance of Destructible Buildings technology has been significantly improved
VBSIII-3498   FIXED:   Issue with incorrect minimum and maximum temperature values set in thermal imaging has been resolved
VBSIII-3480   FIXED:   An issue where players as commanders on remote clients couldn't order AI drivers to drive fast has been resolved
VBSIII-3502   FIXED:   Setting a unit to playable as the admin while a second player is disconnected in "debriefing" screen is no longer causes a script error
VBSIII-2879   FIXED:   Issue with overlapping icons of an M997A2 - Ambulance has been resolved
VBSIII-2980   FIXED:   Light now persists across grids on multimaps
VBSIII-4570   FIXED:   Branch Point Loading in network environment is no longer stuck on "Sending data" screen when not all users choose their positions
VBSIII-1229   FIXED:   Tracks created before the AAR recording started are saved and visible in the AAR
VBSIII-4727   FIXED:   NL Marine units now use correct ranks
VBSIII-1229   FIXED:   HMEE tracks in AAR are no longer being deleted by skipping on the timeline
VBSIII-1100   FIXED:   Water geometry is no longer oddly clipping.
VBSIII-1140   FIXED:   An issue with Korean Destructible Building fragment shading has been resolved
VBSIII-4726   FIXED:   It is no longer possible to climb in or out of an Oostdorp trench through a closed hatch
VBSIII-1290   FIXED:   External vehicles are no longer hovering in the air when their engine is started
VBSIII-4713   FIXED:   A rare issue where a Remote Weapon System could not be operated correctly on a Dedicated Server has been resolved
VBSIII-4719   FIXED:   RV180 ship has been updated with correct number of available positions on the deck and in the cargo space
VBSIII-4723   FIXED:   It is now possible to throw a grenade from inside of an underground structure while prone
VBSIII-1229   FIXED:   Time skipping in AAR when HMEE has the bucket in working position no longer create extra tracks
VBSIII-1030   FIXED:   "setFormation" command now applies correctly to sub-groups with waypoints.
VBSIII-1048   FIXED:   Rare group formation change upon reaching a waypoint has been resolved
VBSIII-1027   FIXED:   Misplacing of units / groups / higher echelon after using "setFormation" command has been resolved
VBSIII-4893   FIXED:   Moving the AAR timeline no longer causes fired projectiles to be duplicated
VBSIII-4882   FIXED:   External entities are now properly oriented after ground clamping
VBSIII-4817   FIXED:   "fn_vbs_boatRadar" function now works correctly again
VBSIII-1056   FIXED:   SMRII on the Bushmaster is now correctly synchronized on a dedicated server and in the AAR
VBSIII-4736   FIXED:   Previously missing marker lights on the NL LCVP ships are now present
VBSIII-4739   FIXED:   Missing cargo seat is now present on the NL Yetipro V800 snowmobile
VBSIII-4815   FIXED:   Issue with AI pilot engaging dismounts with unsuitable weaponry has been resolved
VBSIII-4740   FIXED:   NL 290 GD (12 kN) Ambulance now has a working siren and signal lights
VBSIII-4096   FIXED:   Maximum elevation of a turret no longer changes its azimuth
VBSIII-4092   FIXED:   UAV gunner camera no longer shakes in AAR
VBSIII-2472   FIXED:   Issue with Stryker turrets disappearing when viewed from a distance has been resolved
VBSIII-2346   FIXED:   BTR-40 vehicle is no longer missing its outer textures
VBSIII-4142   FIXED:   The border between sky and sea no longer heats up in thermal imaging
VBSIII-4087   FIXED:   Motorless stationary vehicles no longer create heat marks on the ground
VBSIII-3960   FIXED:   An issue where exported map had white coordinate lines and illegible coordinates has been resolved
VBSIII-3932   FIXED:   Script Debugger callstack now works for config based functions
VBSIII-3979   FIXED:   Fire support is now correctly saved by Branch Point Saving
VBSIII-4085   FIXED:   Issue with radar locked missiles being hard to lock under certain circumstances has been resolved
VBSIII-4038   FIXED:   Helicopters no longer seem to fall down when moving the 3D RTE camera away from them
VBSIII-2284   FIXED:   Incorrect user actions for animals are no longer present
VBSIII-4402   FIXED:   Issue where in larger Seastates, the top of the wave would sometimes create a self-intersecting geometry has been resolved
VBSIII-4520   FIXED:   Airplane critical damage beeping sound can no longer be heard outside of the airplane
VBSIII-4702   FIXED:   LCVP no longer has water in the passenger compartment
VBSIII-4690   FIXED:   Dropping a unit onto a ship's deck no longer causes unwanted ship behavior
VBSIII-2285   FIXED:   Missing HUD elements for Cobra MK2 UGV are now present again
VBSIII-2325   FIXED:   Placing a Patgb 360 Ambulance no longer causes a script error
VBSIII-4192   FIXED:   Objects placed via the Weapon / Ammo Editor Object are no longer rotated sideways
VBSIII-4202   FIXED:   Issue with incorrect group side markers present after preview has been resolved
VBSIII-4267   FIXED:   Issue where units could die under certain circumstances when using fast roping has been resolved
VBSIII-4216   FIXED:   Issue where changing the combat state of a leader did not affect subordinates has been resolved
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