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Schwerpunkt design philosophy
« on: May 31, 2016, 04:29:24 PM »

Schwerpunkt design philosophy

•   Create operational level wargames which are all at the corps/division/brigade level

•   Use the computer to keep track of the mundane tasks and mechanics of play that are associated with wargames.

•   Create a Computer Artificial Intelligence (AI) that is realistic, challenging and aggressive, but not predictable.

•   Use graphics as a tool to enable the player to more easily understand the game, not for eye-candy. Use sparingly.

•   Music and sound are okay for an arcade game, but are distracting for an operational level wargame.

•   Create wargames with an order of battle that is as historically accurate as possible.

•   Keep the computer system's configuration requirements minimal to allow wargamer's with older computers to play the games without upgrades.

•   Keep the wargame play very similar to the old operational level wargames in the boardgame format to bring back old wargamers to the hobby.

•   Attract new wargamers by appealing to people who enjoy history and love a game that is fun to play AND offers a challenge.

•   Keep the cost low for wargamers that have families and other life commitments that are more important.

•   Create wargames with scenarios in areas of World War II, the US Civil War and the Middle East that have not been previously been done.

•   Simulate these battles, which are in some cases one-sided, using a victory point system that compares players capabilities to their historical counterparts.

•   Automate the combat results table so that players can concentrate on strategy.

•   Publish wargames with improvements based on customer and reviewer feedback.

•   Offer optional rules that allow veteran wargamers to more closely simulate command and control of units.

•   Create games that can be used as educational tools in universities/schools.

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