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Author Topic: GrogHeads Interviews Ron Dockal of Schwerpunkt Games  (Read 2347 times)

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GrogHeads Interviews Ron Dockal of Schwerpunkt Games
« on: June 02, 2016, 05:00:14 PM »

GrogHeads Interviews Ron Dockal of Schwerpunkt Games

An Interview with Boggit, 2 May 2015

Ron, thank you for agreeing to talk to Grogheads about World War 2 in Europe, and Middle East War. World War 2 in Europe is your latest game and has a lot of new features not found in earlier Schwerpunkt games like Anglo-German War, or Russo-German War.

The opening screen surrounded by key leaders of the war.

GrogHeads:  Ron, tell us about yourself. What started your interest in gaming, and why did you decide to become a wargame developer?

Ron Dockal: I grew up in Houston, Texas in an area called the Heights. I had a group of friends who played Avalon Hill Wargames together. Spent many a lazy summer day doing this. Our group still gets together and our wives have become friends. I started building boardgames using white poster board at ten years old. I still have my first “attempt” at a boardgame called World War II Europe from 1963! During high school and college, I played these games once in a while and read history books about WWII. I became an electrical engineer, getting an MSEE in 1976 with a minor in programming. I met my wife on the job in 1987 and we married in 1991. She was a graphics expert in the aerospace business. Joining these things together set me on a path to start Schwerpunkt in 1995 with my wife.

Do you have any personal favourite games? What inspiration have you drawn from them?

Ron Dockal: There are three groups of boardgames that I really like playing. The first group includes games like Avalon Hill’s Panzerblitz, Panzer Leader and Middle East game format. At some point in time, Schwerpunkt plans to draw inspiration from and create a game like this. The second group is like Russian Front, a grand-scale, high-level battle. At some point in time, Schwerpunkt also plans to build a game like that. The third includes games like Panzerkrieg, Panzergruppe Guderian and PanzerArmee Afrika. I have drawn inspiration from these games in developing the Russo-German War (RGW), Anglo-German War (AGW), Middle East War (MDE) and World War II Europe (WWIIE).

Tell us about the design philosophy behind World War 2 in Europe. Has game engine development ceased at this point, or are you still considering further innovation beyond patching any bugs that arise from the community?

Full interview: Click Here

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