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Author Topic: Spektrum™ AirWare™ Updates  (Read 7163 times)

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Spektrum™ AirWare™ Updates
« on: December 08, 2016, 05:22:26 PM »

Spektrum™ DX9 AirWare™ Version 1.11

Compatible Transmitters Include: DX6e, DX6G2/G3, DX7G2, DX8G2, DX9 (Silver & Black Editions,) D18G2, DX20

Some of the new Features & Improvements include:
•   A Lap Timer system has been added to aid FPV racers.
(This feature is not available on the DX20)
•   Auto-Config is now on the first Telemetry menu, making it simpler for pilots to configure their telemetry systems.
•   Added support for new telemetry receivers to report Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI). This shows as either a dBm or percentage (you select which in Telemetry Flight Log setup screen). This strength is shown on appropriate telemetry screens and during Range Test, where it can be useful for locating lost models.
•   Complete telemetry support for Alpha-6, generic Gyro, and 6-cell and 14-cell LiPo sensors.
•   The Timer system now includes the ability to have switches other than CLEAR button to reset the timer(s) separately.
•   Complete support for user-defined telemetry sensors per the Spektrum™ Telemetry specification document found on a telemetry device's product page.
To see a complete list of features, improvements and corrections please log into your My Spektrum account and visit the "Download Updates" section for the transmitter you wish to update.

Community site: Click here

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Re: Spektrum™ AirWare™ Updates
« Reply #1 on: August 02, 2017, 01:53:11 AM »
Spektrum™ DX9 AirWare™ Version 1.20.15 (11 July 2017) PUBLIC BETA

Change Log 2017-July-11

Changes listed below are since 2016-November-15.

To help simplify and better identify Spektrum AirWare updates, ALL current generation Spektrum
radios will use the same version number, starting with Version 1.20.
For more info visit
Special Note
•In the Telemetry menu, some sensors may not be reported properly on the display or audibly after
updating. If this occurs for you, please remove the sensor from the Telemetry list, then re-add it
using the Auto-Config function on the Setup sub-menu. If you made this change to your model since
October 2015, you do not need to make it again.

New Features
•   Added and improved support for telemetry sensors introduced over the past year.
•   Support the ability to import/export User Defined telemetry devices model settings, including
more fields in the import/export for Flight Log data.
•   The barometric altitude sensors can be “zeroed” by pressing the CLEAR button while on the
Altitude telemetry status screen. If the Telemetry Log is enabled, when the user uses this function
the log will report this event.
•   Added a new Telemetry Signal Loss alarm to the Flight Log setup screen. This will generate the
desired alarm when the transmitter stops receiving Flight Log data for about 4-5 seconds. On
speaking radios, the voice warning is “Telemetry No Data.”
•   Added Taileron tail types to Acro mode. These are “always on” tailerons – if you want a switch
to turn it on/off, you need to set your Tail Type to Dual Elevator and then create a mix of AIL >
•   In Multi-Rotor mode, the default frame rate is changed to 11ms.
•   In Sailplane mode, the Dual Rates/Expo screen allows the user to define curve 4. To inhibit
rates and expo, the user must change the switch to Inhibit.
•   Spacing on Curve mixes is now possible at about 7% steps. This allows the use of finer spacing
between control points.
• The radio now waits 30 Seconds (previously 10 seconds) before reporting low transmitter battery.
This helps alleviate users from accidently changing battery type and having difficulty changing
back to the correct battery type.

•   DX6e Only: Added the ability to configure Timer Alerts that allow tones and alarms at user
configured timer intervals. Found on the last page of the Timers Menu

•   DX8 and higher only: Added support for new telemetry sensor offered by Smoke Systems which
provides sensor data (Battery voltage G-Force, CutOff) from the Smoke Driver. Available from .

•   DX8 and higher only: Turbine telemetry support has been completely revised. Includes improved
support for taxi tank usage by:
  o Fuel consumption countdown can be reset by:
   • using either the CLEAR button on the Turbine status screen, or
   • linking it to the timer (Timer 1) so that pressing CLEAR on the main screen to reset the timer will also reset amount consumed to 0, or
   • starting the timer before takeoff once the taxi tank is removed.
  o Added alarm for invalid fuel tank size (set the ECU tank size to 1000mL + aircraft tank size)
  o Added alarm for fuel completely gone (< 1% remaining).
  o The Status and Fuel displays are automatically displayed depending on the ECU interface used.
  o In Acro mode the model image is automatically replaced with ECU and receiver battery data. This only occurs when a Turbine sensor is defined.

•   DX20 only: Added support for Dual Elevator/Dual Rudder when using 6-Aileron wing type.

•   Properly resets the Left trimmer when changed in Flap System configuration.
•   Some import error messages were being displayed with the wrong text.
•   Improved resilience when flaky SD cards are inserted while radio is powered on.
•   The Digital Switch Setup screen now works properly when there are gaps in the available Flight
•   In Sailplane mode, added FLP(Flaps) as an allowable mix input.
•   When selecting FLP as a mix input, the radio now uses the output of the Flap System rather than
the input to it. This allows mixes to gradually change according to the speed programmed in Flap
•   Warning modes are properly saved when exporting a model to the SD card.
•   The Lap Timer system has multiple corrections that provide more-accurate timing and display.
•   Throttle Cut again allows CLEAR/BACK/Roller and trimmer as throttle-cut inputs.
•   Trainer mode no longer resets to 4 configurable channels if a particular sequence was followed.
•   Disabling a Gyro assigned channel in Acro mode no longer locks out that channel.
•   Corrected translation and spelling in assorted screens.
•   Timers with modified “clear” inputs will now export and import correctly. In previous versions
the imported model would return to the default CLEAR button.
•   Flight Mode alarms no longer trigger after Flight Modes have been disabled.
•   Multi-Rotor “Gear” alarms are now properly working based on channel input.
•   Restored Flight Mode as allowable sailplane motor control option.
•   11ms Throttle in Multirotor model type is now assigned more predictably.
•   DX10t/DX18t-only: The default outputs for the 3-position stick-tip switches are now for +100%,
0%, and -100%. This will be set only when a new model is created – existing models are unchanged.
•   DX20-only: Selection boxes for multi-engine models are located more intuitively.

Audio System Changes (Voice output models only)
•   For all languages please use Sound version 1.09
•   Version 1.09 adds speech for several new sensors (LiPo Monitors) and Autonomous Mode for
GPS-enabled models.
•   Signal strength is now spoken. This feature will be further improved in future versions as more
receivers support this feature. Only the SPM4649T currently supports Signal Strength in the
telemetry. The data can be viewed either as dBm (the way RF strength is measured) or in a
distance-relative mode (RSSI Percentage).
•   The sound item “Flight Mode” in the past spoke the number of the current flight mode. Now it
speaks the name of the flight mode as found in the Spoken Flight Mode setup screen.
• The scroll speed in the All Sounds category has been improved. In the previous two versions it
got slower and slower as you moved farther down the list. This is no longer the situation.
•   Corrected speaking of 100, 101, 102, etc. in Italian.

Sound downloads are always at this link:
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Re: Spektrum™ AirWare™ Updates
« Reply #2 on: May 23, 2018, 05:45:59 PM »
New Features for Spektrum Radios Available Now!
(25 April 2018)

Version 1.21 (DX6e, DX8e)
Version 2.00 (All others)

download the Software Update Read Me file

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