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World War II Europe 1939-1945 / Re: Wish list
« Last post by Mere Nick on Today at 01:54:37 AM »
I'd wish for being able to scroll through the various pages in reports.  Page Down doesn't seem to work in windows 10.  Also, a double check of all of the units to make sure they are already attached to their hq units because in some scenarios there are so many hq units nearby the appropriate hq unit will not appear in the screen of hq units to attach to. 

Flight Simulation / John Cleese - How to irritate People - Airplane Pilots
« Last post by Asid on Today at 12:58:40 AM »
John Cleese - How to irritate People - Airplane Pilots

Sketch from How to irritate People by John Cleese

Flight Simulation / Re: Flight Videos - Real World/Simulation
« Last post by Asid on Yesterday at 11:35:16 PM »

FSX/P3D/X-Plane / Re: Ultimate Ground Crew X
« Last post by Asid on Yesterday at 11:33:07 PM »
UGCX update!
17 Sept 2019

From the dev:

"Good news! We think we solved the little bug that prevented us from hitting the "release button" last weekend!

We'll now pass it over to the beta team to confirm that the tow bar no longer thinks it's at Hogwarts at the end of a tow ;-)

If the team confirms it's fixed, then I hit the "release" button.

Apologies for the delays, I don't like them either, but as I mentioned before, I don't like releasing with a known obvious bug. A lot of developers wouldn't care, but I care.

So sit back and relax for a day or so, and enjoy this screen shot of UGCX working the mighty Twotter. "

Games Discussion / Re: War of Rights
« Last post by Asid on Yesterday at 11:28:48 PM »
Field Report 43: Artillery Progress Update
Tue, 17 September 2019

Hello and welcome to the Forty-Third Field Report!

One of our programmers, Michael will guide you through the progress below.

Artillery Progress

Hello everyone!

For those of you who don’t know me my name is Michael and I have been a programmer at Campfire Games for 3 years. I am responsible for a lot of the notable systems including: the formation system, the weather system, free-looking, spectating, the admin tool, officer orders, capture zones and more. Currently, I am committed to two of our most important roadmap features which I am here today to talk about!

Arriving soon will be one of the most requested and anticipated additions to War of Rights, the artillery! Here is a brief rundown of what to expect and where we are now.

The very first artillery implementation which we’re quickly headed towards will be a work in progress (as most if not all things in an alpha are) and will thus feature both limited game mechanics as well as a lot of new exciting bugs for you to enjoy.

That being said, it will feature the core mechanics of functional artillery:

•   Different artillery classes with different tools and weaponry.
•   Unlimited artillery crew slots - if a team wishes to use all available battery pieces (or none) they can do so.
•   Pushable cannons (by wheels) by two players at once.
•   Ammunition and powder pickups from limbers.
•   Different types of loads (such as explosive shell and canister shot).
•   Horizontal aiming adjustments by lifting the tailspike of the cannon.
•   Vertical aiming adjustments by turning the elevation screw of the cannon.
•   Firing by fixing a lanyard to a primer and pulling it.
•   Recoil from firing will require the cannon to be pushed back to its initial position in order to maintain accurate fire.
•   Pushable limbers in order to make sure that the supply for the cannon can be moved with it should it be deemed a good idea to relocate the gun.

Here’s a short list of some of the things we’ll be looking to bring to the artillery system in later released iterations:
•   Artillery specific team damage punishment system (the first release of artillery will have friendly fire turned off).
•   Chance of normal and catastrophical misfires without proper maintenance of the cannon.
•   Dry sponge & worm tools for properly clearing stuck embers after firing.
•   Chance of explosion when hitting the limbers.
•   Chance of explosion when hitting the shell while it is being carried over to the gun for loading.
•   Vent hole plugging step while loading.
•   Fence destruction.
•   Horse drawn artillery.

Read on

Games Discussion / Re: Ground Branch
« Last post by Asid on Yesterday at 11:23:56 PM »
v1028 Hotfix 2

Tue, 17 September 2019

The second and final hotfix update for GROUND BRANCH Alpha v1028 is now available with general fixes, some cleanup and a little dash of content update. But before we go over this Build Update, gather around the bonfire and allow us to do a little recap.

Recap: 1st Early Access Anniversary

August marked the first anniversary of our Steam® Early Access (EA) launch. It was far from a smooth launch, with many players feeling the game wasn't EA-worthy, turned off by the lack of polish and limited content. Others immediately became active members of the community—some even forming units for regular sessions—but, overall, not many stuck around. Regardless of player adherence, however, one word was common throughout the vast majority of reviews: potential. Whether or not players "got it" and kept playing, GROUND BRANCH's potential was clear to most fans of the tactical shooter genre that tried the game.

The decision to release GB to the general public at the time was a very risky one, but the fact that so many players shared our vision and saw the same potential we did was enough encouragement to keep working on it as hard as we could. It goes without saying that the financial support brought on by sales (even if very modest in comparison to immensely more popular games) has greatly helped us along the way, allowing us to purchase development assets, hire contractors and get a little compensation for all the effort we've been putting in. So if on the one hand we might have come out in the open too soon, Early Access has also exposed GROUND BRANCH to a much larger audience and feedback pool, forcing us forward—right out of the "closed doors" development comfort zone—and providing essential funding.

At the time of Early Access launch, we were 5 team members. A.I. programmer Phil Carlisle (aka zoombapup) has since departed the team, with A.I. work since circa October 2018 having been done by Kris. But Early Access has also brought us sound man Mikson straight from the community, and we've just recently secured the long-coveted animator: she goes by toadie2k, is based in Australia, and you might know her from the prolific Arma 3 modding scene. All in all, we feel like we've made steady progress since launch, but things should hopefully pick up pace a lot more from here on out.

In conclusion, we'd like to thank everyone who ever gave GROUND BRANCH a try—but especially everyone who stuck with it and have kept our community alive over the last 12+ months. We truly appreciate your support.

· · ·

How do you feel GROUND BRANCH has progressed over the last year? Let us know in the comments! Also…

Please consider updating your Steam® review! (Or leaving one)

For many players, the decision to buy or pass on GROUND BRANCH lies heavily on customer reviews. The game has changed considerably since EA launch, so make sure you customer review reflects the most recent feature set, stability and content. And, most importantly, your most recent opinion.

We currently hold a "Mostly Positive" rating for All Reviews (recommended by 78% of them), and a "Very Positive" rating for Most Recent (92% approval over the last 30 days). Your review update might make a difference!

· · ·

Are you interested in following development a little closer or interacting with us?
You can do that via our Discord, Steam, Reddit, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook presences.

· · ·

Coming from a previous version of the game? Issues with controls, loadouts, assets or settings?
We strongly recommend players coming from an older version of the game to delete all files located in %LOCALAPPDATA%GroundBranchSavedConfigWindowsNoEditor (copy and paste the underlined path onto your File Explorer address bar and hit Enter to go to folder). For those who can afford it, a full reinstall isn't a bad idea either: it may fix broken/missing features introduced in this version, as well as issues with controls, loadouts, assets and settings.

Update your server!
All dedicated servers must be updated to work with the current version. Make sure yours is updated so players can enjoy the latest version of GROUND BRANCH.


Content updates

UPDATED: MP5 family

•   MP5 models and textures have been updated to be consistent across all variants.
•   Added MP5A4: fixed-stock variant with 3-round burst capability.
•   MP5A5 (sliding stock, 3-round burst) has replaced the MP5N.

UPDATED: AN/PVS-22 UNS textures

The AN/PVS-22 UNS night vision optic has received new textures that include markings and improved materials.

UPDATED: G33 Magnifier model and textures

A new model and textures for the G33 Magnifier have been added. It now features the EOTECH® logo and markings.

KNOWN ISSUE: The front lens has a texturing error, but please remember it's rude to stare.

Optic placement

The placement of optics has been further adjusted to reduce instances of clipping.
› Keep in mind that weapon builds created before this version will not be affected.
Ultra-widescreen support for NVG/Binoculars overlays

The screen overlays for the AN/PVS-15 and Binoculars should now display correctly on ultra-widescreen monitors.

General cleanup and bug fixes

Fixes and cleanup form the bulk of this update. You can read the full list in the raw change log, but here are some of the main ones:
•   The sound bug where a full auto loop goes off forever should hopefully be gone. Again.
•   The grenade throw arc should no longer be affected while holding Use/Interact (default [F]) + [Mouse Wheel] for incremental door opening.
•   Aim / Use Off Hand (default [Right Mouse Button]) should now consistently close the top Inventory bar.
•   Magazines will no longer take their skin from the pouch/vest color and should now match the weapon's skin selection—when applicable, of course.
•   Fixed Shooting Range targets not dropping consistently. (Told you this f***er keeps creeping back in!)
•   Power Station has two less exploits: being able to jump over fence out of bounds and being able to look through ceiling inside A tunnel.
•   You will no longer go through the wall when jumping off the ladder in City. Thanks for the reports!
•   City has also received a little optimization pass for textures.
•   Window panes on 747's namesake aircraft no longer appear through other elements in map (e.g. the aircraft's wings).
•   Hints should now always display at the top layer on the screen.
•   Added hints for the Binoculars usage (zooming in/out and NVG incompatibility).
•   After Grenade Throw option should again correctly follow player settings under Gameplay › Firearm; in particular, "Switch to Previous Item" should now do as it says.
•   Improved foregrip hand pose and location for the MP7A1.
•   Various crash fixes.
•   A bunch of code and under-the-hood stuff only Kris really understands.


Version 1029 will be a big gear-oriented content update. Expect a lot of new and updated attachments, a remade Depot map and maybe a taste of the new character assets.

The groundwork for the new character skeleton—which will allow for new, clean animations—continues to be implemented in a separate development branch and is still set to have its first working iteration ready for the big v1030 update.

Stay tuned!


Build version: 1028.2

Steam Build ID: 4171971
Size: 258 MB
Dedicated server

Steam Build ID: 4171975
Size: 32 MB


* FIXED spawn protection actor not removing its "ignore use input" entry
* FIXED GBPlayerController not resetting the ignore use input array when reset on map change
* FIXED ZooKeeper server settings not updating without restarting server when changed at runtime by admin
* FIXED Shooting Range targets not falling consistently
* FIXED Power Station – view through the ceiling when on top of the box in the A tunnel nears the stairs to A hallway
* FIXED Power Station – being able to jump over the fences into the areas considered outside of the map
* FIXED 747 – invisible obstruction in front of car that blocks way forward
* FIXED little crack on the wall on Power Station stairs (east side)
* FIXED distorted texture on Power Station wall near stairs
* FIXED binocular overlay ultra-widescreen support
* FIXED night vision overlay ultra-widescreen support
* FIXED calling switch items on an item you're already switching to
* FIXED grenade switching to primary firearm instead of last used item
* FIXED binoculars not scaling sensitivity
* FIXED hints being displayed behind other widgets
* FIXED being unable to holster sidearm
* FIXED UseOffHand not hiding inventory bar
* FIXED log spam about invalid player states in WBP_GameInfo
* FIXED order in which night vision post process is enabled and overlay is faded in/out.
* FIXED incorrect target hands for dropped firearm and magazine
* FIXED PrevEquipped[X] being cleared incorrectly as item was put away
* FIXED AGBCharacter::PlayNextSwitchItemStage() called equip montage if item still in target hand.
* FIXED AGBCharacter::PickupItem() not clearing equip hand targets
* FIXED possible usage of nullptr in UGBItemDragDropOperation::CreateTargetProxyFromItem()
* FIXED crash in lambda used by AGBPlayerState::OnRep_InReadyRoom() to delay event call
* FIXED crash in IUWorks::StartupModule() due to SteamGameServerUtils() returning nullptr
* FIXED bad logic in AGBGameMode::HasReachedTimeLimit()
* FIXED looping full auto sound when firearm is destroyed while full auto sound is playing
    * changed PostEvent calls to set stopWhenAttachedToDestroyed to 'true'
    * added C++ code to call UAkGameplayStatics::StopActor() when firearm is destroyed
* FIXED AlaskaCedar_Desktop_Branch_Mat blocking bullets
* FIXED Next/Prev Position input working on door even if Use/Interact isn't held down due to overlap not resetting last Use/Interact time
* FIXED grenade showing arc on Next/Prev Position input even if door was being interacted with
* FIXED placement of flashlight handguard on MP5A4 and A5
* FIXED incorrect icon for MP7A1
* FIXED clipping through wall when jumping off ladder in City map
* FIXED 747 windows and doors rendering through wings and other geometry in map
* FIXED gap in City map pub area wall
* FIXED grass showing through City map street
* FIXED MP7A1 grip pose and location
* FIXED magazines taking skin from pouch/platform instead of related firearm (at least with modular pouches)
* FIXED BP_MP5SD5_SuppressorRail bottom rail acting as top rail
* FIXED UGBSightComponent::GetMatchingFrontSightPost() finding the lowest front sight post instead of the front sight post with the closest matching height to the rear sight post
* FIXED grenade arc being adjusted while Use/Interact key is held down
    * stops arc changing while opening door incrementally


* exposed shootable target's take hits variable so can be set per placed target in maps by level designers
* finished off AN/PVS-22 textures
* City map
    * texture usage optimizations
    * downsized a lot of 4k textures that were being used
* reworked flashing light setup on SWAT truck to look a lot better… and actually flash
* adjusted blocking socket on ACOG 6x and M233 scopes to stop clipping
* adjusted AK-74 sight rails to be a bit more forward
* removed development version of User Arena map
* adjusted placement of various optics
* updated MP5 models to be consistent in design, scale and material usage
    * no longer have the MP5_Navy
    * added MP5A4 and MP5A5 versions
* updated G33 Magnifier mesh and materials


* updated handling of switch items, pickup item and drop items
    * more unified approach that is more brute force in its handling
* added hints for binocular usage – zoom and not working when night vision goggles are down
* updated GBGameMode to make it wait until round stage is WaitingForReady before ending game based on time limit
* added TimeLimit > 0 check to AGBGameMode::HasReachedTimeLimit() to stop it thinking we've hit a time limit when none was ever set (oops)
* changed usage of DetachFromComponent() to ensure UActorComponent::Modify() is NOT called
* removed erroneous usage of TWeakObjectPtr in various classes
    * replaced them with UPROPERTY() versions
    * added additional checks when required
    * should fix crash related to TWeakObjectPtr - can't crash if it doesn't exist
* ensured UniqueId.ToString() uses same logic
    * created UGBGameplayStatics::GetUniqueIdAsString() for those that use PlayerState
 for all others, made sure they followed the same logic
    * should fix crash related to IsValid() error in UniqueId somewhere…
* updated BP_ANPVS_15
    * rearranged logic to fix bug introduced by animation change
    * cleaned up turn on/off play raise/lower animation events
* updated GenerateBuildNumber.bat to use P4_Tickets as password if defined for both login check and change list info
* updated C++ & Blueprints to change references to RoundLength and RoundDuration to RoundTime
* changed "roundlength" entry in DefaultGame.ini to RoundTime
* updated DefaultZooKeeper to add "roundtime" as a valid command
* updated BP_TacLight_MP5 to look for socket on potential parent rather than at the class of the potential parent
* updated GBRailComponent to use different colors to show rail face
    Blue = top
    Orange = bottom
    Green = side
    Cyan = angled
* created AGBGameState::CanChangeLightingScenario() event to allow/disallow lighting change mid-round
* removed unused WBP_StunOverlay
* updated BP_StunAffect to disable itself when destroyed
* changed CanChangeLightingScenario() from BlueprintImplementableEvent to a BlueprintNativeEvent and created native implementation in GBGameState C++
* removed ExampleDeviceProfileSelector from EnabledPlugins array in DefaultGame.ini
* removed additional Tilde (~) key from ConsoleKeys array in DefaultInput.ini
* removed support for MouseSensitivityMagnified2-8 – no longer needed
* added bDisableInputScaling setting to GBPlayerSettings
    * allows you to disable the 2.5 scaling that is done to all input by default
      NOTE: may simply scale mouse/controller sensitivity to compensate later
* added ControllerSensitivityScale variable to GBPlayerController
* scales controller input based on the sensitivity change caused by aiming/using magnified optics
* removed hint time limit constraint
    * hint manager now supports multiple hints and removes any hint of a similar class if another one is added
* moved grenade hints to same location as all other hints
* updated all hints to flow same format
    * heading, then description with button usage, if any
* added support for TeamKillWarning
    * uses hint system to warn the player when they have teamkilled
      NOTE: means it only comes up 3 times before not showing up anymore

Games Discussion / Re: Strategic Command WWII: World at War
« Last post by Asid on Yesterday at 11:07:55 PM »
SC WWII: World at War - Community Pack available

Hi everybody,

Strategic Command WWII: World at War has received a tremendous update.

Five Mods have been integrated within the base game, for free. These mods change the look of the counters, add new historical scenarios and special mechanics. Kudos to all the creators for this fantastic job!

You can download the update from here

IRONX Graphics Mod, by Andrew Glenn

Iron Cross is a major graphic overhaul of the game’s 2-D counters and map tiles and also incorporates some interface changes. The mod replaces many of the standard NATO symbols with custom silhouettes of weapon platforms accurate to the era that change as research advances. Similarly, the map has been completely reworked to produce a more classic board wargame look. Various interface changes have also been made, some of which are designed to help players better understand some of the game’s rules in relation to headquarters, air units and the costs of certain moves. Iron Cross gives the game a completely new look and feel while at the same time leaving the original gameplay unchanged.

High Res Counter Mod, by Christophe SIPRES

Alternative 2D Counters with upgrades display for all Majors and Minors
Historical colorized silhouettes for Vehicles, Aircrafts, Navies, Artillery's
historical colorized portraits for Infantry's units
Counters shaped system for better map identification
All ground units are squared shaped (HQ round corners shaped)
All air units are circle shaped
All naval units are hexagon shaped

1944 Triumph and Tragedy, by Robert Carver

This mod covers the global war from June 1944 onwards.  The Allies are on the offensive in almost every theater.  In the Philippine Sea the US Navy is facing the remnants of the Japanese fleet attempting to intervene in the American invasion of the Marianas.  Elsewhere in the Pacific General MacArthur and the Allies are clearing New Guinea; and in Burma the Japanese attack on Kohima is falling apart, with the Indian Army poised for a decisive counter-attack.  It is only in China that the Japanese are in a position to make some advances, but a Decision Event can reinforce the Japanese in China or alter this so more forces are sent to face the Americans in the Pacific.  In Europe the second front has arrived.

1941 Rostov, by Robert Carver

This mod covers the German attack across the Dnieper and Donets rivers towards Rostov in the fall of 1941.  The attack on Rostov is ordered by Berlin despite Army Group South’s depleted resources.  In fact, additional German forces are diverted south into the Crimea.  The Germans managed to occupy Rostov for a short while before a determined Russian counter-attack forced them to withdraw.  In the mod you will notice the Russians start with a single defensive line the length of the map.  The Russian units are many, but their quality is much lower than the Germans, however the Russians are reinforcing continually throughout the course of the game.  The Germans are limited in numbers, receive few reinforcements, but are superior in experience and technology.  The objective is Rostov, so while the map is large with many tempting targets, it is this one city that will determine victory.     

Naval War Mod, by Harry Kellog

This is a Modification of the Strategic Command Three World at War naval combat system. It attempts to enhance the naval combat portion of this fine simulation. The biggest changes are “Naval Zones of Control”, “Task Force” centered operations and “Naval Defensive Evasion”. The intent is to reduce the number of "hit and run" attacks, give a greater role for Screening Forces and deliver an enhanced historical experience.

Games Discussion / Re: SpaceBourne
« Last post by Asid on Yesterday at 11:02:43 PM »
Early Access Version 1.4.0 Released
Tue, 17 September 2019

All "Harvest Mastery" system has been changed

•   The "Harvest Mastery" skill line is reworked. Players can now gather any material right from the start. But investing in harvesting now provides bonuses such as: double yield, additional item drops, etc.

•   2 new masteries added to game . Wormhole Mastery and Salvaging mastery.
•   New Wormhole bonus stages added to game
•   2 new Wormhole bosses added to game.
•   2 new mastery trainer added to game .
•   Mastery interface has been improved.
•   Auto mode targeting interface has been improved
•   4 brand-new laser weapons added
•   Adjustments are made to the drop rates and types at mining and salvaging
•   1 new (NPC) "fly type" ship models added to the game
•   New toxic areas added to the game.

The following bugs are fixed;
( reported by players as follows)

•   Can't get new missions from station generals
•   Can't press " loot all" button if there is no money in containers
•   Some minor missions related bugs fixed
• Certain minor bugs and errors have been fixed.
• Certain English Translation, spelling and grammar errors fixed

I have implemented the carryover of morale\fatigue\ammo from the previous scenario, and the trnasformation of captured units for reinfocercement for own side. Also the reinforcements of the first scenario results will be included in the third
To be continued, what began.
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