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Napoleonic Infantry Tactics: A Quick Guide
Oct 8, 2019

Epic History TV

A quick guide to infantry tactics and formations of the Napoleonic period, which first appeared in our video on the Battle of Aspern. In this video we try to explain why lining up shoulder-to-shoulder was not as stupid as it first seems, and how different formations were used to maximise firepower, mobility and defence. All achieved through the miracle of drill.

FSX/P3D/X-Plane / Re: Milviz: KA 350i
« Last post by Asid on Today at 12:58:22 AM »
KA350i Version 1.1.31 Beta for Prepar3D v5
Jun 30, 2020

From the developers:

Linked below is an installer for the latest beta for Prepar3D v5 (only). There are no major changes to be discussed since 1.1.30 minus Prepar3D v5 support. This is the high resolution version only (for now). Please test and let us know your experiences!

Download Here:

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M-346 version 1.05
01 July 2020

M-346 version 1.05 has been just uploaded and should be available soon at SimMarket.

It is not a big update - as there were not major bugs reported. The biggest change is probably the introduction of the HMD system. Also, the sound package has been revised (hopefully for the better) and it is now based on real-world samples (for cockpit views... the oustide views are a mix of real world samples and other sounds).

Full list of changes as follows:

Version 1.05 30/06/2020

- Fixed missing graphics from Italian Air Force livery
- Added Reparto Sperimentale di Volo livery

- Added International Flight Training School livery

- Fixed bug that caused landing lights to blink if left of at power down

- Fixed minor glitch in material reflection rendering of some warning lights
- Improved sound package (now based on real-world recordings)

- Improved metallic reflections on some details
- Added HMD (both as 2D panel and via Tacpack projection), see chapter in flight manual for further information.

Games Discussion / Re: Slitherine and Matrix Games 20th anniversary
« Last post by Asid on Yesterday at 11:50:34 PM »
Upcoming Birthday Sale
1 July 2020

Everything's almost ready for our birthday celebration, and our team is wrapping the gifts. Starting tomorrow until July 6th we'll be running 24-hours long themed promotions. Come back every day on our website and on the forums to discover the daily deals, featuring lots of our classics and new games.

Each daily deal will start from 8 AM BST and will last for 24 hours.

Eager to know more? Here's a little hint: get ready for time travel!

Games Discussion / Re: Panzer Corps 2
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Panzer Corps 2 - Spanish Civil War || Dev Diary #2
Wed, 1 July 2020

In order to properly represent the battles of the upcoming DLC we have added dozens of unit models.

New Units and You

With the Field Marshal access of the Spanish Civil War only days away, we have one more dev diary for you to enjoy before you embark on your own journey into the new Panzer Corps 2 DLC. In order to properly represent the battles of the upcoming DLC, we have added dozens of unit models and also unit entries to the game files.

And today, we want to highlight the fantastic work our artists have done for us in providing you with these awesome new weapons of war. At the bottom of this announcement, you can find a complete list of all unit entries that have been added to Panzer Corps 2 alongside the first two Axis Operations DLC that are included in your Field Marshal editions.

New Models

Panzer I Breda

First off, we have a conversion of the humble Panzer I. Historically, this field modification was done as the Nationalists, Germans, and Italians in Spain quickly realized the machinegun armament of the Panzer I was insufficient to take on Soviet made, Republican manned, T-26 tanks.

Experimental Tank Design Codename: Verdeja 2


Henschel Hs-123a

Next, we have a biplane unit that many players will probably recognize, as it continued to serve with the Wehrmacht into World War II. The Henschel 123a proved to be a reliable and rugged ground attack aircraft even in very cold weather conditions.

Heinkel He-70 Rayo (Spanish nickname: Lightning)

The primary recon aircraft for the player in the Spanish Civil War, the He-70 Rayo offers great movement speed, high vision radius, and spotting bonuses against nearby enemy units. For the time, it was an extremely fast aircraft, setting numerous world speed records even before the start of the Spanish Civil War.

Sdkfz 221

The predecessor to the very well known and popular German recon vehicle sdkfz 222, the 221's most notable different is the smaller, machine gun armed turret.

Heinkel He-112

One of many fighter designs Germany was eager to experiment with during the Spanish Civil War. Despite performing exceptional well in trials and even seeing some combat testing in Spain, ultimately the sleek looking He-112 would be overshadowed by the superior performing and now well renowned Messerschmitt BF-109 fighter.


Our first non-German new model to look at today, we have the bizarre Trubia tank. Pressed into service, the Trubia wasn't a purpose built tank. It served as one of several tractor conversions fielded by Spanish Republican forces to combat their Nationalist foes. Despite its large barrels looking like cannons, the Trubia was armed exclusively with machineguns only. The thick covering that makes the barrel look like a cannon are actually cooling jackets.
By the way, if anyone designs plush toys, let us know. We want an adorable Trubia tank plushie please!


One of several armored cars present in the campaign, the antiquated Bilbao vehicle will be a regular, but not terribly threatening, sight on the battlefield, especially in the early years of the Spanish Civil War.


Unlike the maligned Bilbao, the UNL-35 was a much more formidable armored car. It is clear to see the design's Soviet origins, and the performance of this vehicle is actually respectable and perhaps even superior to the somewhat under-gunned sdkfz 221. A potentially valuable prize to capture and field in your own army.

I-16 (Spanish Nationalist nickname Rata, Republican nickname Mosca)

No coverage of the Spanish Civil War would be complete without the presence of Soviet I-16 fighters. These aircraft operated in Spain as early as late 1936, and proved extremely effective at dealing with German He-51 biplane fighters. Not until the arrival of the BF-109B would the Ratas finally be cleared from the skies of Spain during the massive Battle of the Ebro.

Spanish Militia, Guardia Civil, Regulars, Colonial Infantry, and International Brigades

We touched on the various new infantry appearing in the Spanish Civil War, but here is a closer look at them. Both sides fielded various militia and guardia civil units. Nationalist Regulares are the equal of the Republican Brigada Mixtas. Franco's elite professionals of the Army of Africa take the form of Colonial infantry, while various Republican International brigades offer extremely determined resistance to any Nationalist or Condor Legion assault!

We hope you enjoyed this preview showcasing just a few of the new unit models arriving soon in Panzer Corps 2. You can look forward to discovering even more of the new unit models once you launch into the Spanish Civil War DLC Campaign!

New Unit Entries List

Panzer IA
Panzer IB
Panzer IIA
Sdkfz 221
Sdkfz 222
Sdkfz 231 6 rad
3.7cm Pak 36
Panzer I Breda
2cm FlaK 30
3.7cm FlaK 18
Sdkfz 10/4
8.8cm Flak 18
7.5cm FK 16 nA
10.5cm leFH 18
He-70 Rayo
Ju-52 bomber

Guardia Civil
Colonial Infantry
ES Cavalry
Verdeja 2
37mm Bofors

Brigada Mixta
Guardia Civil
International Brigade
37mm M1930
45mm M1932
20mm M33
75mm Vickers M31
76.2 M31
70mm Schneider M08
75mm Schneider M06
105mm Vickers M22
122mm M10/30
152mm M10/30
Tupolev SB

CTV Infantry
Lancia Ansaldo 1ZM

Azul Infanterie
Azul Infanterie 43

CZ Infantry
CZ Engineers
LT vz.35
LT vz.38
OA vz.30
3.7cm KPUV
20mm VKPL
83.5mm Skoda
75mm vz.15
100mm Skoda vz14/19
150mm vz.25

DK Infantry
DK Guards
DK Motorcycle
37mm Bofors
20mm M/38
75mm FRC M27

Extra Information

All new units and units models are available FOR FREE for all owners of any edition of Panzer Corps 2 to enjoy in their own custom content. These units and unit models will arrive in a patch alongside the Spanish Civil War DLC or Axis Operations 1939.
No extra purchase is required for any non-campaign asset.

Games Discussion / Re: Armoured Commander II
« Last post by Asid on Yesterday at 11:44:55 PM »
Update 5.2.2
Wed, 1 July 2020

A quick few fixes today, most notable fixing the keypress input bug introduced with the last update:

Changelog for 5.2.2
ADD: Display of firepower rating for weapons in the contextual info console
CNG: Animation skipping disabled for now until can fix a keyboard input problem
FIX: Direct Fire command not having an effect for Commander/Gunner position

Games Discussion / Re: Strategic Mind: The Pacific
« Last post by Asid on Yesterday at 11:42:30 PM »
Update 3.02
Tue, 30 June 2020

Added new music tracks from Strategic Mind: Blitzkrieg

Update 3.02

New music tracks from Strategic Mind: Bliztkrieg
Added gameplay tracks from Strategic Mind: Blitzkrieg.

Bug fixes
Fixed crash with the marines squad. (Reported by: "VeggieJellybean")

Looking forward to more feedback from you guys!

With best regards
Starni Games development team

Games Discussion / Re: Derail Valley
« Last post by Asid on Yesterday at 11:39:54 PM »
Contest: Steam Locomotive Skinning Contest!
Tue, 30 June 2020

We're doing our first contest - the skinning of the SH282 steam locomotive! The contest will take part in 4 categories (art, idea, meme and overall) and it will include prizes!

Later on we will create an official steam locomotive skin as part of the game, inspired by the winning entry of the Overall category! The winner's name will be listed in a hidden in-game hall of fame list.

The contest starts NOW and will end on Sunday, July 19th, 23:59 UTC. You'll find exact rules and information on how to take part in our Discord community news post:


We're excited to see the skin mods that comes out of this! Good luck to all the contestants!

Games Discussion / Re: Medieval Kingdom Wars
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Massive Update Incoming + Plague: Kingdom Wars this July
Tue, 30 June 2020

Hey Everyone,

Hope everyone enjoying the summer and staying safe.

Upcoming Major Updates
Our team is wrapping up work on the upcoming new Kingdom Wars game - The Plague, and it will be released to Early Access this July. With that work complete, we are starting process of copying cool new tech and upgrades from the new game to MKW. These updates will make the bulk of the upcoming Update 22 and 23 later this summer, and will really help improve MKW.

To give you some previews of the cooler features:
-Total war like unit positioning preview when tasking soldiers
-Custom campaign game save
-Major performance improvements due to the new engine updates
-Large number of fixes and improvements to AI, combat and pathfinding

...and a lot more. We`ll post a detailed preview towards the end of next week.

World Map Expansions DLC
And as we have mentioned in our previous announcement, we can`t wait to release a huge DLC later this summer or early fall, that will feature a 4x bigger world map.

This new world map expansion will bring over 20 additional Kingdoms, and features areas from Constantinople and Middle East to North Africa, Poland and Sweden. And while it will be a little bit smaller than world map in the Plague, it more that double the playable area of MKW.

The Plague: Kingdom Wars

And now it`s time to finally properly announce The Plague: Kingdom Wars. The game page is now up, and you can visit is here:

You will note quite a bit similarities visually between MKW and The Plague. And while we are working towards making every asset be different from MKW, on our early access launch, the game share about 40% of art assets and 70% of level assets.

When working on The Plague our main goal was to come up with a brand new gameplay experience, and new tech to make large world map and battles possible. And good part of art and level workload was left for after we launch in Early Access.

Free Access to MKW Veterans
Following our studio's tradition, we will be giving all veteran MKW players a chance to get the new game for free. This week, we will be contacting thousands of players who have logged over 30 hours in MKW. Those who decide to join the pre-release beta test will receive a free key and will be able to start playing as early as next week, and will forever keep this free copy of The Plague.

Games Discussion / Re: Armoured Commander II
« Last post by Asid on Yesterday at 11:34:51 PM »
Update 5.2.1
Tue, 30 June 2020

A minor update today with some small changes and fixes. Changelog follows:

Changelog for 5.2.1
ADD: Player can skip animations by pressing Tab or Enter
ADD: Chance of Stone Building unit terrain in Villages zones
ADD: Missing crewmen in T-28 M34
CNG: If player is in a Heavy Tank, maximum squad size increased to three total
FIX: Corrections to weapon RoF ratings
FIX: Input prompt displays on attack console not being cleared after RoF attack starts
FIX: Player squadmates being spawned before they were historically available
FIX: If player tank was knocked out after being immobilized, don't display message that it was recovered
FIX: Incorrect air support level defined for one week of the Desert Rats campaign, which can lead to a crash

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