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FSX/P3D/X-Plane / Re: Sim Skunk Works LOCKHEED TF-104G "Tieffe"
« Last post by Asid on Today at 12:58:34 AM »
A nice "D" camouflage.
19 Jan 2020

Even if for now we are using a standard TF(G) fuselage,we will add to the package the external "D" layout,with narrow wheels, refuel probe,an added fuel cap,and different external lights.

Games Discussion / Re: Survisland / 实境求生
« Last post by Asid on Today at 12:55:09 AM »
Trailer July 2018

Games Discussion / Survisland / 实境求生
« Last post by Asid on Today at 12:51:19 AM »

Survisland is a sandbox survival simulator which focuses upon realism. Located in a vast procedurally generated world - strive to survive the bitter-sweet life of a castaway on wild deserted islands. Learn to use all your wit and strength to confront every challenge that nature throws at you.




Here are the mechanics we have finished with current version. The game is still evolving, more elements will be added and all the current mechanics can be upgraded, changed or even overhauled according to your suggestions!

Infinite Open World
The game world of Survisland is procedurally generated. It’s infinite, ever-changing and beautiful. The area of an island is usually vast, but you can also find groups of small islands scattered across shallows. We have designed three different biomes in current version: The Shallows, Mangrove Forest and The Swamp. Each has its own unique landscape, vegetation, resources and sub-biomes. You’ll have to alter your strategy to survive in different biomes.

A Living Nature
Sunrise, sunset, changing of clouds and raining, the weather and nature cycling is not only for visual satisfactions. They actually affects you, just like real life surviving, the nature is always the most formidable foe. The nature has its inner patterns to control the weather; you can learn and use it to benefit yourself. You can stand in shadows or in water to avoid the heat of a summer’s afternoon, start a campfire to keep warm in cold night, detect the direction of the wind from your campfire smoke, hide from strong winds behind a rock, avoiding rain under a tree.

The plants in Survisland also will bear fruits overtime in the right seasons; you can directly pick them up or hit a fruiting tree with a rock to shake some off. Cutting the whole tree down can get all the fruits immediately, but you also will lose a fruit source in long terms.

Fully Detailed Metabolism System
We made a very detailed metabolism system to simulate real life human beings.Your body is built up with muscles, fat, bones, blood and water. All your actions will cost calories, and the stuff you eat can only be useful after you digested them!

Surviving is not only about keeping hungry and thirsty levels at bay, but to keep nutrition in balance, you’ll have to find various foods to achieve this. Once your body is unbalanced, there will be a symptom as corresponding to it. Some symptoms are harmless, only act as a notification, such like Empty Stomach. Some will reduce your body functions: getting Cold will reduce the stamina regenerate speed and cost more calories. The worst symptoms will reduce your health: Starving, Dehydration, Freeze, Suffocating…

Wearing clothes can always provide warmth and also some protections from environment. Some prevents you to get wet when raining; some keep you warm in strong winds. You should wear the suitable gears; eat various foods to keep your stats balanced!

Realistic Items
We made a very deep and complex item system: each item has its own size, weight, species, hardness, toughness, quality, portability and functions. These properties determine the size an item will occupy when you put it into a storage; is the item too heavy for you to carry; how will this item perform in a combat; how can I carry it, with one hand or two; where can I equip this item, as a shirt or belt etc. Item system is the heart of our simulation of real life, anything you can think of can be made into an item and you can see it acts in our game with the functions you’d expect in real life!

Now there are more than fifteen functions we have made in the system, more will added along the way to bring you a more realistic game world.

Unique Crafting System
Survisland has a unique crafting system. Some items have one or several Crafting Nodes, it indicates different parts of an item that can be crafted. You’ll need to use various Crafting Techniques to process these parts. Which Crafting Techniques you can use is determined by the items on your hands, certain techniques require specific tools in hands.

This Node Based Crafting system will cover all the common crafting in the field. But you can also find use workbenches to combine items. Workbenches can be found in wild as a wide tree stump or a flat rock.

Build Whatever You Want
From a simple leaf tent to a huge stone fortress, you can build anything you want with our flexible Building System. You’ll have to craft three types of building marks: Foundation mark, Support mark and Surface mark, to start building. Each mark represents a specific building part and you can upgrade these marks to actual buildings.

Buildings can protect you from the most violent weather but cost a lot of efforts, choose a fine place to settle down!

Up Coming Features

Here are some planned mechanics we will add into the game in future updates.

•   More biomes and more resources. We currently only have about one hundred items and three biomes for you to explore and the technology level is still in stone-age. All the fun that metals can give us is coming in future updates. And more biomes will be created as planned: Hills, Rainforest, Mountains, Grassland, etc.

•   AI Animals, currently we don’t have animals on the islands, but of course we are going to add them into the game, actually it’s the most prior function we are working right now. There will be fishes, birds and land animals. They will have their own schedule of life and unique reactions to the environment.

•   Mental Health, this is another important part of our surviving simulation. Many lone survivors didn’t die from the lack of resources, but mental illness: loneliness, despair, fear. There will be some mental properties added as basic stats, like sadness, excitement, stress or loneliness. New symptoms will also be added to reflect the states of these properties and they can affect the overall mental health, when the mental health is drained out, you may lose your mind and gone crazy.

Survisland should evolve in the way you players prefer to. So we’ll take suggestions and advises from you right here on steam, we’ll open topics focus on certain aspects of the game for you guys to comment.

Good to see older scenarios working in 4.162

Thanks for the AAR Rinix  :thumbsup

Games Discussion / Re: Burden of Command
« Last post by Asid on Today at 12:10:18 AM »
The Cottonbalers and You: Week 3
Sun, 19 January 2020

Their Past, Your Future: Shoreward

The interviews included in the HBO series, Band of Brothers, were incredibly personal and powerful.

We are unbelievably fortunate to have access to similar interviews of the real-life Cottonbalers who lived the history you will recreate in Burden of Command.

We are equally thrilled to be able to share portions of these interviews with you.

You've made it to your landing craft, Captain. Now it's time for what crossed the ocean to do.

Set your bow toward shore...and go like hell.

Good Luck and God's Speed, Captain.

I'll see you on the high ground.

Saber 6 out.

Games Discussion / Re: Rise to Ruins
« Last post by Asid on Today at 12:08:04 AM »
Build Update 1 Unstable 1 Released
Sun, 19 January 2020

Click here for help on accessing the Unstable branch!

Update 1 Unstable 1 has arrived! This patch adds a ton of small improvements and bug fixes, some balance changes, and most importantly a completely overhauled spell system! :)

This patch introduces a ton of new mechanics that can greatly impact the overall balance of the game. So be sure to let me know in the comments what you think of all the new mechanics and how they're impacting your gameplay so I can fine tune them for the eventual full release.


Update 1 Unstable 1 Change Log

New Walls and Specter Mechanics

•   Added Crylithium Curtain Walls, Crylithium Walls and Crylithium Gates to the game. They all can block specters and ghosts from passing through them.
•   Specters and Ghosts can no longer cross crystal patches.
•   Regular Curtain Walls no longer block specters and ghosts from passing through them.
•   All old saves before this patch get their Curtain Walls updated to Crylithium Curtain Walls automatically and free, so late game villages don't get overrun with specters after this change.
•   Reorganized the walls category into two subcategories.

Spell and Influence Overhaul

•   New Spell: Construct. Uses your godly powers to assist in constructing buildings, but requires the resources to already be delivered to the build site.
•   New Spell: Divine Blessing. Bless a villager, causing their next born child to be a Nephilim with superior strength, dexterity and lifespan.
•   New Spell: God Tower. Summons a magic bow tower with unlimited ammo. Requires a portion of your maximum influence to maintain. Can be dispelled with the Dispel Structure spell.
•   New Spell: God Wall. Summons a magic wall that will help block all types of monsters, including specters, from crossing. Requires a portion of your maximum influence to maintain. Can be dispelled with the Dispel Structure spell.
•   New Spell: Harvest. Automatically harvests resources from the region, dropping them on the ground for your villagers to quickly collect. Make sure you cast this in range of your village, else nobody will come pick anything up!
•   New Spell: Holy Potatoes. Sprouts magic potatoes from the ground, really handy if you've just completely run out of food or want to create a new patch elsewhere in the village!
•   New Spell: Holy Wood. Sprouts large erections of wood from the ground, really handy if you've just completely run out of wood or want to create a new patch elsewhere in the village!
•   New Spell: Dispel Golem. Dispel a previously summoned or combobulated golem. Will work on any golem in the village, including the ones you did not summon yourself. Typically should be used to dispel labor or holy golems to regain some of your maximum influence.
•   New Spell: Dispel God Structure. Dispel a previously summoned structure to regain some of your maximum influence.
•   A new type of influence mechanic has been added. Now some spells can last forever, but they take up a portion of your maximum influence to maintain. For example, Labor Golems now last forever, but permanently reserve 300 points of influence on your influence bar until you dispel them, or they are killed by monsters.
•   Some spells like Conjure Essence and Flame can now be continuously casted, meaning you can hold down the mouse button to continue casting them rather than clicking.
•   Many of the old spells now have cooldowns, but have also been buffed or rebalanced accordingly.
•   Labor and Holy Golems no longer die slowly over time, but do require influence to be maintained.
•   Slightly reduced how much maximum influence the player gets per villager.
•   Uncorked the influence absolute maximum, there is no longer a maximum cap on how much total influence you can have.
•   Your maximum influence now uses the entire bar (visibly), but the amount of maximum influence still increases per villager.
•   Influence gained per tick is now based on a percentage of maximum influence rather than a fixed amount.
•   The spell select panel and spell descriptions panel have been completely overhauled.
•   Revised many of the spell descriptions.
•   Added a spell radius display when you have a spell selected.
•   Reduced the particle count on the influence bar.

Miscellaneous Changes

•   Screenshot files are now tagged with the version number of the game they were taken with.
•   Cleaned up some of the mouse tooltip message positions.
•   Added pointer lines from selected buildings to the building's occupants or workers.
•   Added lavender color trees to the game. Currently only used for the Holy Wood spell.
•   Added holy potatoes to the game. Currently only used for the Holy Potatoes spell.
•   A new mob type called "Nephilim" to the game, that is currently created via the new Divine Blessing spell. These new villagers have longer lifespans and boosted stats.
•   Changed the pregnancy icon to look more like a rattle.
•   Kitchen now increases worker's cooked meat and boiled egg refine time when upgraded.
•   Updated the graveyard's tooltips.

Bug Fixes

•   Added fix to buildings to prevent them from being stuck at >100% completed on load after receiving a perk that reduces construction time.
•   Fixed several minor typos.
•   Fixed a rare endless loop crash that could happen if monsters tried to spawn from a completely blocked in corrupted fire pit.
•   Fixed a minor bug that would cause villagers to not lose hunger points when they mated.
•   Fixed some animal mating issues.
•   Fixed the construction outline and abandoned graphics for all gates.
•   Fixed a very rare crash caused by an endless loop in the trajectory calculation code.
•   Fixed a bug that was causing work speed reductions due to high wind to be calculated twice.
•   Fixed a bug that wouldn't allow any golems to get their level increase perk unless the player had the wood golem level perk.
•   Charmed monsters no longer threaten tiles.
•   Fixed an issue where mobs would actually lose hunger, thirst and energy slower when working, rather than faster.
•   Fixed a minor bug that could cause newborn animals to spawn the wrong color.
•   Fixed a minor bug where catjeet elders would not show up on the population panel when the filter was set to "Elder".
•   Fixed a bug where sometimes specters could be banished to inside your village.
•   You can no longer upgrade the outpost while it's already being upgraded.
•   Fire pit construction can now be paused.
•   Fixed purple color crystals minimap color.
•   Slightly modified Casas, Wyvernedge and Death Pass to add more valid animal spawn locations.
•   Burner no longer trigger the energy usage tip when built.
•   Doggos now count on the domesticated stats panel.
•   Fixed the upgrade description panel text from overflowing on the Established Ranger Lodge description.
•   Ranger lodges no longer count on the problem panel as homes with no food.
•   Fixed the missing blank panels on the combobulator category on the right panel.

Steel Beasts Pro / Re: Steel Beasts 5.0 Thread
« Last post by Rinix on Yesterday at 11:07:28 PM »
Quote from: Ssnake
I expect the next update before July, maybe even around end of April/early May.
Here's my screenshots:

Old scenario, new look

First targets

I am not alone, Oleg and KMW are active

The enemy launches a surprise attack on my ATGM troops

Rifle troops respond quickly

Dealing with survivors, we ended the mission shortly after this

Any position for me and KMW.
Games Discussion / Re: Three Kingdoms: The Last Warlord
« Last post by Asid on Yesterday at 03:31:58 PM »
EA Version Patch No.118 Update Notice(V0.9.4.4530)
Sun, 19 January 2020

Update Content:(Jan 19, 17:00)
1.Optimized the Monster function and weakened its power.
2.Fixed some known BUG and interface problems.

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