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Games Discussion / Re: Victory At Sea Pacific
« Last post by Asid on Today at 11:10:26 AM »
Victory At Sea Pacific’s Ports & Shipyards

Introducing Ports and Shipyards in Victory At Sea Pacific.

Ports & Shipyards are an important factor in Victory At Sea Pacific.

The lifeblood of the upcoming Victory At Sea Pacific campaign are the 70 plus ports available. With increased control for the player, ports contain stores of fuel, ammunition, and rations, and capturing them is a vital part of winning the war.

When a fleet docks at a port, it will automatically replenish its fuel and rations if any are available. While docked, the fleet will gradually repair structural damage, and gain new crew and aircraft. Players can even decide what aircraft types a carrier will take on.

The ports are vulnerable however, with various military structures, which may be attacked like ships. Destroying a coastal structure deprives the port of its function, although it will repair over time.

They are not defenceless however, and coastal guns and anti air gun emplacements will attack hostile ships and aircraft. Airfields are also available and house flights of aircraft, which may defend the port or scout the area. Searchlights can track hostile aircraft at night, reducing the inaccuracy of anti-air fire against them.

If enough war bonds are available, ports may be upgraded and can eventually add shipyards. New fleets may be constructed at shipyards and ships under construction can be upgraded.

Games Discussion / Re: It Lurks Below
« Last post by Asid on Today at 10:24:06 AM »
Patch note for EAv0.7.18a
It Lurks Below - Graybeard Games

- Crystals now display ilevel when you mouse-over them
- Slightly reduced the damage done by the Bard Ukulele to 50/100/150/200% of your attack power
- Dirt tiles are now for sale in General Store
- There were quite a few changes to the 4th boss
- The eye-spiders only have a 50% chance of spawning, have less hit points and attack less often
- The lasers shooting out of the boss have been reduced in number, but now dig blocks
- The boss eye has an aura of damage if you get close to it
- The eye-spiders no longer wander out of the room
- The way that many items drop is very different. Before, many drops were based on treasure tables and ilevel. Now difficulty and world-zone influence the drop.
- This should fix all the potion drops in the game. You should get the right potions in normal and nightmare.
- This will change the way unique items select which crystal slot shape to use
- It also will change which shapes of crystals drop in the dungeon. Nightmare goes through the same progression as normal.
- New support armors for nightmare are coming soon to help with the crystal drops. For now, Uniques will be the progression.

- A bug which would destroy your wand when you tried to create a staff and you would lose everything has been fixed. Sorry about that.
- Fixed a typo: Symphonic
- Comfort chili didn't go into the fridge (and raw meat and pot pie). No one likes cold chili, but it should go in there anyhow despite taste logic.
- You can move move ancient items from the new bar into the bank directly instead of going to inventory first.
- I fixed a bug which would cause you to swing when you picked up swords sometimes.


Patch note for EAv0.7.18b

- Unique items will now display their ilevel when you mouse-over them

- Fixed a bug which would prevent unique items from being fully generated without all of their stats.
Games Discussion / Re: Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption
« Last post by Asid on Today at 10:22:01 AM »
What we're working on July 2018
Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption - transolar

The initial game reception has been very positive, for which we are happy and grateful. Still, one of the nice things about the digital era is that we always have a chance to fix, tune, and refine the game.

The first released version has one major issue that only affects some players, but is our top priority currently. That has to do with Shawn not walking properly; he appears to walk in place or close to it. A suggested work-around is to set your monitor to 60 Hz. We're working on a more general solution that will not require players to change their settings. As soon as that's tested, we will release our first patch.

We've also increased walking and sneaking speed by 10%, and reduced the rate at which time passes while moving. These are small improvements to the game "quality of life" that several players have requested. Running speed will stay the same.

Several players have spotted that the game locks up when interacting with a plaque dedicated to the Paladin Pyoter. We fixed this before the game was released, but that small change would have delayed release by two weeks for testing and approval, so that will be in the first patch instead.

The Journal has been hard to read because of the "script" font we used for flavor. We are changing it to an easier-to-read font that still gives the impression of a handwritten journal.

There are some issues with Achievements. A few were impossible or extremely difficult to achieve. Some will still be very challenging, but we've fixed the broken ones.

We're adding Steam Trading Cards. You will get a random card (out of a set of eight) after about one hour of play. All of the students and one famous creature are included. Faculty and staff might make it into a future set.

We've also fixed a number of small issues reported by players or found by the team - typographical errors, repeatable actions that should be once-only, and so on. We'll continue to do that sort of tuning with every patch.

Thank you to everyone who is helping to improve the game by posting on the forums, and to all of you for playing and supporting the game.
Steel Beasts Pro / Re: S B Videos Thread
« Last post by wilso845 on Today at 07:03:50 AM »
See now you have peaked my interest.
Wish i knew how to set that on the rift. Proves that what they say on steel beasts is a load of pish....
Note the file name: Megaforce-4128b. In this naming format which is frequently used for missions in the TGIF weekly event, the number indicates the version number of Steel Beasts that the scenario was designed in. So if this is not a typo, then the next version of Steel Beasts will be some number higher than 4.128.
Steel Beasts Pro / Re: S B Videos Thread
« Last post by Rinix on Yesterday at 10:02:28 PM »
Here's a video of VR in Steel Beasts, running on the HTC Vive:
IL-2 Sturmovik / Re: Steam revoked my BoS Moscow DLC key for "non payment"
« Last post by Asid on Yesterday at 09:35:56 PM »
Quick response from G2A who refunded my purchase. I have no Moscow DLC key now though.  :(

Good outcome so far  :thumbsup

Contact the IL-2 team.

Also IL-2 titles go on sale often. All you need is 1 of them to play mp online  :thumbsup
IL-2 Sturmovik / Re: Steam revoked my BoS Moscow DLC key for "non payment"
« Last post by Beef on Yesterday at 08:50:42 PM »
Quick response from G2A who refunded my purchase. I have no Moscow DLC key now though.  :(
Games Discussion / Re: Medieval Kingdom Wars
« Last post by Asid on Yesterday at 07:55:10 PM »
Update 58 - Part I released
Medieval Kingdom Wars - Dev Konstantin

Hey Everyone,

To update you on our progress with regards to Update 58.

So the bad news - we`ll only be able to fully release update 58 towards Tuesday or Wednesday next week. The good news - we will fix the last remaining combat crash for good.

Meanwhile we`ve released a smaller version of Update 58, including:
-Fixed several broken hamlets giving an empty space
-Translated all the recent text, including tooltips
-Units on the worldmap gain level when trained from leveled up buildings
-Several of fixes and improvements to Orleans, Dover, Caen that are listed in updated 58
-Several fixes to Hamlets that are listed in update 58

Since we have a big promo event coming up on Monday, we could really use your help confirming that we did not somehow bring the crash bug into this build.

And yea - can`t wait till next week. The title of the update going to be 'Ye Shalt Not Crash'
Games Discussion / Re: Book Of Demons
« Last post by Asid on Yesterday at 07:32:27 PM »
Quest mastering and the new Archdemon quest!
Book of Demons - Konstanty

Quest mastering!

Yes, before you ask, the golden keys are making a comeback. The number of keys you have accumulated will be readjusted to the new system when you start the game for the first time after the update. This is necessary because we have changed drop rates a bit and, as some of you might remember, there used to be a bug that would fill some dungeons with hundreds of golden chests filled with golden keys. Ah, the good old days.

But back to the mastering itself. You can now use golden keys to unlock much more difficult versions of quest boss levels to test your skill. Keep in mind that Quest Mastering levels and bosses were balanced for certain character level. If a quest proves too demanding you can always gain more levels in free play and come back later.

Defeated bosses during quest mastering drop legendary cards (assuming there are any left to be dropped of course) so it's worth a shot. Or multiple shots since some bosses are meant to be challenging on higher mastering levels.

The new Archdemon's dungeon
The old Archdemon quest left something to be desired in our opinion so we tweaked it a bit. The new one has unique challenges and bosses. The Archdemon himself learned a few new tricks as well. Not to mention that the new level has significantly more ducks than it used to!

And once we add all the new voiceovers it will truly shine!

In other news
We fixed a number of bugs in this release, among them the double attacks the hero performed when clicking on a shield. That resulted in shields being much easier to crush. I wonder why no one reported that one ːarchduckː

We are now working on adding all the new sounds to the game and post-processing and adding the new voiceovers that our super talented voice actors recorded for us. Once we are done you will hear a lot more one-liners (and situational comments) from our heroes bosses and townsfolk.

Last but not least, an option was added to disable auto attack by changing a value in the custom settings file. If anyone is interested in that hop into forums for more details!

Full changelog

Version 0.94.16723+ 18th July 2018
•   Quest mastering is now available
•   The new Archdemon quest is available
•   Legendary Vampiric Gloves will no longer pick up items even when not equipped or disabled
•   Belarusian language community translation added to the game
•   Fixed a bug where shields could be slashed at twice normal speed
•   When finding a stolen card that cannot be equipped notification with card's type will be shown
•   Card Mana Sphere now has 30% chance to absorb damage instead of 50%
•   Card Epic Arrow now deals 1 damage instead of 4 (card claimed to deal 3 dmg but there was a bug)
•   Balance: Deathrage gold cost is now higher
•   Balance in Roguelite mode: potions drop rate is now lower
•   Balance in Roguelite mode: resurrection cost increase is now higher
•   Archdemon quest outro can now be skipped
•   Three new Roguelike achievements
•   Fixed Eeny Meeny achievement
•   Razer Chroma support can now be disabled in the config file
•   Autoattack can now be disabled in the config file
•   Razer Chroma support temporarily disabled for testing purposes

As always,
Slay safe in the dungeons ːarchduckː

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