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Scourge Of War / Re: New SOW Waterloo Toolbar (DOW Toolbar)
« Last post by General Sandman on Yesterday at 08:17:08 PM »
Late reply:

I am in GMT +8 so I can't join your multiplayer event at 21:00 GMT.

However, over the past few years, I have used your toolbar and played many memorable multiplayer games with my friends. Thank you so much for your work! :doh

But I want to ask a question: is sandbox multiplayer online can only choose one side, and the other side can only be randomly refreshed? This creates a very large number of unfair division games.

Yes, coop-sandbox-mode does not allow to compose the opposing force.
So it can happen that an infantry division is facing a cavalry division or other inadequate setups occur.

Therefore I recommend to use the scernario editor "SowWLSdkv2" to create setups individually. You can select any detail about the forces.
A couple of years ago we did like 90 % of our MP sessions by using the sandbox mode, so coops could result in unwieldy Opponents. Nowadays its just the opposite. We mostly play scenarios built with the editor.

At the first glance it might look a bit confusing. But its not hard to create a simple scenario very quickly.

1. Select a map
2. Select an OOB
3. Drag the active units from the OOB and drop them on the desired positions on the map
4. Place one or more objectives on the map and set its conditions
5. Set End Time and save the scenario.
Games Discussion / Re: On The Western Front
« Last post by Asid on Yesterday at 07:16:56 PM »
Update - March 2
Sat, 2 March 2024

Hi all,

This update fixes some more issues that were brought up in the discussion forums, and adds a few quality of life fixes as well. Thanks again to everyone who tried the game out and provided valuable feedback. It is all very much appreciated, as always!

Fixed season indicator in the top left of the screen.
Added tooltips to season and time of day on top left of screen.
Units can now see through farmland, but still not into it.
Fixed bug with Issue Order button in Scheduled Order screen, where it could be disabled when selecting invalid unit types and would not re-enable when selecting artillery units.
Can now issue rest scheduled orders to artillery units.
Can now issue rest orders to mixed groups of infantry and artillery. Previously you had to select groups of either all infantry or all artillery.
Rest scheduled orders for artillery units now properly prioritize artillery pits.
Sight range reduction when resting (as opposed to watch duty) has been increased.
Fixed bug in which Supplying Area orders generated by your Logistics officer would always show Ammunition as the supply type.

New Localization keys:

Games Discussion / Re: Armoured Commander II
« Last post by Asid on Yesterday at 07:13:38 PM »
Update 1.2.45
Sat, 2 March 2024

FIX: When selecting enemy units in conceal/reveal self action, possible targets will be moved to top of hex unit stack when selected
FIX: When an armoured OT unit is destroyed by HE, the attack display console will now be properly cleared from the screen and the target destroyed
FIX: Removed a rare case where an AP chance could be 2.9% or lower (but above 0.0%) and a roll of 3.0% or lower would penetrate even if it didn't beat the required score

4 has been released, official TrackIR support and Steam screenshots!
Sat, March 2, 2024

I've been living with an AMD64 compiler issue from that ancient TIR plugin for years and it's finally gone.

Almost everything I've been working on lately has been back end to support the upcoming training campaign, which will introduce each of the mechanics of Arena one by one and take place on the new island map. The Arena mission handling got refactored a bit, along with a global event system, to handle the basic scripting necessary for the Arena training missions.

In the parallel to this, one of the things that has been on the backlog for a while has been updating the TrackIR plugin and fixing a couple head tracking related bugs.

Official TrackIR Plugin

The absolutely ancient TrackIR plugin I've been using for almost 10 years has finally been updated to the latest, which brings native support for the game in the TrackIR software. The unusual pitch ladder movements when head tracking was used have also been addressed.

Steam Screenshots

Another small line item that was on the backlog for a long time was having photo mode actually take Steam screenshots. This works as would expect, with the default behavior being to take a Steam screenshot if the game is currently being run through Steam. Two new settings have been added to the game to force the old behavior of locally saved screenshots, or disable Steam screenshots entirely.

Behind the Scenes

The new map is quite large, with the base geometry for it now being down. Expect mountains and valleys to fly through. It's still extremely WIP, so keep that in mind with this very WIP preview image.

The first campaign mission is very simple, just taking off and landing in a couple airbases around the island map, but since the game right now only has events for purely "Strategic" stuff like base capture, this has caused some coding fun to expand the event system to make for more robust mission objectives.

The bulk of the remaining work on the game will be on building out the Arena and Arena missions. The training campaign is still subject to re-organization but this is the rough outline of not just the campaign but also Arena's feature-set.


- Strategic Target visuals no longer Z-Test
- Updated TrackIR plugin to the latest over the original 10 year old plugin
- Game will be recognized as "Tiny Combat Arena" in the TrackIR software
- Photo mode automatically takes Steam screenshots
- Added setting for local screenshots to be saved only when Steam is not in use, or always
- Added setting to enable/disable Steam screenshots
- Shutter effect in photo mode happens only after a photo has been successfully saved

- Occasional freeze caused by TIR on startup no longer happens
- "Use head tracking" setting works as expected
- "Use head tracking" setting can enable/disable TrackIR mid-flight
- TrackIR no longer resets every time settings window is opened
- "Reload TrackIR" keybind works as expected

- AltitudeEfficiency set to the following values to make dedicated fighters better at high altitude
  + AV8B: 1.0
  + F-5/MiG-21: 1.2
  + F-5/MiG-23: 1.5

- Added "AltitudeEfficiency" parameter to the engine definition for aircraft
  + Value of 1 is normal, >1 mean engine suffers less engine degradation with altitude

Games Discussion / Re: Barotrauma
« Last post by Asid on March 01, 2024, 03:58:20 PM »
Sneak peek: new poison enemy and medical system changes
Fri, 1 March 2024

Hello everyone!

The next Barotrauma update is in the works, to be released in the late spring, and it will include some improvements to the medical system. This won’t be a complete overhaul, but we have reworked medical items to give each a clearer use case and stronger progression in the campaign, as well as added a few new afflictions to create additional late-game challenges.

Here are some highlights:
Opiates have been rebalanced to give each a clearer use case. They also cause addiction and overdose much more easily than before, making them high-risk, high-reward treatments.

Infected Wounds, a new dangerous affliction caused by Thresher attacks.

Antibiotic Glue now has multiple uses, so one tube can be used to treat multiple limbs. It can also treat Infected Wounds.

Deusizine has been buffed into a powerful end-game item, with added Stun reduction and Vigor.

Adrenaline gets a treatment use: it causes Adrenaline Rush, removing any active stun and keeping the patient conscious for a short duration.

Sufforin and Cyanide can be used to cure Husk Infection as a last resort. (Be ready to cure the resulting poisoning if you do this.)

The update also adds a new monster variant called the Viperling, a Spineling with venomous spikes which can cause Morbusine poisoning. The Viperling only spawns in later levels, where you should keep an eye out for green Spinelings and be ready to treat poisoned crewmates.

Read more about the medical system changes and the Viperling now on our blog, and stay tuned for more update sneak peeks in the weeks to come!

Games Discussion / Re: Project Zomboid
« Last post by Asid on March 01, 2024, 12:45:41 PM »
Thu, 29 February 2024

Hey all, a good mix of things this ‘doid.

Fun gameplay stuff, and a chunk of info we wanted to flag for modder-awareness and the more tech-minded amongst you. (Feel free to skip that bit to get to the more enticing gun stuff from Fenris that’s become its first application.)

Onwards, then.

Permanent underground structures are being added to the internal build’s map for testing.

As discussed before some basement locations will be randomised to add surprise flavour to your looting, but there’ll be plenty of ever-present locations that will likely be survivor favourites for taking over and making your own.

Here’s a fun example, which also very clearly demonstrates the effectiveness of B42’s tech upgrade that governs the realistic spread of light. It really is very dark down there, and with that very claustrophobic and scary…

Another aspect of the underground structures is sound, and now we’ve got more and more of these in the test build our sound team will be working to cut out wildlife sounds, add muffle, echo, drips and such. Likewise, meanwhile, another focus is adjusting the noise of ‘street level’ activity when you climb higher in buildings.

It’s also worth mentioning that in 42, or at least certainly its unstable release, you will not be able to tunnel or break down the external walls of underground structures. This is something it would be healthy for the engine to be able to do (although we’d never have Minecraft-style insta-tunnels in vanilla, clearly) but is probably a can of worms best opened later down the line.

In amongst the feverish connecting of code wires from others on the crafting team, Turbo has been working on the new interface that will allow for hand-crafting items on in-game surfaces.

We’ve got something ready to go into the internal build, but in its current WIP form still needs some polish – and probably isn’t quite ready to show off before its rough edges have been smoothed out.

In essence though, this work has been to cater for crafting items that aren’t as straightforward as ripping clothing to make bandages or opening a can of beans (which will always be feasible just in your hands) but don’t necessarily need a specialized workstation either.

Activities like preparing a sandwich or making a nailed baseball bat logically require a handy surface to perform the work. The way it’s being implemented – any logical surface will do (tables, counters etc) but this sort of crafting will no longer be possible while standing in the middle of the street with zombies approaching.

In terms of changes in player habits and behaviour going from 41 to 42, this will probably be the one that’s felt most keenly. There’s a lot of muscle memory we’ll be scrubbing out here, after all. However we are doing our utmost to keep it logical, and to keep it real.

The current challenge has been to devise an interface that accomplishes all the tasks necessary: providing a handy way of browsing or looking up the recipes, allowing for crafting of multiple objects, allowing the use of tools to modify the quality or success chances of the crafting, and giving access to all the functionality provided in the crafting update.

We’re not there yet on this surface level, but functionally on the code level it’s all there and working and ready to be integrated into the game. Next steps will be to make the UI as clean and convenient as can be, improving and iterating as we go, as it’s such a core aspect of 42.

(Just to reiterate, however, simple crafts like ripping bandages and so on will still be craftable in the way they are in 41: right clicking the item and clicking the relevant right click menu option. This is still the most immediate and convenient way for a player to do these split second crafts in the midst of action.)

Meanwhile, of course, the results of all this new crafting continue to get pumped through from the art department, prepped and laid into the code. Here’s a few that popped through recently.

Read on....
Games Discussion / Re: Burden of Command
« Last post by Asid on March 01, 2024, 12:40:34 PM »
Another new player portrait choice!
Thu, 29 February 2024

The Cottonbalers (7th Rgt/3rd IF) drew in part on the Mexican-American population. For example, PFC Jose Valdez was a Medal of Honor winner, so we were keen to include an Hispanic option.

Games Discussion / Re: Burden of Command
« Last post by Asid on March 01, 2024, 12:39:19 PM »
Acclaimed portrait artist for Burden of Command
Mon, 26 February

Mariusz Kozik is committed to history

Take a look at the work of acclaimed Total War artist Mariusz Kozik ( ... and happily our portrait artist!). His art is now on permanent display at a Polish school.

His art is even in primary school textbooks. We love his commitment to history (and games!).

Games Discussion / Re: Survisland / 实境求生
« Last post by Asid on March 01, 2024, 12:33:08 PM »
Captain is back...with sincere apologies and full sincerity
Fri, March 1, 2024

DEMO release! Full version is coming soon!

Dear Survivors,

Since we launched early access in 2017, there have been more than ten thousands of survivors joining the amazing adventure on Survisland.

But in the past years, the development work was paused due to financial issues. We are deeply sorry about this...
During these most difficult days, there are still many players who continue to pay attention to Survisland and give us encouragement and help.

And now, Captain have returned with the sailors! The development work has also resumed for a period of time and will gradually bring more new contents to everyone!

We bring you the DEMO of Survisland. In addition to supporting multiplayer online gaming, there are also many exciting new contents! Invite your friends to embark the survisland!

New game features: metal smelting, new animal AI, planting...
More abundant resources: more types of ores, more buildable weapons, tools and furniture...
Optimization and upgrade: Action system upgrade, animation optimization...
More content to be explored...

Do whatever you need to survive on the island!

Thank you very much for your support throughout the journey. In the days to come, captain and sailors will make every effort to develop and update "Survisland", to provide survivors with a realistic, thrilling, and fulfilling experience.

Please stay with us and complete the survival mission on the island!


Dear survivors, we sincerely invite you to fill it out--Questionnaire of DEMO & GIVEAWAY) to help us make Survisland better.
Giveaway is set in the Questionnaire, Please don't miss out!
In the future, we will provide more to all survivors. Please wishlist to follow our events~!

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to join DISCORD and tell us. Your suggestions will provide important reference for Survisland.

General Discussion / Re: Happy Birthday Rinix
« Last post by Rinix on March 01, 2024, 12:10:23 AM »
Thanks, Oleg. :)
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