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Games Discussion / Re: Stars End
« Last post by Asid on Today at 02:08:12 AM »
Update 65.3 - Engine Update Prep
Tue, 4 October 2022

Hey Everyone,

We are happy to say that our long-awaited engine update is complete and ready for launch next week. Meanwhile we have another update 65.3 for you today that sets the stage for this upcoming 66th milestone update.

Today`s update includes a lot of back-end infrastructure for the upcoming launch as well as several dozen fixes and improvements in all areas of the game. We wanted to make sure to tie up all the loose ends and fix remaining known bugs before the big launch.

You can see the full patch notes on our Steam forums or Discord. As always – grateful for you support!

Lets take a look at what Update 65.3 has in store:

    Reworked outlaw system, NPCs will now only attack player who has 3 stars wanted level or more
    Killing a player grants 3 wanted star, Killing a mech grants 2 wanted stars, 1 start for NPC
    Added global loot terminal beside air vehicle vendors on System Stations
    Fixed NPC waypoints on System stations to show for 200 meters
    Nav points now update as player moves across the planet with new once showing on proximity
    Fixed an issue in final tutorial objective where Copper ore collection will not end tutorial
    Added Saw to Blade Check to fix various issues with sawing
    Added Trout and Carp to Cooked Meat cooking tutorial
    Other various improvements to the tutorial
    Relocated quest NPCs in the starting cryo ship quests so players don’t need to walk as much around the ship
    Captain Harper re-positioned in new Captains Office with new environment
    Quartermaster in Prologue now only gives basic items
    Update for AI frequencies on BP, Bears now spawn less, foxes, boars and trawlers – a lot more
    Foliage waypoints for the spotter now update every 5 seconds, if the spotter is active
    Fixed an issue with a wrong item ID making players unable to use Frigates
    Majority of items that are end products in crafting – like workbenches, tools and larger items will no longer stack or auto-ques multiple when crafting
    Disabled stacking on crude oil so it acts like other containers now
    Some restyling on the greyed out "buy" button for Merchants
    Added Global Storage terminals on space station for players to store their newly purchased spaceships
    New UI element added for greying out the inventory neatly, while crafting is in progress
    Integrity Averaging added to all items stacks. Stacking an item will no longer reset the integrity preventing a number of small exploits
    Items like finishing hooks and other small items now stack correctly
    Fixed issue with placing some base components on the ground
    Various unnamed exploits fixed effecting various items, merchants, transactions e.t.c
    Fixed an issue with certain merchants now showing goods correctly
    Fix for red box showing under crafting list

Tacview / Tacview 1.9.0 beta 4 is available Now
« Last post by Asid on Yesterday at 01:36:33 AM »

Tacview 1.9.0 beta 4 is available Now

Download: HERE

•   Release Date: Fri, 23 Sep 2022
•   Operating System: Windowsฎ 32-bit / 64-bit
•   File Size: 671.6 MB

Release notes


•   ADDED support for Falcon 4 real-time telemetry
•   ADDED support for Falcon 4 FLT temporary files
•   ADDED support for DCS: South Atlantic map
•   ADDED support for DCS: Mirage F-1CE
•   ADDED Real-time telemetry lag option to better support some recorders
•   ADDED numerous entries to the database
•   ADDED new shortcut AltGr+B to inject bookmarks in DCS World
•   ADDED OutOfSyncWarning registry option to disable desynchronized real-time telemetry warning
•   IMPROVED KML telemetry files support
•   IMPROVED crispness of terrain textures
•   IMPROVED mouse objects selection from the 3D view
•   IMPROVED Korea database and terrain for BMS 4.36


•   FIXED crash when displaying non power of two texture in 3D view
•   FIXED support of IGC files with lines of more than 99 characters
•   FIXED old hack preventing aircraft from flying highter than 60Kft in FSX2ACMI
•   FIXED media duration was not displayed after opening a file
•   FIXED xml AARRGGBB colors were not associated properly to predefined colors
•   FIXED weapons trails too thin to be visible in some cases


To run a beta version, you need a product key. Feel free to have a look at the features comparison to know which edition is the best for you if you are interested in buying Tacview.

Please note that even if we are doing our best to produce a high quality product, beta versions usually contains known and unknown bugs, may crash, or have some features disabled because of work in progress. This is why, it is suggested to download and install beta versions alongside the latest official release (not over it). That way, in case of problem, you can simple launch the latest stable version to continue your work...

Games Discussion / Re: Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic
« Last post by Asid on Yesterday at 01:27:16 AM »
Report for the community #60
Sun, 2 October 2022

Greetings dear comrades of the Soviet Republic.

Greetings dear comrades of the Soviet Republic. Another two weeks have passed since last report and lot of water did flow through Slovakia in Danube River. Maybe it is not that much as other years used to be, but it is lot, nevertheless. Today we have somewhat fewer exciting subjects to write about, but it is still another report, and we have something special for those who enjoy not only playing the game but also making content and especially maps.

More from the report find on our website:

Tank Warfare: Tunisia 1943 / Re: Tunisia 1943: Patches/Updates
« Last post by Asid on Yesterday at 01:24:30 AM »
Update 10/02/2022
Sun, October 2, 2022

1) Changed the animation quantization algorithm with increasing distance to the camera.
2) Changed the algorithm for calculating the sight quality (for the UI).
3) Aiming accuracy parameters are directly calculated from the sights characteristics.
4) Minor fixes.

Games Discussion / Re: Steel Crew : Tank Vs Tank combat
« Last post by Asid on October 02, 2022, 04:15:47 PM »
Small quality of life update
Sun, October 2, 2022

Hi, here is another small update.

Added so the camera now follows the sight when playing as gunner on PC in the Firefly
Indicator is added to the sight to see relative turret rotation
All positions should now have the correct hand models
Voip PTT buttons is now also bound to mouse 4/5 buttons

Games Discussion / Re: Reentry - An Orbital Simulator
« Last post by Asid on October 02, 2022, 01:55:08 AM »
Update 0.95 is out - TLI, Mercury, Bug Fixes
Fri, 30 September 2022

The 0.95 update will improve the logic surrounding Trans-Earth Injection (TEI) and how it behaves as you travel between Lunar and Earth SOI, and fixes many bugs related to this. It also adds the first PADs for the Lunar Module. These PADs will be provided when requesting PDI, Lunar Ascent and DPS burns. PAD sheets are also available in the CREW MEMBERS menu.

In addition, a lot of updates has been made to the Mercury program related to various visual models and general bug fixes all over the game.

Note: If you experience issues with this build, you can roll back to a previous version using the Steam Betas tab.


The logic surrounding TEI has been improved and should fix many of the reported issues. The two biggest issues are that it has been impossible to find a TEI-burn even if you are in a proper circular orbit around the Moon, and that the orbit is wrong once you enter Earth SOI (when timescale stops).

Initial PADs for the Lunar Module

With the changes to the DPS in the previous update, the LM has also received PADs (Preliminary Advisory Data). When requesting a DPS burn using the maneuver planner, P30 PAD is provided. Same applies for Powered Descent Initiation request and Lunar Ascent request.

Lunar Guidance Computer updates[/ib]

I have corrected some major issues related to the LGC and save states, and corrected an exception that would make timers stop working correctly (mission timer in the CM and LM stops and countdowns does not work anymore).

Mercury Graphics Improvements

I have remade the Mercury LES tower, changed how it is rendered from the virtual cockpit and made some changes to the heatshield and landing bag.

Mercury Orbit Decay testing

A toggle (default off) has been added to Realism Settings to test an orbit decay function for the Mercury capsule only. This will circulate the orbit while passing through the upper parts of the atmosphere such as LEO. The closes point (Pe) of Earth will have the most drag.


Some updates has been made to VR where a toggle (bindable in the Input Mapping (not for the VR controller)) to switch between 2d mode and VR mode to use features not yet implemented in VR. I have also fixed the ROGER button in the Lunar Module.

Thank you for reporting issues and helping me create a better game! :)

    TLI improvements and feature fixes
    Initial PAD tools for the Lunar Module
    PAD LM P30
    PAD LM Ascent
    Logic to test if it's possible to change between VR and 2D mode (to interact with advanced UI or VR-unsupported features)
    Added a Hotkey to toggle between VR and 2D mode
    Made the ROGER Button in the LM functional in VR
    Fixed some "waiting for Mission Objective to complete"-bugs
    Changes to Gemini ascent/insertion procedures related to OBC Catch-up routine
    Fixes to various campaign missions
    Fixed issues related to the Mission Timer in the CSM/LM
    LGC Memory State
    LGC corrupt memory fixes
    LGC DAP lookup fixes
    Updates Mercury EPS lesson
    Fixes to AC VOLTS gauge in Mercury
    Improved Mercury LES (tower) model
    Minor Mercury EPS lesson fixes
    Simpler to close the console (toggle from in-game menu or press ESC when it is open)
    LES rendering changes
    Mercury Heat Shield Post Landing material
    Mercury Attached heatshield on landing bag so it moves with it as it inflates
    TESTING: Orbit Decay (Mercury only) as an optional realism setting
Steel Beasts Pro / Re: Steel Beasts 5.0 Thread
« Last post by Rinix on October 01, 2022, 10:55:53 PM »
Quote from: Ssnake
No, SB Pro is still plain Stereo. Version 5 will eventually get a new sound engine too; how quickly we'll get there remains to be seen, but clearly things need to improve.
Games Discussion / Re: Regiments : Tactical Cold War RTS set in Germany 1989
« Last post by Asid on October 01, 2022, 01:15:54 AM »
Regiments Roadmap 2022 - 2023
Fri, 30 September 2022

A look at the planned additional content

We've got a lot of questions about what lies ahead for Regiments - and while some answers were given here and there - let's sum it up as an actual roadmap.

As with all plans, these are likely to be adjusted in the process - for the same reason, we're not providing any dates, for now, just the order of priority.

Regiments 'lifecycle' is planned to last roughly a year, until the autumn of 2023, when a decision would be made on how to proceed further.

Content Packs

The new content will be split into 4 major add-ons, preliminary named and structured as follows:

(Names of the content packs are, of course, not final)

'Immediate Reserves'
This add-on will introduce several more units to the existing nations and add the first playable UK Regiments to the Skirmish modes. One new Operation along with 1-2 maps are also planned.

'Northern Group of Forces'
Netherlands and Poland, along with the remaining UK elements, will make an appearance in this DLC, along with several operations and new maps.
Heliborne and motorized infantry is also scheduled to appear here.

'Central Group of Forces'
This DLC will focus on the South German Front, adding Czechoslovakian, French, and Canadian battlegroups.
The 'Custom Operations' mode is likely to be introduced with this update, allowing to set fighting sides, regiments, stages, length, and other parameters for one of the Operations templates.

'Final Update'
Scheduled to appear close to August 2023, this DLC will wrap up the additional content. At this moment, it's hard to define its scope - anything from a small farewell content pack for existing nations to a different front outside of Central Europe is on the table.

Most likely, the first content pack will be released free, while the next two DLC will be paid ones.
It will only concern the content like new units, regiments, and operations, of course - new mechanics will be rolled into the game regardless of whether you purchase the content pack or not.

Potential Features

Here we're going into the more speculative territory.
These features are going to be at least researched & prototyped, but not all of them may be implemented. There's no definite timeline or priority for them too - it'll be done in whatever order fits best for the major content add-ons.

So, possible features, in no particular order:

While most are self-explanatory, a few require extra notes:

New Skirmish modes

    Dedicated defense mode without the transport units of the Mobile Defense mode
    Meeting engagement / Attack that uses the node networks from the Operations mode
    A mode or an optional rule that places a higher value on the casualties inflicted and sustained

Further additions to the Regiments system

As the number of nations and regiments increases, hardware alone will rapidly become inadequate to show the differences between them - and there's only so much we can do with different organizational structures. A deeper representation of the fighting spirit, level of training, logistical and command aspects will be required.

On top of that, let's repeat the stance on the most frequently-asked additions:
- definitely not during Regiments '22-'23 lifecycle.
Map Editor
- highly unlikely due to the technical and, possibly, license-related constraints.
Scenario Editor
(or at least some sort of) - perhaps, though the scope of the task makes estimating it pretty hard. It overlaps a lot with the 'Customizable Operations' too and may end up bundled together.

We'll also be looking into other distribution platforms.

I hope this roadmap answers key questions about the next steps of Regiments development.
That's it for now, thanks for your attention!

Tornado / Re: Modding Tornado
« Last post by Frankie on September 30, 2022, 01:15:04 PM »
Who's still firing up DI's Tornado in October 2022? And more importantly, WHY!?
Games Discussion / Re: Ready Or Not (Elite SWAT Team)
« Last post by Asid on September 30, 2022, 12:26:41 AM »
Vol. 40 Ready Or Not Development Update
Thu, 29 September 2022

Attention Officers,

Welcome to our 40th edition of our biweekly newsletter! This week we’ll be giving our community a break from maps and suspects, we instead take a look at the new firearms to be added to the departments armory coming in the next update.

Armory Expansion

The first new weapon is the SPC, an addition to the games roster of SMGs whose claim to fame is its prodigious rate of fire of up to 1,100 rounds per minute. Any officers that choose to bring the SPC out into the field will have to practice careful trigger discipline and target acquisition if they want their ammunition to last throughout the entire engagement.

Next comes the M11 Compact, it stands alongside the P92X and G19 as another long time workhorse of multiple law enforcement agencies. Chambered in the ever-reliable 9mm, the clean lines of the M11 will fit in among the pre-existing roster of wonder 9s.

An upgrade to a classic, next we have the MK18 whose brand new model will be replacing the legacy M4A1 model so that we can maintain a consistent look and feel for all of our weapons going forward.

Lastly we have a weapon that’s been heavily requested, the MP7. Being the first firearm in the PDW category, the MP7 brings a unique combination of capabilities between its’ armor piercing capability afforded by its 4.6mm round and high rate of fire that every entry team would love to have at their side.

This concludes our 40th biweekly briefing. Be sure to tune in next time for more development news (there are many more to come)!

If you’d like to help us test new content during playtesting periods on the Supporter exclusive experimental branch, provide us with your game feedback, and keep up with the Supporter community; you can become a supporter at or at our Steam store page.

Are you a content creator on youtube or twitch looking for new games? We got you covered; Ready or Not has partnered with Lurkit to elevate gameplay! Make sure to follow us here.

Keep your feet on the ground.
VOID Interactive

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