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Release 1.8 Operation: Breakaway CTE Now Live!
Thu, 17 September 2020

Today we are launching a playable preview version of our upcoming version 1.8 update. This includes a new map ‘Tell’, two new weapons (AUG A3, F1 FAMAS), a new mode in Co-op, new accessories, and more! See below for more info.

This content is now available on the Community Test Environment. Go to your Steam Library and download “Insurgency: Sandstorm Community Test Environment” to play. Please remember this is a preview build, so some issues are expected (see 'Known Issues') and all content is considered work in progress. If you encounter any problems or have feedback for the development team please don’t hesitate to let us know in the CTE sub-section of the Steam forums. Also be sure to fill out our 1.8 CTE Feedback Survey. Our team will be monitoring feedback during the CTE and aim to push this update to players on the live version of Insurgency: Sandstorm in October. The CTE will be available until Monday evening.

Today we are launching a playable preview version of our upcoming Operation: Breakaway update. This includes a new map ‘Tell’, two new weapons (AUG A3, FAMAS F1), Underbarrel Shotgun attachments (Masterkey, M26 MASS, Buckshot Launcher), a new co-op game mode Outpost Mode, new foregrip attachments (Aiming Grip, Quick Draw Grip, Loading Grip, Point Shoot Grip), and more.

You can find some of the key new features and known issues below:

New Map: Tell

Tell has support for the following game modes:
•   Push
•   Domination
•   Firefight
•   Checkpoint
•   Hardcore Checkpoint
•   Outpost

New Weapons: AUG A3, FAMAS F1, Underbarrel Shotguns

We’ve added 2 new small profile bullpup style assault rifle weapons for Rifleman, Demolitions, Commander, and Observer classes: the AUG A3 for Security and FAMAS F1 for Insurgents. We’ve also added 3 new underbarrel shotguns as Underbarrel weapon upgrades: the M26 MASS for Security, Buckshot Launcher for Insurgents, and Masterkey shared by both factions.
•   AUG A3 - Low fire rate, controllable recoil
•   FAMAS F1 - Very high fire rate, small magazine capacity
•   Masterkey - Tube-fed, available for M16A4, M4A1, AKM, AK-74, M16A2, and FAMAS F1
•   M26 MASS - Mag-fed, available for M16A4, M4A1, and AUG A3
•   Buckshot Launcher - Single shot 40mm buckshot shell, available for AKM, AK-74

The Masterkey and M26 MASS have no optics or iron sights. When using Aim Down Sights with them, they’ll point roughly at the center of the screen similar to the NVG Point Shooting upgrade. The Buckshot Launcher can use its iron sights to be aimed more precisely, but only has one shot until it needs to be reloaded.
Outpost Mode

We’re adding a new co-op mode called Outpost, a re-imagining of Insurgency 2014’s mode of the same name.

•   Players need to defend their objectives against 10 waves of enemies to win.
•   If all players die, or their active objectives are captured, they respawn at the next objective area to defend it.
•   If players are pushed all the way back to their final objective area, and it is captured or they all die, they lose the round.

•   Players start with 2 supply points, and gain a supply point for every wave they defend against.
•   Players can resupply in between waves in a “Preparing” phase.
•   Enemies get better equipment as waves go on.
•   Special enemy waves with unique loadouts and abilities come every 3 waves
•   The final enemy wave includes all special enemy types and normal enemies

Outpost Mode is initially available on the following maps:
•   Tell
•   Crossing
•   Ministry
•   Hillside
•   Outskirts
•   Power Plant

AI Update
This is the first stage in a series of changes to improve our AI. This stage focuses on the bot's knowledge of the player's location. Our goal was to explore and answer the broader design question, "when should a bot know where the player is?" The ultimate effect of these changes is that the bots will feel more fair. You should no longer be shot through walls or smoke unless you're really obvious about your location.

Specific Changes:
•   Allowed AI to more clearly identify what sounds they hear (gunfire, dialogue, opening doors, footsteps) instead of just knowing that a specific player made noise and guessing at the cause.
•   Adjusted which sounds provide AI awareness of a player's location, and at what range.
•   When shooting a player, the AI will use the last known position of the player instead of their current position.
•   When suppressing, since the AI don't know the target's specific location, they will no longer gain increased accuracy over time. Instead, they'll just spray the area inaccurately. If you're behind thin cover, you can move away silently to avoid getting wall banged.
•   The AI have laxened their social-distancing policy. They will no longer automatically aim for the player's face if they are within 2m. They'll still shoot you though.
•   The long range distance at which AI acquire targets has been reduced, and their time to fire increased.
•   When AI retreat, they will no longer get confused and change directions at random.

New Configurations for Modders
•   “Hear Aware Distances” have been added for Footsteps, Breaching, Doors, and Rigging Explosives to configure the range at which bots are aware of players taking the indicated actions
•   “Sight Range Idle” is now the distance at which a bot can first spot a new target at.
•   “Sight Range Alert” is now the distance that a bot will no longer be able to see a known target.
•   “Can Grenade With LOS” can be toggled if you want bots to throw grenades straight at people, rather than lobbing over things
•   “Grenade Minimum Distance” can be set when you want bots to be a bit riskier with their tosses
•   “Rocket Minimum Distance” is the same but for RPGs
•   “Rocket Squad Cooldown” is the time that bots within a squad will wait until using rockets again after the last rocket
•   “Rocket Minimum Cluster Size” will set how many people must be close together before the bots break out the RPG and give you a bad day

We know we’ve been a bit lacking in the foregrip department. We added 4 new grips available in the Underbarrel weapon upgrade category, and foregrip support for all Primary weapons except for machine guns and anti-materiel rifles. Each gives a different gameplay benefit at various supply point costs. The existing “Foregrip” upgrade remains unchanged, but we’ve renamed it to “Recoil Grip” to clarify its function among the others.
•   Aiming Grip - Aim down the sights of your weapon faster
•   Loading Grip - Reload your weapon faster
•   Quick Draw Grip - Draw and put away your weapon faster
•   Point Shooting Grip - When toggled, tilts and lowers your weapon for easier shooting in CQB. Requires a Siderail upgrade like a Laser Sight in order to be equipped.

Because we now have the Point Shooting Grip, a more intuitive and versatile way to use “Point Shoot Mode” style aiming, the Training upgrade called NVG Point Shooting available on night maps has been removed from all weapons that can attach foregrips. NVG Point Shooting is still available on pistols, machine guns, and anti-materiel rifles, and works as it did in update 1.7.
Gameplay Improvements
Over the past few updates, we’ve received feedback that certain high caliber weapons are overpowered and serve as Sandstorm’s meta. We’re going to be making several nerfs to try to make these weapons feel more balanced among the others.
•   Slowed down Aim Down Sights time of FAL, G3A3, Mk 14 EBR, and SVD
•   Removed Extended Magazine upgrade from FAL and G3A3 in Versus and Competitive

User Experience
•   Updated the font used for compass heading numbers
•   Updated the icon displayed when using Proximity chat to differentiate from Radio

Visual Improvements
•   Updated the main menu map to represent the Operation: Breakaway release

Notable Fixes
•   Fixed an issue where the smoke overlay would activate on players on the roof of buildings even if the smoke particles didn’t penetrate the roof

Known Issues
•   We have excluded a number of levels from this CTE build (they will of course be available in the full release):
  o   Tideway
  o   Summit
  o   Refinery
  o   Precinct
  o   Hideout

•   The tutorial is not available
•   Playlist images on the CTE are missing
•   Tell loading images are still generic
•   Tell scenario names are displayed on the vote screen instead of the map name
•   Occasionally players and bots are missing cosmetics, these typically return after that player dies and respawns
•   There is a slight flickering no the scoreboard screen of the score and faction names
•   Using the loading grip with some guns has the hands in positions that blocks the iron sights
•   Bots will sometimes have invalid cosmetics assigned
•   Objective status is not updating quickly and won't show you are stalemated until much later, sometimes when the point is clear it will say 'stalemated' leading to player confusion
•   The bipod upgrade for the FAMAS F1 is not available for Insurgent Commander, Observer, and Demolitions
•   The Quick Draw Grip is currently unavailable on the FAMAS F1
•   The 2X Holographic optic is temporarily unavailable
•   There is a potential crash that occurs when existing replays and local play
•   Outpost Mode Restricted areas don’t align with what is displayed on the tactical map
•   Smoke grenades are not applying the smoke overlay correctly

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