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Lock Down
« on: March 18, 2020, 05:07:19 AM »
You're stuck at home because the city Mayor's just announced an emergency two weeks total locked down. You can't travel out of the house and the darn Internet's down again. Mobile data zero. Darn it. You're stuck in your house like a botanist tuck on Mars. But at least you've got more than just potatoes to live on. You need something to keep you busy (read: not bored). It's a freakin' two weeks stretch at home while you deny The Virus from spreading. That's why the experts claim. You hope for the best but you need to play you open your games closet. Ah the mother lode.

You reach into your PC games section. You see the ONE! A smile crosses your face.

You blow off the light dust layer as you lift up to a game/package/CD-ROM/box up to the light.

And its title is ....(?)

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Re: Lock Down
« Reply #1 on: March 18, 2020, 11:56:32 AM »
The UK is approaching the lock-down phase.

As for games? I have no real time at the moment as I look after family and work. I have to be very, very careful.

Games? I have many....Most of my old school discs are in storage. The original Halflife, Baldurs gate (5 disc) etc....When I do get time. I mess with my flight simulation (P3DV4) and some pc Napoleonics. I have many Matrix/Slitherine titles which are excellent also.

Stay safe everyone and spare a thought for the elderly who cannot access basic things. Perhaps call in on them?


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