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Author Topic: Desperately seeking GEnie Tornado debrief posts of the 1990s  (Read 608 times)

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Desperately seeking GEnie Tornado debrief posts of the 1990s
« on: December 06, 2019, 07:01:25 AM »
As a curator of all things Digital Integration, I take the effort to collect rare instances of Tornado softcopy artifacts before time swallows them up. Some things I can find from the Wayback Machine, others unfortunately are lost in the eter and time.

One sought-after artifact is the GEnie e-Bulletin Board Tornado debrief posts of the early 1990s. 


>The "Dirty Twisters" on Genie were formed over this sim. We did our
>own separate debriefs back and forth, till one day we said "hm". We
>then figured out how to do email campaigns. This changed everything
>about Tornado, and we flew this way, alternating missions, taking our
>losses, emailing the files to the next pilot, and posting debriefs
>back to Genie for about two years. One of our members still has a zip
>of all our debrief posts (they were hilarious..).
For a while, we
>invited Compuserve FSF members, and had one or two inter-service
>campaigns. (I think that's where we met you and Heinz-Bernd) Fabulous
>fun! That's why we *still* have "tornado" filtered in this group <g>.

>We are still together as an email group, but we have *never* yet found
>the "One Unifying Game" like Tornado was! Gawd, I miss my bird.. I
>still remember my last look at her: settin' there on the tarmac...
>with the tumbleweeds rolling by... Genie having been sold to some
>scuzz group...Evil Orange empire long-since crushed....

>Hey Sparks, dig up a good debrief for us. And pass me that shnorkel.

>         - Vita

See also:

A pity that's Tornado Discussion Forum went down back in 2018. I remember seeing the email signatures of Dirty Twisters in many of the posts in that forum.

Do you know anyone who was a member of the Dirty Twisters GEnie group?
Would you know of anyone who has that zip of the Genie debrief post?

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