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Squad Alpha 16.1 Released
« on: October 17, 2019, 11:42:40 PM »
Alpha 16.1 Released

Hey squaddies!

While we're still hammering away on the next major release of Squad, we wanted to push out a hotfix to resolve some common issues popping up with Alpha 16.

Here's a list of the changes:

Alpha 16.1 Notes
   Fools Road, Destruction v1: Fixed staging zone for defenders so they can move out immediately.
   Gorodok, RAAS v2: Fixed GB helipads not repairing.
   Logar Valley, AAS v2: Fixed CP naming. (3 CPs were named Compound.)
   Logar Valley, Skirmish v1: Reduce deployable lock zone on both INS and MIL main base protection zones so they can build deployables on their first CP.
   Mutaha: Fixed bulletproof bushes.
   Mutaha: Fixed no-leaning zones.
   Mutaha: Fixed half-invisible garage doors and collisions.
   Narva: Fixed several broken or invisible buildings.
   Narva, Destruction v1: Fixed staging zone for defenders so they can move out immediately.
   Yehorivka, RAAS v3: Fixed bugged vehicle spawns.
   Added exit points to the UH60 helicopter to reduce the chance of disembarking into the rotors during mass disembarks.
   Fixed radial damage immunity on several exposed gunner seats. (BMP1 ZU-23, Ural ZU-23, Bulldog, T62 Cupola, M1A2 Loader, Technical DshK/SPG)
   Fixed radial damage immunity for soldiers against M1A2 HEAT rounds.
Stay safe out there, squaddies.

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