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Marching Eagles: Waterloo
« on: August 18, 2019, 06:10:38 PM »

Marching Eagles: Waterloo

Official page

Manual: PDF / Printed - Color
Editor: Yes
Period: Napoleonic
Turns: Turn-Based IGOUGO
Unit Scale: Grand Tactical. division/brigade level
AI: Yes
Players: 1-2
Hotseat: Yes

'My regrets are not for myself but for unhappy France! With twenty thousand men less than I had we ought to have won the battle of Waterloo. But it was Fate that made me lose it.'
   -Napoleon to Baron Gourgaud on St Helena

The Battle of Waterloo, 16-18 June 1815, was the climatic battle of the Napoleonic Wars. Napoleon Bonaparte led his veteran army against the Duke of Wellington's Anglo-Allied and Marshal Blucher's Prussian armies on the road to Brussels. On the first day of the campaign, Napoleon gained an indecisive victory against Blucher, while Marshal Ney was repulsed by Wellington at Quatre Bras. The next day, both sides refitted, and on the 18th the French attacked again.
On the French right, Marshal Grouchy fought a generally inconclusive action against the Prussians at Wavre and was unable to get significant forces across the Dyle. Further west, Napoleon himself led his forces in several epic attacks against Wellington's position in front of Waterloo. But without the anticipated arrival of Grouchy, it proved too much for the French and they eventually went down to defeat.
And with this final loss for the man called the 'Nightmare of Europe', the world had changed once again. The Napoleonic era was over.

Fix Bayonets, Draw Sabers
Marching Eagles: Waterloo recreates those fateful days in June 1815 when the fate of Europe, and even the world hung in the balance.
Using an easy-to-grasp, but hard-to-master area based combat system, players command the French, British, Prussian and Allied forces that participated in the battles that culminated in Napoleon's final defeat.

To The Sound Of The Guns    

Marching Eagles: Waterloo is a division/brigade level game. Players maneuver their forces on an area map of each of the actions, then commit them to attacks. However, players are limited in the number of units which can be given orders each turn, which gives a realistic feel for the limits of command that leaders faced, and that frustrated them, in real life.
The optional use of Event Cards, and tactical Battle Orders further allow users to customize their experience. In the same way that 'fate' caused Napoleon to lament on its intervention, with these options players will experience it directly for themselves.
Yet fate is ever present on the battlefield, and constantly stressing even the best laid plans. Woe to the commander who is inflexible, or that is hanging on a thread of hope. Fate... as Napoleon found out... is unforgiving.

Send In The Guard!

The game provides scenarios for each of the battles of the campaign, both historical and hypothetical. Included are:
   Gilly (introductory)
   Frasnes (introductory)
   Quatre Bras (historical)
   Quatre Bras (what if d'Erlon's I corps arrived?)
   Waterloo (what if Grouchy arrived?)
   ...and more!

The Other Side Of The Hill   

Marching Eagles Waterloo features an intuitive game system that is very easy to pick up and use, but contains a lot of detail 'under the hood'. With each new battle, players will become more familiar with the depth of options at their disposal, and can recreate an enjoy all of the major aspects of warfare of the period. From trying to keep units in command and supply, to keeping morale up and units together, it all comes together in that glorious cavalry charge that routes the enemy or the gritty bayonet charge that takes the hill.
When coupled with the scenario/OOB editor and effects of fate, the system will offer players something new each time, while allowing them to test their mettle again and again over almost endless possibilities.
Like leading armed forces during that era, the game is easy to play but hard to master. Are you ready to become a master?


   Play single-player against the AI.
   Play two-player Hotseat or PBEM.
   Detailed unit readouts.
   Historical unit formation types and effects.
   Multiple Fog Of War options.
   Command and Control limitations.
   Unit morale effects including effectiveness, routing and recovery.
   Ammunition on-hand limits and resupply.
   Random events.
   Full Scenario and OOB editor.
   And More....       

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Re: Marching Eagles: Waterloo
« Reply #1 on: August 18, 2019, 06:16:07 PM »
Update V1.02
07 Aug 19

1. Event Card 'Cautious Leader' - works if a player attempts to move only friendly unit in an area but causes loss of corresponding unit info box if player attempts to move unit 2 or 3 in an area. Now corrected.

2. For PBEM option - combat factors associated with Event Cards not recorded so are missed when replaying battle at start of next player turn. This causes different combat results than seen by first player. Now corrected.

3. Victory Report at end of scenario showed wrong results if player's army morale was less than 34%. Command Box was correct. Both Victory Report and Command box now aligned.

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Re: Marching Eagles: Waterloo
« Reply #2 on: August 18, 2019, 06:21:33 PM »
Update V1.03
10 Aug 19


4. Quatre Bras maps and associated scenarios are replaced providing larger areas so that the counters are not so compressed or overlapped

5. Command Report - Reinforcement and Release unit numbers at the start of a turn are corrected for the Frasnes scenario

6. Courier Message appears at end of player turn referring to 'Unit Morale Fails, Unit Routs' for units already eliminated, if eliminated when their Unit Order was zero. Fault corrected.

7. Update to 2D map graphics - better tree appearance

8. If player clicks 'Charge' toolbar button and activated unit is not eligible now toolbar button is reset.

9. If Tactical Play option in use and AI in play, when AI side units are only cavalry, tactical options need to be limited - now limited to cavalry tactics only

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Re: Marching Eagles: Waterloo
« Reply #3 on: September 01, 2019, 10:17:07 PM »
Update V1.04
30 Aug 19


10. Light Cavalry charging Lancers have +2 Attack Factor given LC can quickly get round the lance leaving the Lancer defenseless.

11. Artillery and Cavalry in Column unable to enter Frasnes area on Quatre Bras map. Fault corrected

12. On large Waterloo map, French units cannot attack Prussian units in Frichermont area or areas North of Frichermont. Fault fixed.

13. New Army Morale rule - At end of a scenario, if a player's army has an army morale <20% and the opposing side has an army morale >40% then the opposing side automatically wins a Major Victory. Player Manual updated - see page 19.

14. Infantry Skirmish order firing reduced as only a fraction of the Unit's fire power is engaged at any one time. Only one battalion skirmishing for a Unit strength of 1 - 3 battalions. 2 skirmishing for a Unit strength of 4 or 5battalions and 3 skirmishing for a Unit strength >5 battalions.

15. If a defending unit routs in an area, other friendly units in the same area suffer Unit Order loss - this is a ripple effect. A reduction of 2 in Unit Order value occurs.

16. British Infantry use 2 ranks instead of three to maximise the number of shooters. +1 on Attack Factor.

17. Cavalry charging British Infantry in Line with only 2 ranks, +2 on Attack Factor.

18. Hougoumont map movement corrections included.

19. 2 additional scenarios added - Ligny, the Prussian IV Korps arrives and a fictional small battle using a modified Hougoumont map.

20. New - Lancers against infantry square, attack factor +1 for lance long reach.

21. When Allied player draws event card named -'Damned Good Ground', theadditional action point is received to all friendly units if there are 2 or 3 friendly units in the area but not if there is only one friendly unit. Fault corrected.

22. Weather impact on combat clarified in Tactical Guide. Most Waterloo scenarios have clear weather but the editor allows for changes in the weather conditions. Weather conditions will be more prominent in other campaigns in the Marching Eagles series.

23. PBEM game finished early when one side had an army morale<34% and the other side had an army morale of >43%. This is replaced by game continuation until the number of turns allotted had been used and then the army morale is reviewed at <20% and >40% as per play against the computer.

24. If you saved a PBEM game part way through a turn then loaded it up to finish the turn, the game asked for the other player's password. Now corrected.


(Editor exe)Version No.1.02

1. Hougoumont map unit placement corrections included.

2. Action Points for a Unit adjusted when changing formation in the editor.

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Re: Marching Eagles: Waterloo
« Reply #4 on: September 19, 2019, 11:47:17 AM »
Update V1.05
03 Sep 19

Download (21.3MB)

25. Incorrect photo on British Artillery Tactical Bonus Card replaced.

26. AboutBox now a push button to close rather than a menu red cross to close.

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Re: Marching Eagles: Waterloo
« Reply #5 on: December 25, 2019, 04:48:35 AM »
Update V1.05A - V1.05X
23 Dec 2019

Download (37.6MB)


   27   Any unit can initiate a local attack if there is a leader unit present
   28   Prussian cavalry images replaced with images showing more accurate national uniforms
   29   Player Manual corrected to give corresponding colour as on the game for 'Unsteady' and 'Shaken' Unit Order status
   30   If detachment is created under FOW, new unit (detachment) is not visible on map but appears in Unit Info Box for that turn. Programme fault corrected

   31   If a unit is in March Column it can not contribute to an attack but does not stop an attack from other friendly units in the same area.
   32   Event Card allowing player to increase strength of a Unit by 1 - now prevented from adding to a Unit with a strength already at 9 or for Light Infantry a Unit with a strength already at 5.
   33   Highlighting Legendary leaders (Elite) from menu now working
   34   Distinction made between Landwehr Lancers and regular army Uhlans. Different images used on the Unit Information Box

   35   Quatre Bras - Woods left of Gemioncourt - Unit in this area unable to move further left into woods. Fault corrected.
   36   On game end, pop-up box appears giving game result for the active player. Name of player's army added to clarify which army the result applies to.
   37   If a unit attempts to move to an ineligible area (overstacking, impassable terrain) a dialog box notifies the player movement is not allowed but the highlighted areas clear allowing the unit on a right click to move to any area on the map. Fault corrected
   38   If a unit makes a move then the player clicks the 'UNDO' button the unit returns to its original position but the highlighted areas clear allowing the unit on a right click to move to any area on the map. Fault corrected.

   39   Sound track 09 replaced with Fife and Drum music of the British Guards.
   40   Screen centered better when Combat Phase is ongoing so player can see the units in the relevant area better
   41   Units with 2 Action Points but not in March Column sometimes permitted to enter Close terrain. Fault corrected.

   42   When Stop Clock in use - timer continues after game turn moved to Combat Phase at end of turn. Stop Clock now stopped once Combat Phase starts and re-starts from zero once new turn starts.
   43   Combat with leader on Attacker's side but Attack Results show -1 for Enemy Leader Present when there is no enemy leader. Fault corrected.

   44   When choosing menu - 'Display - Show Losses on Map' pop-up box appears asking the Player to choose the time the losses are displayed on a unit before moving onto the next combat. This gives the player the ability to hold the combat result longer before the game moves on to the next combat.
   45   When in Artillery Dialog, the Artillery unit chosen to Fire is highlighted on the map before the player chooses his target.
   46   Top Status bar (alongside menu) now gives Terrain in terms of the local terrain feature clicked on and the overall area terrain - Open or Close.
This aids the player quickly recognise if the terrain is suitable for cavalry and artillery movement not in 'March Column' formation on roads.

   47   After 2 hours of continuous play, screen may freeze or game lock-up. Scroller function modified to prevent this.

   48   For multiple friendly units in an area of different types and Tactical Play option is ON, friendly cavalry unit prevented from making attack. Fault resolved.
   49   If on combining 2 units of the same organisation, the unit chosen to be the one which both units form around is not Unit 1 then there is a loss of information and the Unit no longer shows on the Unit Information Box. Fault corrected.
   50   Building on Fire message occurred when no buildings in the area. Fault corrected.

   51   When unit moves to exit area under computer AI control, unit information box fails to appear. Now corrected.

   52   Unit Status health bar on left of counter now shown as thermometer with height of bar depending on initial Order Value and the amount of the bar covered depending on the existing Order Value as fraction of initial Order Value. This helps a player recognise Militia units readily compared with Veteran and Elite units
Version No.   Item No.   Description

   53   If the Allied player moves a unit from one army into an area where there is already a unit from a allied army, under FOW, the Unit's respective information boxes does not appear. Fault corrected.

   54   Combat Results box and Tactical Play box now appear at top right of screen instead of top left to reduce cases of box hiding the combat area highlighted.

   55   Toolbar buttons are released (no longer depressed when a player conducts left click on the map other than ranged artillery fire (Bombardment).

   56   Unit Status bar on counter and in Unit Information Box sometimes not in line. Fault corrected in change 52

   57   Building on Fire routine was placing the fire image in the wrong area during a Player's artillery bombardment. Now corrected.

   58 Dismounted Dragoons could not remount. Fault corrected.
   59 Introduced quicker means of firing artillery. Click on Artillery unit information box to activate unit then click menu- Units - Individual Artillery Fire followed by left click on target area.

   60 Toolbar button added for Individual Artillery Fire. Click on Artillery unit information box to activate unit then click on target area to fire.

   61 Saving a game part way through a turn under PBEM mode caused the programme to crash. Fault corrected. 62 Dismounted cavalry in Close terrain now not permitted to re-mount.

   63 French draw card 1 not allowing additional Action Point to be assigned to dismounted cavalry, only mounted cavalry. Now corrected.
   64 For Light Cavalry & Dragoons with carbines  - Information Box now shows unit ammo level.

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