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« on: December 21, 2018, 02:11:50 PM »

This city-building strategy game puts you as the chieftain of a tribe driven away from their homeland. Now you must rebuild and defend your tribe from both the elements and your old enemies.

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Forebearers Hearth & Home -Trailer (Early Access)


Forebearers - Hearth & Home is a city-building survival strategy game. As the chieftain of a tribe driven away from their homeland you will construct a settlement from the ground up while keeping the harsh conditions of nature at bay. Collect resources and expand your village in order to create a new prosperous and lasting society.

Explore strange new lands for resources and areas to settle.

Start from nothing but a few refugees and some salvaged supplies and grow to a prosperous new society.

Keep your villagers alive throughout harsh environments and disaster and protect them against threatening enemies.


   Explore and settle three different worlds with varying resource and weather conditions and different challenges.
   Find and collect basic resources like food and water to reach sustainable conditions.
   Establish production chains of several raw and refined resources.
   Locate refugees to increase your village's population.
   Expand to new areas with new towns and outposts and establish supply routes between them.
   Survive disasters such as storms, fire and diseases.
   Fortify and defend your village against wild animals and ravaging bandits.
   Find and harvest luxury resources and refine them to expensive products.
   Trade resources to become a prosperous society.
   Construct 50 different buildings and assign 22 various jobs.

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Re: Forebearers
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Changelog Beta 1.1167
2019-01-14 Forebearers - SandspireInteractive


-Added visitors, visitors will come once in a while and stay if they like the conditions.
-Removed reputation and level mechanic completely.
-Bell towers now increase the chances of visitors coming instead of giving reputation.
-Lowered the amount of refugees in the world due to the new way of gaining villagers.
-Removed max villager limit.
-Added difficulty options to disasters.
-Increased maximum storage volume on several luxury resources.
-Fixed some untranslated text in French language.
-Added German and Spanish language options.

-Plague is now treatable and does not spread as much.
-Buff effects no longer stay outside house when villager is inside.
-Water tank now begins to fill up when any well is full, not just when all wells are full.
-Rebinding rotate camera now works correctly.
-Villagers should no longer get stuck when a building they stand on dissapears due to destruction or deconstruction.
-Villagers no longer go invisible sometimes.
-Towns and outposts can no longer overlap.
-Changelog is now closing when opening another menu
-Grain should now be able to be turned into meals properly.
-Closing help menu now takes you back to previously selected game speed.
-Spices can now be produced correctly.
-Maximum storage now updating correctly on deconstruction and destruction of storage buildings.
-Resource produced in farm now updates resource produced visuals correctly on load.
-Forward camp icons no longer spawn at wrong position on load.
-Prompts are now the correct size for all language options.

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Re: Forebearers
« Reply #2 on: February 15, 2019, 03:40:23 PM »
Changelog Beta 1.1168
Forebearers - SandspireInteractive


-The situation menu has been revamped. Villagers and guardians can now be selected and and thereafter ordered around by pressing the right mouse button. Groups of guardians can be selected at the same time by pressing the group flags under the military category.
-Regular villagers can now get move orders, this will allow players to more directly control villagers and fix stuck villagers.
-Added an interface for assigning guardians to groups.
-Guardpost and patrolpost buildings has been removed and replaced by Guard and Patrol commands in the new situation menu.
-Build multiple of the same building by holding down shift during placement.
-Guardians now try to sync up their needs fulfillments. (etc, they will all eat at the same time).
-Snapping of walls and fences has been revamped. Walls and fences can now snap both at the start and end of placement to connect different stretches of fencing.
-The music has been updated and remastered.
-Slight UI updates to the construction bar.

-Villagers can no longer walk over unconstructed bridges.
-Explore flags should now be placeable at all viable locations.
-Rocks should now get removed correctly when constructing building on top of them.
-Fences does not go flying all over the screen when removed during a paused game.
-Clothes and equipment should now be loaded correctly after a save.
-A bug introduced in the last patch where gates floated in the air has been fixed.

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