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The Flight Sim Store Warning!!!!

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Author Topic: vACMI Weapon Engine  (Read 310 times)

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vACMI Weapon Engine
« on: September 25, 2018, 12:37:20 PM »
SIM SKUNK vACMI Weapon Engine

The virtual Air combat Maneuvering Installation (aka vACMI) is a tool that should help the management of joint simulated military exercises in a FSX/P3D multiplayer on-line environment and should enhance the exercise realism. as well1. vACMI manages air-to-air, air-to-ground and ground-to-air weapons with the aim to enhance the joint exercise realism and to permit a post-exercise evaluation, however the use of vACMI in a single player session also enhances realism.

vACMI has a true server-client architecture, therefore it is made of two sides: a server side with a server and a client side with several clients eventually connected with the server.

vACMI SERVER: the server side is a stand-alone executable that should be run on any lan/internet connected server machine, it does not require to have the FSX/P3D server running on same machine and must be accessible by clients.

The server has 2 operations modes:

TRAINING mode, in training mode air-to-air and ground-to-air weapons are managed but no damage will be suffered by targets

SIMULATION mode, in simulation mode targets will suffer various stages of damage depending on weapon type, launch parameters and randomness.
The server is now publicly available, actually it runs on the SSW Combat Zone:

vACMI CLIENT: The client side is  composed of a client module vACMI.dll and a gauge-like vACMI interface. vACMI.dll is a dynamic linked library written in C/C++ that takes care of the weapon management, aerial and ground targets, including drop/launch results, it also takes care of the traffic around giving some basic air to air radar features..vACMI interface gauge-like keeps the simmer informed about vACMI status and lets him select a ground target, it is written in simprop-compiled XML vACMI client is publicly available and can be downloaded at:

vACMI Web Control This application allows a user to watch the combat zone events/situation using a web browser


Presently it manages following weapons:
   AIM9 B/L short range air to air missile
   KORMORAN long range anti ship missile (German MarineFlieger Tornado only)
   GBU-12 Paveway (Harrier and Tornado only)
   HARM Defense suppression weapon (Tornado only)
   MK82,MK83,MK84,M117 General purpose bombs
   LR-25,LAU-10,LAU-3 rockets pods
   B61 special weapon training mock-up (FRF-104G Consortium, F-104S)
   MK-7 special weapon mock-up (F-84F Fighter Bomber)
   Gun (Harrier, F-84F, F-104G, F-104S, Tornado,G-91)
Also some ground to air weapons are implemented:
   SA-2/3 "Guideline" surface to air missile
   ZSU 2-4 Anti Aircraft Artillery
   ASTER 15 surface to air missile

Installer is available at SSW site under "Free stuff" top bar menu or visiting:
To download the installer one must be registered to the site, registration is free.
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Re: vACMI Weapon Engine
« Reply #1 on: September 26, 2018, 01:31:05 AM »

Mission planning and execution of simulated attack sorties is most realistic if the target positions are changed from flight to flight. For example an airfield with dispersed aircraft on the ground is a better target if the aircrafts position is changed from day to day. This is difficult if fixed scenery files are used.

vACMI Partner is a tool that positions targets on demand by using vACMI target files. It also helps to make those target files (.tgt) and navigation files such as (.ln3) and (.rde) files. Thus different specific targets can be placed at different times by using the vACMI.tgt file.

The first step is to make a .kml file with Google Earth that contains all desired waypoints and target locations; this is then used by the vACMI Partner to make vACMI specific files in an easy way.

For instance the user may want to make a file for a single target containing various target objects. After having populated a .kml file, vACMI Partner helps to make the target file. vaCMI can then make a dynamic scenery of the target itself.

Alternatively the user may want to have up to 6 targets on a single .tgt file. The selected targets are used by vACMI to manage A/G weapons, assessing CEP and to guide smart weapons such as GBU12 and AGM88 to the ground targets.

Starting from a .kml file vACMI Partner can handle vACMI target files, (.tgt), F-104/AV8B INS files (.ln3) and PA200 navigation system files (.rde)

It also can handle directly above files, it can preview and save data to .tgt, .ln3 and .rde formats, editing of data can be done in an easy way before saving data in above formats.

- Suggested WIN 10 version 1506 or higher
- .Net runtime version 4.5.2 ot higher
- Microsoft Visual Studio C++ runtime librariy version 14.0.2415 or higher (installer can install iit if needed)
- vACMI x64 version 4.0.0 or higher to have full features, can be used also with FSX/P3D v3 without dynamic scenery.
- LM Prepar3D version 4 to have the dynamic scenery, can be used also on other sim such as FSX/P3D v3 without dynamic scenery.

- vACMI Partner is released as free software under GPL License v3
- Take in mind that is a brand new software so it may suffer from typical young age defects, comments, suggestions and even complains are welcome, we hope to make it always better and more reliable in time.
- Suggested OS WIN 10 verion 1506 or higher
- .Net runtime version 4.5.2 or higher,
- Microsoft VisualStudio C++ runtime library 2015 x86, version 14.0.24215 or higher ( vACMI Partner installer can install it if needed)
- Prepar3D v4 (x64)
- vACMI version 4.0.0 (x64) or higher
- a SSW plane vACMI compliant

Installer is available at SSW site under "Free stuff" top bar menu or visiting:
To download the installer one must be registered to the site, registration is free.

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Re: vACMI Weapon Engine
« Reply #2 on: January 06, 2019, 04:53:23 PM »
Updated to V8.5.2

vACMI downloads
(For Lockheed Martin Prepar 3d version 4.2 or later)

   vACMI client version 8.5.2
   vACMI objects version 1.0.1
   vACMI objects update 1.0.2 (should be installed over version 1.0.1)
   vACMI client user manual in PDF format

Downloads: Here

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