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AccuRC 2
« on: August 23, 2018, 02:28:20 PM »

AccuRC is an RC simulator mainly for helicopters, but also drones, fixed wing and cars, including racing, FPV in Photo and 3D sceneries. Our focus lies on flight dynamics realism and accurate recreation of the way different models feel. Our users say AccuRC is the most realistic sim they ever used.

Homepage: Here
Steam: Here
Official forum: Here
YouTube: Here
Buy from the Developer: Here

Single-player, Online Multi-Playe, Local Multi-Playerr

HTC Vive / Oculus Rift

Free Demo



The first version of AccuRC flight simulator was released in 2014. Since then, thousands of RC pilots have been enjoying the most sophisticated and realistic aerodynamic simulation ever produced. After continuous program of free upgrades, we’re now about to release version 2.1 which makes the AccuRC available on Steam, with all the advantages of ease of access, instant availability and slimmed down supply chain, passing the savings on to you, the customer.

AccuRC offers RC fliers unique benefits unavailable with any other RC simulator.

Each and every model and component in the sim are created entirely as the original, often using CAD files from the manufacturers themselves. Here are some of the companies we have worked with in the past and are currently working with, enabling us to represent their products as accurately as possible:
•   BK Designs LLC
•   Compass Models
•   HD Helicopters
•   KST Servos
•   Mikado USA and VTX Designs
•   Minicopter
•   OptiPower
•   SAB Heli Division
•   Scorpion Power System Limited
•   Synergy RC
•   Velos Rotors
•   XLPower

Our simulator is designed to simulate the entire model from the servos to the blades and control surfaces, with control geometries and components accurately affecting the way things feel– it's not just simply a picture of a model. Your models can be set up to individual tastes and requirements, simply by swapping electrical and mechanical components and adjusting settings as you would do with your own model. That all is done via our unique workbench area, where you can get so close to the model that you can almost smell it.

You can setup modes for training with enhanced stability options to get you started if you so require, but also for intermediate and advanced pilots who just want to have a good time making the air burn! Using our very own AH720 flybarless unit and our unique virtual transmitter, you can customize your model setups for each aircraft down to every nuance and learn how to use advanced RC equipment.

Choose from countless helicopters, fixed wing and scale aircraft, drones and quads and buggies. Flying in 3D sceneries, you can also choose from a range of camera views to customize your flying experience even further– including first person view.

AccuRC comes with super-detailed sceneries based on actual RC flying sites along with our new 3D rendered super-scape sceneries which include stadiums, adventure parks and remote islands– ideal for any flying style from helicopter 3D, aerobatics to drone racing and first person view flying.

AccuRC's super accurate aerodynamics- and physics engine ensures the most realistic and rewarding flight experience– recognized and used by many of the world's leading RC pilots.

Controller Information

We strongly recommend an RC style controller or actual RC transmitter for AccuRC. Anything Windows recognizes as a USB Game Controller will work, or anything that can output PPM connected via our AccuRC Dongle. An XBox style controller can work, although you most likely will not get the full RC flying experience from it. AccuRC is not flyable without a controller.

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Re: AccuRC 2
« Reply #1 on: September 28, 2018, 12:10:29 AM »
AccuRC 2.0.6 bonus patch

While development of 2.0.7 is going at full speed, we learned a couple valuable new things that we could take advantage of with older builds of AccuRC as well. We decided to take a step back and fix one of the most important features of 2.0.6: MULTIPLAYER! All changes below are live and AccuRC 2.0.6 will automatically update when you start it again.

Multiplayer in general now works reliably again. You can join host sessions, join sessions and chat with people while flying online. We also greatly improved the way the models’ movements are transmitted to other people, which means way less data consumption, lower CPU workload and generally a better experience when multiple people are flying!

As a little bonus, you’ll also get the tweaked airfoils from 2.0.7 in 2.0.6 release right now. Tweaks have been made to all blades using the NACA0014 airfoil as well as all SAB blades. In summary, the stop wobbles some people experienced are gone for good, you can go faster now and you have more control power in extreme situations.

And finally, we gained some performance as well. This will especially help users with low end setups.
Give it a try!

Join our Discord server to discuss AccuRC with the developers, to get the latest news and teasers and to plan online sessions with the community:

AccuRC 2.0.6 full change log:

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Re: AccuRC 2
« Reply #2 on: November 16, 2018, 02:58:02 PM »
Help us add new models to AccuRC!
AccuRC 2 - adrianchapmanlaw

AccuRC Fans! Your mega support got us this far. You can now support us further to push development of AccuRC.

Your contributions will go towards creating new models.

Manufacturers like SAB, Synergy RC, MSH and XLPower are very kind to supply us with CAD files of their models. This makes it relatively quick and easy for us to add new models to AccuRC.

However, we’re not as fortunate with all manufacturers. Some models require us to buy a kit and put about 30 hours of Jonas’ and Saje’s manpower into measuring and modeling it up. This makes it prohibitively expensive to add such models at the level of quality you are used to seeing in AccuRC. We will use your contributions to fund buying the model kits.

You can contribute as much or as little as you want, but by contributing more you get more say in the new non CAD and if you are really keen you can get lessons thrown in too!

The models we don't have cad for and will be able to vote for are:

Align 700XN
Align 700X
Align 500X
Align 600XN
Align 470LP
Gaui NX7
Gaui X5 Formula
Gaui X3
Gaui X3L
JR Forza 700
JR Forza 450
Blade Fusion 270
Blade 360 CFX
Blade Trio 360 CFX
Blade Fusion 480
Shape S8
Align 760X

Thanks for your support!


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Re: AccuRC 2
« Reply #3 on: December 15, 2018, 02:44:13 PM »
2.0.7 is rolling out now!
AccuRC 2 - adrianchapmanlaw

It's been a while in the making, but it’s finally here! We’re bringing the latest and greatest AccuRC update to you right now.

Our gratitude has to go to our amazing community who have tested our betas build after build to provide us with feedback. We really appreciate your efforts!

For AccuRC 2.0.7, we have added some more new models:

Apache 800 size Scale helicopter
SAB Goblin 770 Sport
SAB Goblin Black Thunder Sport Havok Edition
Synergy N7
Armattan Chameleon Quadcopter

Additionally, we added all of Mikado’s new Canopies for the LOGO 700!

Other features include:
-Redesigned menu with a semi transparent look, social media links
-Greatly enhanced performance with a new “Hybrid Efficiency” mode which eliminates tail wag at low PFPS
-Way faster menu response and overall improved menu handling
-Much faster loading times, both when loading a model and when switching between workbench and flight mode
-Retuned airfoils to optimize fast flight, hard stops and autorotations
-Ability to share models online through the Steam workshop
-Sim wide MP3 player, now also usable in workbench
-Automatic detection and -setting of graphics settings to suit the machine’s performance
-Too many fixes, improvements, optimizations and other tweaks to list.

As we did with 2.0.6, we will be adding more models to this release soon before moving on to the next update. Stay tuned, we have some amazing and highly requested models in store for you!

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Re: AccuRC 2
« Reply #4 on: December 28, 2018, 01:51:54 PM »
AccuRC – 25% Off Sale

Sale ends 31st December 2018

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Re: AccuRC 2
« Reply #5 on: April 13, 2019, 11:09:29 PM »
Looks like a good simulator , I got RF 7 which is supposed to be pretty good but this looks like it may supercede it in terms of accuracy .

Not Heli related but I took my Land Rover D90 and Axial Wraith out today for some scale Rc fun , busted the drive shafts on the wraith and rolled the D90 , so both are garaged doh!

Pretty easy fixes though tbh , bit of glue and the wraith always needed upgraded driveshafts it was only a matter of time - was a really good family day out though . When i get time I'll post some pics .

Really like heli's and owned a few but scared to fly them and crash them  :lol

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Re: AccuRC 2
« Reply #6 on: May 07, 2019, 12:01:33 AM »
By Jonas Wackershauser • May 4, 2019

AccuRC is very proud to RELEASE THE KRAKEN! We have just released version 2.0.8, exclusively featuring the SAB Heli Division Goblin Kraken! We have once again partnered with SAB to exclusively bring you the latest and most anticipated Goblin- and we think it is our most stunning model to date.

AccuRC 2.0.8 packs a ton of new features, such as an improved visual transmitter, five new models, the MF Mausdorf airfield, new load screen and thumbnail renderings, EGODRIFT Tengu series motors, more component compatibility, quite a few performance tweaks and some new rotor blades as well!

New models added in AccuRC 2.0.8:

• Goblin Kraken

• LOGO 800

• Goblin Black Nitro Sport

• minicopter Diabolo

• Goblin Black Thunder Sport Drake Edition

AccuRC 2.0.8 Release 040519

•   New model
  o   SAB Goblin Kraken
•   New components
  o   SAB ThunderBolt Sport 690mm
  o   SAB ThunderBolt Sport 105mm
•   Fixes
  o   Synergy 766 tail shake fixed
  o   LOGO 800 low RPM wobbles fixed
  o   Rotor sound cutting out when returning to flight mode fixed
  o   Improved flight mode smoothness

AccuRC 2.0.8 Alpha/Beta 300419

•   New model
  o   Mikado LOGO 800 (as seen at ROTOR Live 2019)
•   Finalized Setups
  o   Goblin Black Nitro Sport
  o   Goblin Black Thunder Sport Drake Edition
•   Full compatibility of all Goblin 700 Sport/Competition booms on all compatible models
  o   Goblin Black Thunder T
  o   Goblin Black Thunder Sport
  o   Goblin KSE
  o   Goblin Havok
  o   Goblin Drake
•   Swappable, colored fins for the LOGO 700
•   Hue buttons now affect Goblin booms and L700 fins
•   General performance tweaks.
•   Fixes for low quality modes.

AccuRC 2.0.8 Alpha/Beta 240419

•   New Models
  o   Goblin Black Nitro Sport
      o   Setup not final
  o   Goblin Black Thunder Sport Drake Edition
      o   Setup not final
•   Enabled 105 engines for old nitro models (T-Rex 700N, Rave ENV)
•   Enabled Goblin Havok/BTS cano/boom cross switching
•   Improved various Goblin Sport canopy textures (nose window line accuracy)

AccuRC 2.0.8 Alpha/Beta 180419

•   New scenery
  o   MF Emskirchen
•   Newly rendered load screen images

AccuRC 2.0.8 Alpha/Beta 160419
•   Newly rendered thumbnails
•   Transmitter Setup Tweaks
  o   Reintroduced channel directional arrows.
•   Fun-Key RT-700 overhauled
  o   Updated specs to new production spec est. November 2018
  o   New mesh/texture
•   New Components
  o   EGODRIFT Tengu 4530 series (complete)
  o   EGODRIFT Tengu 4525 series (complete)
  o   EGODRIFT Tengu 4025 series (complete)
  o   EGODRIFT Tengu 3220 series (complete)

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Re: AccuRC 2
« Reply #7 on: August 14, 2019, 11:13:34 PM »
AccuRC 2.0.9 Live with GLOGO 690 SX, IRCHA and GLOBAL3D sceneries
AccuRC 2 - adrianchapmanlaw

AccuRC 2.0.9 is released! As we’re working towards AccuRC V3, we’ve decided to go with smaller, less time consuming releases, bringing you new content more frequently! Not only will you, the user benefit more from this as you'll see new content more often, but it also gives us the freedom to sometimes depart from our pre-planned development schedule to spontaneously bring you new features to enjoy. Keep an eye out!

Most noteworthy additions to AccuRC 2.0.9:

With AccuRC 2.0.9, we’re introducing the GLOGO 690 SX, Kyle Dahl’s masterpiece and Mikado’s first nitro powered helicopter in 26 years. Retaining the proven rotor systems from the LOGO 690 SX, combined with a fuel-proof carbon fiber frame, the GLOGO is one of the lightest nitro 700s available.

IRCHA Center Stage
Join the biggest RC Heli jamboree in the world, this is IRCHA! Take on Center Stage, where the most glorious demos are flown, and where The ONE Competition and Battle of the Brands were/are held. Scorpion banner included! Do you have what it takes?

Have you ever dreamed of competing among the best pilots in the world? GLOBAL 3D is the field for you! The world elite has repeatedly fought for the title of the world champion on this very field. Don't fly into the banners!

Reworked Sceneries
For 2.0.9, we have reworked a lot of our old sceneries, corrected horizon heights, added collision and tweaked the panoramas. Your favorite scenery may feel new and fresh now, while retaining its old charm you know and love.

Enhanced Rotor Disk Blur
We have paid special attention to making our rotor disks appear much more realistic, with a new shader making the disk look more vivid as it spins, various new reflections for the turning rotor and newly rendered disk blur patterns for many blades.

AccuRC 2.0.9 is released now, as a free update which will automatically download the next time you open Steam. Enjoy!
As always, you can find the full change history in our AccuRC 2.0.9 Change Log:

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Re: AccuRC 2
« Reply #8 on: October 21, 2019, 05:06:07 PM »
AccuRC 2.0.10 is out
Sat, 19 October 2019

AccuRC 2.0.10 is coming in hot, bringing you three of the hottest new helicopters of 2019! The Goblin Kraken Nitro, soXos Strike 7 and Synergy 696 officially join the AccuRC model hangar in this update.

Our gratitude goes out to Scott Graham, Synergy R/C, and Heli-Professional, who have been providing CAD files and working with us to have their products represented as accurately as absolutely possible in AccuRC 2.0.10. Each of the new heli has been carefully tuned with the feedback of their pilots to match their real world counterparts down to the tiniest details.

AccuRC 2.0.10 is now available as a free update to AccuRC 2, and will download automatically upon your next restart of the Steam client. Enjoy!

AccuRC 2.0.10: Kraken Nitro, Strike 7, Synergy 696…/

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Re: AccuRC 2
« Reply #9 on: December 18, 2019, 01:51:26 AM »
AccuRC 2.0.11
Tue, 17 December 2019

Turn it up to 11!

AccuRC 2.0.11 is now released and available through Steam!

For 2.0.11, we’re bringing you 4 new helicopters, a reimagined workbench area, a new set of blades, fixes, improvements and tweaks for your favorite simulator!

This update once again was only made possible by our incredible community, by contributing an entire helicopter model, by putting us in contact with companies, by helping us fine tune setups we have little experience with, by providing us with tons of feedback on late night alpha and beta builds, and of course with your overwhelming support and loyalty. Thank you!

As this is the last update before the holidays, we’d like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, in case you don’t hear from us again until then. That’s unlikely though. 🙂

-New helicopters-
• OXY5 MEG (12S and 6S)
• Goblin URUKAY
• LOGO 800 (production spec)
• Tarot 600

-Improved workbench-
• New, more modern and realistic materials for most objects
• New, more realistic lighting
• Heli casts a shadow on the table
• A ton of new details and improvements

-New components-
• RotorTech 610 Ultimate

-Fixes, improvements and other features-
• Vastly optimized ESC governor performance to drastically improve RPM consistency, especially at lower RPMs
• Increased sim speed range (30-200%)
• More robust multiplayer code
• Improved frame timing to prevent duplicate frames from being rendered by some machines

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Re: AccuRC 2
« Reply #10 on: April 07, 2020, 03:02:29 PM »
AccuRC 2.0.12
Thu, 12 March 2020

Updates by the Dozen!

Here’s the perfect update with new models and features to accompany you on your start into the new flying season! AccuRC 2.0.12 comes with three new helicopters, a whole lot of new rotor blades, bug fixes, performance enhancements and more!

-New Models-
•Synergy N556
•LOGO 550 SX

-New Components-
•EDGE 553
•Rail 556
•RT-560 Ultimate
•JR XB113
•OS 55 HZ

-Fixes, improvements and other features-
•Adjusted MSH Protos Nitro to new XLPower spec
•Added an option in settings to quickly and efficiently reset the simulator
•Adjusted 90 and 105 nitro engine power levels
•Made all 90 and 105 nitro engines available to all suitable models
•Improved texture rendering quality

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Re: AccuRC 2
« Reply #11 on: October 11, 2020, 12:44:28 PM »
AccuRC 2.0.14 is Released! Micro helis!
Sat, October 10, 2020

This time we’re bringing you four new helicopters, some very small ones, and a very fast one! Dive into the world of micro helis with the Ohio Model Products M2, M2 Explore and the all new Mikado LOGO 200! We have taken greatest care to model each and every component of these helis (yes, all the colors are included) in every detail to achieve unparalleled realism in their simulation.

If you’re looking to break some speed records, the SAB Heli Division Goblin Comet is for you. Push the heli to the absolute limits of speed, with a new 14S power system option you’re almost guaranteed to get going seriously fast.

Try out the new EGODRIFT canopy for the XLPower Specter 700 too- the new design is guaranteed to draw attention to your flying.

Otherwise, we improved several aspects of the sim like the GLOBAL3D Panorama, the FBL interface, wind model, multiplayer spectator and race mode, as well as a bunch of bug fixes. Enjoy!

Want to join our Discord server? >

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