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Author Topic: Tacview 1.7.2 beta 6 is available Now  (Read 557 times)

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Tacview 1.7.2 beta 6 is available Now
« on: August 12, 2018, 12:21:13 AM »

Tacview 1.7.2 beta 6 is available

Download: HERE

•   Release Date: Thu, 9 Aug 2018
•   Operating System: Windowsฎ 32-bit / 64-bit
•   File Size: 238.4 MB

Release notes

•   Added preliminary support of DCS: F/A-18C Hornet and J-11A
•   Added an option to export DCS World terrain from the exporter (manual or predefined)
•   Added support for zipped STRM1 and SRTM3 files
•   Integrated DCS: Persian Gulf Map 2.5.2
•   Updated DCS: NEVADA Test and Training Range Map to 2.5.2
•   Updated DCS: Caucasus map to 2.5.2
•   Updated DCS: Normandy 1944 Map to 2.5.2
•   Integrated IL-2 terrain texture pack declaration from Lefuneste (
•   Added an option to disable custom textures
•   It is now possible to edit the position of static objects like bullseyes
•   Added support for triangular terrain custom textures projection to be compatible with IL-2 maps
•   Camera view is now reset when starting real-time telemetry recording
•   Double-click does not switch anymore to/from full screen if shift or ctrl are pressed
•   Improved support of objects dropped from aircraft in DCS World
•   Added preliminary support for P3D native weapons
•   Added [/DisplayFrameRate:on] command line option to display the frame rate in the 3D view
•   Improved a bit the performances on lower-end computers
•   Improved time-shift tool ergonomics
•   Added /RealOnly:true command line option to disable export capabilities
•   Added /ResourceFolder:"xxx" command line option to specify additional content directory
•   Improved ergonomics of the add/edit object dialog box
•   Added ATC style label with speed in Mach
•   Labels of disabled objects are not displayed anymore unless selected
•   Current time is now displayed as an ISO-8601 string in the 3D view
•   Object position is now displayed in the 3D view only when pressing SHIFT
•   Improved important objects list readability
•   Media are automatically synchronized if the date is provided in the filename in ISO 8601 (like 20180807T211323Z)
•   Added /SessionProductKey:"xxx" command line option to use a specific product key only for the current session

•   Custom quad terrain projection was not always working properly
•   Fixed random cracks in SRTM1, SRTM3, EECH, and DCS World terrain
•   Improved acmi file merge with improper time stamps
•   Invalid numbers INF and NAN are now gracefully handled by the acmi file importer
•   Panning speed of the maximum zoom in satellite view was too fast
•   Files recorded in the NTTR map were a bit larger than in other maps
•   Objects outline was not properly displayed when terrain was set to 3D water
•   The TacviewGameGUI.lua script for DCS World was not properly uninstalled
•   Mirage 2000 AA missiles names are incorrect in DCS World
•   The telemetry displayed between selected objects is now properly placed regardless of the point of view
•   Fixed rare random crash when loading 3D models
•   It was possible anymore to time-shift an object which does not have exist in time (like a bullseye)
•   The objects lists were not always updated during real-time telemetry recording

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