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The Flight Sim Store Warning!!!!

The Flight Sim Store Warning!!!!

This store is not processing transactions properly.
They have been ignoring customer emails/tickets.
Quite a few Flight Sim devs have removed their products from this store.

I am NOT buying from them at this point. BEWARE!
The following companies do not recommend this seller: Majestic, A2A, Milviz and others.

Author Topic: SimWorks Studios Hornets  (Read 394 times)

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SimWorks Studios Hornets
« on: August 08, 2018, 01:49:03 AM »

SimWorks Studios Hornets

Time for a small preview of SimWorks Studios Hornets, which will come with the USS Nimitz as static aircraft. Beware though, because when SimWorks Studios AI technology is ready these very same Hornets will come to life.

At their current state (no loadouts) the aircraft are as performance intensive as the default FSX Cessna 172 and all our "static" aircraft will follow the same standard.

Essentially, you should be able to see the carrier launch its entire wing, have it go about its business and recover it with minimal performance impact.

While they will be static when you get them with the Nimitz, you can definitely use them as AI traffic with P3D's default traffic system to liven up your naval bases.

Disclaimer: The paint-jobs don't represent Nimitz squadrons and yes, they will be changed!

AI F/A-18C parked on the ground.

F/A-18E of VFA-31, showing all animations on the aircraft:
-Control surfaces
-Hook (not visible)
-IFR probe
-Access ladder
-Nozzles & fans

Pylons & weapons pending

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