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Author Topic: Tigers Unleashed Beta v1.2.01 (Beta B4L) 22/09/17  (Read 1226 times)

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Tigers Unleashed Beta v1.2.01 (Beta B4L) 22/09/17
« on: September 23, 2017, 01:43:52 AM »

Tigers Unleashed Beta v1.2.01 (Beta B4L) 22/09/17 

This is a D.O.W. exclusive. There is another new Beta for Tigers unleashed.

This is a beta patch. All the usual caveats apply. You might get errors, lock-ups or crashes. Please report if you do. Do not download and install this patch if you do not accept that issues can arise.

Please give feedback if you have any suggestions or issues.

Download v1.2.01 (Beta B4L) (3.84MB): Click here
Install: (make backups first)
You will need the Tigers Unleashed Beta v1.2.01 (Beta 2) 17/07/17 applied first here
Extract the file, Beta v1.2.01 (Beta B4L).
Copy it into the install directory
Overwrite existing files.

22 Sept 17:   TU v1.2.01 (Beta B4L)

* = Corrections
+ = Additions/Improvements

* Adjusted turn sequence so a “clean blank” map is always shown when a player is logging-in.
* Removed the extraneous black arrow that sometimes appeared after  giving post-unload orders to passengers.
* Fixed issue where symbols sometimes disappeared after the game was saved as a scenario.
* Fixed intermittent EEFACE error when setting IF Targets in a loc with partly known enemy units when using the Main Menu | Command | Target with Indirect Fire option.
* "NO AI Orders" SOP setting was being ignored for recon/radiation-detection type units.
* 'Emplaced' flag wasn't being correctly updated when units became passengers.
* Blocked mouse-clicks during AI/CAI processing and setup phases.
* Corrected occasional AI placement of flank obstacles in the main field instead.
* Corrected random access/EEFACE error when objects (IP's, obstacles, bridges, etc.) subjected to DE attacks.
* Fixed error deleting existing hexside type obstacles (concertina, tank ditch, etc.)
* Fixed loading error " not found" when loading in a saved game.
* No units, bridges, etc. shown after initial file loading for 2 player games (was sometimes showing enemy forces).
* Corrected FOW Location translation error when showing firing lines (either appeared incorrectly or not at all). 
* Fixed occasional combat phase lock-up due to new streamlined chain of command routines.
* "Exit auto-run on combat" checkbox now set correctly when the option is turned on.
* Fixed EEFACE error from clicking on blank portion of force selection window.
* Unit Size icons now changed correctly in force selection window when unit levels changed by hand.
* Adjusted AI flank assignment routines to move evenly allocate formations between flanks.
* Fixed issue with units not displaying correctly after being moved during placement.
* Flank units now show up correctly after being initially added to the force.
* Corrected the Place Units on Map Form unit grid - sometimes the selected row continued to move with the mouse pointer after clicking (which could also give an 'Out of Range' error).
* Fixed an issue with AI move path formulation through prohibited locs due to terrain FOW (an option which is currently disabled).
+ "Stay Behind HQ" Move SOP setting ignored if the HQ is loaded on the moving unit.
+ Added ability to set  the active player when loading a two-person scenario.
+ Added nation flag graphics for each side's Victory Location Objectives (both actual and potential).
+ Added notifications in the mouse-over text for Victory Location Objectives (both actual and false/potential) 
+ Added a timed pop-up notice when a unit is selected on the Force Tree but is a passenger;  in which case the display is changed to its carrier instead .  Can be set to "not show" in Preferences.
+ Added an information notice when giving movement orders and some units in the location are passengers (and not selectable).  Can be set to "not show" in Preferences.
+ Adjusted the Auto-Adjust Map sequence so that existing non-scenario games do not need to be saved in order to keep the terrain/elev changes.
+ Added Utility to copy existing/current TEC entries between Ground Conditions.
+ Added Leader picture to Data Editing Form.
+ The Zoom-In button stays depressed when clicked to indicate "zoom-in mode". Can be "un-clicked" to cancel the zoom.
+ Added "Report Form To Top" button on Main Form for when Combat Report Form "Stay On Top" option is not checked, and it disappears behind other forms.
+ Streamlined the Obstacles Form (used to Add/EditDelete).
+ "TF HQ Replaced" message now only shown on turns that it changes between any two units - not every turn where the original TFHQ is out of command.
+ Added ability to propagate value changes to other units from Detailed Unit Info Form (checkbox at bottom).
+ Added "n/a" and pop-up msg to IP Data Table Editor for 'Interior Hgt' field if  the IP has no overhead cover (can't be set).
+ Added "stacking/Loc space" check for IP placement (both human and AI).
+ Added discrete "Set Qty" step when manually adding new IP's to the map, along with more reasonable default value (instead of always 1).
+ Adjusted 'After-Unload Orders' form to allow for better control of composite unit considerations, and also show previously unloaded passengers.
+ Log-in form no longer closes automatically in 2-player games when password not set.
+ Impact sounds now played whether impact loc is shown or not (previously Reporting Level had to be Level 4+).

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