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« Reply #30 on: February 28, 2018, 05:20:52 PM »
Patch 1.0.11 - Achievements are here!
WARTILE - Wartile

Hi everyone
We hope that you already experienced many successful raids and that you are enjoying Wartile. To spice up your adventures further, we have with update 1.0.11 added achievements to the game, to both give you new challenges and rewards while playing Wartile.

In addition to achievements, we have added numerous improvements and bug fixes to reported issues.

We would also like ensure everyone that we are still developing on Wartile to make it a better, larger and sharper experience, but we can't reveal much at this time.

Patch notes 1.0.11

New Features:
•   Achievements are here! 58 exciting new achievements which will both challenge and reward you during your time in the Wartile universe.
•   Added a page counters to Figurine Customization, Deck Builder, and Merchant scenes, to make it easier to find and give a better sense of how many items you have collected and cards you have unlocked.
•   Added a clockwork cursor when hovering interactable objects and waypoints.

•   Add sound when equipping tokens
•   Added sound when picking up items like mead
•   Picking up the Trap on Tears of Eir should now add a trap card to the deck to allow for several uses of the Card
•   Added slight delay to Bear Trap quest
•   Improve light at the reward scene on Heidrun Clan

Bug Fixes:
•   Optimized Thor’s Wrath to prevent random crashes on some computers
•   Trial of Tyr: Player can't move after released from cage
•   Fixed tokens popping up while a unit is moving from rack to management
•   [General][Tutorial hints] You can move the camera while the tutorial hint video is running
•   Alfablot - Spirits can no longer teleport away during stuns
•   Spirits was holding the wrong weapon, now fixed
•   Cycle figurine cards hotkey stopped working
•   Pressing New Game does not reset figurines sitting by the bonfire at the start screen.
•   At the customization scene, the camera doesn't always move back after customizing
•   During Intro Sequence its possible to use Battle Cards on the battlefield and figurines.
•   Resetting key bindings removes the Pause Game Key
•   While showing objectives being complete, inputs are blocked while the game continues to play
•   Niflheim: The visual draugr model spawns after the draugr already starts attacking the unit
•   It is hard navigating equipment/merchant menus. Add feedback to help players navigate.
•   Enemy spirits have selected effect on them from time to time.
•   Ymir's Cage "break" graphics look weird (same animation as on casting)
•   Token - Eir Retribution, seems to spawn more gold than indented, no longer affects temporary units
•   trail of Tyr: Unit that is captured in a cage has the stunned animation over its head even after being released
•   Unlocked Battle Boards should drop down from the sky when entering Campaign menu
•   When picking up Grindstone no Icon shows above the figurine head
•   At Dark Forest it's no longer possible to activate the Totems with a figurine in combat
•   When moving from the Figurine Customization scene to the Figurine Rack, the animation don’t always move back to the longboat
•   During Reward scene it's no longer possible to interact with figurines
•   During the loading screen, it is no longer possible to have the game stuck in the options menu
•   Enemy figurines did sometimes move unto blocked tiles

Good luck on your future raid!

Best regards

The Wartile Devs

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« Reply #31 on: March 25, 2018, 02:29:30 AM »
What's Cooking ?

Hi everyone

Stepping out of Early Access was an awesome experience, and we have been pleased to see Wartile being enjoyed by so many people. During the first few weeks, we were busy fixing bugs and adjusting features that had slipped through our testing. we also implemented achievements with a slight delay.

Wartile is much more than just a game; it’s a system that we intend to keep expanding on to make it bigger, better and richer by adding more content and keep polishing the gaming experience. We aim to both build new content for everyone already part of the universe, but also to improve features and mechanics that we can learn from our community need more attention.

Here are some of the new things we are working on

Ability timing and communication
We feel that that ability used by enemy figurines could communicate better and we are working towards making it clear which abilities are being used and inform you if you can counteract them. An example of this could be showing that a figurine is actively casting an ability, allowing you to stun the figurine to stop the casting. In general, abilities will be the same but with more information, if you can avoid or prevent them.

Battle Encounters
We intend to improve the overall presentation of encounters and their tactical challenges for the player in a relaxed and exploration-friendly environment offering the player more time to plan for each encounter while also enforcing the narrative experience of each board.

New Battle board
Draugr is on the move, and dark clouds of evil will soon cover Midgard.

Work in progress preview

Small adjustments
We are revisiting Alfablot to make sure that players can complete the difficulty tiers instead of dying trying. The same goes for some of the masochist achievements, that might need a second sanity check, together with other reported issues.

The Dark Ages
We have also started working on something bigger for Wartile, and we can reveal that things are looking grim in Midgard, and the realm will soon enough be needing its heroes again.

PAX East
Also: April is around the corner, and PAX East is about to begin. And as you now have already guessed it: We’ll be at PAX this time, for the first time. Showing off something… new for the game which will come to the PC Version as well but which affects the game itself and its future, too. Sounds cryptic? Well, to make it a bit more precise: Soon you’ll have another option to chose how you want to control your Vikings! Meet us in Hall A, Booth 10052 to learn more.

We are keeping our cards close, but want to let you know that we are cooking like crazy from our office in Copenhagen and we are looking forward to sharing more.

Greetings and Happy raiding
The Wartile Dev Team

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« Reply #32 on: August 21, 2018, 12:22:45 AM »
A soft launch of the upcoming update
16 August - Wartile

Hi everyone

We are back, and excited to announce that the major update that we have been working on for months now is almost done and ready to be released.

With this new update, we have made some significant changes that improve not only the tactical aspect of the game but also affect the overall game experience.

Before announcing the official release of the update, we would like to invite those of you interested, to try out the new build and provide us with your feedback. Your opinion is essential for us in evaluating the design and direction of Wartile.

To provide your feedback, we have created two new pinned threads in the Steam Community Forum named Bug reporting PrePatch 1.1 and a Feedback on PrePatch 1.1

If you prefer not to use the Steam forum you are welcome to mail your feedback to us at however this prevent other players to see your feedback and share their experience.

If you want to be an early mover and try out the update and you can gain access to the beta through Wartile - properties Betas.

As we have rewritten the whole story in Wartile, we highly recommend to play the Beta as New Game, but if you want to save your current progress you need to make a backup of your current DefaultSaveSlot manually, you can find a tutorial on how to so so here.

The see the full patch notes and more in-depth instructions on how to access the beta, please visit our news post on our homepage

In your library find right-click wartile and select properties from the drop down menu

In Wartile - Properties select “Betas.” In the window “Select the beta you would like to opt into:” choose “Beta”. Now your Library should start to update to the new build, and once the update has is installed, you should be ready to go.

Please keep in mind that during the next week well will be tweaking the Beta build based on your feedback and our observations with the build; however, we do not expect there to be any significant changes.

PrePatch Highlights
•   The story has been rewritten and is now narrated with voice over.
•   A new encounter system has been implemented throughout all missions changing the way
•   you engage with the enemies.
•   Ability warnings and casting time have been added making it possible to see when enemies use an ability and sometimes it's even possible to interrupt them.
•   New cutscenes are added to support the new storyline
•   Improvements to the UI with the use of ability and action cards

We hope that these improvements are well received as we have putten a lot of effort to enhance the overall player experience in Wartile.

Kind regards
The Wartile dev team

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« Reply #33 on: September 15, 2018, 01:49:21 PM »
Major Update 1.1 Released
WARTILE - Wartile

Hi Everyone

Since the Launch of Wartile back in February, we have continued to work on Wartile with the intention to improve specific areas of the game and today we are finally ready to release a significant update to Wartile.

The free update, which has been in the works under the codename “True Viking Edition” improves Wartile in countless ways, most importantly redefining the whole story of the game. The complete story was rewritten and is now supported by cutscenes and a famous narrator George Blagden, known for playing Athelstan in the award-winning TV Show Vikings.

Key gameplay features have also been reworked to make the game more accessible and with the intention to apply a deeper tactical aspect to the game.

To celebrate the new update, Wartile is currently 40% off on Steam.

Patch Notes 1.1


New story
We are excited to introduce a whole new story for Wartile now narrated by George Blagden who did an awesome job of bringing the new story alive.

Game Play Changes

Movement overhaul
We changed the movement system to provide a more consistent experience. If your figurine is on a movement cooldown, you can queue its move, and it will move once the cooldown is done. Besides, figurines can now move through friendly figurines. This ensures a much more smooth experience both during and out of combat.

New Encounter system
Our new encounter system is a new interesting way of presenting enemies on the battle board. Instead of a dynamic AI that moves around the board as you play, we have combined the enemy encounters into small static parties that becomes alive when you enter their encounter zones as you explore the board.

Figurine Ability Warning system
•   Abilities are now visually shown in the UI with an icon and a “casting time” when used.
•   Abilities can have "casting time" allowing to react and break the casting time
•   Casting time has been added to the majority of enemy abilities (to give counterplay options)
•   Moving enemy functionality to abilities such as spirit teleport, Volva teleport, etc.
•   Also, ability special effects have received an overhaul; changing to something that should be easier to parse visually.

Three types of abilities
•   Instant cast and effect - Player can’t interrupt or avoid the effect
•   Delayed cast with instant effect - Player can interrupt and avoid the effect
•   Instant cast but delayed effect - Player can’t interrupt but maybe move to avoid the effect

Updates to difficulty tiers and enemy encounters
To increase the enjoyment of playing the difficulty tiers we have updated some of the enemy encounters with new abilities.

BB2v1 Volva of Death
•   Increased her number of abilities and made her into a more boss fight experience.
•   Added a new spearman officer with “bear trap” ability BB2v2 Volva of the Forest
•   Teleport is now an interruptible ability and gave it additional poison effect
•   Spirit teleport is now an interruptible ability

Changes to Waypoints
•   Waypoints will now respawn your dead figurines.

Near Death warnings
•   When figurines die the first time, they're reduced to 1 hp
•   Time slows down for a short while to allow the player to react
•   After happening, this incurs a 30-second cooldown before it can happen again

Bear traps
•   Bear traps now occasionally emit some smoke to give away their presence

Ability and Action Cards
•   Unit Ability and Action cards have a new feedback method for targeting and use that should make the use of cards more responsive. Also, a number of new action cards have been added.
•   The Cooldown icon is now displayed on the top right corner of the cards and is grayed out when on Cooldown.

New action cards and changes to figurine abilities
•   We have added some additional action cards to bring in deck management earlier in the progression cycle. During this process, we have made some changes to figurine abilities as well.

Action Cards:
•   Rage: Send your figurine into a rage increasing his attack speed while decreasing defenses
•   Banner: Spawn a banner on the field providing bonuses to nearby friendly figurines
•   Supply Crate: Spawn a random item
•   Roadblock: Spawn a roadblock that slows nearby enemy figurines.

Ability Cards:
•   Replaced “Banner” on Hakon with the new ability “Axe Throw”
•   Axe Throw: Throw an axe dealing damage to target enemy figurine
•   Swapped “Shield Push” and “Armor Break” on Hakon and Jorim

Unlocking difficulty tiers
•   Secondary objectives are no longer required to unlock higher difficulties. New UI feedback has been added to show if a player has completed all objectives or only the primary.

The Tavern
•   Figurines are now always shown in the shop, allowing the player to preview figurines that will become available during the game.

Changes to the Battle Boards
•   New cutscenes introducing critical points in the story
•   In connection with the changed narrative the Battle Board Home Village a new tutorial map has been added.
•   BB1v1 Goat objective has been slightly changed (Goat is picked up from the tutorial map)
•   Battle Board 1v3 has been added as a small outro map in connection with the story update.

(Prologue Board The home village)
•   Updated the tutorial to reveal the various items and hints on the fly.

Alfablot Board
•   Moved some of the groups around. In particular, the "greater spirit" is moved to less frustrating positions.
•   Moved the save point up to allow saving just before the final two encounters
•   Changes to spirit/ Volva teleports (allows the player to interrupt the cast time more clearly)
•   Added path after early loot point to facilitate traversal
•   Added path to flank the final fight
•   Added entrance to Yggdrasil (but you can't enter it.. :) )

•   Many of the fights are converted to ambushes using the new encounter system.

•   Gamepads are now supported
•   Game also slow down when hovering action and ability cards
•   Merchant algorithm for selection of items has changed to provide more relevant items

Supported languages
•   English
•   German
•   Simplified Chinese
•   Italian
•   Frensh
•   Spanish
•   Russian

If anyone in the community would like to help you finish the localization of the new update to the following languages, it would be great.
•   Polish
•   Portuguise

We hope that everyone will enjoy the update.

Best regards

The Wartile dev team

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« Reply #34 on: September 22, 2018, 12:27:43 AM »
Getting ready for the weekend
21 September - Wartile

Hi everyone

Wartile Major Update 1.1 Trailer

One week has now passed since our major patch update, and as expected we have been busy reviewing both feedback and hotfix issues reported by our community.

We have collected all the hotfixes since the patch 1.1 release in this announcement.

The 40% discount on Wartile will be running for another week, so there is plenty of time to let your inner Viking out if you haven't already :)

Hotfix Patch 1.1.3

Added Casual difficulty mode
Finding the exact level of difficulty that fits the most people is very hard. And we could tweak Wartile up, down and sideways forever and still some would find it too easy or difficult.

To embrace everyone we have created a casual difficulty mode in addition to the normal mode, that players can toggle between at any time from the options menu. With casual mode, all your Vikings get a significant boost to their stats, let's call it the blessings of Odin :). The player still needs to apply a certain amount of tactical attention to the combat.

We hope that some of our players will embrace this option as an invitation to get back into the fight.

Other issues:
•   Lost Norse Battle board, after reloading from waypoints to many Lost Norse enemies would spawn from the boats.
•   Slightly increased the spawn rate of Lost Norse from boats at the Lost Norse board.
•   Reduced the damage from poison bombs on Lost Norse Tier One, while also increasing their time on the map.
•   At the Niflheim Board we made it possible to exit the cave to complete the quest, while your party is in combat. However, all figurines in the party still need to be next to the cave exit.
•   At the Niflheim Board, we the moved relic to avoid friendly units spawning behind enemy spawn tile.
•   When taking water from Mimir’s well, a point of interest effect now spawn at the cave exit.
•   After reloading waypoints on The Lost Norse Battle board, too many units would spawn
•   Reduced the damage of the Bombers poison on The Lost Norse Battle Board
•   Updated some figurine names in the Chinese translation.

Hotfix Patch 1.1.2
•   Event Cards showing Ambush or The Alarm on The Rescue Battleboard now shows correctly
•   Crash problem happening on Alfablot on the two harder difficulties
•   Units could move through barriers which were intended to block movement
•   When using a controller; right stick rotation would stop working after entering the options menu.
•   After swapping items with the controller, an object would become non-selectable
•   Added graphics options when opening the options menu with the controller
•   Optimized fire effect causing performance problems

Hotfix for Patch 1.1.1
•   Fixed an issue causing Voice Over to not work in Chinese, this also caused multiple other issues, such as being unable to interact with objects.
•   Fixed an issue causing the deck builder to sometimes spawn an invalid card.
•   Trial of Tyr: Fixed an issue causing enemy figurines to not properly move.
•   Lost Norse (Balancing): Made boat spawn timer a few seconds longer
•   Lost Norse (Balancing): Significantly reduced Health and Defense on new "bomber" units.
•   Improved lighting on Tears of Eir and Lost Norse

Thanks for reading, have a great weekend everyone

Kind regards

The Wartile Dev Team

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« Reply #35 on: October 01, 2018, 03:51:41 PM »
Hotfix patch 1.1.4

•   BB1v2 Encounter zone from boss encounter below start can be triggered from tile next to bonfire (Fixed)
•   Give Bandit Leader teleport ability a small delay (to see ability cast) (Fixed)
•   Alfablot: Greater Spirit can no longer teleport the second it lands (In addition, small spirits have slightly longer flight time) (edited)
•   Update Controller Scheme images for both in-game and menu controls (In English only)
•   Added HUD showing buttons to pick and use abilities
•   Improvement figurine navigation with the controller
•   Improved controller navigation in Unit Management and Merchant
•   updated Japanese translation

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« Reply #36 on: October 30, 2018, 12:03:40 AM »
New Halloween Board Released
WARTILE - Wartile
It's Halloween and everyone knows that Vikings was known for dressing in Pumpkin helmets, during the celebration of Alfablot. ːsteamhappyː

To participate in this celebration we have created a seasonally Halloween themed battle board available for a limited time.

The new board features different Pumpkin demons, lots of skeletons and some unique rewards that you get to keep even after Halloween. All three difficulty tiers are open from the get-go so that you play the reputation level that fits you the best.

Also, note that during the Halloween Sale there is a 35% discount on Wartile

We hope that you will enjoy the Halloween board and please share some pictures of your Heroes as they venture into the pumpkin field.

Other minor changes
•   Nerfed difficulty one on Dark forest and Heidrun clan a bit
•   Nerfed difficulty one for Trail of Tyr
•   Add tutorial hint for burning down the wall
•   Add sound effect when unlocking the tower.
•   Trail of Tyr: Effect on mead is showing while there is nothing to pick up.
•   Thors Wrath: False trigger zone
•   Some fixed for draugr death animations

Happy Hunting

The Wartile Dev Team

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« Reply #37 on: November 23, 2018, 01:15:37 AM »
Wartile on Autumn Sale and a small patch
WARTILE - Wartile

Hi everyone

Days are swiftly passing by, and Autumn have arrived with its dark mornings and chilly winds. Are you are looking for an excuse to stay inside without missing out on epic adventures, brutal Vikings and Norse lore, then Wartile is 35% off and the Original soundtrack 15% off during the Autumn Steam sale.

During Halloween, we had a seasonal board available for our players, and it was a great success, this is something we would love to do more of in the future if we get the chance. We hope that most of you had the chance to get your fingers on some of the rewards, else we expect it to be up again next year:)

We have just uploaded a minor patch

We have changed the light setting at the introduction battle board to be more spectacular.

For anyone playing with gamepads, we have made some major improvements regarding communication and controller setup. Please be aware that we are still working on the controller setup and are open for any feedback you might have. We have added a Gamepad feedback post in the forum.

Furthermore, we have made some minor adjustments to the achievements.
Two of our achievements, A Taste for Gold - Collect 1.000 gold and A Collection for Kings - Loot 1.000 items as we realize it was set to a way too high a threshold.

To fix this the three collect gold achievements will be changed from 1.000/10.000/100.000 to 100/1.000/10.000 and loot achievements from 10/100/1.000 to 1/10/100.

If some of you hard working Vikings have been struggling to achieve the 1000 items or 100.000 gold threshold and were getting close, please write us in the comments below and we will find a way to honor your efforts.

As a final note we just want to let you know that we are still making improvements and new content to Wartile and hope that you enjoy Wartile as much as we enjoy making it.

Kind regards

The Wartile Dev Team

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« Reply #38 on: December 21, 2018, 03:54:24 PM »
Winter Sale The Yule Raid
WARTILE - Wartile

In cover from the cold winds, we have been preparing a small Christmas present for you all, and you even get to open it right away.

The Yule Raid
A new seasonal board is now available during the next few weeks.

Sadly your stockpile of mead is of poor quality and not a Jarl worthy; however, rumors about Lord Havengore’s amazing home-brewed mead have traveled the sea, and soon you set sails to ensure that the Yule celebrations this year is worth remembering.

All difficulty tiers are unlocked, and we recommend taking the one closest to your current reputation level.

The rewards are sponsored by Lord Havengore himself, however without his consent.
•   Reputation 3 - Shield of the house Havengore
•   Difficulty 7 - Sword of the house Havengore
•   Difficulty 23 - Longsword of the house Havengore

Introducing the Free Cam Beta version

We have received numerous request for a free camera mode allowing players to set up better and more exciting screenshots, and we would like to share the camera tool we are using to setup screenshots and record small movies from within Wartile. Please keep in mind that it's in Beta and might expose parts of the level design only intended to be viewed by us the developers :)

Press F10 while on a Battle board to open the Free Cam Mode

Post a screenshot
We request everyone to share their favorite screenshot from Wartile with the community and us and would like to reward the ten best screenshots with a Deluxe Edition of Wartile to gift away.

You can share the screenshots at the Steam wartile screenshot section, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #Wartile from today, until the 4th of January where we will collect and announce the winners :)

@Wartile - Facebook
@Wartile - Twitter
@Wartile - Instagram

Other update notes patch
•   Small visual changes to Ability & Action cards
•   UI improvements especially for Controllers
•   Fixed minor bugs, including one with Difficulty settings.

Furthermore, Wartile is 40% off during the Steam Winter sales.

We hope that you enjoy and the Yule Battle Board and the Havengore homebrew.

Kind regards the Wartile Dev team

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« Reply #39 on: June 27, 2019, 12:10:49 AM »
Summer Sale and news
26 Jun @ 1:27pm - Wartile

50% discount on Wartile now
Summer Sale is here with a smashing 50% discount. A great opportunity to save some money while also getting the chance to swing your axe towards some of the Giants in Jotunheim.

Wartile Art Work
Talking about giants, this is the artwork done by Julijana Mijailovic on the frost giants roaming in the Jotunheim and Nilfheim Battle Boards.

News on the DLC
We are working hard to conclude the upcoming story DLC Hel’s Nightmare. We would like to share a few screenshots of what you guys can expect.

We will be revealing much more of the new DLC moving forward so stay tuned :)

Before letting go of you guys we would like to make a shout out to our Norwegian friends who are running a Kickstarter for TaleSpire, a digital board game where you can play Pen & Paper Roleplaying games with your friends online.

Lots of summer greetings

From the Wartile Dev Team

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« Reply #40 on: October 24, 2019, 01:09:25 AM »
Wartile Coming to Tilt Five: Tabletop Augmented Reality
Wed, 23 October 2019

Hi everyone

When we started developing Wartile, our goal was to create a miniature world coming to life inspired by our fascination with board games, D&D, and miniature figurines.

Just a few weeks ago, we stumbled across Tilt Fives successfully Kickstarter campaign and immediately fell in love with their tabletop AR technology that brings the miniature world to life.

Tilt Five Through the Glasses Lens

Wartile is a perfect fit for Tilt Five, and we are very excited to announce that Wartile will be supporting the Tilt Five tabletop AR, and We can’t wait to see the handcrafted diorama boards and battling figurines materialize as a vibrant 3D world in front of our players.

Visit Kickstarter here:

If you are interested in learning more about the Tilt Five tabletop AR, drop them a visit and see what they are up to, it's still possible to grab yourself a Tilt Five system.

Best regards

The Wartile Dev Team


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« Reply #41 on: October 28, 2019, 11:23:21 PM »
Halloween update
Mon, 28 October 2019

Hi Everyone

The Pumpkin Harvest Halloween themed battle board is once again available and this time for unlimited time just like the Yule raid seasonally themed board.

Apart from the distinct pleasure of smashing laughing pumpkin heads and helping out nearby farmers by reclaiming their fields, you can also earn new equipment that could serve you well in future endeavors.


•   Reputation 3 - Pumpkin Howl & Njord's Blessing
•   Reputation 13 - Fiery Mace (like the one melting Ulrik's face)
•   Reputation 23 - Staff of the Harrowed

Halloween Sale
If you do not already own Wartile and would like to try it out, now you can save 50% during the Steam Halloween Sale. (Sale start at 10 am PST) -50% = £7.49

It has been a long time since our last patch update, and honestly too long. We have been porting Wartile to Consoles while simultaneously developing the upcoming expansion for Wartile, resulting in lots of new code to the game that had to be sorted out before releasing the hotfixes.

Anyway, here are some of the most critical changes in this update.

Patch notes

•   AI should no longer overstep and cancel players moves
•   Possible crash and lose of save game if pressing a certain key in a special menu removed
•   Significant optimization in overall performance
•   Shorter delay on throwing oil bombs
•   Menu shows correct difficulty mode
•   Updated localization
•   Fixed issues with some tokens duplicating
•   Fixed issue where Freyr’s Omen did not work
•   Units are now included in the score on Alphablot
•   Lowered crowsuicide from 2 to 0.5 sec
•   An important bug - glitch - allowing you to cheat! By pretending to change your resolution during combat it would refill your figurine's health when you returned from options.

Updated localization for French, German, Spanish and Italien

Gameplay changes:

•   Ymirs Cage now cost 6 battle points
•   Break Armor increased duration from 10 to 20 seconds lower cooldown from 40 to 30 sec.
•   ForceAttack damage increased from 30 to 50
•   Headbutt skill debuff increased from -10 to -20 and duration increased from 8 to 20 sec movement debuff increased from -1 to -2 Cooldown lowered from 45 to 35.
•   Immobilize duration increased from 15 to 20 seconds.
•   Shield Bash increased duration from 6 to 8 seconds, cooldown lowered from 45 to 35
•   Shield Push cooldown lowered from 30 to 25 seconds
•   Shield Wall cooldown reduced from 60 to 40 seconds
•   Taunt cooldown lowered from 45 to 30 seconds
•   Volva Crow suicided Stun duration increased from 6 to 10 sec cooldown reduced from 60 to 20 seconds
•   Volva rot curse duration increased to 60 sec cooldown reduced to from 35 sec to 30
•   Volva Swarm duration increased from 12 to 20 sec, cooldown reduced from 60 sec to 50 sec.
•   Warhorn duration increased from 15 to 25 sec.
•   Curse of old age Stun duration increased from 4 to 6 seconds
•   Curse of sloth cost increased from 3 to 5 battle points
•   Poison Jar cost lowered from 7 to 5 battle points
•   Pilgrims madness duration increased from 10 to 20

We made these significant changes to increase the impact of figurine abilities during battle.

We hope that everyone will have a scary Halloween and find the energy and time to save the villagers from the pumpkin demons.

Spooky wishes from the Wartile Dev Team

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Singles Day Sale

-50%  =  £7.49
Ends: Tue, 12 November 2019 @ 16:00 GMT

Honestly, we did not know this existed before a few days ago.

The single sticks holiday, where singles celebrating the single life by throwing a party or buying gifts not for others but for themselves.

The internet state that this started by a group of students at Nanjing University who wanted to celebrate their singledom. But have later been adopted and commercialized to become a huge shopping day in China and now globally.

We usually don't need excuses to spoil ourselves with a great game to dive into, but if it comes with a discount even better. So in case you are Single and on the fence about Wartile, this might be your excuse to try it out, or maybe gift away to one of your single friends :steamhappy:

Back in 2018 Just before going into Early Access, Wartile went single-player after struggling to get the multiplayer implementation to work. It was a hard break but we had to prioritize and abandon it so that we could focus on getting the game ready and move forward.

So today, Wartile also celebrates being a single-player campaign full of mysterious lore, adventurous encounters, and thrilling battles.

Best regards

The Wartile Dev Team

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Hel's Nightmare release date
Wed, 18 March 2020

We are happy to announce that our long-awaited DLC for Wartile, Hel's Nightmare, is now set to be released on the 5th of May.

Furthermore, are Wartile coming to the PS4 and Xbox One on the 24th of Marts and can until then be pre-ordered for Xbox One at 10% discount.

These releases are something we have been working on for more than a year, so needless to say, its a tremendous achievement, and we celebrate this with a 50% Spring discount on Wartile.

About Hel's Nightmare

Evil powers have been awoken, and a horde of Draugr Warriors is pouring into the Norse regions, leaving trails of death and chaos in its wake. The King of the North watches as villages are pillaged, and its civilians captured and brought to Hel's Pillar.

Once again, your fellowship must raise arms against the undead threat.

Wartile Hel's Nightmare

Enjoy five brand new handcrafted battle boards, continuing the story after Niflheim. Each battle board is offering variated tactical challenges, set in a unique mood and style. Lead your Viking fellowship into the Hel's Nightmare accompanied by the new hero Ogier the Dane.

As the world outside comes to a complete standstill, we also work from home, trying to adapt our work and family life with the situation.

Our thoughts and sympathy go to everyone affected by the current events and hope that at least we can bring some joy and happiness into everyday life.

Best regards

The Wartile Dev Team

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Wartile Hel's Nightmare

This content requires the base game WARTILE on Steam in order to play.

Too late, you realize the ultimate betrayal, and once again, your Viking champions must rise to the fight.

Home page


Wartile DLC Hel's Nightmare


Evil powers have been awoken and a horde of Draugr Warriors is pouring into the Norse regions, leaving trails of death and chaos in its wake. The King of the North watches silently as villages are pillaged and its civilians captured and brought to Hel’s Pillar. Once again your fellowship must raise arms against the undead threat.

Today we set sails to Hel's Nightmare, the follow up from the Wartile Campaign plunging your war party into a desperate effort to save the North from the darkness of the underworld.

With Hel's Nightmare, we introduce five unique handcrafted battle boards, taking you on a journey to the tomb of Ogier the Dane, into the dark, twisting caves below Yggdrasil and to Hel’s Pillar where cursed souls of Middle-earth are shaping the bridge to the depth of Niflheim.

Content & Features

•   Five new custom-designed diorama battle boards - Offering variated tactical challenges, all set in a unique mood and style.

•   New Viking hero - Unlock Ogier the Dane a strong two-handed wielding warrior.

•   Four new Action Cards – Unlock new action cards to spice up your tactical game.

•   Eight new Unique Items – Weapons and armor with magical powers tipping the balance of battle.

•   Two new Power Tokens – Upgrade your Vikings with the secret powers of the gods.

•   New Draugr armor set - Gear up as the undead horde from the underworld.

Difficulty Tiers

The reputation tiers at the first battle board Trail of Death are set to 18/24/33 hopefully this will cover the various reputation stages that players might have. All tiers will be unlocked from the start allowing players to choose the reputation tier that fits them best. Jumping to a higher tier will unlock the items from the tiers below it.

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