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Author Topic: An interesting development and the next flight [Korea campaign]  (Read 2464 times)

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An interesting development and the next flight [Korea campaign]
« on: January 17, 2017, 10:12:55 PM »
So as iv'e mntioned before i have saved 2 files for our campaing, one which is immidiatly after our last flight, and one which i have continued from the commander seat, where i mostly planned flights, alothugth i did take a few...
In the save file that i have continued i was shocked to find on the begining of the secound day that the enemy really doesn't have much more airforce: theres 5 J5's in phanyoung, and then there's 11 J11's and 5 Su30's in shenyang. The rest of the enemy airforces are either destroyed or grounded due to damaged runways.

These surviving fighters have been desperatly trying to defend aginst our ground strikes but they haven't been doing too well, it is likely that their squadrons are short on fuel and ammo due to them counstently flying. Also, since they are trying to keep a pair of aircrats on the border at all times, and thats a very long flight from them to the border and back, it apears that there's 6 pairs or so airborne at any given moment, mostly away from the base and on or enroute to the border, which really doesn't leave much to defend the base...

I don't belive we will get a better chance then this, i know it's crazy, but i think we should go for an OCA strike at Shenyang (for those who are not familier with the geography, this is the airbase at the top left side of the map, probebly the farthest one, or the secound farthest one from us). There's an SA10 along the route, but i belive we can tarrain mask from it, we can do so for most of the way over there actually... i expect there will be a LOT of popup threats, in fact i would suggest only two aircraft take bombs and the rest take HTS and Small Diameter Bombs, when we encounter a SAM site we'll use ONE to disable the radar only, and hopefully these would be enougth. Remember there are two runways and we need to take out both of those, so we can't really miss...

Overall this is probebly a suecide mission, but if it's ever gonna work, it's probebly now, i can tell you guys iv'e never been this far behind enemy lines in any theater in BMS, let alone came back... we don't have to do this if you guys don't want to, i think it'll be awsome.

So Load your pistols and familiraize yourself with your evasion plan, shit is about to get real.

oh and one more thing...

It's night time.
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Re: An interesting development and the next flight [Korea campaign]
« Reply #1 on: January 18, 2017, 09:17:30 PM »
This sounds interesting.  Count me in. :) I have to do my IAM qualification to take part in this flight but I should be able to take a few flights on Friday evening.

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Re: An interesting development and the next flight [Korea campaign]
« Reply #2 on: January 18, 2017, 09:38:36 PM »
Friday evening isn't possibole for me, i can do tommorow evening maybe or earlyer on saturday.

However i have tested IAM's today and it seems my tactic isn't as effective as i'd hoped, since you can't diractly use the HAD to target the SDB's, you are limited to the range of the TGP, which in the case of the SA10, is simply too close, it's a little close even with the SA2, and either way takes time, at high altitude, which we don't have, seems like we'll have to take AGM88's after all and hope we don't meet too many SAM's, try to lean around as much as possible and target only those that are close in...
We have another problem: there's a large strech of flat tarrain after we exit the vally towards the target, any SAM's on the airbase will have a shot at us... This seems very tricky...

I don't think we'll make it if we don't disable all the SAM's on the target. We might have to go high and SEAD our way. Oh and just to make things worse, the ingress that seems safe is about 350nm, if we ditch the jammers for anoter tank we could carry 17,000 pounds of fuel, but i'm afraid we'd still be short on fuel, it's low altitude...

So, no SDB's, man i whish we could use the spice...



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