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Graviteam Tactics: Operation Star
« on: March 04, 2015, 06:15:51 PM »
Graviteam Tactics: Operation Star

Achtung Panzer/Graviteam Tactics: Operation Star
Graviteam Tactics: Operation Star is a sequel to Achtung Panzer: Kharkov 1943. It’s an Eastern Front war game with solid graphics and sprawling battlefields that really emphasizes the scope of WWII tank combat.

Want to step into the role of a commander in the very heart of Kharkov’s defense? You'll have everything the officers had back then: tanks, guns, and fearless soldiers. The success of each opposing force hangs in the balance every day. Your decisions will determine who wins the Battle of Kharkov.

Lots of DLC for different conflicts available


•   8 operations for the Red Army and Wehrmacht
•   More than 40 detailed units of the Soviet Union, Germany and the UK, including Pz IV "Tiger", MkII "Matilda" and KV-1 with various modifications
•   Huge realistic landscapes (260 sq km), reconstructed by the topographic maps and photos- Built-in operations editor
•   Quick battle anywhere in the operation areas
•   Statistics and achivements after the battle
•   Modification utility
•   Encyclopedia of military equipment
•   Realistic simulation of the structure of divisions and subdivisions, soldiers morale and stamina
•   Realistic physical model of technics, ballistics, deformable terrain and destructable objects
•   Dynamic change of weather and time of day, affecting the gameplay
•   Two game modes - the operational and tactical
•   Large-scale battles involving various arms
•   Flexible configuration system
•   Smoke screens, flares e.t.c.


apos aug12 trailer 01

Official site:
Official Forum:
Manual: Manual:
Official YouTube Channel:
Gravitac Wiki:
Graviteam Tactics guidesi:

Graviteam Tactics Features Part 1

Graviteam Tactics Features Part 2A

Graviteam Tactics Features Part 2B

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Re: Graviteam Tactics: Operation Star
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Updated original post with new manual

Tactical and Operative modes
(for Achtung Panzer and Steel Armor series)
v. 2011.12.17

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