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Naval Action: Patches/Updates
« on: February 25, 2015, 09:01:45 PM »
Patch 25 February 2015

 Posted Today, 01:30 PM

Whats new

2 Chat commands added:

    /ignore PlayerName  - adds a player to ignore list
    /unignore PlayerName - deletes a player from ignore list

Brig improvements

    You can now install 24lb carronades on a NavyBrig
    Speed increased for both brig versions
    Waterline position changed for the Navybrig. It is no longer a barn.
    Planking increased for both brig versions
    Turning improved for both brig versions
    Length of broadside lowered for both brigs (to reduce sound desync - in the future the system will be reworked to get rid of desync completely)

It will still not be a best turner, but will have a good speed and weaponry advantage.

Other changes

    Pvp room is now open for all vessels
    Figurehead added for Santisima Trinidad
    Fixed bug for game not launching if rare characters were used in game path.

Patch is not live yet will be uploaded today.
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Re: Patches/Updates
« Reply #1 on: July 30, 2015, 08:58:04 PM »
OW Patch #6 is deployed 30-07-15.

What's new:
    New exciting bugs added
    New boarding added : more information here.
        we are also adding a guide soon
    Heel indicator added on the compass
    New boarding upgrades added and old reworked
    IMPORTANT: Repairs. We have returned sea trials repair mechanics to testing. You have no cooldowns on repairs and can only use 3 during battle. Repairs are separate and only repairs Sails OR Hull (not both). Please report on new repairs in the repair feedback topic here.
    Crew recovery is moved to Surgeon button with 20 min cooldown - we keep crew recovery in this patch because of boarding for testing.

Fixed bugs:
    Rum rations prices fixed.
    Captured ship repair price was 3x higher - fixed now for newly captured vessels. Old captured ships are unique and will keep old huge repair price. sell them or lose in battle
    After realistic historical ship masses were added some ships heel was broken. Tuned to be me more proper. Please report heel inconsistencies in ship feedback topics
    Boarding kills should be now shown in the battle result screens (previously xp was proper but crew count always wrong).

    AI behaviour is somewhat improved. They will collide less in large battles. But will still be aggressive against players.
    Brig and Navy Brig planking buffed
    PvE and PvP monetary rewards increased. Penalties for fighting multiple smaller vessels reduced.
    Ship prices rebalanced to take their performance and survivability into account. Repair prices were also rebalanced.
    Attention. old ships you have will have old repair prices. Some ships you have will have higher repair prices than exact same new ships you buy or capture. If you are unhappy, with the repair price on your old ships sell them or lose in battle..

Testing Focus: Boarding, Trading and New ship prices and repair costs.

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Re: Patches/Updates
« Reply #2 on: July 31, 2015, 06:31:34 PM »
Minor update:

 Posted 31 July 2015 - 12:44 PM

    Preparation required to initiate boarding has been reduced to 50 from 70.

We are aware of the following problems - keep them in mind when playing

    Bot collisions - will be improved next week
    If you capture a cutter by a constitution and transfer to that vessel your crew in instance will remain 40 up to the end of the battle, even if you transfer back to your original 450 men ship - bug
    Crashes. A lot more crashed because of new code additions - please report crashed by the radio button Report crash in Steam before launching the game.
    Morale shock losses is too high on high level ships
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Re: Patches/Updates
« Reply #3 on: August 07, 2015, 07:23:24 PM »
Minor patch update: 05-08-15

Posted 05 August 2015 - 07:55 PM


    Boarding crew focuses now properly gives bonuses to sailing and penalties to gunnery. As most your crew is on deck.
    Fixed the "maternity hospital bug" where crew recovery (surgeon) was based on the ship you were commanding when using the surgeon skill and not the original crew. Causing you constantly creating men.
    Fixed the "graveyard bug" where your crew was consistently lower when you were taking command of the lower base crew ships.
    Fixed the "G spot bug" which did not let you grapple the enemy ship at certain spots or positions
    Attack is no longer is killing half of the crew against fire grenades



    Command switch cost is now 20% of the command you want to switch to
    Command switch cost starts going up at 11th second of the round and goes up until the last second reaching 50% of the command cost
        For example. Attack costs 30 preparation. If you switch to attack at the last second it will cost 45 preparation (30 attack cost + 15 switch cost)
    If both sides switch on disengage boarding will end immediately
    Morale shock calculations are fixed. Morale shock drop will depend on the % of crew lost, not on the absolute men lost.
        morale shock is the extra morale drop if you lose more men than enemy. losing 10% crew for example loses 10% morale, but losing 50% crew because of the devastating nature will most likely lost 70% morale.
    Minor changes in musket, grenade and deck gun damage
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Re: Patches/Updates
« Reply #4 on: August 07, 2015, 07:31:17 PM »
Minor patch update: 07-08-15

Minor boarding tuning patch

Main changes

    Command differences are now less costly.
    Morale shock tweaked
    Switching costs rebalanced. You lose significant amounts of preparation if you switch at the last moments (or wait in general). Best strategy now is to pick the command in the beginning and stick to it.
    Attack cost lowered to 20 preparation
    Attack duration is now 1 round
    Deck gun reload increased
    Brace and defend now inflict some damage to the enemy due to musket fire.
    Overall damage lowered.

Overall dynamics have changed this way.

    If you are not sure if you can win - better disengage
    To be sure - destroy enemy crew before the boarding. Equal ships can expect a prolonged unconvincing battle with significant losses for both sides.

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Re: Patches/Updates
« Reply #5 on: August 13, 2015, 11:40:54 AM »
Bug fixing patch 11 August

1) Surgeon skill now does not reset when changing ships - bug
2) Normal repairs now don't reset if you change to enemy ship and back - bug
3) Pirates who were not pulled to instance can now enter the battle on one of the sides (before it was always sending you or npc to the attacker side)
4) Continued testing of sinking. All pumps received 15% bonus.
5) Bellona received historical weaponry on upper deck
6) Surprise increased turning buff and 1kn. Next patch belle Poule, frigate turn rate might be lowered a bit
7) bellona pavel and constitution turn rate increased by 0.1 degree per sec
8 ) cooldown for module repairs doubled
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Re: Patches/Updates
« Reply #6 on: September 03, 2015, 08:10:17 PM »
Patch 7 update - delays.

Posted 02 Sept, 03:37 PM

Captains - expect patch delays. We need more time. New ETA is next wednesday.

But there is good news too.

We want to deliver a preliminary data changes patch tomorrow (that only changes some numbers based on your proposals in the data change request topic ) and here is an interesting idea.
Let's try something different in addition to those changes.


For example.

Lets increase HP a bit and disable repairs completely in a safe risk free environment

(they will be back if we don't like it but what if it becomes more awesome?)

Is there anything else you wanted to try?

Original post:

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Re: Patches/Updates
« Reply #7 on: September 04, 2015, 06:43:59 PM »
Experimental Patch 04 Sept

Posted Today, 02:41 PM

admin, on 04 Sept 2015 - 11:15 AM, said:

    Hello Captains
    These are going to be unusual patch notes. Because it is a very experimental patch. These patch notes are in the combat section because they only concern combat.
    As we are getting closer to Early access release we have some community debt to deliver on. Some requests that you were asking for were too risky to test in a normal environment and we delayed them. Today is the day. We will have almost a week to test the craziest ideas.
    Please spread the info in chat if you see that people are puzzled about the changes.

    Important potentially game changing changes

        Low speed turning is decreased for all vessels: Because many people said they liked the turning more in the beginning of the sea trials. And probably forgot that it was too slow for others.
        Stationary turning is significantly decreased for heavy vessels, and moderately decreased for medium vessels.
        Repairs are gone completely - ship/mast/sail integrity is buffed accordingly. Many said that ships should be repaired slowly or should only repair in ports. We hope this patch will help to guide everyone to the right decision
        Surgeon is gone now - multiple requests
        Rudder hp is lowered by 50% across all vessels
        Structural leaks are much lower now
        Leaks from shots are going to happen much more often now. Ships will have to control the flooding by managing heel, shots at the waterline are becoming very important now.
        As a result of 5.6 ships combat should be more realistic in terms of how ships sink (not from losing integrity but from actual leaks) - but we warn you it is not necessarily making the combat more fun ;)

    Other changes

        Heavier weaponry should have a bit more influence on speed now - multiple requests
        Heel increased for several ships - multiple requests
        Heel from damage is back for testing - some requests
        Upgrade bonuses are lowered universally for overused upgrades (speed, reload, boarding) - multiple requests
        Sail set up speed is reduced by 5%-35% depending on the vessel - multiple requests. Captain should try to slow down by yards not by setting up sails.
        Yard turning speed is reduced by 5% universally - multiple requests
        Explosion damage is doubled - multiple requests
        Acceleration is decreased for all ships from cerberus and up from 15 to 50%  - multiple requests
        Pavel turn rate decreased- multiple requests
        Navy brig is buffed - needed buff
        USS constitution lost 0.5 knots in speed and 0.3 grad in turning - multiple requests

    Basically this patch is a final check for some of the design decisions. After this test most of the design decisions like repairs and their existence or sinking mechanics will be somewhat frozen in stone.
    PS. We hope its not a Homer's car.

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Re: Patches/Updates
« Reply #8 on: September 11, 2015, 07:24:23 PM »
Patch 7 Released.

Posted Today, 11:34 AM

Patch #7 is a significant update that required a hard data wipe.
Important statement about the UI (User Interface).
User interface will continue to deteriorate for quite some time. We do not want to waste resource polishing something that is actively evolving and changing. Finalization and rework of the UI will happen only after all core features are added.
Its current looks are exactly as they should be - technical and functional - containing necessary components for the future.

If players ask questions about the UI that does not look good, please be a good ambassador and explain why it looks like this.
New features
   Crafting and trading improvements: for more information refer to the crafting topic
   Player contracts: players now can place buy/sell contracts for resources in ports (5 contracts max). Haulers selling resources will sell to the contracts with the max price. Players buying resources will buy from contracts with the lowest price.
   Reinforcements and national waters protection: for more information refer to the reinforcement topic:
   Events: 2 types of events added to the event list - large battles (every 3 hours and small battles. Events are balanced by nations and groups (opposing sides will have red and blue flags). Groups will enter the battles on one side. Large battles start with 36 players. Small battles start with 4. Ships can be lost or captured in the events. In the future event functionality will be expanded.

Combat changes
   All combat changes from the patch #6.9
   Gun loss now depends on frame state - you will lose guns a lot less with intact planking
   Fire chances now depend on frame state - fires will start a lot more with destroyed planking
   Stern damage should be a bit more dangerous

Content tuning
   Upgrades are now split into 2 groups
o   Upgrades - can be installed and taken off the ship
o   Permanent upgrades - can only be installed once, and are destroyed if you take them off the ship 
   Map has been added to the game. Visuals are temporary, final map will be based on the beautiful maps created by the community, depending on the final UI art style.
   Starting ship is now Yacht
   Resources now can drop from traders
   Weight system added
   New ship characteristics added
   Port production and consumption reworked
   Useless modules reworked or dropped
   Battle rating system rebalanced

Bug fixing
Multiple other fixes in terms of tech stability including sound improvements.
And of course: lots of new bugs and problems were introduced.
Goals for testing
   Events and balancer testing
   Changes to repairs
   AI behaviour

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Re: Patches/Updates
« Reply #9 on: November 05, 2015, 06:18:18 PM »
Patch 8.1 4th of November

Gameplay changes
   Battle dynamics have returned to pre-patch level. Speeds have been adjusted numerically to stay historically correct. For some it might still feel slower than usual due to placebo effect (you see 13,5 where you saw 17 before) and because of waves.
   Battle rating honor kill requirement adjusted by approximately 70% for testing. You will get honor kills if you sink a ship 70% below your rating, for example Santisima will receive honor kills from most heavy frigates
   Chain damage have been decreased 50%
   Bot bonuses for boarding combat tweaked according to their level
   Repairs numbers are: 1 for hull 1 for sails.
   Minor tweaks in BR for light vessels have been done
   Bots no longer sail Lynxes (except for trader ships)
   NPC Traders quantity have been decreased and replaced by military vessels
   Traders now drop more goods
   Port Aves changed Nationality to pirate
   Stores populated by better variety of vessels by NPC crafters

   Mistakes in accuracy ratings for several types of guns fixed. Guns are now consistently more accurate compared to carronades
   Repair cost for fleets have been fixed
   Fleet durability loss fixed. Previously bot durability was lost even if you won the battle
   Camera fixes on several ships
   Game login/exit messages for clan chat have been disabled.

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Re: Patches/Updates
« Reply #10 on: December 04, 2015, 07:09:14 PM »
Patch #9.0, on 24 Nov 2015

    What's important:

        Glorious game breaking bugs have most likely been added
        Port battles added
        Admiralty orders added to events: as a foundation for the admiralty store and fame points (or admiralty points)
        Honor kill requirements are temporarily disabled due to popular demand
        Open map events foundations added: Sail around and sometimes you will find an even just for you. System is rudimentary and will act as a basis for future development of variability and epic battles on the OW.
        Bots ship variety returned
        Teleport now works only to Capitals
        Pre-Port battle anti griefing mechanics introduced. You cannot attack vessels or groups that have BR 5x higher than yours. If you are attacking a group of ship stationed together their combined BR is taken into account. Frigate supposedly wont attack 5 santisimas sailing close to each other.


        Map tech improved a bit
        Fleets no longer fire at their masters
        Repair crit (5 3 combination) now repairs all critical damage
        Speeds overhaul for all vessels
        Speeds for OW tuned to be more comfortable while still being realistic
        Battle circle of death radius increased 2X in events
        Battle cicrle of death reduction speed increased 3x
        Max crew for Jr Leutenant and alternatives was increased to allow sailing the HMS Ontario(Snow)
        Group icons have changed
        Minor UI changes in Ports to allow for new features
        Ship BR adjusted across all vessels
        More traders with escorts have been added
        Kill XP bugs fixed (no more 2x XP for PVE and 1.5X for PVP)
        Repair crits cooldown have been reduced to 7.5 mins
        Bot behavior somewhat improved
        Large NPC Fleets are back
        Regular battles close after 5 mins now
        Port battle entry close after 20 mins (10 red timer time 10 reinforcement time)
        BR of reinforcements will not change the BR of battle and will not allow entry of additional enemies any more
        NPC military ships and convoys will attack each other more than before (more than never)

    Other fixes were done and problems created.

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Re: Patches/Updates
« Reply #11 on: December 04, 2015, 07:10:37 PM »
Patch #9.1, on 02 Dec 2015

    3 fixes will be deployed today 2nd December

        Until port battles reward are in Assault flags prices have been reduced 5x times
        Leaks tuned to be more reasonable - no more instant sinking
        Critical bug with money disappearance after sale of ships if you are offline is fixed. Thanks to all captains who helped to find the problem.

Discussion thread for Patch 9 is here:

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Re: Patches/Updates
« Reply #12 on: December 15, 2015, 11:45:07 PM »
Patch Notes - Current Version: Open World #9.2 - Updated Dec 10th

Discussion thread for Patch 9.2 is here:

Patch #9.2, on 10 Dec 2015

What's new:
   Complete overhaul of all ship planking based on their historical sizes (More info here:
   Complete rebalance of guns for all ships - 99% of vessels received historical gun load outs.
   Complete rebalance of gun damage based on research and community feedback  (More info here:
   Rebalance of Crew focuses - no more strange turning penalties if you have full crew as you only need several men to turn the rudder
   Rewards added if you won the port battle
   Information on 10 last port battles and 10 active flags is added to the map.
   Resource purchases is brought back to certain ports - to provide more opportunities to trade
   All light ships (except traders) now can participate in port battles.
   You can leave your NPC ships in port now if you don't need them today - no more losing money on their dismissal
   Bots have learnt to use combat upgrades (not only boarding upgrades as before)
   Martello Towers now can fire during boarding (as the melee fight is happening on land and stairs)
   Basic stern lights added for testing
   BR Difference is switched off when attacking at sea - to improve group gameplay. There will be no more unnecessary group splitting if you want to sail with your friends. (5x anti grief mechanic remains)
   Nation winning the port battle can enter the contested ports
   Rebalance of admiralty orders locations was implemented
   Teleport from outpost to outpost without the ship have been added. Assume you are traveling on a balloon or a passenger ship.

Fixed bugs:
   Finally fixed bug that allowed faster reload with low crew.
   Fixed some minor contract bugs

   USA bots have been added - for some reason USA had 0 NPCs
   Battle times have increased to 90 minutes
   Battle zone (circle of death) reduction speed decreased more (2x) 
   Cooldown on assault flag creation increased from 3 to 5 hours
   Chainshot damage increased 50% (-25% less than before the 100% nerf)
   Medium and long guns damage falloff distance increased (from 1km to 1.5km)
   Cannon destruction chance increased from 30% to 40% at 0 armor
   Bonuses of Extra planking, Extra pump, Steel toolbox reduced 50%
   Penetrating leaks creation chance increased 
   Grape ricochet angle decreased (grape will still always ricochet at narrow angles, despite the armor state)
   Santisima lost 1 knot of speed
   St Pavel and Victory lost 0.5 knots of speed
   Port battle warm up time decreased to 5 minutes - (10 was too long) the other timer have been increased by 5 mins.

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Re: Patches/Updates
« Reply #13 on: January 01, 2016, 03:19:01 AM »
Patch 9.5
Posted 29 December 2015

What's new:
   You can now pull your group members to admiralty order events if you are not the group leader
   Reply functionality added to chat (UI is not final) actually this did not get in.

Fixed bugs:
   Fixed bug when if you captured lynx or cutters you received basic lynx or basic cutter
   Fixed more bugs not letting you pull your group members into group battles.
   Fixed bugs that did not let you receive the redeemable yacht
   Fixed bug that sometimes generated more NPC bots when entering the battle
   Fixed bug with the port assault flag time slot - time slot was inclusive/not exclusive before (it allowed next hour as well)
   Fixed the bug with no damage in large battles

   Gold/Compass wood production increased
   Reload is now penalized more if you lose a lot of crew
   Upgrade drop in combat tuned
   Mast strength tuned to approximately these numbers 7 shots for lower mast section, 5 shots mid mast section, 2 shots upper mast section (taking into account the damage from the max gun possible for that ship)
   Reduced speed penalty during constant turning to bring out the ship differences more
   Large battle start every hour now
   Reload upgrades nerfed
   Leaks appeared too often in high level ships - fixed
   Speed of large leaks repairs increased - was too slow
   Bots lost carronades temporarily (to help them with shooting)

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Re: Patches/Updates
« Reply #14 on: January 06, 2016, 06:31:10 PM »
Patch 9.6 - Minor fixes

Posted Today, 05:20 PM

What's new:
   You can destroy your Yacht now if it is in the enemy port. Many people could not redeem the ship because the port with the yacht was captured. Now if it is stuck - destroy it and redeem a new one.
   Player cannot attack now when he has an invulnerability timer. It was allowing some surprise attacks after exiting ports. (invul and invis timers will be reworked after release)
   You no longer can attack players of the nation in the vicinity of their capital. The "protected by Capital" area is reduced 2x times.
   Due to popular demand fleets were disabled for advanced ranks. You can only use fleets during first 3 ranks. Max AI fleet ship level is cutter. If you feel this is wrong please be more vocal on the forums to protect features you love.
   Missions enemy strength somewhat decreased. You will still get some hard missions but less often. If you get a hard mission bring friends or cancel and take it in another port according to your rank.
   Reminder: Missions force you to upgrade your ship. If you are trying to to lieutenant missions in a yacht you will suffer.

Fixed bugs:
   Bug with lack of durability loss when client crashed was fixed. It allowed people to keep durability if they alt f4ed in battle in several rare cases.

   Carronades max possible operational distance increased to 500 meters from 250
   Martello towers armor class increased
   Bot composition tuned (pavels can be only sailed by players) Max bot ship is 74-3rd rate
   Durability numbers changed - 1st rank 1, 2nd rank 2, 3rd rank 3.
   BR Rebalanced (lineships BR increased) to provide better balancing in events and misisons
   AI Accuracy bugs fixed
   Fort behaviour and shooting bugs fixed


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