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Tacview 1.5 beta 3
« on: June 14, 2016, 11:35:51 PM »

Tacview 1.5 beta 3

Release Date: Fri, 10 Jun 2016
Operating System: Windowsฎ 32-bit / 64-bit
File Size: 164.6 MB

Download: Click Here

Release notes

•   Brand new (fully rewritten) core telemetry system
•   Full 64-bit telemetry engine for more accurate replays
•   Added support for new ACMI 2.0 text file format (import & export)
•   Brand new Falcon 4.0 VHS file importer
•   Accurate interpolation (slerp) of geographical spherical coordinates
•   Improved roll/pitch/yaw emulation for low-end telemetry files
•   The new telemetry engine uses about two times less memory then the old one
•   Added an option to switch distances to feet under 2 nm
•   Added traveled 2D ground distance to the charts (vs 3D air distance)
•   Increased charts time and distance measurement marks resolution to 1/10 unit
•   Added support for the new Flightradar24 csv files
•   Added support for comma as a separator for dates seconds in XML (GPX files)
•   Unknown objects are now displayed using related 3D meshes instead of just boxes
•   Updated terrains and databases to Falcon BMS 4.33 U1
•   Hovering the mouse over an anti-aircraft unit will display its thread sphere regardless of the global option
•   Selected objects labels are now always displayed regardless of the global option

•   Fixed a crash when loading truncated lines in csv files
•   Fixed a rare random crash when loading custom terrain textures
•   Fixed Falcon 4.0 VHS files landing gear and airbrake information
•   Fixed slow startup with a lot of custom tiles textures
•   Invalid UTF-8 characters in text files are now handled gracefully
•   Terrain custom textures loading has been tweaked and is now much faster
•   The advanced telemetry (effective) heading is now properly displayed for HDG instead of the calculated one
•   Telemetry data optimization is now lossless and always accurate
•   Camera controls are now more responsive while idle (playback paused)
•   Fixed Falcon 4.0 RKND & RKNW runways position and orientation
•   FSX2ACMI now better handles pauses during a flight
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