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Author Topic: VBS3 Now Available for Cloud-Based Virtual Deployment with NVIDIA GRID  (Read 1286 times)

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VBS3 Now Available for Cloud-Based Virtual Deployment with NVIDIA GRID

BISim has worked with NVIDIA to test and certify that VBS3 can be deployed using virtual desktops with NVIDIA GRID.

 Bohemia Interactive Simulations’ VBS3, the company’s flagship game-based simulation software, is ready for customers who want to deploy it in a private cloud environment.

Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim), a global developer of military training and simulation software, has worked closely with NVIDIA to test and certify that VBS3 can now be deployed in the private cloud using virtual desktops with NVIDIA GRID.

“This marks another important milestone for VBS3 and its use in virtual desktop environments,” said Oli Arup, BISim’s vice president of product management. “VBS3 is the only 3D military training and mission rehearsal software tested and verified for an NVIDIA graphics-accelerated virtual desktop. This is an important differentiator for BISim as more military and enterprise organizations are looking to leverage the potential of virtualized desktop infrastructure and cloud computing.”

A virtual desktop deployment involves hosting a desktop operating system within a virtual machine running on a hosted, centralized or remote server. It allows IT departments to offer a secure “access anywhere” desktop experience to end users. NVIDIA, the pioneer of GPU-accelerated computing, offers the GPU acceleration necessary for the seamless performance of graphics-intense applications such as VBS3. Its NVIDIA GRID virtualization platform is supported by all the major computer OEMs. Consequently, applications such as VBS3 can run within a military organization’s server center and remotely display the graphics and optimize the visual performance for less powerful PCs used by trainees or display VBS3 on any device.

“With NVIDIA GRID, customers can expand the platforms on which they use VBS3 and provide users a superior graphics-rich experience that was previously only achievable on a workstation,” said Jim McHugh, vice president and general manager of NVIDIA GRID. “VBS3 in a private cloud powered by NVIDIA GRID lets customers take advantage of anytime, anywhere, any-device remote visualization.”

VBS3, which is used by hundreds of thousands of military personnel worldwide for training and simulation, provides an immersive virtual environment that helps soldiers train on tactics, rehearse for missions, and practice standard operating procedures. With its After Action Review tool, the software is designed to help soldiers learn to think, make decisions and improve communications before heading to the field for live exercises. VBS3 is used for tactical training and mission rehearsal on desktop computers as well as part-task trainers and full-mission simulators.

VBS3 is used in more than 30 countries by military organizations such as the U.S. Army, U.S. Marine Corps, UK Ministry of Defence, Australian Defence Force, French Armed Forces, Bundeswehr, Swedish Armed Forces, Canadian Armed Forces, and New Zealand Defense Force.

Virtualization of BISim software products is only permitted with the company’s prior written consent. BISim considers commercial proposals involving virtualization of its software on a case by case basis. Contact BISim sales team for more information at

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