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About Tornado
« on: May 07, 2016, 04:59:53 PM »
Tornado is a combat flight simulator computer game by Digital Integration modeling the Panavia Tornado and released in 1993 for DOS and Amiga.

A target-rich environment with lots of mountains

While the game simulates both the fighter (ADV) and strike (IDS) versions of the Tornado, it is in the latter that it excels. Its Mission Planner is meticulous and the campaigns are dynamic. The weapons are many and varied (including the runway denial JP233) and sneaking in under the radar is crucial. As it is geared to low-level penetration, the terrain is very rich. Tornado was also one of the first simulations to offer head-to-head online dogfights. Together with its Desert Storm expansion, it is considered a classic of early flight sim gaming.

A Tornado IDS in a low-level daylight attack

Tornado is best summed up in these users' words:

“More than any other sim before or since, it conveyed the sense of a full world going about its business while you flew around in it. Trains going to and fro, truck convoys, other strikes in progress by the enemy, etc. I also loved the limited scale of the maps. One could plan and fly a very satisfying campaign mission within the space of half an hour. No need for warping and all that. Also, the flight model was no beer & pretzels affair but neither did you need to become a real pilot to be able to play! It's the perfect blend of realism and playability. Strangely perhaps, one of my favorite things to do was to nurse a damaged Tornado back to base safely!”
3dp (, 2016)

A Laser Guided Bomb, seconds away from impact

“Oh, Tornado is only one of the most realistic combat flight sims available, with an unmatched mission planner and more 'nice-touches' than you could count. OK, the mission planner allows you to direct up to 8 Tornados (6 strike, 2 air defence), with 15 waypoints, up to three targets each for the IDS (strike) 'planes, at each waypoint you can set the height, selecting terrain following (down to 200') or altitude hold modes, speed or time of arrival. You want to plan a multi-aircraft strike on an airbase, initially taking out the SAMs, then hitting from four directions simultaniously? You can in Tornado. One of the nicest things is that even the preset missions are not fixed, if you want to totally change the mission plan, you can, as long as the designated targets get hit it doesn't matter what plan you use.”
Andrew Mobbs (Google Groups, 1995)

Tornado's famous and most exquisite mission planner

Today this game lives on in the Tornado Tribute website and through the emergence of its assembly language source-code.

About Tornado discussion: Here
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