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Author Topic: What would you think of DOW - TANKS Scenario design contest?  (Read 2300 times)

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What would you think of DOW - TANKS Scenario design contest?
« on: January 03, 2016, 06:48:23 PM »
Yes, as simple as tittle says. What would you think of DOW - TANKS Scenario design contest, Inside dogs of war VU.

Purpose would be to encourage others as well to make scenarios than just the usual persons doing so.

And all these created mission scenarios would come to and support VU.

I'm thinking that probably one of the first questions you're going to ask is what is for reward. - So here's my answer, Reward/s would be free upgrade/s to new version, or alternatively same amount of money to bank account. To support ones purchasing dongle that don't yet have one.

As for time limit I had thought that It would end somewhere around the midsummer / Before new version is published. Meaning that all missions have to be ready / preferably played in the DOW - TANKS session for members to vote and judges to publish scores.  -  Three best would get the reward.

Im willing to fund these rewards, but anyone who wants to take part could donate a little if they feel so. After all. All this would come back to VU, Being beneficial to everyone of us and especially to those that currently make most of our mission scenarios.

Thoughs? :3 

And urm..  some more clarifying to what I had thought.

There would be scoring for scenarios. Different medhods of making, differently made mission would have different scores.

For example mission with fully scripted enemy / friendly AI would get more points than mission with no scripting at all.  So potentially being more low on maximum points. - Yet since there would be public vote that would affect... approximately half of the points. And we all know how bad AI can be...  It would make it more fair.

In short, Aim would be to have mission that would be maximum of company [(12 units + CO + XO + FO) = 15 vehicles] and minimum of 12 crew slots. (if vehicles have commander, gunner and driver that would make 4 vehicles.) Types of vehicles would have to be ones that peoples voted in the poll here.,1331.0.html - preferably vehicles that have 2 or more votes.

And if there would be an player on enemy side... there would be only ONE player who helps and coordinates AI movement / triggers.


In perfection these missions would be created together as a team. I'm going to help anyone who needs help with their mission designs, but i'm not going to make it them ready. And I wish everyone else would help each others. Remembering that this all comes to VU, not to a player. Even when there are / would be rewards as a booster / motivation.

In short. This would not be competition of who is the best mission scenario designer but the competition to get most enjoyable DOW / TANKS scenarios for VU to play now, then and future.

Sincerely - Lumi. 

Notice this post is still to be continued / edited according to feedback.

Please post feedback here of what you think of all this so far. - That I can make decition whether to go for it or not.

Thank you.  :)
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