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Author Topic: Building VBS Blue: A Conversation with BISimís Chief Technical Officer  (Read 1978 times)

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Building VBS Blue: A Conversation with BISimís Chief Technical Officer

BISim's Chief Technical Officer Mark Dzulko discusses the origins of VBS Blue and what it means for the future of game-based simulation and training. VBS Blue is a brand new, high fidelity, modular VBS-based rendering engine that provides a representation of the entire planet.

BISim: What is VBS Blue?

Mark: VBS Blue is a cornerstone of BISimís future product range. It represents an innovative new rendering engine that combines procedurally generated content with the ability to merge in geo-specific details like satellite textures or buildings.

BISim: What does VBS Blue change about the way militaries and others use simulation?

Mark: Traditionally, before you could start any kind of training, you had to select the virtual terrain to exercise on. Often that meant that new terrains had to be created, which could take between a week and a month of development. With VBS Blue, we are delivering the entire world with procedurally generated content based on a variety of input sources. This means the question ďWhere do I want to train today?Ē is no longer limited to currently installed terrains. VBS Blue is a true round earth representation of the world, which allows for larger joint forces operations while still showing very high VBS3 quality detail at the ground level.

BISim: Describe the process of creating VBS Blue.

Mark: In mid-2014, we identified the need for a whole-earth terrain representation in VBS. While we extended the possible size of VBS3 terrains to over a million square kilometers and introduced technologies like biotopes to procedurally populate the terrain with vegetation, we were still limited by a flat earth model. So we took a step back and designed a new representation from the ground up, with future-proofing and modularity in mind.

BISim: Whatís next on the roadmap for VBS Blue in 2016?

Mark: Our first big milestone is at I/ITSEC with our public demonstration of VBS Blue, which is powering VBS IG and integrated with other BISim products like VBS Tactics and VBS3. In 2016, we will be working to improve the procedural and rendering aspects of the engine and continuing to modularize VBS3. Critical for us will be the balance between maintaining a level of backwards compatibility and re-using much of the technology developed in VBS3, and delivering a truly cutting-edge framework based on a combination of in-house modules and game-based middleware.

VBS Blue provides high-fidelity planetary rendering

See the demo of VBS Blue at booth #2248 I/ITSEC 2015 in Orlando from Nov. 30 - Dec. 3. Read more about BISim's demonstrations at I/ITSEC.
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