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Desert War 1940-43
« on: March 20, 2015, 09:07:30 PM »
Desert War 1940-43


Official site:
Download here:

Desert War 1940-43 is a wargame that will simulate the entire WWII North African campaign from the first disasterous Italian invasion of Egypt in 1940 until final Allied victory in Tunisa in 1943.

This game is a work in progress that I am doing in my (limited!) spare time.

It is hex and counter wargame that uses simultaneous movement (WEGO) similar to the old World @ War games like Stalingrad and Crusader.
In most wargames, one side moves its units, then the other side moves its units (IGOUGO as in "I GO U GO").
In a WEGO wargame, each side orders its units to move and then both sides units move at the same time.

There is only a prototype AI for one scenario, El Alamein. Currently, there is no AI for the BattleAxe scenario.

Currently Implemeted:

    WEGO Movement / Battles with start turn Film
    Two scenarios, a basic El Alamein one with AI, and a more in depth
    Ground Units with Attack/Defence/Movement/Readiness/Strength
    Air Units (2 types: Recon and Attack Aircraft)
    Naval Units
    Arillery Units
    Ground Attacks / Ambushes / Anti Air Attacks
    Scenario Settable Hex Stacking limits
    Tactical / Strategic Movement with Ambushes
    Full Fog Of War (optional)
    Company / Battalion level for BattleAxe scenario
    Division / Brigade level for El Alamein scenario
    11 different Unit Types including Armour / Motorized / Mechanized / AT / AA / Engineers units and more
    Variable Zones Of Control (ZOC)
    AI for one scenario (El Alamain)
    PBEM / Hotseat
    Simple Supply Rules
    Full Scenario Editor

Main features to be implemented:

    Improved Recce handling
    Supply rules

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Re: Desert War 1940-43
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6 November 2015: Version 1.5.12
Game Changes

    Added Corp / Army size units

Bug Fixes

    If units are moving and then forced to Retreat, the can retreat and then move to their original destination. If a unit retreats, it should lose all its planned moves.
    Units destoryed by Ambushed units not being removed
    Editor - HQ size not exported in CSV


    Empty Trigger Test added (i.e. test will always run)
    Response Org unit added

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