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Author Topic: Air Situation Report Screen  (Read 1847 times)

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Air Situation Report Screen
« on: October 08, 2015, 04:01:10 PM »
As I have mentioned before, the air war is outside the scope of the game. As you also know, the air war had a significant impact on the ground: tactically, operationally, and strategically. To capture this, players will have the ability to request certain missions at certain times under certain circumstances. In Western Europe in 1944 this primarily means the Allies will have this ability.... Although these are options that I want to part of the scenario editor to allow for "alternative" circumstances (e.g. German air superiority or contested skies). Attached is a rough draft concept pic for the Air Situation Report that pops up when the button is pushed on the main game screen UI. As always feel free to comment...

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