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About Steel Beasts Pro
« on: December 10, 2014, 02:50:48 PM »
Steel Beasts Pro by EsimGames

Hi fellow Grogheads

I am creating this thread for Steel Beasts Pro (PE) by EsimGames. Steel Beasts Pro is a niche simulation and hopefully people will contribute to this thread. Everyone is welcome to post any questions, answers, hints, tips, events..etc in this thread so as to keep all the info in one place. Some of the information in this thread is taken directly from the official site.

"Steel Beasts is a virtual simulation of contemporary armored and mechanized combat, using combined arms and focusing on small-unit tactics. It models individual weapon systems in detail, yet is able to keep track of several company teams in a single scenario."

Armour Model

Unlike most other games, Steel Beasts does not use a hitpoint system. Instead it uses a complex model that takes into consideration armour angles, armour thickness, and then calculates whether a round penetrates or not. If a round does not penetrate, it will not cause damage. However, if the round does penetrate, depending on the surface that is hit, a variety of damages will ensue. On the inside of each vehicle, all of the most important components are located, such as crew, turret drives, fuel tanks, ammunition, radios, engine, gearbox, etc. SB also has surfaces that will never cause damage to the tank, as damage to things like stowage boxes, external stowage, and such would be merely cosmetic.


There are 2 versions of Steel Beasts Pro. Pro and Pro Personal Edition (PE). This thread will deal with the personal edition.

Version Differences & Intended Use:

SB Professional: Training of soldiers in a (networked) simulation lab under the direction of an operator / controller.

SB Pro PE: Training of soldiers on their personal PCs using exercises that do not require an operator / controller.

SB Pro has all the features of SB Pro PE – plus these:

    Unlimited network clients – SB Pro PE is limited to 8.
    Customization Available (for a fee)
    Instructor (O/C) Mode with free-flight camera
    Advanced AAR Features
    Map Creation/Import (DTED and Shape Files)
    Larger Mission Areas (limited only by RAM) – SB Pro PE is limited to approximately 20x20km˛
    Manual Ballistics Deviations

Official site:

The Wiki is an excellent resource and cannot be recommended highly enough

Official forum:


Manual attached
There are many documents included in PDF and Word format. several languages are supported. They can be found in the "\eSim Games\SB Pro PE\docs" folder (main install directory). The main manual is 145 pages long. If you want a hard copy you can print the PDF or order a copy from esim games (extra cost). Why not load the PDF on a Tablet? There are technical as well as tutorial documents included. A Keyboard chart is also included. Also refer to the Steel Beasts Wiki for excellent documentation. See reply 866 here:

Manual = 145 pages
Keyboard Chart = 1 page

System Requirements

Steel Beasts Professional Personal Edition (PE)  requires an IBM compatible PC (x86 or x64) with the following minimum configuration: (Recommended specs are in parentheses.)

    2.5 (3.5) GHz CPU (Multiple Cores Recommended)
    2 (4) GB RAM
    256 (1024) MB dedicated video RAM, Nvidia GeForce 5+ Class (DirectX9 compatible card (with Shader Model 3.0 or higher)) or
    256 (1024) MB dedicated video RAM, ATI Radeon 9600+ (DirectX9 compatible card (with Shader Model 3.0 or higher))
    Sound card
    Some users have reported success with more recent Intel graphics chipsets (GMA X4500+), however, they have not been tested and are not specifically supported.
    3 (5) GB available hard disk space
    Free USB port for CodeMeter stick
    DVD drive
    Microsoft Windows XP SP3+ / Vista / 7 /  8  (Steel Beasts will NOT run on Windows NT.)
    Microsoft DirectX version 9.0c (or better) installed. Vista/7/8 users must install DirectX 9.0c in parallel to DirectX 10/11, which comes standard with these operating systems.

DirecctX 9 Here:

For better playing experience, a joystick is recommended. Network game sessions obviously require an internet connection or TCP/IP based local area network. Permanent licenses for Steel Beasts Professional PE rely on a hardware device (a USB CodeMeter stick) for software protection (part of shipment).  For this a free USB port is required. Time-based licenses for Steel Beasts Pro PE may be installed without a CodeMeter stick.


A license is required to play Steel Beasts. There are 2 types of licenses. A Classic license and a Time-Limited License

SB Pro PE v3.0, “Classic” License
Unlimited license duration
    Uses CodeMeter stick. (USB Dongle)
    License for stick will be sent separately by email.
    Software can be downloaded or DVD ordered below.
    Software includes electronic User’s Manual, or hard copy can be ordered below.
    You can play older versions of SB.

SB Pro PE v3.0, Time-Limited License
License expires!
    No shipping time
    No CodeMeter stick needed; license is bound to PC
    Limited to single license per PC


Heres the official site that you can purchase from
1 Month = $9.50
4 Months = $24.50
One year = $39.50

But unlike the dongle these licenses are limited to a single pc. Also if the license is valid during the release of a paid update (approx once every 18 months) then you will not have to pay extra. Your license will allow you to use the current version. Just download the update and you are good to go.

Monthly subscription has NO dongle. The security is software based.

Base with dongle is = $115 and paid updates are $25 - $40 (approx every 18 months) all other updates are free.

This is what you pay for but it only applies to the USB lifetime Dongle license. Time limited licenses do not pay for ANY updates.
Bug /issue Fixes = Free
Beta = Free
New Content/Major engine Update (approx every 15-18 months) = $25 - $40

You do not need to update your version however for on line play everyone must be on the same version.
You can still play older versions i.e. if you have v3.011 you can still play v2.654.

From Esims (Ssnake)18/08/14 The question of update pricing/frequency.

"We had a long hiatus after the initial release of version 2.251 in 2006 where the first "for pay" upgrade was in 2009 with version 2.460. From then on it was an approximate 15 months period for the 2.5 and 2.6 upgrades respectively, 3.0 took us then almost two years to complete.
We have come to the conclusion that the old 12...18 months pace can no longer be maintained. The new upgrade frequency will be in the 18...24 month bracket. Summer 2015 would be the earliest date, but I think it's rather going to be the fourth quarter of 2015.
There are a number of substantial code changes going on at the moment and not so much the addition of new equipment. Of course we want to release upgrades that offer significant new tactical stuff for the user to play around with, and not just "new simulation under the hood" with no appreciable change from the end-user's perspective (even if those changes under the hood may be infinitely more important in the long run)."

Installing Beta

The beta comprises 2 folders.
Folder 1 is called "Release" and contains an exe and 2 .dll files (3 files)
Folder 2 is called "shaders" and contains a file called "viper_object.fxo"

To Install Beta.
1. Download the zip file from Here 15.4mb in size
2. Extract it to where you can find it. So you will have a folder called "SBProPE3_019" , which contains 2 folders "Release and Shaders). 17.4mb in size
3. Copy the contents of the "SBProPE3_019" folder into the root of the steel beasts directory. Overwrite the existing files.
4. Browse the "Release" folder and create a shortcut for the 64 bit exe "SBProPE64cm - Shortcut". Place on desktop if you wish.
5. Apply for beta license (easy). Apply by pressing the link Here Fill in email and name.
6. You will receive a license immediately. Apply the license like you did before. Just click on the link and "activate".

Job done. Whenever you want to play beta then use the "SBProPE64cm - Shortcut" use your other shortcut if you want to play 3.011 latest release candidate.

There really is no reason why you shouldn't be using the beta.

Customer Support
Customer support is excellent from Esims. I have had prompt replies on every occasion i have contacted them. No complaints here. Esim Games is a small company (less than 10 people) that has been around since 1999 and are here for the foreseeable future.


Armed Forces International

    Virtual Simulation for AFV Gunnery and Crew Procedure Training

    CV90/35 Infantry Fighting Vehicle Simulator for the Danish Army

    Lemur Remote Weapon Station Simulator for the Danish Army

Official EsimGames Video Channel

More to follow.....

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