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Author Topic: CodeMeter Runtime 7.60 released  (Read 1077 times)

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CodeMeter Runtime 7.60 released
« on: February 10, 2023, 03:13:12 PM »
CodeMeter 7.60
Release Date: 2022-Feb-03
Operating Systems Windows, Linux, Mac OS X
Download Windows (137.52MB): Click Here

Technical revisions of CmActLicenses (FB 82695)
The mechanism used until now for storing CmActLicenses on the user's system has technical limitations when using many CmActLicenses, whether in parallel operation or also in relation to the history of a system. On the one hand, the number of CmActLicenses ever present on a system was limited to about 1,600, and on the other hand, the performance of active CmActLicenses deteriorated significantly with increasing numbers.
Now that the storage of CmActLicenses has been fundamentally revised, on new systems the performance is independent of the future history of CmActLicenses. Likewise, the limitation of licenses ever existing on the computer has been eliminated. Special attention was paid to operational security while maintaining security functionality against license fraud. More details about the new limits can be found in the data sheet.
Please note:
When CodeMeter 7.60 is installed, existing licenses are converted to the new saving format.
A downgrade to an older CodeMeter version is possible in principle, but the already converted CmActLicenses are no longer accessible in the older version. After a reinstallation of CodeMeter 7.60 converted CmActLicenses are available again.

FB84436: CodeMeter License Server: The connection from CodeMeter License Server to CmCloud has been changed from http with proprietary encryption of content to https.

FB83995: CodeMeter License Server: When using CmWAN licenses, all entries in the license tracking file are now complete.

FB87068: CodeMeter License Server: Support of the future billing model "Seats" for CmCloud accesses. For this purpose, information about the CodeMeter license server instance running on the respective client is transmitted when CmCloudContainers are provided via network servers.

FB87551: CodeMeter License Server: When updating licenses in CmContainers, all open handles are automatically checked and reassigned. To achieve the most identical assignment of handles to product items possible, product items that have remained the same are now initially linked to the open handles in the case of Universal Firm Code based on an existing unique ID.

FB84627: CodeMeter License Server: When importing a LiF file, error 303 occurred and no diagnostic output was created.

FB86888: CodeMeter License Server: Under certain circumstances CodeMeter License Server under Windows was not terminated in a controlled manner when the operating system was shut down.

FB88865: CodeMeter License Server: The detection of container environments especially Docker was compromised.

FB87550: CodeMeter License Server: When reprogramming CmActLicenses with Universal Firm Code the order of the Product Item References was no longer deterministic. The order of the Product Item References now behaves as usual again.

FB86206: CodeMeter WebAdmin: Some form fields were vulnerable to cross-site request forgery attacks.

FB88302: WibuCm: The installed language files were not signed.
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