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Author Topic: Scourge of War Campaigns!  (Read 2428 times)

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Scourge of War Campaigns!
« on: November 23, 2021, 10:38:11 PM »
First of all, thanks Asid for giving us this space on the forum :happyhappy

Scourge of War is a great game in representing tactical battles but the feeling was always that we were missing something, we were missing the story behind, the story which links all the battles and actions together. We also thought that if the battles we were fighting had been part of a bigger picture, then we would have played in a different (more cautious?) way.

So the idea to have a campaign was rumbling back and forth in our minds for many time and now here we are!

You can see now we have a dedicated section for the campaigns, the first one will be of course the Waterloo campaign but in the future we'd like to play more on different theatres :winner

The Waterloo Campaign 2021 section will contains some generic, public, stuff such as the specific rules we'll adopt and a Topic where I'll update about the ongoing campaign, without of course breaking the fog of war ;)

As sub-forum are still visible the 3 HQ sections (French, Anglo-Dutch and Prussian) where I'll communicate directly with the CiCs and their staff, where they receive reports, discuss about plans or whatever they want and where they issue orders for the troops.

In a couple of days those 3 sections will become available only for the respective teams so only them can see what's exactly going on in their command but at the end of the camapign all the 3 section will be made public again so everyone can access all the stuff inside there :book

I think we need a couple of campaigns to see what fit better for us and consequently refine the rules but I hope we can have fun as usual :grouphugg
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