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Author Topic: Insurgency: Sandstorm Update 1.8 Operation: Breakaway Now Live!  (Read 223 times)

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Insurgency: Sandstorm Update 1.8 Operation: Breakaway Now Live!
« on: November 18, 2020, 12:36:00 AM »
Update 1.8.1 Now Live!
Tue, 17 November 2020

Check out the full changelist and see what’s new in update 1.8.1. This is a minor release and aims to fix bugs and add a few small changes.

New Features
•   Players are now able to bind a separate key for each explosive type
•   Added night scenarios to the Admin GUI for all maps
•   Added a new symbol for the Night-vision Goggles UI images
•   The Map Vote Screen will now show three day scenarios and three night scenarios every time
•   Tactical Map now indicates when a friendly is in a contested objective zone with a colored marker on top of the player icon that matches the color of the enemy team
•   Made several improvements to auto team balance:
  o   Only dead players will be autobalanced
  o   Autobalance will trigger after 60 seconds rather than 30 seconds
  o   Autobalance is disabled when the number of waves reaches zero in Push and Frontline modes. The following message in the chat log will be displayed: “0 waves reached. Auto team balance is disabled.”
  o   Players who are autobalanced will receive the following message in the chat log to notify them of the change when they spawn, “You have been moved to the other faction to balance the number of players on both teams.”

Gameplay Improvements
•   Reduced M16A2 supply cost from 2 supply to 1 supply
•   Reduced QBZ-03 supply cost from 5 supply to 4 supply
•   Increased FAL supply cost from 4 supply to 5 supply
•   Reduced M16A2 supply cost from 4 supply to 3 supply in Competitive
•   Reduced QBZ-03 supply cost from 7 supply to 6 supply in Competitive
•   Increased FAL supply cost from 5 supply to 7 supply in Competitive

Map: Tell Improvements
Push Insurgents:
•   Increased restricted area on security side behind objective A to allow more space out of spawn for Security
•   Increased restricted area on Insurgents’ left flank of objective D to bottom of stair area to allow more space out of spawn for Security
•   Removed portion of objective C on street closest to Security team spawn

Push Security:
•   Increased restricted area for objective A on Security side of canal to match Insurgency 2014 boundaries
•   Fixed a rubble pile out of Security spawn for objective A that Security could get stuck in jumping down from bridge
•   Added sandbags to Last Stand Cache to reduce chances that explosives thrown or launched from outside the building will destroy it
•   Several other relatively minor changes that address dark areas, balance, and movement throughout the map

Bug Fixes
•   Reduced occurrences of a bug where AI were not wearing the proper clothing
•   Reduced occurrences of incorrect status showing on an objective marker when capturing a zone -
added logging for the edge cases where this still happens to help us eliminate it completely
•   Fixed a bug where the chat textbox obstructed the click on the Loadout Screen
•   Fixed an issue where looking above the ‘horizon’ caused the objective status to disappear
•   Fixed an issue when reporting a player where the text box would not activate to allow typing when clicking on the white space
•   Fixed a bug where the player ranks were displaying as zero on the scoreboard on community servers
•   Fixed a bug where a vehicle was not displaying visual effects when destroyed
•   Fixed a bug where the active objective marker was missing during the first spawn
•   Fixed a bug where the objective status icon would disappear when looking upwards or downwards
•   Fixed a bug which caused the equipment color option selected under the Appearance section to only applied on the vest area and not the rest of the Light or Heavy Carrier
•   Fixed a bug where Autocannon Strafe was not causing damage to weapon caches
•   Fixed a bug where the IED and phone will float in place if a player planting an explosive on a weapon cache is killed
•   Fixed a broken texture on the Aiming Grip affecting the M16A2, M24, M870, Mosin-Nagant, SKS, TOZ-194, AKS-74U, G36K, FAL, MP7 and Mk 14 EBR
•   Fixed a clipping issue when reloading an MP5A5 or MP5A2 using dry-reload
•   Fixed an issue where the magazine momentarily disappears when performing a dry reload on the VHS-2 and AK-74
•   Fixed an issue when pressing “Cancel” while downloading server mods would prevent you from returning to the Main Menu and playing the game
•   Fixed an issue where prompt gets stuck when attempting to connect to a server with mods without accepting the Terms of Service
•   Fixed an issue where modders may have been experiencing issues loading in textures whose parent was not a material shipped in the game

Known Issues
•   Mosin-Nagant Stripper Clip weapon upgrade does not push in properly when reloading in third person
•   AI vehicles can get stuck in the Tutorial Range
•   In the Competitive game mode Loadout screen, some weapons will have the option of two Recoil Grips, one at 3 supply points and the other at 4 supply points. These upgrades function the same way
•   Upon game launch, there’s a chance your character may be shown as just an ammo carrier. Doing the tutorial will often fix this until a full fix is implemented
•   Upon game launch you may not see any of your customization options. Going to customize and swapping factions will correct this
•   The background of the Main Menu may flicker
•   The Chemical Mortars fire support smoke clouds color overlay can sometimes appear black when the player is inside the smoke
•   Attachments may not appear correctly in the loadout screen on your character
•   The Slow Movement mutator will sometimes only function on the first map in rotation on community servers

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