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Author Topic: Communication Flow  (Read 3080 times)

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Communication Flow
« on: November 18, 2020, 02:00:03 AM »
While I am waiting on business stuff to work itself out I figure I will share what I have been working on recently. I have worked out a detailed process in terms of issuing orders and time lag between issuance and troops starting to move out. What I havn't fully settled yet are lag times for information to be up channeled to higher HQ. What I would like to show on the game map is what the generals see...which may differ from the reality of the situation. The general may see a battalion under attack on the map, but in reality the enemy could have overrun them and are moving fast enough that the information lag time is way behind current events.

Generally speaking for this game we start with the information reports being generated at the BHQ level, then information relayed to RHQ, DHQ, and to Corps level. Does anyone have any information sources that discusses time estimates to generate information reports and relay it all the way to Corps?

I see two factors to reporting: timeliness and accuracy. My approach to testing timeliness will start with 15 minutes between each echelon. BHQ to RHQ=15 minutes standard so it would be 45 minutes to reach Corps HQ. Leadership, cohesion, experience level, and being in C2 will all factor in to the calculation at each echelon. So reports may be received a few hours late (or lost completely) if circumstances are bad anywhere in the chain of communication.

Accuracy of information will also be impacted in a similar manner, except it will only use leadership and experience factors. Accuracy of information will generally increase over time.

Feel free to join in the conversation by offering thoughts, information resources, or asking questions!
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