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Author Topic: LIF:MMO (Dev News #181) Tweaks, fixes and events  (Read 470 times)

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LIF:MMO (Dev News #181) Tweaks, fixes and events
« on: November 29, 2019, 11:58:16 PM »
Dev News #181
Fri, 29 November 2019

Hello, Feudalists!
Starting with the dev progress - We have just recently released an update with some tweaks and long-awaited changes. One of the most notable and highly demanded combat mechanics adjustments was disabling the ability to wield two shields at the same time. We have also further tweaked lag compensation mechanics and will continue to observe the effectiveness of those changes. You can check the full list of the recent fixes and tweaks in our patch notes

Thereís another thing happening this week, and thatís Black Friday! We already have some great discounts in our shop. Weíve got several of them planned for the rest of the week, so donít forget to check on whatís available!

Black Friday isnít the only thing to keep you busy this weekend, though. We want to remind you about an upcoming Grand Knight Tournament that will start tomorrow, 30-11-2019 at 17:00 UTC. You can still register for transfer (both ways) by filling in this form  Note that the transfer registration will be closed today at 20:00 UTC, so if you want to be teleported to the coliseum, make sure to register before that time. Details about the competitions and rewards can be found in our previous devblog and our discord mmo_event_feed channel.

Please note that the NPC commemorating Dannara was slightly repositioned and is now located in front of the school within the same starting village in s31.

Thanks for all the feedback and have a great weekend everyone!

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