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Author Topic: Naval Action Pre-release server status announcement  (Read 3814 times)

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Naval Action Pre-release server status announcement
« on: June 13, 2019, 12:01:40 AM »
Pre-release server status announcement
11 JUN @ 1:35PM   - GAMELABS

Hello Captains

War server (pvp) will be stopped today - Tuesday 11th of June for the installation of the release patch and pre-release testing (additional infrastructure and instances added to support the release)
Peace server (pve) will continue normally until the launch.
Launch window is set for Thursday 13th of June to Friday 14th of June (but if we are able to test everything properly we might release on wednesday evening (kiev time).

Other interesting events that happened on the 13-14th of June

Edict of Milan
Munich was founded
Battle of Naseby
Raid on Medway
Declaration of California republic
Creation of the United states continental army
Star and stripes flag adopted
First Oxford Regatta
Battle of Villers Bocage
First monkey rides a V-2 rocket into space
Some famous people were born on the 13-14th of June: including Skarsgard, Alzheimer, Che Guevara and Donald Trump


Launch between 13th or 14th
War Server - will be down from 11th until 13th or 14th of June
Peace Server - will be down on 13th of June for long maintenance
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