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NITE Team 4
« on: March 12, 2019, 11:50:37 AM »

NITE Team 4 is a military hacking simulation game that explores the world of cyberwarfare and features realistic mission scenarios.

Home page
Official forum


NITE Team 4 Official Trailer (Short)


NITE Team 4 is a hacking simulation and strategy game with Alternate Reality Game elements connected to The Black Watchmen universe. You play as a new recruit in the sophisticated hacking cell, Network Intelligence & Technical Evaluation (NITE) Team 4. Engaged in cyberwarfare with black hat groups and hostile states, you will be in a struggle to penetrate highly secure targets. Your job is to use the STINGER hacking platform to infiltrate hardened computer networks and coordinate strike teams on the ground to carry out missions that feature real espionage tradecraft terminology taken from leaked NSA documents.

Players will use system commands in a specially built hacking environment based off real military and industry tools to perform offensive computer operations. Participate in operations that combine tactical hacking with coordinating strike teams on the ground to accomplish field activities including facility raids, surveillance, targeted assassinations and drone strikes. Complete daily Bounties and Open World missions based on real world scenarios for in-game rewards, as well as user-created Hivemind networks for additional content! NITE Team 4 delivers a compelling hacking simulation experience that integrates realistic mission objectives with Alternate Reality Game components including in-universe websites and online research.

During research for our Alternate Reality Game The Black Watchmen, our development team frequently came across stories related to the world of government hacking groups and intelligence analysis. We realized the world of specialized military hacking units has yet to be fully explored in video games.

Alice & Smith wants to do this important topic justice. Our development team has been making engaging games for over 7 years. We focus on innovative content rooted in the real world to transport our players to an alternate reality. Our games have brought players from over 129 countries together to spend more than 320,000 hours working to solve complex puzzles, research online and perform complex spycraft missions. Alice & Smith seeks to apply all this experience to the world of cyberwarfare in NITE Team 4.

Training Boot Camp

The academy will help you learn all the basics you need to become a proficient hacker in the world of NITE Team 4. Through multiple training certificates, you will be taught real-life cybersecurity techniques and modules including information gathering, port scanning, fingerprinting, exploit research, attack strategy, digital forensics and so much more. The academy is designed to be fun but also accessible even if you have never used a terminal in your life.

Epic Campaign

The game include 4 main operations fully voice acted. Experience the life of an elite cyber warfare agent in a military task force. Track down suspects on the dark web, infiltrate networks and coordinate drone strikes!

Bounty and reputation

Hourly, daily and weekly world drops let you get various jobs from intelligence agencies around the world. NSA, CIA, GCHQ, CSIS, MSS, GRU… With more than 20 bounties, it’s up to you to decide who you want to help and forge your reputation worldwide to unlock rare and epic bounties.

Open World Mission

If you want more challenging missions, each month a set of missions let you blend the game with real-life objectives and resources. Online research, fake websites, cellphones and more in an alternate reality extension of the game.


The STINGER hacking platform is inspired by actual platforms like Kali Linux. It allows players to control sophisticated modules and use custom intrusion tools to deliver an authentic hacking experience.

Direct troops in the field to carry out hacking operations like covertly implanting devices with eavesdropping equipment and sabotaging targets.

Mission objectives and descriptions feature real world NSA intel analyst terminology, taken straight from leaked NSA documents in the Snowden archive and inspiration from actual cyberthreats.

From Advanced Persistent Threats to covert malware projects that destroy critical infrastructure, NITE Team 4 is inspired by the real world of cyberwarfare and includes optional Alternate Reality Game elements that enhance the immersion of the universe.


Foxacid Server

Mission Center

XKeyscore Forensics

Hivemind Network

Phone CID Backdoor


Tactical Map

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Re: NITE Team 4
« Reply #1 on: March 12, 2019, 12:35:27 PM »
Network Administrator Addon (DLC)

This extension grants you access to the Game Editor's Toolset. You will be able to create your own hivemind server node in the NT4 universe. Your node will be accessible by your fellow agents, who will then try to break into your trading outpost to share resources.

This is the same toolset the devs are using to create content in the game.

Official forum



Join our team as a Game Designer!

This extension grants you access to the Game Editor's Toolset. You will be able to create your own hivemind server node in the NT4 universe. Your node will be accessible by your fellow agents, who will then try to break into your trading outpost to share resources.

NT4 Agents will have the opportunity to rate your server node based on content quality, difficulty level and the amount of fun they had interacting with your creation.

This bundle includes:

•   Web access (Chrome Browser Required) to our Network Administrator Editor. This is the same tool we are using to create content in the game.
•   (Limited time) Co-Creative session with our team to design the artwork for your hivemind network, including the network's official crest.
•   10 exclusive intel assets to build your trading hub (These are the rewards players can get by hacking your network)
•   3 Stinger OS Skins, Avatars and Titles!

The Quantum Pack
This package includes the Quantum skin, the Quantum title and a rare avatar.

The Sentry Pack
This package includes the Sentry skin, the Sentry title and a rare avatar.

The Alpha Pack
This package includes the Alpha skin and a rare avatar.

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Re: NITE Team 4
« Reply #2 on: Yesterday at 02:19:15 PM »
Patch Notes 1.0 [Full Release] [ENGLISH]

-New features
--Added an Audio option to switch between the original and Douglas Holmquist’s soundtrack
--Added Steam Achievements

--Music has been optimized to save memory and reduce load times.
--Wheeler’s voice quality in the Royal Gate intro has been improved
--Fixed a bug causing OSINTScan highlights to not be properly aligned
--Fixed a bug that caused the Kickstarter Credits to be empty
--Andromeda prompt ECHO-19J has been fixed and can now be completed
--Removed unused Academy certifications
--General optimisation made to Royal Gate content
--Modified some objectives in Royal Gate to make them clearer
--Blocked Agencies will now show up as “no contact” instead of “locked”
--The Intel tab was removed from the Agent Profile
--Fixed a bug that caused the Legacy NT4 skin to not unlock properly in the Agent Profile
--Various typo fixes in the CastleIvy briefing slides
--Fixed a bug in Royal Gate Chapter 2 that caused Objective 2 to trigger prematurely
--FAY2.0’s activation prompts will now reshuffle when you fail an attempt
--Completed Theatres will now properly have a checkmark when they are completed
--Fixed a typo appearing in SOFTCRASH’s introduction

Patch 1.0.1 - Bugfixes!

-Fixed a bug that caused problems loading json files in the Satellite View
-The Royal Gate Cryptnet Bait file will now only appear during the Royal Gate mission and not before
-Added an objective in Nitro Winter - Chapter 4 to facilitate game flow. Xkeyscore entities “AccessBio” and the CEO will now be granted at the same time by Dylan.
-CastleIvy and RoyalGate intro cinematics will now properly show CURRENT DAY instead of DATETIME NOW
-Multiple Typos fixed
-Fixed a bug that caused objectives to not trigger if a player enters instead of localhost
-Fixed a bug with FoxAcid concerning endpoints that use IPs and subdomains (HVM Subdomains that fit this description will need to be remade in the Hivemind creator for this fix to take effect)
-Fixed a visual bug that caused overlaps when changing hosts
-Purging or force quitting the Phone CID Backdoor will now properly disconnect you from your hotspot.
-Opening a Phone from the Satellite View will now properly disconnect you from the Satellite View
-The hand icon in Satellite View will no longer disappear when you return to the globe
-SET Commands are no longer case sensitive
-In Xkeyscore, the Image Viewer button will no longer appear if the result is not an image
-In Xkeyscore, the Add to Casefile button will no longer appear if the case file is not available for that result.
-Fixed an issue with the Academy progress not showing the right percentage in the Agent Profile
-Fixed an issue that caused image viewer windows to appear outside of the viewport
-Added a warning to the Multiplayer, letting players know it’s in beta and they might encounter bugs

Patch Notes 1.0.2

-New features
--Abort Chapter feature now added in the Mission Center, allowing you to reset that particular chapter in case you encounter a bug or need a fresh start on the chapter. The button is under “Start Hacking”
--New Twitch Drop feature! Get Rewards for watching someone stream NITE Team 4! (
---The Watcher Stinger OS Skin
---The Watcher Agent Title
---The Watcher Emblem

--Fixed an issue with the HSC Job board which caused players to not level up properly or trigger mission objectives
--Added more debug tools to our network diagnostic window (CTRL+L) so we can better identify those pesky network issues and solve them!
--The Social Engineering Certification should no longer appear in the Academy before it’s available
--Fixed a bug allowing players to redo a bounty by refreshing the bounty list during the confirmation process
--Fixed a refresh with the FoxAcid UI when granting or revoking items.
--Fixed an issue causing files to disappear from the file browser after uploading a file
--Fixed a typo in the Open World description
--Fixed a typo in one of the Academy Wheeler translation
--Fixed an issue causing the Assassin rootkit to appear with Verboten in the same reward bucket
--Fixed an ongoing issue with the Audio Mixer

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Re: NITE Team 4
« Reply #3 on: Yesterday at 02:23:39 PM »
Patch Notes 1.0.3

!!New features!!
-New info added to the Sfuzzer tool :
---New section indicating the time it took for a subdomain to appear from a scan
---New section showing the subdomain’s DNS Record
---New section showing the Domain’s authority after scanning.
-New Registry section added to the Netscan command: Add a short descriptor to your WMIs!
-Temporary Turbine C2 cards have returned! These C2s will now have a visible countdown until they expire, removing them from your registry. For Network administrators, this option is available by filling out the LIFETIME field.
-Turbine C2 cards will now have an icon indicating what type of rootkit was used to access them (AfterMidnight, Reverse Shell VPN, Hotspot).
-It is now possible to look for Turbine C2 cards by searching their addresses.
-Multiple changes were made to the Image Viewer:
---Better window ratio (less height, more width), to better view your files
---Option added to add the image to your Case Files
---Added an option to view your document in your web browser (opens outside of the game, using your default web browser)

-Multiple major bug fixes were done with the reward system for Co-op players, which should make multiplayer gameplay much more stable
-Fixed a bug that caused Agencies to not unlock properly in the Career section of the Agent Profile whenever REP was given to those particular agencies.
-In the Phone CID Backdoor module, the phone owner’s name will now appear in the phone settings.
-Fixed an issue with the scrollbar offset when viewing the CaseFile credentials
-Fixed an issue when viewing the Dark Sentinel Intro while being infected by SOFTCRASH
-Fixed an issue caused by skipping the Dark Sentinel Intro during the Emergency Shutdown sequence
-The Andromeda Shell can now be closed after finishing the last Royal Gate chapter
-The Turbine C2 Registry search function is now a lot more stable.
-Fixed an issue with the Turbine C2 search bar overlapping other elements when playing the game in a different aspect ratio than 16:9
-Fixed multiple typos in the Academy
-Fixed an issue with the Andromeda Shell during FAY2.0’s activation, when trying to perform a backspace on a prompt with dashes and slashes
-Fixed an issue with the desynchronization of Cryptnet files in the file browser when moving to a different folder.
-Fixed an issue with the MITM RTMP, which caused the last RTMP video to play when trying to access it on a network that does not have an RTMP
-Fixed an issue with the Dark Sentinel Intro, the satellite coordinates will now properly reset at the end of the intro.
-Fixed an issue that caused the settings “Push-to-talk” and “Auto Switch Briefing Slides” to not save properly
-Fixed an issue that caused the notepad to trigger multiplayer mode if the CaseFile was opened at the same time.
-Fixed an issue with the error message’s colour when uploading a document in the Filebrowser
-Multiple typos fixed in the Andromeda Shell module
-Fixed an issue with the Phone CID Backdoor, the time appearing on the phone interface will now correctly show minutes when they are below 10
-Fixed an issue in the Mission Center when pressing ESC with the Abort Chapter confirmation window opened.
-Fixed an issue with the UI overlap in MITM
-The Push-to-Talk button should now work properly

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Re: NITE Team 4
« Reply #4 on: Yesterday at 02:24:19 PM »
Patch Notes [ Game Editor's Toolset ] 1.2

!!New Features!!
-Turbine C2 Card: Lifetime field added to add an expiration timer to your Turbine C2 cards (minimum 60 seconds)
-Added an additional filter system for techs, phones and more! You can now filter: your own entities, other players, dev created. Self owned entities are loaded by default
-Added 2 new endpoint fields: Type and Authority (this only affects Sfuzzer scans) to add flavour to your endpoints

-Fixed a bug that caused issues when trying to access a public filebrowser while connected to a Turbine C2 card
-Added a restriction preventing the addition of CVEs to Techs you do not own
-Clicking on the Net Admin button on the StingerOS will now properly bring you to the https version of the CMS site
I mean you already knew about some of those features, but it's still part of the patch

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