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Author Topic: Panzer Doctrine and Land Doctrine are now part of the Matrix/Slitherine Catalog  (Read 219 times)

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Panzer Doctrine and Land Doctrine are now part of the Matrix/Slitherine Catalog
Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Developer Studio Z9K Games has signed with Slitherine and we are happy to announce that thanks to this partnership Panzer Doctrine and Land Doctrine are now part of the Slitherine Catalog.

These two sand-box strategy games offer a huge amount of fun and replayability, with endless possibilities at your disposal!

To celebrate this important milestone, we are putting both games on sale, at 25% discount. The sale will last until January 13th.

In addition, Panzer Doctrine has been upgraded to a new version, bringing many improvements and changes.

Here's below the full list of  enhancements:

   Changed the way retreats work
   Division information panel can be closed more easily
   Double-right click on single division to enter division information panel
   Post-battle pop-up opening is no longer the default setting
   Changed layout of regiment purchase confirmation
   Scrollbar added to list of divisions
   Hold CTRL to order units as group
   News log entries are now clickable for jumping to location
   List of units showing icons of current orders
   Holding SHIFT key allows setting waypoints for units
Panzer Doctrine: Panzer Doctrine is an unconventional World War II real-time strategy game. It was designed to provide an interesting alternative to turn-based hex grid wargames involving complex military simulation of tank warfare on the eastern front.
Thanks to its brilliant formula and original gameplay it innovates on the wargame genre, bringing a breath of fresh air and a new way to represent warfare.
Land Doctrine: Land Doctrine is a 3D sandbox strategy game. You can design tanks, manage research, equip infantry, set up infantry training, optimize production and build combined arms battalions to crush your enemies. You have complete freedom to customize your army and you will need both superior designing and logistical skills as well as masterful tactics to outsmart your opponents and triumph on the battlefield.

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