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The Mighty Eighth VR
« on: January 24, 2024, 12:31:23 AM »
The Mighty 8th VR Devblog 1 - Driving to the Hardstand
Tue, 23 January 2024

Welcome to the first dev blog for The Mighty 8th VR.

This will be the first of many over the coming year. We will be sharing early footage of in-game footage as it evolves and welcome your feedback and suggestions.

Within the VR gaming space, we acknowledge that there is a real desire to put the VR gamer first in order to truly craft a great experience.

Driving to the Hardstand

In this short video, you will see work-in-progress footage captured from a Meta Quest 2 via PC using Virtual Desktop. We have tested the game with both Airlink and the new Steam app for Meta Quest, but during development, we find Virtual Desktop continues to be useful.

This footage takes you from an area near Control Tower at Thorpe Abbotts down to the Hardstand where a B-17 sits with engines already running.

We do drive dangerously close to the B-17, which is not recommended operation of a motor vehicle around an Aircraft preparing to taxi, but this was done for dramatic impact. In the final vision for the game, you will be starting each of the engines yourself before joining the Elephant walk to the runway, and we will share the progress we have made on that front in future videos.

Here is a brief overview of how interactions currently work within the Jeep. You will need to grab the parking brake in order to release it, then grab the gear stick to put the vehicle in gear. Holding the right trigger will cause the vehicle to accelerate, whilst holding the left trigger will cause the vehicle to brake, in order to steer the vehicle you will need to grab the steering wheel with one or both hands.

Thanks for your support

Thanks for taking the time to read this Devblog and we will be sharing early footage of the game as it evolves and welcome your feedback and suggestions.

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